Starcodes November 7, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We have some hard work to do this week. Over the weekend we gain new focus as thoughtful Mercury enters Scorpio, but we have to choose what to focus upon. Next week Mars in ambitious Capricorn energizes the pivotal aspect of this time, the Pluto Uranus square (2012-15) and while it gives us energy it can also triggers seminal events as it conjuncts Pluto, symbolizing death, rebirth, and power issues while it squares energizing, change-master Uranus in Aries.

Now we can respond to this by just focusing on problems and getting grumpy, or we can choose to focus carefully on important work and make surgical decisions. (Mars likes to cut things out). We can empty out a closet of stuff we no longer need to create room for something new. Or take that metaphor into our psyche, our gardening, our politics, or through our workload. The trick will be to stay self responsible, instead of blaming other people for our moods (Mars – Pluto likes to heap blame); maybe we are responding to world events, but let’s admit that what we do about it is up to us.

This can be a stormy aspect.On the big screen around the globe we may see actions of aggression or revenge, moving the chess pieces forward for personal ambition based on the misconception that one could steal happiness from another person, group, or country. Flashes of temper or an increase in accidents can erupt where pressure builds up or electrical systems fray. We can feel frustrated or depressed where the situation feels stuck or we cannot proceed in the way we planned. Let’s choose our fights carefully.

But we can direct this energy towards whatever we’re passionate about and want to energize. It may be time to release some path or process that is no longer productive or time to solve a problem and ended debate once and for all.

The weekend begins under a verbal Gemini Moon. Kibitz. Although we’re thoughtful with so many planets (the Sun, Venus, and Saturn) already in Scorpio, the conversation is good and we’d best talk it all out on Friday and early Saturday. On Saturday night Mercury enters Scorpio and brings our thought deeper, and our souls more private. Love, jealousy, longing, compassion, and all get stirred Venus in intense Scorpio squares magnifying Jupiter in Leo on Sunday. Prayer, meditation, visioning are powerful as Mercury trines Neptune. We can pour it into our creative process, pour into our compassionate actions, pour into our loving relationships, but if we don’t port someplace we may be sitting in a wet puddle of muddy emotions.

The moon enters more self- protective cancer on Monday just as Mars conjuncts Pluto. Politics will tend to polarize over the next few months as Jupiter and Saturn, the planets we connect with liberal politics and conservative politics, square off in stubborn fixed signs. Following this metaphor we may have to both hold our ground and choose to stay open-minded with one another or we can square off to.

Seriousness invades our relationships all week long and thickens towards Thursday as Venus conjunct Saturn. This can be a lovely seriousness, we can take our responsibilities seriously or appreciate the trust we’ve built over the years, or support each other through a push at work about. It’s a good time to reminisce but when we first met one another and what’s grown within. But our work may also cramp our love life, and it’s a little harder to be light and breezy in the social scene. Don’t test relationships during this time, as is just not funny. Nurture and feed the relationship instead.

It’s also a good time to explore our spiritual process, but watch out for a tendency to debate religion. Our own understanding can feel so strong that we want to disabuse others of their crazy notions. But that’s our illusion, another Neptunian condition. Trust spirit to speak to each person individually if they choose to listen. And watch out for the call of spirits, it is a time when our addictions or escapism and need for escapist time can beckon us. Find a constructive way to take time within.

During the middle of the week the Moon enters Leo, squares the Sun and we will tend to square off as well. As military and athletic Mars also squares electrifying Uranus, we can get mighty feisty. Our willfulness can just rub each other the wrong way unless we really create enough room for each person’s individual impulses. Changes need to be made and everybody has an idea which way that should go. Use that energy in a self-directed way.

Watch out for accidents created when we push ahead where the groundwork has not been done; slow down, look at structural or under lying organizational issues, but let’s use this energy to carry us forward to do what we need to do. This is a surgical time, a time when we need to let go but let’s not overgeneralize; keep this impulse to cut things out specific and constructive. By Thursday can move into a more passionate and creative place, and can chill and reconnect
Friday, November 7: If this full Moon and recent conflicts have left leave residue, assess what is best to leave alone for a week and what needs to be dealt with right now. People are still stubborn and stuck in their ways, needing comfort and to heal rather than more conflict, so think carefully about what will further. Early morning keep it personal, take a frustrating patch midmorning to deal with something that might uncomfortable anyway; tackle a problem not a person and offer comfort to one another. A cup of tea will go a long way. Save important conversation until later in the day when the Moon enters more versatile, verbal Gemini.

Saturday, November 8: This wandering morning asked us to catch up with our souls, process aimlessly to find the backlogs and reconnect with one another before Mercury enters Scorpio late in the afternoon. Tonight, seriousness can weigh on our mind, so can a good mystery; conversation continues and takes on an edge. Respect privacy, explore, and explore the mystery together rather than invade one another’s space.

Sunday, November 9: Catch up today, use a window of versatility and scattered attention span to follow through on conversations and projects it is been left hanging. We will feel better with less loose edges. Our creative process and our tender romantic feelings need attention need time and attention. Anger over romantic pain can bug some people who don’t have a place to put their longing as Venus squares Jupiter. But most people can pour this into compassionate or creative action. The Muses want to dance.

Monday, November 10: Get serious and get down to brass tacks as the Sun and Venus conjunct hard-working Saturn. This is an introverted but creative time to put disciplined work together with inspiration, but our insecurities or neuroses can mumble in the background and attempt to slow us down; Mercury, Neptune, and the Moon form a grand trine intuitive and emotional water signs. Mars conjunct’s Pluto and inspires the urge to change things, to prune old growth to create room for the new. Cleansing, purification, willfulness, but self-protective; we want to have our interest sparked, but we’d rather not take personal risk to do so.

Tuesday, November 11: Check-in with news and gossip, the lay of the land may have changed overnight as the Moon opposed Mars, Pluto, and squared Uranus. Our personal quirks and minor tensions leave us a little twitchy this morning, but we have to see through our responsibilities anyway. Flow improves this afternoon, it’s a wonderful time to dive into our intuitive side or write that short story as Mercury trines Neptune.

Wednesday, November 12: We may have to think fast just even though we’d rather stay snuggled under our covers. We long for comfort and safety this morning but a lot has recently been set in motion and needs our attention. Irritable defenses can confuse our perception, and set off difficult chain reactions. Our intuition works where our ego is out of the way as thoughtful Mercury trines intuitive Neptune. But that gets harder as the day progresses and the Moon enters more outgoing but stubborn and subjective Leo. Comforting subtleties soothe us enough to see more clearly.

Thursday, November 13: Overblown situations can test our affections as Venus conjuncts Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. Trust traditions, trusted time-tested friendships; be there for one another in a non-pushy but consistent way. Although it is a fiction filled day, accidents from a flare of temper, electric electrical mishap, or lack of judgment due to feeling hurried can be prevented by tapping into Scorpio’s deep fixed sign steadiness. Distrust the electrical flares of temper, step forward one step at a time, and channel those flashes into brilliance.


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