Starcodes March 27, 2015   Heather Roan Robbins (all times MDT)

The weather and our moods will be seasonably changeable and unpredictable as the week begins. These moods can leave us acting out with a bad case of spring fever midweek but level towards a steadier more productive flow by the end of the week.

Today, Friday, watch the mood swings as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. Don’t believe a feeling of hopelessness or inevitability that may waft through an otherwise cozy spring day, this Moon can crank up our sense of urgency so we do something about an issue in our life rather than give up. And that issue may be a small (but intense) matter at home or some big social-political matter that sticks in our craw.

Wherever calls us, we feel it personally; the message that something needs to change can dance through the soul. Our sense of home, our home ecosystem, our home family may feel somehow challenged or lonely and not just to react with anxiety or discomfort, but to move and become even more healthy and inclusive. Take this discomfort as a planetary nudge to step farther and put in another layer of effort.

While we’re worrying about all this on Friday and Saturday our digestive systems may react sensitively; it may help to stick to our bodies’ comfort foods. We move into a more enthusiastic, sybaritic, and heart-centered approach by Saturday night and in through the first few days of the week. The Leo Moon adds a soupçon of drama and cranks up the fire on any emotion, so let’s choose carefully what we put on the front burner.

We want to feel the love throughout this week. Venus, the planet we associate with our hearts, our sense of aesthetics and ability to be affectionate takes some astrological heat and stirs the coals of our heart. Venus is in a sign it loves, its own tactile and earthy sign of Taurus which can increase our affection and cuddliness on a good day, and increase our desire for tangible experience of appreciation and affection. A hug or a present, or help in the garden, will do.

As Venus aspects expansive Jupiter and in-depth Pluto through early next week, it open our heart with particular compassion and ask us to make a tangible show of love for person, place, or planet Earth in response to the ephemeral reality of life and love.

While these Venus aspects can inspire our work and encourage us to savor the sensuality of a sweet moment in the sunshine or great music on the radio, they can make us feel a little needy and stress our relationships unless we expect less and show more. It also tends to crank up possessiveness and the fear of female energy in the social-political arena.

Sometimes we see an increase in crimes against women and the GLBT community when Venus is intensely aspected, as if it becomes scary that women and those not born within the normal gender polarity have freedom, beauty, and self-control. Venus calls for support of women’s rights and the right to love whomever we love in response to recent confrontations. Let’s honor Venusian spirit within one another and within the earth itself, and enjoy a healthy dose of spring fever.

Friday, March 27: This thoughtful, moody day is full of paradox; we need to both take care of our personal work and our social professional demands. We can feel both the beauty of the moment and feel the conflicts or problems around us, and conflicting needs within. As the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, know something needs to change, and bond best over brainstorming how to do that together. The mood grows more sociable and romantically restless, but we may find glitches in our plans for a candlelit dinner as Venus squares Jupiter later on; consider indulging in the arts and be good to the ones you love.

Moon square Sun 1:42 AM, Moon trine Neptune 5:33 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:13 PM, Moon square Uranus at 8:08 PM, Venus square Jupiter 8:10 PM

Saturday, March 28: This morning gives us a chance to rest up, recuperate, repair, or work together to improve our situation as the Moon trines Chiron and Mercury. We learn quickly, just don’t make as defensive or push our inadequacy buttons. Defenses sharpen later in the afternoon and can get positively cranky around dinner as the Moon squares Mars. Food is important, we want to feel nurtured and safe early in the evening but the energy picks up and calls us out to dance under the stars towards midnight as the Moon enters Leo.

Moon trine Chiron 1:10 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:54 PM, Moon square Mars 7:58 PM then VOC, Moon enters Leo 11:47 PM

Sunday, March 29: Go with the flow today and it could be a pretty nice day as the Moon, Sun and Saturn form a grand trine in fire signs. Swing willpower around, and things get problematic. A lazy streak competes with the desire to live larger than life, to express ourselves fully if hyperbolically, and to start bigger plans then we can finish. Emotions expand to fill the space overnight as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, so beautiful in the night sky, then forms a trine to Pluto.

Moon trine Saturn 9:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:40 PM

Monday, March 30: Dreams and events may leave us tired or in the midst of drama this Monday morning. Make adjustments early, get oriented to the week ahead. Check the headlines (because there may be glitches to attend to) and keep things in proportion. Because the Moon makes no aspects after 8 AM, we can get organized, but may not be able to close the deal or get agreement today. Express, process, follow through instead. It’s too easy to jump to conclusions tonight as Mercury enters Aries; reconsider any sudden rash decision for at least a few minutes.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:14 AM, Venus trine Pluto 1:47 AM, Moon square Venus 7:18 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:56 AM then Moon VOC, Mercury enters Aries at 7:43 PM

Tuesday, March 31: Morning waffles and meanders, spring fever can make it hard to knuckle down until midday when the Moon enters Virgo and our work ethic improves. Just don’t set off anybody’s defenses this afternoon because, because they will be spectacular. The details of work and new agreements begin to fall into place this afternoon, so follow up on any opportunity to nail down specifics and get the ball rolling.

Mars enters Taurus at 10:26 AM, Moon enters Virgo at 12:12 PM, Moon trine Mars 12:19 PM Moon square Saturn 9:42 PM

Wednesday, April 1: Happy April Fools’ Day. It’s funny to begin a New Year by playing tricks on one another, the comedy comes from an old tradition of teasing the pagans that celebrated New Year’s now, but we can use our sense of humor to deal with an otherwise grim and work focused day. Mercury just entered Aries, we may speak before we think, with less patience and with unusual frankness. Let’s get stuff off our chest, but see if we can be diplomatic in the process, because it will probably be more effective if we do. We’re freshly aware of how much work needs to be done, know the early bird gets the worm and all that, but (to mangle metaphors) must remember that the turtle wins the race, not the hare; speak up but keep work steady and celebrate minor victories along the way.

Moon oppose Neptune 5:30 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:41 PM

Thursday, April 2: Watch a cranky, self-critical edge this morning; sidestep any inner voice that lists a litany of familiar mistakes and focus on what would actually help the situation on this potentially very constructive, productive day. The Virgo Moon trines Venus early on, Mercury trines Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter midday. This is a good afternoon for spreading the word or getting the message across if we focus on the message and don’t respond to dueling egos. We have an urge to be bigger than we really are, to offer more, do more speculate and take a risk.

Moon oppose Chiron at 2:25 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:00 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 6:20 AM, the Sun trine Jupiter 11:20 AM




Starcodes March 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Happy astrological New Year’s Day. Fresh energy will infuse our landscape as spring begins, though patience may be hard to find. Early this morning the Sun and Moon conjunct in subdued Pisces for a solar eclipse at 3:36 AM MDT. The Moon then entered brash, fresh Aries and the Sun follows into Aries this afternoon at 4:45 PM, the moment of the vernal equinox.

Eclipses can act as astrological acupuncture and shift the energy where ever it is stuck, precipitating action and revealing hidden consequences. We can expect week of endings and beginnings with an eclipse at the very last degree of the zodiac, followed by spring launching on a new Moon in Aries. Like getting our closet getting ready for the spring wardrobe, we may need to shed people, events, or work that are not bearing fruit and create room in our garden for new growth. Play with that metaphor. Sometimes the shedding can feel ruthless; we didn’t know we needed to let that go, but further on down the line we’ll be able to turn back and see why that extra room was needed.

The effects of this solar eclipse and all the other aspects this week are strengthened by unusually strong solar flares that peaked on St. Patrick’s Day and which set off aurora borealis which Bill shimmer in the northern night skies. Solar flares turn up the volume on all other aspects in play and can leave us strangely tired and wired.

This particular total eclipse was visible in the North Sea, through northern Europe Greenland and the Arctic Circle and may highlight over the next few months more information about climate change and the political dynamics of the North Sea. Other ongoing long-term aspects suggest that this may be a geologically as well as politically active spring. So let’s hold hands and do our best to steer that action in good directions.

With the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus all now in sparky fire sign Aries, we understand our own needs and position so much clearer this week, but those of others can drift away in the morning mist. We can get stuck in our own perspective. This Aries lineup infuses us with energy that is more positive, hopeful, and ready to be inspired, simple and brave. It can just be pleasantly energizing when we have clear objectives and clean interactions.


We may need this energy to wrestle with unusual emergencies. The energy of this stellium in Aries only gets complicated when a situation sparks off intense feelings, or when a strange impulse hits. It can increase inflammations of the body or of temperament. Although the mood is generally more cheerful and less explosive than it’s been for the last few weeks, once a fight begins it can spike quickly. Dumb conflicts and confrontations begun now will resonate for a long time, so know when to walk away, know when to fold.


We’re not thinking that logically at the moment, and may find our dreams aren’t that restful, though we may be unusually inspired or intuitive. Mercury in sensitive Pisces, recently conjunct Neptune, infuses us with poetic thinking and opens portals to the oceanic collective unconscious, which energized by the solar flares, can inject our sleep with long surrealistic sagas.


We may need extra naps in the sunshine between our industrious bouts, a chance for our subconscious to churn and our bodies to refresh. Venus now in Taurus won’t let us let go of beautiful things unnecessarily though, it’s cozy and territorial. We can feel that resistance between Venus that wants us to hold on and savor life versus Mars in Aries which prompts us to divest and conquer.


It may be the perfect time for some radical change, if we have one to make. We just won’t put up with dysfunction anymore. The planets tell us to strip down, clean out and start anew, if we can only concentrate long enough to do so.


Friday, March 20: The energy is extra emotional this morning, then wild and willful, sweet and direct as spring is sprung. Evaluate the situation afresh; the early morning eclipse may change the scene. Let’s notice first what we need and how we feel, because that may have shifted. Take advantage of a practical streak midday, then look around for fires that need to be put out or opportunities that need to be grasped. Get out of people’s way, and appreciate the first moments of spring this afternoon. Expect the energy to bounce off the walls tonight, though we still need extra sleep.


Moon conjuncts Sun 3:36 AM, Moon enters Aries 4:27AM, Moon trine Saturn at 12:14 PM, the Sun enters Aries 4:45 PM


Saturday, March 21: Act out, but don’t walk out. We want to leave behind an old problem and be free, wild, alive, doing exactly what we want to do as the Moon conjuncts Uranus midday, a good time for a spring ceremony where we honor constructive change. Tonight we may want to take action. But we need to be specific about that action and not walk out on a good thing. Sparks can fly as the Moon conjuncts Mars.


Moon trine Jupiter 1:20 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:13 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 4:50 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.


Sunday, March 22: The day is flirtatious and sensual as the Moon enters Taurus and conjunct Venus. We grow earthier; it’s a great day to start seedlings or plant seeds of all types. Plant seeds the garden, in the heart, in the mind; let’s plant anything we want to grow. It’s a good day to make concrete decisions about where we live and how we embody on this earth. Conversely, anything we plant today will grow, so let’s be careful what we start. Rein in a territorial or possessive streak, and use this energy to reconnect and get grounded. Many of us have been running on fumes and have stretched ourselves then energetically, and now we need to replenish.


Moon enters Taurus at 4:40 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:31 PM


Monday, March 23: We resist working on anybody else’s schedule this morning as the Moon squares Jupiter, we can feel the sap rising and the animal nature of our bodies, and want to listen to our inner callings. This is another fertile day for planting, but because the Moon makes no aspects (VOC) most of the day, while the conversation is important, and we can organize our resources and begin to turn the soil, it can be challenging to coalesce our efforts or actually get the garden (or project) planted.


Moon square Jupiter at 2:15 AM, Moon trine Pluto at 6:16 AM, Moon VOC afterwards


Tuesday, March 24: We may remember an old sore point that taught us a lesson relevant to today’s challenge. The conversation bubbles, people are tension span shortens but our communication skills improve as the Moon enters Gemini this morning. Serious thoughts churn midafternoon, and shift into an unrealistic phase tonight as the Moon squares Neptune.


Mercury conjunct Chiron at 7:07 AM, Moon enters Gemini 7:22 AM, Moon opposed Saturn at 3:52 PM, Moon square Neptune, 9:57 PM


Wednesday, March 25: This is an architectural day, as the Sun trines Saturn it infuses us with more organizational and structural understanding, helps us accomplish steadily and gain control over a patch of chaos or confusion. But let’s not try to control one another, that will only backfire. We like a challenge in Aries season, but will rebel as easily as breathe.

Sun trine Saturn 1:24 PM, Moon square Chiron 4:11 PM, Moon Sq., Mercury 9:05 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.

Thursday, March 26: The mood is open-minded but wandering this morning. Make phone calls, memos, and reach out this morning while people are feeling communicative. Midday we may need time to think, take a step back from busyness, grow more sensitive and feel a challenge between our needs for security and our desire to jump into the heart of things. We may think we’re sensitive to others’ needs, but may have trouble letting go of our own agenda. People are allergic to manipulation right now, so be direct.

Moon VOC until enters Cancer at 1:45 PM




Starcodes March 13 2015

This last week of winter is a mixed and volatile week; it brings vision with energy, Illusions with a punch, and a touch of spring fever as Mercury approaches a conjunction with intuitive, visionary Neptune and volatile Mars hovers close to electrical Uranus.

Along with vision and illusion, depression can whisper in the shadows as Mercury in intuitive and easily-overwhelmed Pisces conjuncts Neptune and squares taskmaster Saturn this week. What we say and do may behave unusual consequence. Notice the mind’s tendency to wander towards the shadows, whatever our personal shadows are. Let’s not believe any waft of hopelessness or uselessness as we see just how complicated the situation truly is, and how much work it might take to get where we need to go.

Mercury in sensitive Pisces also brings gifts, it can leave us poetic, as if we’ve kissed the Blarney stone. We may crave magic, as our intuition is strong and so is our imagination and ability (and strong desire) to be inspired. But it can also make it difficult to hold boundaries and leave us hungry for time, out, an escape, or prone to feeling like a victim, all peaking on St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the magic and the buzz of collective celebrations but watch out for t accidents and arguments exacerbated by alcohol or melting waters, all the legacy of the Neptune transits.

This Mercury/Neptune/Saturn aspect can also tempt us to indulge in the illusion that someone to blame, that if we can just get them out of the way, the problem will be solved. Wrong. Or maybe we think a fiery new romance will solve the problem. Also wrong, but maybe more pleasant. Now we may need to relocate resources or spice up our life, but this is neither the root cause of our discontent, nor anything more than a superficial cure. Real answers are so much more self-empowered and layered, and will require us to help the world around us in the process.

Mars is in fierce Aries and slowly pulling away from a fierce conjunction with Uranus (this conjunction Peter the night two police officers were shot  in Ferguson Mo.). And this waning conjunction can leave us quickly tired if we’re bored or disinterested, explosive, feisty and belligerent if pushed, but easily energized and inspired. The trick will be if we can get the motivating powers behind us, like a rocket pack, instead of in front of us, like a grenade. As this aspect fades in the next few weeks we’ll feel a little safer and see fewer accidents and inflamed problems than we have recently. While the vast majority of mechanical events have been safe and successful, over the last few weeks we’ve had a spate of helicopter and train collisions and strange acts of rebellion.

Rebellion. Every spring the green word rebels against the winter by shooting up their hopeful sprouts. Birds rebelled by migrating north and laying eggs. This week, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are in Aries, at the end of this week, spring begins, the Sun and Moon both enter Aries on an eclipse, and we are in the heart of spring rebellion. So what can we creatively rebel from? We’ll see lots of tough examples of political and personal rebellion that are destructive rather than creative, a quick tour of how not to do it. We can rebel against that depression and hopelessness or sense of overwhelm. We can choose to rebel like a birthing bear or new oak sprout instead.

But for this week, most astrologers consider Friday the 13th auspicious, yet with the recent Mars-Uranus conjunction, this one may come close to living up to its quirky public reputation.  It starts with a cheerful wandering whirl as the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus, Mars and Venus all in Aries. Fresh ideas, spontaneous moments laced with humor allow us to reach out and make new connections, we just have to move with mindfulness and watch the accident-prone energy. A Capricorn Moon over the weekend brings a more intriguing workmanlike attitude. Next week begins more collectively if still belligerently under an Aquarius Moon, which lets everyone be Celts for St Patricks’ Day. Then a sensitive Pisces Moon lets us catch up with our emotions in the last few days of winter.

Friday, March 13: Morning is fortunate and energized with impulse control problems. It can be hard to focus, as our thoughts and feet want to wander; let’s watch where we’re going and dance with the quirky energy. Be careful around potential temper spikes and accidents of inattention. Afternoon offers serendipity; we want to feel free of some heavy burden we’ve been carrying lately. Make tonight the weekend’s sociable moment.

Sagittarius Moon square Sun 11:47 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:11 PM, then VOC

Saturday, March 14: A moody Capricorn Moon can help us channel discontent into repairs or learning new skills. We can take ourselves too seriously. Tonight we need support and can find it in old friends through industriousness, traditions, or shared goals.

Moon enters Capricorn 12:40 AM, Saturn retrogrades 9:02 AM, Moon squares the nodes at 8:05 PM

Sunday, March 15: We may be tempted to judge our selves or others this morning as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Mars, tempted to blame others for an existential loneliness as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. But that is not the point. We’ll feel more in control if we get organized, but don’t even try to control others. Hold healthy boundaries; dive in deep and look beneath the waves.

Moon squares Uranus at 3:13 AM, Moon conjunct’s Pluto at 3:20 AM, Moon squares Mars 7:56 AM

Monday, March 16:  Even though our tails may be twitchy this morning, we need to get it together and find a way to balance the needs of our group, team or family with our own. No squelching either. The quickest way though obligations is straight through the middle.

Moon squares Venus at 2:01 AM, Mercury squares Saturn at 3:40 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:14 AM, Uranus squares Pluto 8:53 PM

Tuesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, It’s a good day for collective fun as the friendly Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus, Mars, and Venus enters more stable, sybaritic Venus. Just know the energy is still flammable and find safe ways to celebrate.

Moon opposes Jupiter at 2:13 AM, Moon sextiles Mars at 12:19 PM, then Moon VOC

Wednesday, March 18: Walk gently, work around emotional and physical hangovers. A wave of emotions can wash through us, we are semi-permeable membranes and can feel flooded easily this morning under the dark of the Moon in Pisces.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 2:48 AM, Moon enters Pisces at 4:58 AM, Moon squares Saturn 12:46 PM Moon conjunct’s Neptune at 5:44 PM Moon conjunct’s Mercury

Thursday, March 19: The energy is sensitive and brash, be careful where the rush of action flows, and honor the raw feelings. This is a pivot point day, we need to process feelings, but need to be careful of the consequences of our beginnings. An eclipse early tomorrow morning precipitates endings and beginnings.


Moon conjuncts Chiron at 9:27 AM.



Starcodes, March 6 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

(times given are MST)

This week of March rolls in like a lamb and roars out like a lion. The weekend begins under a sociable Libra Moon, but we can feel the energy building towards a conjunction between feisty Mars and unpredictable Uranus, both square powerful Pluto, peaking next Wednesday. This could be a pivotal week.

During this time leading up, we can feel the energy surging and churning, like a rising tide. We may feel unusually easily excited, fed up with bad weather, impatient to get on with our life. We can feel the blustering winds through the city streets and in our hearts. And hear the bluster in politics hinting of spring storms.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction can be a potent combustion engines that takes us far. What we really need to know where we want to go and how we want to get there. And can stay out of fights on the way. Our tempers, bravery and our enthusiasm can be like flash paper with Mars and Uranus conjunct in sparky Aries, our mood may feel inert and ordinary but be ready to go up in a burst of flame if touched by heat. For most of us, this little flash of fire is out before the paper hits the floor. But if there is other combustible material nearby, it can all go up in smoke.

So let’s watch where we flame and not say it unless we mean. We need to be very specific. If our tempers starts to feel twitchy let’s throw ourselves into spring cleaning or a project we really want to do. Ignoring an inner need only creates combustible material. So let’s be honest, be self-centered in a conscious way and take care of our needs so we are not flammable.

This enthusiasm can ignite a new idea, inspire us, shine a light on what we really need to do, all those lovely light metaphors. But we can also inflame already combustible experiences, literally next week be careful around explosive situations and handle machinery and chemistry with safety in mind. But give this energy productive short-term and long- term goals to aim towards and see where a well-oiled and well-timed engine can go.

The weekend begins with some interesting and pleasant aspects under the friendly Moon in Libra as the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Look for new information that changes the mind as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto over the weekend.

The week begins in a broody, moody, competitive mode; we need use our competence carefully. But it’s a powerful time to go to dig in and find out what’s really going on; in situations where we have already built trust, we can achieve unusual connection and perception.

Midweek is restless, frustrating, exhausting, exciting, and full of potential. Consider taking a break from any explosive situation; if we’re feeling sparky, let’s avoid talking to our mate or friends on Wednesday. Just let it flow; let it flow, and know that if we really need to say it, we can say it tomorrow the next day.

The momentum builds up in rolling waves now through the 7th and last exact Pluto- Uranus square (7 squares 2012-2015) on March 16, and a solar eclipse on March 20, right before the Sun goes into Aries. Keep an eye on our world’s political hotspots. These aspects bring a real wildcard, anything could happen; we could see sudden and surprising improvement as likely as a shocking turn of events. Let’s use our imagination, prayers, and involvement to steer events in a good direction.

Friday, March 6: Use the morning to track down details, tie up loose ends and follow through on earlier phone calls. People can be a little cranky and impatient about the process, but we need to take advantage of this temporary island of practicality. Late afternoon we want to know what’s fair, right, and beautiful, and have an opportunity to release an old anger. A former irritant or ambition can come back and haunt us as Mars can conjunct the South node, and we have the opportunity to deal with it cleanly. Tonight we may be feeling unusually sensitive and oddly brave, it’s good to connect and socialize.

Fri: Moon VOC in Virgo until Moon enters Libra at 5:50 PM, Mars conjunct South node 5:54, PM

Saturday, March 7: Bits of old patterns float up, and we release, they float up again we release again as the Moon dances over the nodes and opposes Mars while the Sun conjuncts Chiron. We remember what didn’t work in the past and can project that on the moment, but can respond cleanly. Restless, we’re looking for new clothes, new habits, new mindsets, new politics, and maybe a new dance partner.

Libra Moon opposes Mars 6:41 PM, Sun conjunct Chiron 9:21 PM, Moon opposes Uranus at 11:40 9 PM.

Sunday, March 8: An overnight visit with our broody emotions as the Moon squares Pluto can leave us discontented or distracted this morning, and a little out of sync socially as the Moon opposes Venus. Our heart shares its hopes and fears. By mid-day conversation picks up and we feel more connected, an interesting curiosity bubbles as the Moon trines Mercury tonight.

Libra Moon squares Pluto at 12:27 AM, Moon opposes Venus at 9:50 8 AM, and Moon trines Mercury at 7:20 3 PM

Monday March 9: it’s a day where we wander around in our inner realms; watch a defensive and difficult internal dialogue as that Moon enters Scorpio this morning and trines Neptune late tonight. Meditation or spiritual practice furthers, yoga deepens, but the coffee break can get testy. Smalltalk backfires, real dialogue furthers. Real bonding occurs when we can be together deeply, below the words. Any wrong perceive now brings up fantasies of revenge, so when in doubt, choose to be quiet. Our dreams tonight may be redolent, but we may be picking up on global events, not just our own issues. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Moon enters Scorpio at 7:09 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:20 4 PM

Tuesday, March 10: Muscular competition, energy to do what matters, but we’re not interested in being told what to do as Mars trines Jupiter this morning. Sabers rattle in the distance; we may see military moves over the next few days. But we can choose to be productively assertive instead. Important decisions need to be made. We may feel unusually hungry midday as the Moon squares Jupiter, then have a chance to engage a healing conversation and coordinate our efforts tonight as the Moon trines the Sun. Deal with emotions, it is not a logical time.

Mars trines Jupiter 3:50 8 AM, Moon squares Jupiter at 10:30 a.m., Moon trine Sun at 10:50 5 PM.

Wednesday March 11: A day of potential excitement and trouble. Go for the dreams but keep an eye out for safety. Watch for an urge for dominance and territory. Expect accelerated activity and problem-solving brilliance, and the need for it. We may need to make surgical decisions, cut one thing out to have room for another. Relationship chemistry sparks in the best and worst of ways. If we feel an argument devolving, but leave the room and take a break, it will not further and could be unrepairable. Promise to come back and finish the conversation tomorrow. Feel the tension release as the Moon enters Sagittarius tonight.

Mars conjunct Uranus at 10:05 AM, Moon square Mercury at 1:46 PM, Mars square Pluto at 4:40 p.m., Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 12: Thoughtful if restless night as the Moon conjunct Saturn and squares Neptune, we need to ponder our responsibilities, concerns, and dreams, and come to understand what we really need to do next. It’s a day of adjustment and cleanup from yesterday, with a staccato- like rhythm and important conversation arriving in sound bites and one-liners. If possible, laugh over recent difficulties and find a way to forgive; talk through some of the touchy material that came up yesterday. Mercury enters Pisces tonight, and we need to catch up with our emotional processing and may just turn into a puddle.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn at 2:48 AM, Moon squares Neptune at 8:12 AM, Moon trines Jupiter 7:08 PM, Moon trines Uranus 9:41 PM, Mercury enters Pisces at 9:51 PM and Moon trines Mars at 11:43 PM.



Starcodes Feb 27 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

I’ll be in New York teaching a workshop on relationship  astrology with Anne Ortelee and Mark Wolz next weekend, March 7-8,  join us! Use astrology to deepen awareness, identify pathways and allow for transformation through relationships. for more info google “eventzilla reading relationships” or go to

“Common sense is not so common.” ― Voltaire,

Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.” ― Oscar Wilde

Common sense? What common sense? Right now not one visible planet is in an earth sign. Thoughtful Mercury in farsighted Aquarius (opposed Jupiter) loans us intelligence with an optimistic streak. Venus and Mars in sparky Aries (conjunct electrifying Uranus) infuse us with passion and impatience. Sun and Neptune in Pisces can leave us wafting and moody between events. But we have to bring our own grounding practicality to the table and use it wisely to balance out the exciting, curious, ingenious energy of the moment.

Once we are moving or are emotionally engaged, Venus and Mars in fiery Aries help us know what we want and what we don’t want, and be unusually honest about what we need and where we’re going. This spontaneity and directness energize us for the spring and can help turn our life into an action movie. While this implies one thing for an artist pulling out of a winter slump, it can mean something else entirely to a militant organization preparing their next move. We conflagrate easily.

We can use this motivation to energize our work or ingeniously respond to our life’s demands. But we do need to keep our eyes open for potential problems, both in large-scale politics and small-scale home-improvement projects. Hiding won’t help (fire needs to be expressed, vented safely); we just need to add extra layers of awareness.

The world’s trouble spots are on broil for the next few months; do not underestimate the potential magnitude of the problems. They need our prayer and support for kindness to find a way through. But this will barely graze most of our personal lives. To be safe, think poised alertness, dynamic safety, and responsible determination. Stay alert for both potential hazards and potential opportunities and be ready to respond appropriately.

The Sun in Pisces can open us up to be co-dependently hyper-aware of what other people need, but this can balance the fiery, and sometimes self-centered, Venus and Mars in Aries. We can seesaw between codependent enabling (Pisces) and self-centered reaction (Aries) and have trouble finding a healthy midpoint between, something that is fair for all parties. But that balance is in there, and it is worth the search.

Jupiter trines Uranus this week (peaking Tuesday), an ingenious, inventive aspect, and a great time to purchase electronic gear or upload a website. This is an exciting and electrical aspect that doesn’t force us into anything, but opens us to ingenious inspiration. Usually a few months after this aspect we see a leak in technological innovation hitting the market.

Cupid may get busy later this week. So can our compassionate heart. Romantic Venus trines expansive opportunistic Jupiter, conjuncts unexpected Uranus, and squares Pluto. Our hearts can turn to molten lava once the spark strikes. We can fill with creative artistry and miracles of compassion, or burn for social justice. We can also fall in and out of love in a flash, and in a way that creates change in our lives. So let’s watch where we put our heart. Some personal or international experience can break us open. With Venus so close to Mars, if were looking for love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and look around to see who’s doing it with us. If we are not looking for new love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and hold the hands of our beloveds in the process.

The weekend begins under a more tender and shy Cancer Moon, leaving us emotional with over active and trigger-happy defense systems. Be honest about the mixed feelings, but dial defenses back to an appropriate level.

Be inspired to change things up at home, move furniture or change the chore systems. Early next week a Leo Moon brings out our confidence and expansive social side but we may want proof that we’re loved in a direct in-your-face sort away. A beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction (visible in the east as the Sun sets), pours into our hearts and open up possibilities early in the week.

Midweek we finally get some astrological grounding; a Full Moon in earthy Virgo supports that rare common sense. But cranks up our critical nature and our desire to improve yourself and others. We just have to not be too hard on each other in the process.

In the meantime we need to add the common sense. If we’re feeling ungrounded, it can help to do practical things that encourage us to feel centered enough to use this exciting energy safely and with solid results.

Friday, February 27: The Moon in Cancer rolls in thoughts from the past, but right now future connections matter most. Honor the past but turn relentlessly forward. Friends may need nurturing sympathy with no advice early in the day. Complete tasks midday. Watch irritable defenses around dinner time and move into a dreamier evening; we may feel surprisingly shy and need downtime.

Saturday, February 28: Sleep lingers cozily, but a certain discontent can bug us to get up make changes on the home front as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midday. Watch out for a flash of discouragement and don’t believe the story; instead create a more comfortable future. Engage healing conversation and brainstorm possibilities tonight, our minds are opened as Mercury in Aquarius and opposes Jupiter.

Sunday, March 1: As the Moon enters dramatic and extroverted Leo it’s good to be a little self-indulgent in a conscious way and refill the wells, otherwise we’ll tend to be self-centered in an unconscious way. Let’s let our hearts and let passion and compassion drive our action. Don’t ask others to understand, do ask them to care.

Monday, March 2: Get it done. This is a most auspicious and decisive day as the Leo Moon forms supportive aspects to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter, loaning us courage, decisiveness, and instinctive leadership. Though we can step on each other’s toes unless we listen to one another’s opinions. Get people on board by finding what excites them and aligning your project with their goals.

Tuesday, March 3: Use a compulsion to make changes constructively; make the most of any break in routine, look for exciting new opportunities. If we need to buy a new phone or computer, now is a great day to do so. Travel plans, scintillating fresh ideas are all possible: Break pattern with people, bring up fresh topics or ideas. People become allergic to the same old- same old. Cook something different for dinner.

Wednesday, March 4: Make art, make life itself art. The Virgo Moon loans us skill and detail, wants us to get practical, and can remind us of everything that is unfinished, undone, or needs fixing in our lives. But Venus conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter and square Pluto cans cure our emotions into a melting pot. Pour that skill and feeling and into creation. Keep eyes open for fresh connection.

Thursday, March 5: Be kind. This potentially cranky or anxious full Moon in Virgo highlights the distance between our dreams and our reality. Use it to map the next steps, not to berate self or others. Waiting can be excruciatingly difficult, so bring work along and use every odd moment. We can feel spread thin, so much to do with in so many directions, we need to take it all one step at a time.

Starcodes, February 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Our world speeds up this week. Though the Sun now wafts through the year’s last sign, intuitive, and subdued Pisces and calls introspect and rest up for the year ahead, Mars the plant we associate with motivation and energy, just left Pisces and already entered feisty Aries last night. Venus and the Moon follow Mars into Aries today. And as they do, our emotional milieu goes from sensitive and swampy to reactive and passionate. Spring comes early to the heart.

Our histamines can spike, our irritation level intensifies, and our ambition and willfulness crank up. It becomes easier to kick into high gear after a pretty low-key, snowed under winter. Suddenly there’s a lot of emotional fuel lying around ready to catch fire and we have to be careful what sparks we strike. We’ll become more emotional than logical and more motivated than farsighted, which can be a tricky combination.

It’s already been combustible in the last few weeks, even with the low energy Venus and Mars in Pisces; we’ve seen train explosion, factory explosions, bombing raids in the Mideast with abundant Jupiter trine electrical Uranus in Aries in Leo adding fuel and inventiveness once a fire actually gets lit.

But just wait. Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries increases our flammability, so that’s think long and hard about what we want to catch fire, will it be a spring romance, a new enterprise, revolution or fresh military assault. Over the next month this combustibility can thrust us out of any rut we’ve been in and re-inspire us. But we may jump to conclusions, jump over the cliff, jump into a new job, or with both feet into a new adventure. We just need to look where were going so we don’t jump into a trap.

Luckily we have some stabilizing aspects early next week as both Venus and Mars trine Saturn, which can add a soupçon of maturity to our impulsiveness and determination to our excitement. If we’ve been dreaming about a trip or other next step in our life, but felt too overwhelmed to manifest them, this week’s aspects can kick us into gear. We may be inspired to launch initiatives we’ve been putting off since the turn of the year. If we decide to pack up and move to Africa, this will help us make it so.

And that may be about the level of practicality of our ideas as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. While this aspect reconnects us with our dreams, and the Saturn aspects can help us take action towards them, were not ready to be too practical.

Speaking of practicality, it will be important to keep our eyes open for snow and water damage or wet feet from melting snow. Because the Sun- Neptune conjunction can help us be more permeable and intuitive, we also need to support our immune system, as we can feel one another down to the cellular level.

As far as the big picture goes, politics will be a real wildcard the spring. Impulsive comments will step well past lines and diplomacy. Global conflagrations around water policy, boundary issues, and religious beliefs could really intensify. Along with the general combustibility, as Uranus and Pluto moved into their last of seven exact squares from 2012 through this spring, we can expect to see the wheel of fate turn. Pivotal decisions are made. This is a strategic time, and just about anything could happen, so stay involved help direct the changes in a good direction.

The weekend starts off both slow and with a fresh impatience that begins to stir up trouble. Astrological fireworks jog us out of complacency. We may have flashes of childishness, either childish enthusiasm or foot stomping fits. The mood stabilizes somewhat early next week with added determination early in the week and improved communication later in the week. As our world speeds up, hold one another’s hand and stay connected, heart-to-heart, so we can move efficiently but make compassionate decisions.

Friday, February 20: We can fall in love or out of love with person place or thing. What we won’t want to do is be indifferent or keep doing the same old stuff with Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries. Our attitude freshens, events and impatience begin to simmer as Venus joins Mars in Aries around noon and Moon enters Aries by 4 PM, and trine Saturn tonight. Over the next few days we grow more passionately engaged but more easily bored and discontent with what we’ve done that before. Look to meetings and exciting propositions today, and a funny iconoclastic tonight.

Saturday, February 21: On this willful day we wanted do we want to do, and nothing else. Sparks fly, make them good ones. Midafternoon events can escalate quickly as the Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus and adds rockets to behind doing what we love. But if the train starts to run off the tracks, throw the brakes on immediately. Tonight Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries and we want to passionately engage ideas, projects, or each other.

Sunday, February 22: We need to move consciously or it will feel like we’re running around in circles without direction. This morning is excitable, this afternoon can become discontent and disconnected, but by late afternoon or evening we are more settled, stubborn, and earthy as the Moon enters Taurus. Think about adding more organization to what was just begun.

Monday, February 23: Our impatience can collide with surprising obstacles this morning. Let’s not run our heads into a wall as the Sun squares Saturn; inventory the problems, delays and let them be them be a wake-up call, information on what work is needed. But don’t let them be what stops. Look for strange grumpy power plays. And don’t be surprised to feel strangely old or creaky, it’ll go away. We may be feeling contrary but if we have difficult decisions to make, let’s not make them from a desire to prove oneself, but instead from our creative core.

Tuesday, February 24: Slow it down as Venus trine Saturn. Delays or extra care preserve stability, diplomacy furthers, it even if it’s a real effort to do so. Conversation expands and sleep seems far away as the Moon enters Gemini tonight. Conversation or Mediation can help us work together with unusual resources to solve a larger problem. Or maybe we just need to really be there for friends and be their resource.

Wednesday, February 25: We have access to the energy and cooperation to accomplish, but may have trouble seeing where we’re going as Mars trine industrious Saturn but the Sun conjuncts inspiring but confusing Neptune. Don’t just act or spout off. Use finesse and imagination to guide efforts, let people talk it all out and encourage their leadership even if their ideas need to be modified later. Make structural decisions, hire, and apply for jobs as Mars trine Saturn.  Kick the dream into a higher gear.

Thursday, February 26: The mood is nervy, simmering; we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels but have an urgent need to communicate our point under a Gemini Moon and as Mercury approaches an opposition to Jupiter. Watch for flooding, water damage, weather damage, or feeling emotionally flooded. Encourage steady momentum on new projects.



Starcodes, February 13, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Valentines weekend begins on Friday the 13th, but this isn’t as inauspicious as it sounds. Friday (Frigga’s day) honors a Germanic Venusian archetype. The number 13 is connected to our Moon, as there are 13 Moon cycles to a year, bringing this day squarely under the province of loving spirits.

And on this Friday 13th, a lovely grand trine in fire signs lifts our spirits as an adventurous Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter in expansive Leo and Uranus in restless Aries. This infuses humor and enthusiasm to our world after a couple of very internal, mushy, depressed weeks. Our heart is beginning to open and possibilities that were closed may begin shift, though we may have some residual problems to clear first, along with impatient deadlines that need to be met and frantic efforts to make up lost time. New ideas begin to unfold this weekend and really begin to cook in a week or two.

It’s funny that Valentine’s Day is in Aquarius, one of the most humanitarian but least emotionally intimate signs of the zodiac; Valentine’s Day brings our minds to this theory of love, to our dreams and expectations love, rather than actually creates intimacy. Aquarius encourages us to love our community and our friends, even more than those romantic others. So let Valentine’s Day be a heart-centered meditation to love the whole world.

This will be safer than loading up Valentines with emotional expectations. Our personal relationships may still be a little touchy after recent astrological aspects. Venus and Mars are running close together in subtle, intuitive, nonrealistic Pisces as they have for last few weeks. Daydreams hover so close, if our attention slips for a minute we wander easily into those imaginary lands and may have trouble finding our way back to consensual reality. Venus and Mars this close together can amp up all our emotions. But it can also do some wonderful work in our own psyche and help us help us integrate the feminine and masculine within. Let’s contemplate what that might mean to us.

In Pisces this can leave our hearts so tender and open, they’re hard to go near. Sensitive, generally forgiving and emotional, receptive, but a little passive; we may really want the other person to make an emotional overture, and not really want to take any romantic risks ourselves, which can leave everybody sitting still.

Especially if it’s not traditionally our role, it would be good to reach out to our beloved, to friends, to anybody who could use a Valentine. We might as well enjoy put this sentimental squishiness us to good use. Next week Venus and Mars head into Aries and we’ll be much too busy to be squishy with one another.

Friday night is a party night, a great night to dance the night away. Saturday is a bit more problematic, the Moon first squares the two planets of emotions, Venus and Mars, in the morning, which make it a funny, sociable day, great for a visit to the dog Park, but odd interruptions, can interfere with one’s love life.

The Moon enters Capricorn and ups our expectations in the afternoon, and suggests some more formal Valentines rituals. It may help to work on something together, take a lesson together, make dinner together, or gather with others for a cause or project.

Sunday brings more practicality, a time to really get personally caught up and organized. Midweek the Aquarius Moon and a Mars-Saturn trine brings us back to our community responsibilities. We may have a lot to catch up on after the last few weeks of disconnection or disorientation.

Wednesday, Moon and Sun conjunct at the very last degree of Aquarius, then enter Pisces together a few minutes later, and the mood shifts from abstract to personal, from global to local. Headlines and events tap on our heartstrings. An emotional tenderness helps us reconnect with one another at a truly-heart centered place and remember what’s really important, and what’s not, before Mars enters Aries on Thursday and the whole world speeds up.

Venus and Mars enter Aries together next weekend, which energizes us and brings both fresh action and fresh militancy. Where people have felt victimized they will be mobilized. Where we have dreams we can put them into action.

Friday, February 13: Don’t drop the ball on the cleanup and corrections that need to be made after a few weeks with Mercury retrograde. Straighten out travel plans. The energy bubbles today and can bounce off the walls by tonight; we e may not feel like sitting still, behaving, and doing our homework. Let’s get out of the house tonight and create our own luck as the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter.

Saturday, February 14: We may try to make it romantic, but the morning’s unexpected quirks and interruptions complicate. The Moon enters Capricorn around noon we grow more competent and more formal. Watch the expectations and manipulations in the name of Valentine’s Day. Traditions are helpful, but expect to go through some emotional morass, some review of memories of Valentine’s Day past, present, and future. Tonight, traditions help under the Capricorn Moon, so can gathering together with people for a cause.

Sunday, February 15: Fate can twist in an interesting manner this morning even on this day of rest the Capricorn Moon nags us to remind us of all the work we need to do and reveals some plans and plots that have been brooding in the background. Get organized today. We can change our minds or influence others to do the same midafternoon as the Moon squares Uranus. Tonight notice a sense of honesty and urgency as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, a realization can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed or tired, but encourages us to reengage.

Monday, February 16: Don’t put anything new on the agenda this morning, people are cranky and pragmatic. Follow through and repair misunderstandings, organize for what’s already on the calendar on this very workmanlike Capricorn Moon. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Pisces so we’re emotionally squishy, touchy about competence, and would probably rather be on a beach with a beloved, but may have worked to do. The Moon enters Aquarius and conjuncts Mercury late afternoon, this evening is an excellent time for meetings or reaching out to friends we haven’t had time for recently. Check the news and see what’s going on in the big picture.

Tuesday, February 17: This last day before the New Moon asks us to think through our obligations to friends, organizations, global community, and step forward. If we don’t get stuck in our stubborn place, and can stay focused on our action, rather than get lost in the clouds, we can make some real progress. Organize resources and stock the boat. Connect with old contacts. Network, network, network.

Wednesday, February 18: We hit a pivot point today. The new Moon in Aquarius begins a new cycle at 4:47 PM MST. Within three minutes, the Moon and Sun both enter Pisces and bring us deep into the flood of emotions. Notice revelations of personal and collective experience. We can feel the collective emotions so strongly we need to be careful which part we choose to tune into. Stay in the present, do not read too much into the words spoken, but look carefully at what feelings are reveal. Hopes and dreams flood in we could feel overwhelmed, feel charmed, feel like a victim, or feel like we could dream forever.

Thursday, February 19: Dream and vision swirl, get out of the swamp, let go of feeling sorry for oneself, and take a step forward. Use this heavy daydreaming capacity to envision the future for the next few weeks, and then make it so this afternoon as Mars enters Aries. We begin a shift out of passive and into assertive, out of dream and into motion. Just don’t snap anybody’s head off in the process.