title="Neptune enters Pisces- water quality and availability will become number 1 issue now through 2025"></a>

3 thoughts on “news

  1. Heather: it’s a lovely new design. I especially appreciate being able to refer to your earlier blogs to check on your perspectives regarding events and relationships that often take a few weeks to mature enough for me to glean deeper understanding. One day I shall figure out how to log in here, and why. Keep up your precious work!

  2. (\o/) Hi Heather,
    * Forgiveness, start with self-forgiveness, is essential.

    post it on my face book

    Thank you very much

    God shall overcome each and every day
    God shall overcome …. Today

    I pray to the 12 legions of healing angels,
    There is a lot of healing to be have

    (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/) (\o/)


    Thank you

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