Starcodes Oct 31 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Halloween! Whether we call this time of year time Halloween, Samhain, or the Day of the Dead this Scorpio holiday asks us to face our fears, eat candy skulls and dance with life and death before the long dark of winter. It also asks us to look at upcoming elections (even scarier) and vote, not with our fears, but with Scorpio’s curiosity and love of educated investigation.

This Halloween a communal Aquarius Moon brings us out of our individual mulling and encourages collective sociable experience. We can keep our mask on and can be sociable (Aquarius) and private (Scorpio) at the same time.

We may have moments of social friendliness at the Halloween party, touching moments of intimacy this weekend when we’re feeling more soft and vulnerable, and some interesting debate- filled engagement next week. But our real relationship this week may be with our own soul, our solitude. It is not that we don’t love the people around us, this withdrawal is more to do with some inner calling or intense personal work that now sits on our front burner. The Sun in Scorpio always calls us inside to renew in our depths. Emotional Venus now in Scorpio echoes this call to solitude, and Mars in Capricorn nudges us back to our soul work and personal ambitions.

Over the weekend a sensitive Pisces Moon thins the veil between the worlds and brings us deeper into our hearts and encourages us to take some quiet time to recover from Halloween frivolities and honor memories of our beloved dead. The past will be with us, old feelings arise, and we need to work with the watery Moon and let the feelings flow through and flow on. We may be unusually touchy and painfully aware of our vulnerabilities, easily insulted and just a little delicate on the soul.

The week begins under a more reactionary Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon (both Mars-ruled signs), a time that can be quite inflammable and willful. People can bend the truth to manipulate circumstances to fit their preconceptions as Mars approaches a conjunction with Pluto (peaking November 10). Watch for last-minute election drama/propaganda. People may vote their rebellion more than their consideration, though whether they rebel from the old guard or from recent progress will be different with each person. It is a powerful time but we can use this sparky energy for good and to motivate our own work.

It is interesting that America always votes while the Sun is in thoughtful, suspicious Scorpio. Hopefully we are encouraged by the Scorpio energy to be less gullible and more interested deeper levels of truth and competence, but voters can become susceptible to last-minute negative campaigning or vote their discontent. Let’s engage that intense Scorpio perspicacity instead.

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024 works a slow but profound revolution and all things Capricornian, like organization, structure, financial institutions, the very systems by which we govern and are governed. Pluto revolutionizes the arena of whatever sign it resides in, it brings those issues to the brink, shows us the shadow sides and asks us to evolve. No matter how strongly drawn we’re to our spiritual and creative lives right now, we cannot hide there. We need to not give up, but stay involved in the political process while Pluto is in Capricorn. If we don’t claim our personal authority, there will be others who will try to claim authority over us. This pattern intensifies when one of the personal planets resonates with Pluto, as we see these next two weeks while Mars approaches a powerful, pushy, territorial conjunction with Pluto. But we can use this era to strengthen our individual authorship instead, if we stay consciously involved.

After the adrenaline energy of Election Day under an Aries Moon, the Moon heads into more grounded and nourishing Taurus. On Thursday’s stubborn Full Moon in Taurus we may square off, our politics may entrench. Don’t ask anybody to open their minds to new potential, take them at their word and work with them exactly where they are. But it’s a good time to plant bulbs and work on what grounds us.

Friday, October 31: Pleasant if stubborn aspects bring out our sociable, political, and festive sides. Last-minute preparations fall into place. The day builds up to a funny camaraderie-filled Moon-Mercury trine around dinner time. An expressive Moon-Jupiter opposition can take us over the top tonight just as the parties start.

Saturday, November 1: Morning is grumpier, edgier as the Halloween sugar shock wears off and the Moon squares serious Saturn; let sleeping bears lie. Feelings soften as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts imaginative Neptune for a more ethereal, magical, veils-thinned day. Hard facts are not the point. Keep the agendas low and let the evening wander true to the soul.

Sunday, November 2: Puttering can be a meditation. Recent sensitivity can leave our heart a little raw, in need of healing. Spirit can feel close. Our feelings are easily manipulated, but we get ticked off if we notice someone trying to do so. Urgent decisions soon need to be made, but we need to take a balanced mind–heart approach.

Monday, November 3: We may be a little slow off the mark this morning, but let’s prioritize fixing hurt feelings or misunderstandings and get organized. Be ready to jump in mid-day as the Moon enters Aries, squares Mars and the sparks come out. Whether it ignites irascible friction or productive bonfire is up to us. Truth bends and debate intensify. Be passionately alive, not caught in other people’s passions.

Tuesday, November 4: Notice an ambient fear of loss and upheaval this morning as voting starts and the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus; these aspects imbue us with sense of urgency and intensity. But the Moon trines Jupiter tonight, peaking just after midnight and can surprise us with hope.

Wednesday, November 5: News and opinions fly fast and furious this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury. Theory rationalizes tension. Let the dust settle before responding. Experience helps us over a hump midday as the Sun trines Chiron and we settled into a more grounded and solid positions tonight as the waxing Moon enters Taurus. Tend to practical concerns, rest and eat well; recent excitement may have used up reserves.

Thursday, November 6: Cheerful but stubborn entrenchment may polarize politics, but can help us individually get into our groove and move forward on long-term practical goals. Let go of comparison, as jealousy and territoriality can be a problem; don’t go there. The Moon is full in earthy Taurus at 3:22 PM MDT and asks us what we truly want. Remember that we are responsible for our happiness and we cannot expect other people to provide it for us. Stay true to personal truth and goals. Enjoy embodiment tonight.


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