Starcodes Feb 27 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

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“Common sense is not so common.” ― Voltaire,

Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.” ― Oscar Wilde

Common sense? What common sense? Right now not one visible planet is in an earth sign. Thoughtful Mercury in farsighted Aquarius (opposed Jupiter) loans us intelligence with an optimistic streak. Venus and Mars in sparky Aries (conjunct electrifying Uranus) infuse us with passion and impatience. Sun and Neptune in Pisces can leave us wafting and moody between events. But we have to bring our own grounding practicality to the table and use it wisely to balance out the exciting, curious, ingenious energy of the moment.

Once we are moving or are emotionally engaged, Venus and Mars in fiery Aries help us know what we want and what we don’t want, and be unusually honest about what we need and where we’re going. This spontaneity and directness energize us for the spring and can help turn our life into an action movie. While this implies one thing for an artist pulling out of a winter slump, it can mean something else entirely to a militant organization preparing their next move. We conflagrate easily.

We can use this motivation to energize our work or ingeniously respond to our life’s demands. But we do need to keep our eyes open for potential problems, both in large-scale politics and small-scale home-improvement projects. Hiding won’t help (fire needs to be expressed, vented safely); we just need to add extra layers of awareness.

The world’s trouble spots are on broil for the next few months; do not underestimate the potential magnitude of the problems. They need our prayer and support for kindness to find a way through. But this will barely graze most of our personal lives. To be safe, think poised alertness, dynamic safety, and responsible determination. Stay alert for both potential hazards and potential opportunities and be ready to respond appropriately.

The Sun in Pisces can open us up to be co-dependently hyper-aware of what other people need, but this can balance the fiery, and sometimes self-centered, Venus and Mars in Aries. We can seesaw between codependent enabling (Pisces) and self-centered reaction (Aries) and have trouble finding a healthy midpoint between, something that is fair for all parties. But that balance is in there, and it is worth the search.

Jupiter trines Uranus this week (peaking Tuesday), an ingenious, inventive aspect, and a great time to purchase electronic gear or upload a website. This is an exciting and electrical aspect that doesn’t force us into anything, but opens us to ingenious inspiration. Usually a few months after this aspect we see a leak in technological innovation hitting the market.

Cupid may get busy later this week. So can our compassionate heart. Romantic Venus trines expansive opportunistic Jupiter, conjuncts unexpected Uranus, and squares Pluto. Our hearts can turn to molten lava once the spark strikes. We can fill with creative artistry and miracles of compassion, or burn for social justice. We can also fall in and out of love in a flash, and in a way that creates change in our lives. So let’s watch where we put our heart. Some personal or international experience can break us open. With Venus so close to Mars, if were looking for love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and look around to see who’s doing it with us. If we are not looking for new love, let’s get busy doing what we came here to do, and hold the hands of our beloveds in the process.

The weekend begins under a more tender and shy Cancer Moon, leaving us emotional with over active and trigger-happy defense systems. Be honest about the mixed feelings, but dial defenses back to an appropriate level.

Be inspired to change things up at home, move furniture or change the chore systems. Early next week a Leo Moon brings out our confidence and expansive social side but we may want proof that we’re loved in a direct in-your-face sort away. A beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction (visible in the east as the Sun sets), pours into our hearts and open up possibilities early in the week.

Midweek we finally get some astrological grounding; a Full Moon in earthy Virgo supports that rare common sense. But cranks up our critical nature and our desire to improve yourself and others. We just have to not be too hard on each other in the process.

In the meantime we need to add the common sense. If we’re feeling ungrounded, it can help to do practical things that encourage us to feel centered enough to use this exciting energy safely and with solid results.

Friday, February 27: The Moon in Cancer rolls in thoughts from the past, but right now future connections matter most. Honor the past but turn relentlessly forward. Friends may need nurturing sympathy with no advice early in the day. Complete tasks midday. Watch irritable defenses around dinner time and move into a dreamier evening; we may feel surprisingly shy and need downtime.

Saturday, February 28: Sleep lingers cozily, but a certain discontent can bug us to get up make changes on the home front as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midday. Watch out for a flash of discouragement and don’t believe the story; instead create a more comfortable future. Engage healing conversation and brainstorm possibilities tonight, our minds are opened as Mercury in Aquarius and opposes Jupiter.

Sunday, March 1: As the Moon enters dramatic and extroverted Leo it’s good to be a little self-indulgent in a conscious way and refill the wells, otherwise we’ll tend to be self-centered in an unconscious way. Let’s let our hearts and let passion and compassion drive our action. Don’t ask others to understand, do ask them to care.

Monday, March 2: Get it done. This is a most auspicious and decisive day as the Leo Moon forms supportive aspects to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter, loaning us courage, decisiveness, and instinctive leadership. Though we can step on each other’s toes unless we listen to one another’s opinions. Get people on board by finding what excites them and aligning your project with their goals.

Tuesday, March 3: Use a compulsion to make changes constructively; make the most of any break in routine, look for exciting new opportunities. If we need to buy a new phone or computer, now is a great day to do so. Travel plans, scintillating fresh ideas are all possible: Break pattern with people, bring up fresh topics or ideas. People become allergic to the same old- same old. Cook something different for dinner.

Wednesday, March 4: Make art, make life itself art. The Virgo Moon loans us skill and detail, wants us to get practical, and can remind us of everything that is unfinished, undone, or needs fixing in our lives. But Venus conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter and square Pluto cans cure our emotions into a melting pot. Pour that skill and feeling and into creation. Keep eyes open for fresh connection.

Thursday, March 5: Be kind. This potentially cranky or anxious full Moon in Virgo highlights the distance between our dreams and our reality. Use it to map the next steps, not to berate self or others. Waiting can be excruciatingly difficult, so bring work along and use every odd moment. We can feel spread thin, so much to do with in so many directions, we need to take it all one step at a time.

Starcodes, February 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Our world speeds up this week. Though the Sun now wafts through the year’s last sign, intuitive, and subdued Pisces and calls introspect and rest up for the year ahead, Mars the plant we associate with motivation and energy, just left Pisces and already entered feisty Aries last night. Venus and the Moon follow Mars into Aries today. And as they do, our emotional milieu goes from sensitive and swampy to reactive and passionate. Spring comes early to the heart.

Our histamines can spike, our irritation level intensifies, and our ambition and willfulness crank up. It becomes easier to kick into high gear after a pretty low-key, snowed under winter. Suddenly there’s a lot of emotional fuel lying around ready to catch fire and we have to be careful what sparks we strike. We’ll become more emotional than logical and more motivated than farsighted, which can be a tricky combination.

It’s already been combustible in the last few weeks, even with the low energy Venus and Mars in Pisces; we’ve seen train explosion, factory explosions, bombing raids in the Mideast with abundant Jupiter trine electrical Uranus in Aries in Leo adding fuel and inventiveness once a fire actually gets lit.

But just wait. Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries increases our flammability, so that’s think long and hard about what we want to catch fire, will it be a spring romance, a new enterprise, revolution or fresh military assault. Over the next month this combustibility can thrust us out of any rut we’ve been in and re-inspire us. But we may jump to conclusions, jump over the cliff, jump into a new job, or with both feet into a new adventure. We just need to look where were going so we don’t jump into a trap.

Luckily we have some stabilizing aspects early next week as both Venus and Mars trine Saturn, which can add a soupçon of maturity to our impulsiveness and determination to our excitement. If we’ve been dreaming about a trip or other next step in our life, but felt too overwhelmed to manifest them, this week’s aspects can kick us into gear. We may be inspired to launch initiatives we’ve been putting off since the turn of the year. If we decide to pack up and move to Africa, this will help us make it so.

And that may be about the level of practicality of our ideas as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. While this aspect reconnects us with our dreams, and the Saturn aspects can help us take action towards them, were not ready to be too practical.

Speaking of practicality, it will be important to keep our eyes open for snow and water damage or wet feet from melting snow. Because the Sun- Neptune conjunction can help us be more permeable and intuitive, we also need to support our immune system, as we can feel one another down to the cellular level.

As far as the big picture goes, politics will be a real wildcard the spring. Impulsive comments will step well past lines and diplomacy. Global conflagrations around water policy, boundary issues, and religious beliefs could really intensify. Along with the general combustibility, as Uranus and Pluto moved into their last of seven exact squares from 2012 through this spring, we can expect to see the wheel of fate turn. Pivotal decisions are made. This is a strategic time, and just about anything could happen, so stay involved help direct the changes in a good direction.

The weekend starts off both slow and with a fresh impatience that begins to stir up trouble. Astrological fireworks jog us out of complacency. We may have flashes of childishness, either childish enthusiasm or foot stomping fits. The mood stabilizes somewhat early next week with added determination early in the week and improved communication later in the week. As our world speeds up, hold one another’s hand and stay connected, heart-to-heart, so we can move efficiently but make compassionate decisions.

Friday, February 20: We can fall in love or out of love with person place or thing. What we won’t want to do is be indifferent or keep doing the same old stuff with Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries. Our attitude freshens, events and impatience begin to simmer as Venus joins Mars in Aries around noon and Moon enters Aries by 4 PM, and trine Saturn tonight. Over the next few days we grow more passionately engaged but more easily bored and discontent with what we’ve done that before. Look to meetings and exciting propositions today, and a funny iconoclastic tonight.

Saturday, February 21: On this willful day we wanted do we want to do, and nothing else. Sparks fly, make them good ones. Midafternoon events can escalate quickly as the Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus and adds rockets to behind doing what we love. But if the train starts to run off the tracks, throw the brakes on immediately. Tonight Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries and we want to passionately engage ideas, projects, or each other.

Sunday, February 22: We need to move consciously or it will feel like we’re running around in circles without direction. This morning is excitable, this afternoon can become discontent and disconnected, but by late afternoon or evening we are more settled, stubborn, and earthy as the Moon enters Taurus. Think about adding more organization to what was just begun.

Monday, February 23: Our impatience can collide with surprising obstacles this morning. Let’s not run our heads into a wall as the Sun squares Saturn; inventory the problems, delays and let them be them be a wake-up call, information on what work is needed. But don’t let them be what stops. Look for strange grumpy power plays. And don’t be surprised to feel strangely old or creaky, it’ll go away. We may be feeling contrary but if we have difficult decisions to make, let’s not make them from a desire to prove oneself, but instead from our creative core.

Tuesday, February 24: Slow it down as Venus trine Saturn. Delays or extra care preserve stability, diplomacy furthers, it even if it’s a real effort to do so. Conversation expands and sleep seems far away as the Moon enters Gemini tonight. Conversation or Mediation can help us work together with unusual resources to solve a larger problem. Or maybe we just need to really be there for friends and be their resource.

Wednesday, February 25: We have access to the energy and cooperation to accomplish, but may have trouble seeing where we’re going as Mars trine industrious Saturn but the Sun conjuncts inspiring but confusing Neptune. Don’t just act or spout off. Use finesse and imagination to guide efforts, let people talk it all out and encourage their leadership even if their ideas need to be modified later. Make structural decisions, hire, and apply for jobs as Mars trine Saturn.  Kick the dream into a higher gear.

Thursday, February 26: The mood is nervy, simmering; we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels but have an urgent need to communicate our point under a Gemini Moon and as Mercury approaches an opposition to Jupiter. Watch for flooding, water damage, weather damage, or feeling emotionally flooded. Encourage steady momentum on new projects.



Starcodes, February 13, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Valentines weekend begins on Friday the 13th, but this isn’t as inauspicious as it sounds. Friday (Frigga’s day) honors a Germanic Venusian archetype. The number 13 is connected to our Moon, as there are 13 Moon cycles to a year, bringing this day squarely under the province of loving spirits.

And on this Friday 13th, a lovely grand trine in fire signs lifts our spirits as an adventurous Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter in expansive Leo and Uranus in restless Aries. This infuses humor and enthusiasm to our world after a couple of very internal, mushy, depressed weeks. Our heart is beginning to open and possibilities that were closed may begin shift, though we may have some residual problems to clear first, along with impatient deadlines that need to be met and frantic efforts to make up lost time. New ideas begin to unfold this weekend and really begin to cook in a week or two.

It’s funny that Valentine’s Day is in Aquarius, one of the most humanitarian but least emotionally intimate signs of the zodiac; Valentine’s Day brings our minds to this theory of love, to our dreams and expectations love, rather than actually creates intimacy. Aquarius encourages us to love our community and our friends, even more than those romantic others. So let Valentine’s Day be a heart-centered meditation to love the whole world.

This will be safer than loading up Valentines with emotional expectations. Our personal relationships may still be a little touchy after recent astrological aspects. Venus and Mars are running close together in subtle, intuitive, nonrealistic Pisces as they have for last few weeks. Daydreams hover so close, if our attention slips for a minute we wander easily into those imaginary lands and may have trouble finding our way back to consensual reality. Venus and Mars this close together can amp up all our emotions. But it can also do some wonderful work in our own psyche and help us help us integrate the feminine and masculine within. Let’s contemplate what that might mean to us.

In Pisces this can leave our hearts so tender and open, they’re hard to go near. Sensitive, generally forgiving and emotional, receptive, but a little passive; we may really want the other person to make an emotional overture, and not really want to take any romantic risks ourselves, which can leave everybody sitting still.

Especially if it’s not traditionally our role, it would be good to reach out to our beloved, to friends, to anybody who could use a Valentine. We might as well enjoy put this sentimental squishiness us to good use. Next week Venus and Mars head into Aries and we’ll be much too busy to be squishy with one another.

Friday night is a party night, a great night to dance the night away. Saturday is a bit more problematic, the Moon first squares the two planets of emotions, Venus and Mars, in the morning, which make it a funny, sociable day, great for a visit to the dog Park, but odd interruptions, can interfere with one’s love life.

The Moon enters Capricorn and ups our expectations in the afternoon, and suggests some more formal Valentines rituals. It may help to work on something together, take a lesson together, make dinner together, or gather with others for a cause or project.

Sunday brings more practicality, a time to really get personally caught up and organized. Midweek the Aquarius Moon and a Mars-Saturn trine brings us back to our community responsibilities. We may have a lot to catch up on after the last few weeks of disconnection or disorientation.

Wednesday, Moon and Sun conjunct at the very last degree of Aquarius, then enter Pisces together a few minutes later, and the mood shifts from abstract to personal, from global to local. Headlines and events tap on our heartstrings. An emotional tenderness helps us reconnect with one another at a truly-heart centered place and remember what’s really important, and what’s not, before Mars enters Aries on Thursday and the whole world speeds up.

Venus and Mars enter Aries together next weekend, which energizes us and brings both fresh action and fresh militancy. Where people have felt victimized they will be mobilized. Where we have dreams we can put them into action.

Friday, February 13: Don’t drop the ball on the cleanup and corrections that need to be made after a few weeks with Mercury retrograde. Straighten out travel plans. The energy bubbles today and can bounce off the walls by tonight; we e may not feel like sitting still, behaving, and doing our homework. Let’s get out of the house tonight and create our own luck as the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter.

Saturday, February 14: We may try to make it romantic, but the morning’s unexpected quirks and interruptions complicate. The Moon enters Capricorn around noon we grow more competent and more formal. Watch the expectations and manipulations in the name of Valentine’s Day. Traditions are helpful, but expect to go through some emotional morass, some review of memories of Valentine’s Day past, present, and future. Tonight, traditions help under the Capricorn Moon, so can gathering together with people for a cause.

Sunday, February 15: Fate can twist in an interesting manner this morning even on this day of rest the Capricorn Moon nags us to remind us of all the work we need to do and reveals some plans and plots that have been brooding in the background. Get organized today. We can change our minds or influence others to do the same midafternoon as the Moon squares Uranus. Tonight notice a sense of honesty and urgency as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, a realization can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed or tired, but encourages us to reengage.

Monday, February 16: Don’t put anything new on the agenda this morning, people are cranky and pragmatic. Follow through and repair misunderstandings, organize for what’s already on the calendar on this very workmanlike Capricorn Moon. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Pisces so we’re emotionally squishy, touchy about competence, and would probably rather be on a beach with a beloved, but may have worked to do. The Moon enters Aquarius and conjuncts Mercury late afternoon, this evening is an excellent time for meetings or reaching out to friends we haven’t had time for recently. Check the news and see what’s going on in the big picture.

Tuesday, February 17: This last day before the New Moon asks us to think through our obligations to friends, organizations, global community, and step forward. If we don’t get stuck in our stubborn place, and can stay focused on our action, rather than get lost in the clouds, we can make some real progress. Organize resources and stock the boat. Connect with old contacts. Network, network, network.

Wednesday, February 18: We hit a pivot point today. The new Moon in Aquarius begins a new cycle at 4:47 PM MST. Within three minutes, the Moon and Sun both enter Pisces and bring us deep into the flood of emotions. Notice revelations of personal and collective experience. We can feel the collective emotions so strongly we need to be careful which part we choose to tune into. Stay in the present, do not read too much into the words spoken, but look carefully at what feelings are reveal. Hopes and dreams flood in we could feel overwhelmed, feel charmed, feel like a victim, or feel like we could dream forever.

Thursday, February 19: Dream and vision swirl, get out of the swamp, let go of feeling sorry for oneself, and take a step forward. Use this heavy daydreaming capacity to envision the future for the next few weeks, and then make it so this afternoon as Mars enters Aries. We begin a shift out of passive and into assertive, out of dream and into motion. Just don’t snap anybody’s head off in the process.




Starcodes Feb 6, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

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This week we may feel as emotionally soggy as a slushy sidewalk. The mood drifts as we dream in the last week with Mercury retrograde, with Venus, Mars, and Neptune all in intuitive, permeable Pisces.

Keep the Kleenex nearby, the world can feel harsh and edgy, and our energy level may be at low tide. Rafts of emotions waft through and can leave us feeling un-centered. News perseverates on painful examples of victimhood. The sensitivity and vulnerability we feel with Venus, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces can inflame bullies to do their worst.

The past is present. While we’re wading through streams of old memories anyway with Mercury now retrograde, it’s a great time to go through old photos or clean out the far corners of our computer files. Painful pieces of our collective and personal history continue to pour in, stir up some old scars but give us new understanding of the present moment. Even in the present, it can be easier to see the problems than the possibilities. At this low energy cycle of the year, some elders may consider leaving, it’s a good time to connect and reminisce.

We have a chance to metabolize our memories. Let’s not hurry the process nor obsess on the past. Instead of playing a mental recording over and over the way we’ve always heard it, let’s look around the corner in our memory and observe with new understanding. We can let Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces melt old hard spots within. When we see these moments of the past with different eyes we can begin to loosen up some old constraints and find more room in our souls.

Don’t worry, we won’t get stuck. By the end of the month the energy is fresh present and moving forward. Now is the time for this inner mush, later is the time for action. But for now, if we feel flooded, it can help to feel more insulated if we bring our attention to the beauty and the goodness in the world, even if we have to look hard and long to find it.

This Mercury in Aquarius retrograde can leave us squabbling or at right angles without meaning to be, disconcerted by apparently random odd thoughts or feeling or feeling remarkably intransigent about simple things. If we find ourselves here, let’s agree to consider what the other says with an open mind and no promises.

This could be a technically tricky week as Mercury appears to slow down and turn direct on Wednesday, so let it be a trust-building exercise. We may not see an increase in accidents, but the ones we see will have a bizarre twist. Because orders get easily mislaid and messages misconstrued, we need to follow through on recent efforts to make sure important information doesn’t fall through the cracks. We get to sort out a lot next week, but for this week, have patience.

Friday, under a Virgo Moon, it’s hard to do anything right and our souls can feel itchy. Notice the mood and don’t take complaints too seriously. The weekend progresses under a Libra Moon which encourages us to be friendlier to both ourselves and to others.

Over the weekend the Sun opposes Jupiter and loans us more generosity and confidence, but let’s not push ourselves. If we tend our energy and husband it well, we can stay healthy. Otherwise that permeability can leave us permeable as permeable to germs as we are to the woes of the world.

Friday, February 6: Unsettled dreams or thoughts overnight as we catch up on some old emotional processing. Memories of the past and worries about the future are very close to the surface this morning as the Moon trines Pluto. Our minds may obsess on relationship details, and who did what, when. Mid-day, we can see past all this, can find something good to say to one another as the Sun opposes Jupiter, but let’s not push our energy level or our assumptions about one another. Watch a competitive edge, snarky comment, or tendency to slip on the ice late afternoon as the Moon opposes Mars. Some little thing can point out our vulnerability this evening and a little sympathetic humor helps.

Saturday, February 7: During a potentially physically uncomfortable morning (though good for getting chores done or going to dance class , we may tend to think about what we should be doing, when our bodies they want something very different the Moon finishes in Virgo. After noon the Moon enters Libra, trines Mercury and it’s easier to find the words and share what we feel, to find common ground rather than find ourselves squabbling.

Sunday, February 8: Take this day of health and rest. Morning drifts and dreams. A creative urge seeps into the afternoon and make call us back to artistic projects we began a while ago and got stuffed away. Or we may choose to go out and soak up some culture. We’re not good for much practical effort today so this can be a perfect time to do so. International issues of fairness and equality simmer; this is not an easy time to take major action, but good to build the alliances that can help in the future.

Monday, February 9: Our attention wanders, we can network well, but will tend to putter in place otherwise as the Sun trines Moon early on then is void of course all day while Mercury appears to slow down to turn direct. It’s not the date to launch a new project, instead, look to improve the quality of being and complete uncompleted projects. And repair frayed edges in relationships just by being present with one another.

Tuesday, February 10: We can get a little squirrely this morning as the Moon enters Scorpio early on, squares Mercury and trines Neptune. Self-doubts and resentment trigger easily and swirl for no particular reason. By dint of that same sensitivity we can influence the mood of others and therefore influence outcomes if we hold on to the possibility that things can work out. If discouragement raises its head or a snarky attitude seeps in, acknowledge it, nod as if to an irascible neighbor, but don’t believe their story.

Wednesday, February 11: Expect some turbulence as Mercury turns direct. Much will come unstuck over the next few days, understanding will straighten out, but right now, pushing the point is like trying to undo a rope knot by pulling the knot tighter. Drive safely, speak thoughtfully, forgive edginess, and know when to be quiet. Meditation furthers. Midafternoon brings an emotional thaw as the Moon trines Venus, deal with fellow humans then, and spend some time reorganizing thoughts and plans tonight.

Thursday, February 12: Action plans picks up speed as the Moon enters mobile Sagittarius. Impatience and enthusiasm returns. Lost things are found. Hidden plans are revealed, for better or worse. Misperceptions come to the surface, but this gives us a chance to clear the air and realign ourselves. But we have to focus on repair instead of righteousness. Attend the many simmering pots but don’t feel like everything needs to be fixed at once. Nuggets of truth surface out of context; if comments sound off get more information.


Starcodes Jan 30, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to review old habits, habitual friends, familiar defenses, old policies, old dreams, our preconceptions about people we know and love, anything that is part of our past. Review the material, talk about it, and release which that which no longer fits as Uranus conjunct the South node as Mercury retrogrades and conjuncts the Sun. We are paving the way for a new path but first we need to make the room. It can help to literalize this and clear out closets or edit old material. If we don’t want to get started on this project, we may experience a sudden change of circumstance which encourages us to get on with.

Yes as one door closes, another eventually opens, but we may spend a few moments in the empty hallway between. We can make this a meditation, a chance to let go of where we’ve been and where we’re going, and be with whom we are right now. And who we are right new may feel a bit puddle like. With Mercury retrograde taking the edge off our mental assertiveness, and the Sun, Venus, and Mars all in intuitive, some might even say hypersensitive, permeable, Pisces. No matter what the weather out there, we may feel snowed in and ready to curl up with a good book, and take some needed time out between those moments of introspection and efforts to maintain our life while our energy is low and our imagination overactive.

Not all doors close, some opportunities which were closed before, and initiative that we tried once but did not pan out for may now begin to bear fruit. It’s a good time to re-apply for the job we didn’t get last time or tweak and resubmit a script.

Lighten the load but don’t overdo it. Start by noticing the real value of those people that really feed the soul, those few things that really enriches life. As Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and squares Saturn this week it asks us to use our best relationship skills.

Decades of research by the Gottman Institute on relationship proves something we should know instinctually: kindness and the ability to look for something to appreciate in one another are the most important predictors of happiness and stability in a relationship. I would say the same for family life and community relationships. And now is the time to practice.

The effort to keep up with busyness of work and serious of mind may have taken a toll on our romantic nature this week, and leave us a little out of sync as the weekend begins. With Mercury retrograde, it’s easy to fall into misunderstandings or conversations that run on skew lines unless we make the effort to understand one another, not just be understood. Friday’s Gemini Moon encourages us to share our stories and reconnect with what’s been going on in one another’s life.

Over the weekend a tender Cancer Moon leaves us feeling more domestic and vulnerable, a good time to share meals and put the effort out to make one another feel at home. But keep expectations low, and forgive people if they just don’t show up, some of us made just not get out of bed this weekend.

Groundhog’s day on Monday signifies the halfway point through winter, traditionally a moment when springtime’s Persephone begins her long accent back into our world. It is also traditionally a day for animal auguries of all types. In America, this is come down to asking one poor tired groundhog whether he sees his shadow. But it’s a good time for us to have a question in our heart, and just notice what animals we see in the world around us, what animals drift through our dreams or catch our eye the museum. Consider the strengths and gifts and concerns of those animals as advice for the problems in our heart. And consider what the animals ask us to do to protect their world.

Early next week a full Moon in Leo can be delightfully creative and warmhearted. It can also turn up the volume on our personal dramas and highlights our efforts to balance our personal needs with our responsibility to our groups and community. We can feel like we have to choose one or the other, or feel tension in our life where the needs rub against one another. Look for the illusion in this. Notice how, intrinsically, our individual past can support our community and our community can support our personal work. After this evaluation, we may need to trim back obligations that do not further, so we have more time for those that do.

Friday, January 30: We can talk about work, talk about politics, but may have a hard time talking about tender things as sensitive Venus squares challenging Saturn under a communicative Gemini moon. Don’t take the bait, do the right thing, even when others are irritating. Find something to love about the work at hand tonight we need to talk, share dinner instead of mobile movie and process, process, process.

Saturday, January 31: This sensitive time can be delightful if we have room to drift and nest or putter about an art museum or in our studio as the Cancer Moon trines Venus and Neptune in Pisces. We need healing and we need ways to express beyond words. But the day can be really challenging if we’re trying to force efficiency where it isn’t. Tonight, engage what comforts, nurturers, and supports core connections.

Sunday, February 1: A haunting mood, old ghosts of insecurity waft through the back doors of our dreams this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto. Acknowledge but release old hopes and fears, and look for what can be appreciated in the moment. And look for magic, magic in the heart, in the imagination, in auspices and in spiritual practice as Venus conjuncts Neptune. Just be careful to avoid misunderstandings and don’t drift too far away.

Monday, February 2: The groundhog looks for its shadow this morning, and we can look to all animals for divination, in our dreams or as they fly by. Our mood is more extroverted and openhearted, as long as we are not directly opposed, (in which case our stubbornness comes out) as the Moon enters Leo, trines Saturn, and opposes Venus this afternoon. Slather on the honest appreciation of one another, our tender hearts are unusually susceptible to self-doubt and need that as a cure.

Tuesday, February 3: On this full Moon in Leo we are called to work together and support each other’s plans as long as our egos don’t get in the way. Drop the pride, support one another, and easy and natural adjustments can be made to handle recent changes in circumstances. With a little grace and effort, issues around group leadership can be handled creatively. Howl and celebrate tonight under the year’s most social Full Moon.

Wednesday, February 4: A post full-Moon energy drop this morning can leave us edgy and not particularly graceful. It’s easy to hold other people responsible for our happiness, hard to get ourselves out of the center of our world and really empathize. We may have an approach- avoidance conflict around being seen, and hate to either be ignored or be put in the spotlight. Later, attention to work to practical things can help ease the interpersonal discomfort, though our physical comfort may need attention as the Moon enters industrious Virgo tonight.

Thursday, February 5: A cranky and uncomfortable vibe can help us keep our focus on our work and not dillydally. But it may be hard to keep our hearts open as the Virgo Moon squares Saturn. Some may just not want to participate midday as the Moon opposes Neptune, a lazy or passive- aggressive streak really speaks of a need to spend time wandering in the more intuitive and creative realms, rest the soul, and then come back to work. If we try to stay efficient midday we may be prone to accidents and misunderstandings of inattention. Keep confirm let’s confirm what we hear, move with grace, and give ourselves some time off to drift and dream.



Starcodes Jan 23 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Mercury just turn retrograde, which it does for three weeks three times a year, and is always a time to review, refresh, remember, and pick up our lost pieces.

Sure it’s important to practice basic Mercury retrograde skills, be careful of the messages you send, keep careful track of important personal items, and avoid accidents of inattention. Confirm reservations. Keep track of your phone and car keys. Assume any conflict that sprouts up is based on a misunderstanding, and work to correct that problem. Schedule in time for delays and bring a good book along wherever you go. Stop pushing new work forward and finish what’s already on the table.

This time Mercury retrogrades in the middle of community-oriented Aquarius, opposes expansive international Jupiter and brings our minds back to not just our personal history, but social history. It asks us to look a little deeper at the stories of our life and stories of our culture to see more clearly, and make reparations if needed, so the past can nourish us rather than restrict us to an old and unproductive pattern. Any time our minds go back to the past we can use it to either chew over old wounds and make them worse, or we can go back to see if we can get some of the shrapnel out of the wounds, remember the sweetness, or retrieve lost gifts. So when we find ourselves dwelling on stories of the past, let’s ask ourselves why we’re here and how we can make the visit productive.

Friday begins under a tender, meandering Pisces Moon with Mars and Neptune also conjunct in intuitive Pisces, a weekend-long aspect which brings out our vulnerability and the gift of dreaming, and may lower our energy level. We won’t really want to face harsh realities. So let’s use a moment of escape in a good way. Take a break and be fed by music and art, daydream about alternatives to conundrums, and come back to our logical work refreshed.

Over the weekend an Aries Moon urges us to create new beginnings, but now is a better time to experience one-off events as well as work on unfinished business and follow through on unfinished joys.

Next week starts with slow winter inertia under an earthy Taurus Moon, but that allows us to get oriented and assess what really needs to be done, and what unnecessary busywork we can put off for now. As the week progresses, look around for an urgent short-term project that looks like it’s only a sidebar to our plans but is knocking on the door and needs to be dealt with now. Venus joins Mars and Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday and adds to this spacey, intuitive, and less aggressive but more potentially passive-aggressive quality. Watch political decisions be proposed based on articles of faith and imagination (for better and worse), instead of on logic and a clear grasp of facts. And let’s be careful to balance the two ourselves.

In this intuitive but not particularly logical time, our creative and artistic expression can be strong, our senses are heightened. We can use these next imaginative few weeks (until February 20 when Mars enters Aries) to drift and dream the next chapter of our life into existence. We have an action-packed spring on the horizon, now is time to heal, renew, prepare, catch up, and listen deeply to make our action clean and inspired.

Friday, January 23: The energy swirls one level but seems to swirl in place on the other; we feel busy, but are we getting anywhere. Let’s focus on the quality of our interactions, the kindness of energy between our sensitive hearts, and keep our expectations low on a practical agenda with the Moon in subtle Pisces. Leave the day with people feeling heard and understood. We’ll appreciate low-key rest or a moment in a magical realm tonight.

Saturday, January 24: We are more antsy, ambitious but not particularly efficient, as the Moon enters Aries and squares the Sun. A trine between the Moon and Saturn asks us to get things done, but the stars don’t align for launching new projects. Go back to an old ambition, complete unfinished projects, or explore a familiar trail. Just rein in an edgy irritation and a return to old anger for retribution this afternoon; it will only up the ante. Tonight, let’s suspend expectations and do what we really need to do as the Moon trine Saturn.

Sunday, January 25: We want to change it up this morning but may have some karmic responsibilities to complete, or oddly pivotal events to respond to as the Aries Moon squares Pluto and trines Uranus. An uncomfortable morning can unfold into a more expansive, generous, peripatetic afternoon as the Moon trines Jupiter. Engage a spontaneous last-minute adventure and share perspectives.

Monday, January 26: The mood is more stubborn and settled today as the Moon enters earthy Taurus, get a steady groove going and pursue that which takes steadiness and endurance rather than finesse or flexibility. Check to make sure everyone is on the same page, as what needs to be done can be equally clear, but totally different, to others.

Tuesday, January 27: We get squishy and soft this morning as Venus enters Pisces. We won’t think anyone for rushing us, guilt tripping us, or stepping on our emotional toes. We need to find a good use for our sensitivities and finesse a new understanding, a new sense of beauty. Midafternoon let’s take this new sensitivity out to understand some key player and change the dynamics with empathy as Mercury trines the lunar nodes. Tonight, generosity brings generous returns as the Taurus Moon squares Jupiter. We may want a surplus of delicious food or sensory pleasure to soothe our aching nerves.

Wednesday, January 28: The energy still swirls in place and has trouble moving forward this morning unless we simply put one foot in front of the other. It’s a good morning to tend to earthy chores like laundry or filing. Conversation picks up, we get more nervy and interactive this afternoon as the Moon enters verbal Gemini, but can find ourselves at cross purposes with one another as the Moon squares Venus and opposes Saturn, and easily unsettled by relationship oddities. If so, let’s not get tied up in verbal knots, but stand back and feel sympathy underneath.

Thursday, January 29: Take the opportunity to communicate while the Gemini Moon trines the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius midday. Share camaraderie, grow understanding in snippets, just know that attention spans are short and people are feeling touchy and a bit nervous. Some low-level anxiety homes from our unusual sensitivity. This can sharpen our temper or bring out our klutzy streak if we feel pushed or rushed around dinnertime as the Moon squares Mars. Let the conversation be far-ranging tonight; expand understanding but don’t expect to solve the problem.

Starcodes Jan 16, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

This week will probably not go as expected, but we can get organized and take advantage of serendipitous moments. Our flow of concentration and breaks unexpected agenda are introduced early next week as Mars conjuncts intuitive, spacey Neptune while mobile Mercury turns retrograde. Ordinary plans for travel, communication, and mutual understanding may break their stride and give us an opportunity to reconsider and find the missing pieces. Coming up we’ve got three weeks to review and reorganize, let’s use those to our advantage.

Now a Mars-Neptune conjunction, with Mercury retrograding, can be a tricky aspect. On a good day it helps us let go of outdated goals and old angers, we can forget what was so burningly important to us but is no longer relevant. It imparts a willingness to take actions based on faith and loans us ideological curiosity, sensitive understanding, and can help us release our escapist patterns. We may find it easier to forgive, though we may feel the sadness underneath.

In the practical realm this conjunction energizes (Mars) our dreams and intuition (Neptune) but may leave us feeling a bit lazy and permeable. It activates the waters, though can make us more prone to slipping and spilling. vagueness and forgetful ness can make us lose words in the middle of a sentence, or lose track of important details in the middle of a transaction, unless we track them carefully.

On a bad day it can intensify any ongoing fight (Mars) for religious beliefs (Neptune) or leave us unusually attached (Mars) to our illusions (Neptune), which is a little scary right now. It will be up to us to add the compassion, the visceral sense of connection which is the deepest gift of Neptune, and a willingness to see even uncomfortable truth with the bravery of Mars.

Along with this vague if inspired confusion, we may have a surplus of emotions. Look to the west just after sunset and notice Mercury and Venus (in Aquarius) and Mars (in Pisces) running together low in the Western sky. They will be joined by the waxing Moon early next week. Neptune and Chiron are also there, invisible to the naked eye but in the mix nonetheless. Venus and Mercury in Aquarius can be emotional, but rather abstract; people get all emotional over ideas, words, concepts, and their place in the community. Right now these two are opposed Jupiter in Leo, the planet that expands whatever it touches; all together they can make our heart bubble over like a part of porridge on high.

With this combination we want to feel a collective heartbeat and ache for the woes of the world together. Gatherings move our hearts, as we saw in Paris last week, and will see in America this  MLK Day. But with this farsightedness we can miss the needs of those closest to us, or think we know their feelings better than we do. So let’s ask. We may need to be unusually honest, revel in our right to free speech, but notice that although we have the right to say anything, everything we say has emotional consequence.

Bubbling porridge can make a mess. We need to notice when we’re boiling over emotionally and step back, breathe, and care for our heart.

The weekend begins with a restless, relatively cheerful Sagittarius Moon and asks us to keep attention on the international stage and the great outdoors. We get cabin fever where we’ve been indoors too long, but the cure is easy; just ask a dog. On Sunday, the dark of the Moon in Capricorn can bring out our grumbles. We notice but we haven’t done, what needs to be done, which can help us batten down the hatches for the coming Mercury retrograde cycle: make sure bills are paid, tickets purchased, papers signed. It helps to make lists. Monday’s holiday still nudges us to accomplish a lot, even under duress or with distractions.

The Sun and Moon both enter Aquarius early on Tuesday and conjunct- just as Pluto squares the lunar nodes. This New Moon is a turning point that challenges us to shift our group dynamics, let go of relationships and attitudes that don’t serve, and make new connections that do.

Glitches thicken around communication and transportation as Mercury appears to hold still and turn retrograde on Thursday. Don’t push the river mid-week, work with finesse and attention instead. When old patterns raise their heads, don’t get discouraged or feel  stuck in the past, because we can do it differently this time. We’re just up for another layer of our growth.

Friday, January 16: Appreciate this seriously restless morning as the Sagittarius Moon squares Mars and Neptune. Faraway beaches seem to beckon. We can feel fried if we have to sit still and just do paperwork; our mind and feet need to wander, and then can return to the job at hand refreshed. Policy questions arise, how do we understand the problem, organize a response, and proceed. Our priorities may be questioned over the next few weeks, stay on target but adjust as needed. Tonight, help free one another’s spirit from this week’s heaviness.

Saturday, January 17: Meander and roam as the outspoken Sagittarius Moon trines expansive Jupiter this morning. Not everyone needs to meander in the same direction, so split up and arrange meeting point if the mood hits, we need to feel connection and freedom at the same time. International news and world beat aesthetics remind us that we are a global citizen; explore the the joys and responsibilities thereof. People are farsighted today, but that can mean they don’t see what’s right next to them; don’t take it personally. Speak up and keep them informed.

Sunday, January 18: Reassess, reorganize, and search one’s soul. Look into personal cultural history for a fresh understanding of the moment, as our old ghosts can be with us and melancholy wafts under a waning Capricorn Moon.  Wrestle with questions around dharma, check in with one’s soul’s true work to see how we’re doing, and what needs to be more aligned. Small accomplishments soothe the soul and help us prepare.

Monday, January 19: Our hearts swell and emotions spill over for the sake of the world soul today as Venus opposes Jupiter and Mars conjuncts Neptune. We may be personally grumpy and uncomfortable as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, remember recent losses or questions around abuse of power vs. empowerment, but can feel better when we feel we belong to something larger than ourselves. We need to feel hopeful, then the work is worth it all.

Tuesday, January 20: The mood shifts radically as the Sun and Moon both enter Aquarius and conjunct. It’s an important day to reorganize our relationships, out commitments to our teams, and strengthen healthy friendships. Engage important conversation, and take notes about the work to come, even though everything may begin to slow down. Look for a path that is easier, less stressful, more collaborative. But watch out for misunderstandings, it’s easy to develop a theory and think we know what’s happening when we only have a few pieces of the puzzle.

Wednesday, January 21: Mercury retrogrades and our signals can get really crossed today, even where our intentions are the best.  Our bad intentions will tend to backfire and blow up on us. Don’t run on the ice, don’t run into assumptions; walk with grace, with heart and mind connected. Scan surroundings for practical details that must be followed through upon, or people who really need help, as they can so easily fall through the cracks right now.

Thursday, January 22: We feel for the poor, the hurt, the downtrodden as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune, Mars, and Chiron. But we may think that’s us as this lineup can leave us sensitive and sulking. Go ahead and be sensitive, feel the feelings and make life feel safer, but keep relative pain in proportion, and notice where the real work is needed.