5 thoughts on “author’s website

  1. Good evening Heather,
    Just wanted to share that I visit your site frequently and always find relevant validation and articulation to the challenges both internal and external. I’m also an avid procrastinator and totally understand the reality of shifting deadlines to meet shifting priorities. It’s rare that your Friday – Friday posts are published before Saturdays, but I’m really eager for some perspective on this current week! Please know you have at least one reader that looks to your guidance on Fridays and is patiently waiting! Best and blessings to you.
    Krystal Winship Erazo, Colorado

  2. Hi Heather

    I’ve visit your site and found much spiritual and enlightened help over the years, I procrastinated to let you know how much you’ve helped me over the years blessings to you.
    c, Johnstown ny

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