Starcodes May 1 2015       Heather Roan Robbins

The rights of the working people, fresh life and earthy fertility: the Taurus force is strong with us this week. On May 1, May Day, enjoy the natural bounty of the burgeoning life as the lilac and plum trees bloom by cavorting and leaving May baskets on doorsteps. Also celebrate the workers of the world on this International Worker’s Day, the earthy holiday honoring laboring muscle and grit (Labor Day to many countries, though USA celebrates that in Virgo season). On Monday we celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) and Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, celebrating freedom of the Mexican people.

In this lusty sturdy month of May, under an earthy Taurus Sun and Mars, we can enjoy all of our senses; enjoy our food, the feeling of warm wind on our skin, sunlight, the feeling of working muscles in the garden, and political muscle in the streets and courts. Taurus encourages us to steadily tend to all things earthy, both to walk outdoors, garden, and tend our bodies, but more importantly to reach out with competent and tangible help to people who really need it. This Sun and Mars in Taurus will add steadiness to relief efforts in Nepal, and sturdiness to efforts for egalitarian justice in American cities.

But all is not plum blossom and sunshine. The shadow side of Taurus, intransigent stubbornness, possessiveness and territoriality tug on us. This weekend, a Full Moon in broody resentful or transcendent Scorpio underlines this shadow, one of the most tempestuous and broody Moons of the year.  But the Scorpio Full Moon also brings a certain morbid clear-sightedness.  We can uncover our fears or uncover the true worst-case scenario, and deal with it.

We’ve seen lately that our worst case fears can sometimes be upstaged by reality. This year’s upheaval-triggering astrological aspects, Uranus square Pluto and Saturn square Neptune, are both past their peak but are still working in our culture and on earth’s tectonic plates. Astrologers expect it to stay a politically and geologically active year. We’ve seen the destruction, but this can also be a good thing. Tectonic plates are shifting all the time; when they make lots of little adjustments we feel the change but will barely notice the events. It’s only when the plates get stuck and the little changes build up, or when the plates run into one another, that we have a destructive earthquake. The same pattern goes for our socio-political clashes. The planets chant to us to adjust, shift, flow with one another. That can be hard to do in earthy, rooted, tradition-loving, territorial Taurus season; under stress we tend to go back to our old ways, but we can change, if we have to.

This weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon brings fresh revelations about what’s needed and how we have to help. This could fan the fire of resentment in political hotspots, we become more suspicious and want transparency. Mercury will also be opposed Saturn this weekend and give us extra concentration and focus, for better or worse. It’s a fabulous time to weed the garden or the culture. Just be careful about weeding people.

Strong emotions can roll in like an ocean swell. If this happens, let’s not identify with the story, but acknowledge the feelings and let them flow through, then consider carefully what needs to be done in response.  If we have trouble remembering that balance of joy, comfort and support needed in order to stay engaged, then lustily practical Taurus can help.

Early next week under the Sagittarius Moon we can relax a bit and enjoy the spring. The Sun squares Jupiter which can free us up and help us let go of the chains that tightened on our heart just a day or two ago. Midweek the Sun trines empowering Pluto and stimulates a highly practical and industrious time to build policy and get organized.

Friday, May 1: On this romantic, sensual day with both the Sun and Moon in Venus-ruled signs (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra) be friendly and  fertilize the fields in all the symbolic ways. Feel the urge to make things nicer, prettier, and more equitable. We can negotiate for more peaceful solutions in a window of diplomatic flexibility (if we don’t see improvements today, the weekend becomes even more tempestuous).The urge to get out wiggle our toes in the dirt and smell the blossom is strong, and our attention can wander all day. Late afternoon a moody spell can bring our thoughts to the more serious aspects of May Day as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus.

Moon conjunct North node 1:18 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:08 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:53 PM

Saturday, May 2: Morning can be pleasant, sociable and little sybaritic. Breakfast in bed sounds marvelous; the question is who gets up to get it. The day meanders and gives us room for puttering around the beauty of our garden, around questions of fairness and friendliness and egalitarian action. The mood grows sharper, suddenly less forgiving and more demanding or longing tonight as the Moon waxes into Scorpio. If we felt heard and cared for, all is well; if not, watch out.

Moon trine Venus at 8:03 AM, then Moon VOC until Moon enters Scorpio 7:47 PM

Sunday, May 3: Our tails may twitch, our subconscious stirs under the Full Moon. If we see a wild look in their eyes, let’s back off until their inner demons calm down. We can play hardball; a confrontation, once begun, will be hard to drop. It’s a good day to meditate, pray, and get to the roots of weeds or problems. Give everyone a little extra room. Mercury opposes Saturn can make us can increase our possessiveness or worried edges, but also gives us mental durability to concentrate. Or obsess.

Mercury opposed Saturn for 30 4 AM, Moon trine Neptune at 4:02 PM, Moon opposed Sun at 11:42 PM, Moon square Jupiter at 10:05 PM,

Monday, May 4: An emotional high tide can set our chin and get our hackles up, we can be particularly resentful if we feel others are not pulling their own weight or are stepping on our toes or eating our favorite cookie. Watch the tendency to resent as the Sun and Moon square Jupiter, take the opportunity to notice the feeling, let it flow, and look for a new layer of gratitude underneath. Diffuse harsh situations with dark humor respect, and when in doubt, take a break. Early evening can be particularly feisty as the Moon opposes Mars, later evening mellows out. Kiss and make up.

Sun square Jupiter at 3:02 AM, Moon trine Chiron at 11:10 AM, Moon opposed Mars at 7:49 PM, then Moon VOC

Tuesday, May 5: Morning may still be serious but with a more outspoken edge. We may have to define our responsibilities under unusual conditions, or feel we need to reach out to the larger community to help as the Moon and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius. But the planets can loan us resilience. We can bounce back. People may be more anxious than they seem; if there is a communication glitch this afternoon, look to the worry or confusion beneath.

Moon enters Sagittarius 5:12 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn at 10:37 AM, Moon opposed Mercury at 4:31 PM, Moon square Neptune at 10:47 PM

Wednesday, May 6:  Notice resources and use personal skills and abilities to advantage this morning as the Sun trines Pluto. We understand something about ourselves and others by watching how we allocated our resources of time and stuff. We have an opportunity to build or break down trust in the process. Put restlessness to good use and be on the side of a positive change. Time with children or animals can be good therapy and help us take ourselves less seriously.

Sun trine Pluto at 1:10 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:44 AM, Moon trine Uranus at 2:45 PM, Moon square Chiron at 7:08 PM

Thursday, May 7: Relationships need attention but not obsession this morning; we can feel the filaments of love and attachment run between our heart and that of many others as Venus enters Cancer. We may feel pulled between work and caring, between our love and responsibilities to many different people. To feel less stretched thin, let go of what would make them happy and come back to the heart; care, but be honest. We are sufficient.


Moon opposed to Venus at 11:51 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:16 PM, Venus enters Cancer 4:51 PM.


Starcodes April 24, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

This is a rich and fertile week to garden our life and plant what we want to grow. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in earthy Taurus loan us stability, fruitfulness, steadiness, and a longing for stability. We just may not move as fast as we’d like. Nor be able to change our minds very easily.

These planets encourage us to root deep or build in place, so we may not be feeling as portable or flexible as usual. Once were in motion we can stay in motion, but it can feel really good to nestle under a favorite tree, and once someone snuggles into a recliner, don’t expect them to budge. Nasty habits and bad politics, weeds of all kinds can also take root, so let’s tend our garden carefully.

To offer a counterpoint, Venus now in mutable Gemini imparts a bit more emotional versatility and helps us keep the conversation going. But please don’t overload or hurry us right now, or ask us to spread our efforts out too thinly, just let us carry on in a steady rhythm.

If we don’t have ground to garden or work that produces, we can get depressed and irritated this week. Uncertainty can make us unusually uncomfortable, but if that’s where we are, we need to be patient and invest in smaller and more doable steps that clear our mind and can grow into a larger project. We can also scatter seeds, water them all, and over the summer weed out efforts that aren’t working and fertilize the ones that are.

Early next brings an industrious, introspective time, great for analyzing, plowing through a chunk of work, or just plain plowing. Just make sure the analysis is solution oriented and look on self-doubts with gentleness.

Friday starts off a little emotionally delicate, we may feel lonely or strangely maudlin, aware of what has not worked, who’s no longer with us, or what chapter is now completing as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. The vibe is introverted, tender and a little shy now, but the mood shifts into and upbeat if potentially dramatic weekend under a festive Leo Moon. It’s a great time to get married or have a party. Let’s make up a celebration if we don’t have one to go to. Just avoid topics that polarize people, as that Taurus stubborn streak is strong, and don’t engage casual melodrama as we’re not in a particularly forgiving mood either.

Early next week we can engage in a healing conversation. We better make it a healing conversation, or we can just get critically difficult under the perceptive Virgo Moon. This can be an introspective and industrious time, great for plowing through a chunk of work, or just plain plowing. We can use our analytical capacities well, but let’s make sure the analysis is solution- oriented. Watch a tendency to burn rate ourselves or one another for not doing enough, we need to look at our self-doubts with gentleness.

The week ends in a more upbeat, collaborative approach as emotional Moon trines mental Mercury in practical earth signs and then both planets enter communication-oriented air signs, as the Moon enters Libra, and Mercury enters Gemini. The next few days are useful to get the word out, to promote, start a website, or just have a good talk around the family dinner table.

Friday, April 24: Work therapy helps this moody morning as the Moon opposes Pluto and reminds us of what we’ve lost, what we don’t have, or what we need to leave behind. Do not try to talk people out of their moods, just quietly support. We’re ready to make a change as the Moon squares Uranus midday. If we get a little contrary, a change of scene can help. If the afternoon momentum begins to drift unproductively, focus on human resources. The evening is thoughtful with opportunities to heal our own heart by assisting others as the Moon trines Chiron. We may feel a lot more than we show, and long to feel safe and wanted.

Moon opposes Pluto 3:21 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:02 AM, Moon trine Chiron 11:50 AM, then Moon VOC.

Saturday, April 25: This can be a lovely day, if stubborn and firm of opinion, as the festive Leo Moon trines steady Saturn and squares the Sun. Agreements or plans are firmed up midday, people are generally cooperative once we can find a common goal. We want something special to happen, to have pancakes for breakfast or somehow make even the ordinary, extraordinary. Everybody needs a little attention, so let’s make sure to give each person a moment in the sunlight of our focus. Look for a beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the night sky and let it pour into the heart.

The Moon enters Leo 7:12 AM, Moon trine Saturn at 2:08 PM, Moon square Sun 5:55 PM

Sunday, April 26: On this lovely, generous, and funny morning we want to take things over the top in pleasant and unconventional ways as the Moon conjunct Jupiter. People’s egos may be a bit touchy, easily miffed if they don’t feel in the mix of things, so be inclusive. Performances have extra panache if with a touch of grandstanding or overacting. Be nimble about plan changes around dinner time, and consider retiring early as moods can get edgy or abrasive tonight as the Moon squares Mars.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:03 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:06 PM, Moon square Mars 9:33 PM

Monday, April 27: We may want to engage the world, but could use a weekend from our weekend; our physical energy reserves may be low this Monday morning as the Moon squares Mercury, and that can make us cranky. Rest if possible, catch up with one another, and tend connections. Because we may be a little out of sync with one another, speak up about priorities and needs; don’t complain, just inform. We care, we just may not notice. The Moon enters Virgo tonight and we become more philosophical and introspective. Eat cleanly and prioritize health and healing.

Moon squares Mercury at 8:12 AM then is VOC, Moon enters Virgo at 7:07 PM

Tuesday, April 28: Overnight dreams or worries can churn and ask us to face our responsibilities and our fears; the trick will be to tell them apart. As the Moon trines the Sun this morning, we want to both be efficient and to connect; don’t get in the way of someone on a roll, walk with them and talk. Midafternoon sleepiness creeps in, naps sing to us seductively and so does the garden path as the Moon opposes Neptune. Clarify misunderstandings. Tonight we may feel tender in our heart and need safety to talk about it as Venus squares Chiron.

Moon squares Saturn 1:59 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:36 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 1:59 PM, Venus square Chiron 10:31 PM

Wednesday, April 29: We may be asked to try our best or give it our all this morning as the Moon trines Pluto and pushes us to make the effort rather than play safe, then rewards us with a sense of satisfaction if we do so. Social awkwardness or self-consciousness wafts in as the Moon squares Venus this afternoon; tender feelings may be hidden by a gruff exterior. The Moon trines Mars and gives us energy to do what needs to be done, but doesn’t help us socialize. Let’s consolidate ideas, tie up loose ends, sweep our chores into a pile and get them done.

Moon trine Pluto 2:38 AM, Moon opposed Chiron at 12:14 PM, Moon square Venus 1:37 PM, Moon trine Mars 2:21 PM

Thursday, April 30: It’s all about communication this morning; words, body language, flick of the eye, the whisper of an email as the Virgo Moon trines Mercury in Taurus. The moon enters more sociable Libra after breakfast, and Mercury enters its own talkative, nervy sign of Gemini tonight. Don’t be shy, over the next few days engage potentially important dialogue. Look for conversation with new people, a change in personnel. Deal with questions of air quality.

Moon trine Mercury 6:23 AM, Moon enters Libra 8:02 AM, Mercury enters Gemini at 7:59 PM


Starcodes April 17, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Life may have felt like a lot of work over the last few weeks; the planets have asked us to turn the soil and till the fields, and thrown a few stumbling blocks in the way. This week they offer a chance to build more durable momentum.

Earthy Taurus productivity brings May flowers. Mercury and Mars conjunct in steady, grounded, stubborn Taurus all week long and are joined by the Sun on Monday. This line up can make us want to cuddle our beloveds, grow healthy fresh crops and stake out our territory.

Like Ferdinand the bull of childhood story fame, we could be happy chewing flowers in the sunshine, but with enough provocation can get wild, and with enough momentum can pull the house down. Taurus can also inspire a muscular stubbornness. Under this Taurus line-up we can go along peacefully and productively until we square off or feel stung, then watch our jaw jut out and heels dig in. It also adds certain possessiveness and jealousy. We are easily inflamed, both our joints and our temper, as Mars squares Jupiter. Some people may want to argue recreationally, but we can direct them towards politics or art theory and keep this pugnaciousness away from tender subjects. We could see some good bar brawls this week, but don’t have to have one at home.

Mercury in Taurus may not encourage us to think fast, but it does inspire us to think things through thoroughly. It also increases our need to see tangible results, so if we want to open another person’s mind, we can give them an image of what this project will bring them, what tactile improvement or comfort it can offer, or how can it grow corn.

The weekend begins with a sparky New Moon in Aries, exciting, funny spontaneous low on impulse control and a little hot under the collar. We have plenty of energy when were excited, but may notice a little undertow of competition or sibling rivalry, a jostling for attention, nothing a good pillow fight wouldn’t help in most circumstances, but if we really get wound up, there’s a lot of fuel and persistence available. If a storm or romance commences or a political movement sparks, we can go up like a forest fire.

This New Moon is a powerful time to initiate self-directed efforts, launch a business, a self-improvement effort, set a boundary or declare our intentions. So what do we want to start?

After a potentially spicy evening, the waxing Moon enters Taurus on Saturday and slow us down, bring us back into our bodies and gardens. This is a very fertile Moon and brings excellent days to plant seeds or bulbs, ideas or relationships. Though we may not be particularly realistic about it all as Venus in Gemini squares Neptune leaves us poetic but imaginative; we fabricate easily or can see what we want to see. We are earthy, cuddly, possessive, and not very clear-thinking about our relationships, which can lead to an interesting Saturday night. Stay present.

The Sun enters earthy Taurus on Monday as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. The emotional heat level slows down and the conversation picks up. We can negotiate well next week; even though we’re not feeling particularly flexible we may be so secure in our position that we are willing to listen to others, as long as we don’t feel pushed. We can build, sometimes quite literally build walls, build collaborative efforts, build alliances to take on challenges. It’s a good time to be in touch with like minds and begin the foundation of interesting things as Mars and Mercury trine Pluto.

Early next week let’s keep talking, exchange ideas even though the vibe is still stubborn underneath as the Gemini Moon and Mercury square Jupiter. There’s so much talk we could long for a moment of peace and quiet, but this verbal flow can unstop some logjam that was just too knotted up. Our feelings might be able to get out on the table where we can see them and work on them.

Watch out for a tendency to shutdown withhold when it feels like things aren’t going our way, as this won’t really be productive. If the conversation sticks, let’s listen harder and try to understand their perspective even as we hold our own. A strong point may need to be made, but let’s hold a point because we mean it, not because we’re just stubborn and reactive. Watch wind damage and damage by words and arguments as Mercury and Mars conjunct midweek. The week ends on a more emotional and self-protective note under a sensitive Cancer Moon. Kindness means everything.

Friday, April 17: The vibe is adventurous, brave, impatient, but can leave us with a chip on our shoulder. It’s a perfect day to try something completely new, just don’t be tripped up by attitude. Be upfront and direct, but soften the edges with tangible help as feisty Mars square Jupiter. Most of us will feel energized, optimistic if a bit pugnacious, but a few may be ready to go to war. We need to feel there is hope for progress on causes we believe in, or will rebel. Mars/Jupiter can also bring mechanical or engineering problems and an increase in accidents when we’re distracted by strong emotions, but also the ingenuity and reflexes needed to deal with what fate dishes out. Evening is eccentric and energetic, anything can happen as the Moon conjuncts unexpected Uranus.

Moon trine Jupiter 11:30 AM, Moon squares Pluto 4:04 PM, Mars squares Jupiter 6:28 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 30 5 PM

Saturday, April 18: Finish unfinished business, prepare the ground after this morning’s new Moon, but wait to plant until after the waxing Moon enters fertile Taurus this afternoon. This goes for both seeds and projects. Complete conversations begun yesterday to let the relationship turn a corner and begin a new chapter. Tonight rest, renew and cuddle; an escapist edge calls us out of reality into a good movie or a moment’s dream. The more we have felt overtaxed this week, the more vehement is our need for down time.

Moon conjunct Sun 12:56 PM then void of course until Moon enters Taurus at 3:31 PM

Sunday, April 19: Safely duck out of ordinary reality and dwell in beauty this morning as Venus squares Neptune. Our soul and our sense of aesthetics need to be fed, we just have to realize we are not realistic at the moment and watch what stories we tell ourselves in this process. For example, antique hunting may not be such a good idea because we want beautiful things but may be unusually gullible, willing to see what we want to see. (or conversely, only see what scares us). As the day wears on we can find words for our feelings, so take any opportunity to share some of this inner world of hopes and fears as the Moon conjuncts Mercury. This afternoon can bring a strident sense of urgency about a pragmatic conundrum, as if we’ve woken up from the morning fog to realize we have too much to do as the Moon conjuncts Mars and trines Pluto.

Venus squared Neptune 4:29 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury at 7:11 AM, Moon squared Jupiter 12:31 PM, Moon conjuncts Mars 2:38 PM, Moon trines Pluto at 5:06 PM , then VOC

Monday, April 20:Plant today; plant seeds, bulbs, suggestions, resumes and proposals, as the Sun joins the waxing Moon in Taurus this ever-so-fertile morning. Do not plant grudges or frustrations, as what ever we plant today will tend to grow roots and flourish. Nourish and fertilize kindness and compassion. Just don’t try to change anyone’s mind until the Moon enters more flexible Gemini tonight. The conversation picks up; we may be required to drop our stubbornness, stretch our empathy, and see a conundrum from another’s perspective. Just don’t say too much in the process, as we can put our foot in our mouth as Mercury squares Jupiter. If discouragement swirls late tonight as the Moon opposes Saturn, sleep, rather than believe the story.

Sun enters Taurus at 3:41 AM, Moon enters Gemini 5:27 PM, Mercury squares Jupiter 10:15 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:59 PM

Tuesday, April 21: After an early morning distraction, the vibes are funny and versatile on the surface with broody overtones; conversation may appear to be broken and disjointed, the audience distracted, but underneath this sociable staccato as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini, we can find a fierce mental durability as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars in durable Taurus, and both trine Pluto. Deeper lifer and death concerns hover in the background and bring focus to an otherwise disjointed week. We may experience a feeling that it’s now or never; though some of this sensation is an illusion, we can let it motivate us to good things.

Moon square Neptune at 9:10 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 1:52 PM, Mars trine Pluto 3:34 PM

Wednesday, April 22: Although we can stay cheerfully busy on the surface, deeper work calls us inwards, can distract us and may prevent us from being practical. We are not satisfied with easy answers that don’t ring true and can unearth hidden objects and motivation as Mercury trines Pluto. Those comfortable with introspection will appreciate the feeling, others may squirm uncomfortably or try to externalize their problems and look for the cause outside themselves. Today we may need to make a sharp decision or find that circumstances have clarified a decision for us. Say what’s needed to move forward late this afternoon, but act from a clear intent rather than from crankiness as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Let’s not cut or cut away any more than necessary. Feelings grow more tender and defensive later in the night; we crave coziness as the Moon enters Cancer.

Moon square Chiron 4:08 AM, then VOC, Mercury trine Pluto at 7:26 AM, Mercury conjunct Mars 5:03 PM, Moon enters Cancer 10:24 PM

Thursday, April 23: It’s a good day to regroup and balance personal and professional needs; yes, we need to follow through on yesterday’s action plan, but also have to take care of our own tender places and our important karmic relationships. We don’t need to process the relationships much, just need be there for one another and be supportive instead of becoming one more drain on each other’s crowded plate. Tonight many of us will need to let our brains fuzz out, so let’s find a safe way to do so; drop mutual expectations and just be kind.

2 PM

Starcodes April 10 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

Springtime can change our landscape; restless roots push up and shift the ground and dirt, water rushes down streams and erodes the ground here, deposits there. Trees swell from winter grey through the yellows and red of bud into brave and tender green leaves. Our lives can do the same as the Sun and Mercury finish a conjunction with Uranus in activated Aries, and a square to Pluto.

We need to feel the ache of spring discontent and roll with unexpected shifts in our terrain. New life sprouts under these aspects; when our goals are clear we can find surprising resources to feed our roots. Interesting new connections can bud quickly and publicity blossoms easily when our energy gets on a roll.

We might not always like the changes in the terrain though; like the burgeoning roots of a neighboring tree, the growth of people or projects nearby can crowd us out. As trees come into bloom we see where the winter’s toll left branches dead or wounded. Do we prune now or give it more time and see if it comes back alive? Beautiful bulbs can spring up just where we’re going to put the new pathway and need to be moved. Businesses and people will be pruning apparent deadwood this week, relocating resources or paring down jobs and friendships that are inherently worthy, but not part of new plans. And this can hurt.

In a few places we must protest and support our ecosystem. But there’s no point in resisting most of the more subtle changes. We may not like pruning our closets or uprooting others, or being the ones so pruned and uprooted, but our new circumstances may actually provide more fertile ground.

The weekend begins under a determined Capricorn Moon which can encourage our excitement wherever we dig our hands into worthy work, but can also underline our frustration when circumstances get in the way of our business. People get willful, some get really pushy, but most of us will just feel a little extra torque in the soul. Emotional Venus also enters versatile and mobile Gemini this weekend and brings a lighthearted flirtatious quality that can help us adapt.

Just in time for taxes Mercury enters earthy Taurus, Venus opposes pragmatic Saturn and our responsibilities, budget, and practicalities can get in the way of our Venus activities, like our love life and creative process. But it may just be time to tend the nuts and bolts of the situation, write up resumes, finish term papers, or somehow craft our message to the world around us.

The week ends as Pluto retrogrades, and that can bring up some old power troubles struggles or begin to reveal the roots of deeper work needed. Look for pivotal stories this week about the use and abuse of power, that’s political, persona, and electrical power, and be part of the story that helps us pivot in a good direction.

Friday, April 10: This can be a willful if productive day, not particularly cuddly, but full of accomplishment if we can stay out of conflict within ourselves or with others as the industrious Capricorn Moon trines energizing Mars. We can use this extra determination to clear the decks for the weekend, Momentum can build, but we make we need to make sure it’s in a good direction. People can be a little humorless in their hurry and have trouble letting go of the workday in order to connect tonight. Encourage them to do so but don’t insist, even well-intentioned manipulation will be tempting but not appreciated.

Moon enters Capricorn 6:46 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:35 PM

Pay attention to dreams and drifting emotions, they may offer clues to what’s bothering us as the Moon conjuncts Pluto this morning. Our mood may be restless, itchy, and hard to coordinate through the bulk of the day as the Moon squares both Uranus and the Sun; every family member wants to head off in a different direction. Don’t get so caught up and miss opportunities to connect. Have patience, roll with spontaneous suggestions, and let go of attachment to any particular agenda, and more actually gets done. A few new strands enter the conversation as Venus enters Gemini this afternoon. Tonight we can be serious about our fun with the Moon in Capricorn bringing in determination and Venus in Gemini adding levity and flirtation.

Moon squares the nodes at 4:10 AM Venus enters Gemini 9:28 AM, Moon conjuncts Pluto 10:32 AM, Moon squares Uranus 12:40 PM, Moon squares the Sun at 9:44 PM

Sunday, April 12: Don’t take mild communication glitches personally this morning as the Moon squares Mercury; keep your sense of humor and wait until the coffee kicks in, and all can be well. We grow more sociable towards noon as the Moon enters Aquarius, and can be positively gregarious this afternoon as the Moon trines Venus. It may be easier to talk to strangers or keep the conversation light than hammer out a serious conversation. Poetry, prose, and funny conversations; we want to get creative with words, but may not mean everything we say if it makes a good punchline. Pay attention to words and don’t under estimate the healing power of friendliness.

Moon square Mercury 2:14 AM, then void of course, Moon enters Aquarius 11:43 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:07 PM

Monday, April 13: Cranky edges can distract us and we drop the coffee this morning as the Moon squares Mars and opposes Jupiter but the vibes level out later to a more expansive if opinionated day. Don’t ask us to introspect for this moment, we can talk about anything else besides our innards. It’s a great day to get the word out, get publicity, tell stories, and update that newsletter. Afternoon can be active in an aimless sort of way that efforts enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the goal.

Moon squares Mars, 3:43 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:14 AM, Moon VOC

Tuesday, April 14: Tears, come easily, feelings hurt over little glitches as out sensitivities heighten this morning when the Moon enters Pisces. Relationships can feel tested as the Moon, Venus, and Saturn form a T-square in high-strung mutable signs this afternoon. Take turns, and honor sensitivities even when in a hurry. Taxes and tasks can cramp our style. Our common sense and emotional resilience improves as Mercury enters grounded Taurus this afternoon. When in doubt, garden or tend to earthy chores as a grounding meditation.

Moon enters Pisces at 2:11 PM, Mercury enters Taurus 4:51 PM, Moon square Venus 8:51 PM, Moon square Saturn 8:59 PM, Venus opposed Saturn 10:24 PM

Wednesday, April 15: Hopefully all the taxes are in, because the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces is wonderful for crying, feeling, or pulling out the art supplies, but isn’t great for logical sequence. If we have to struggle with a page of numbers before the end of the day, we may need a good cry first, and then need to take a creative approach. Our psychic boundaries are permeable; if the mood feels strange, look around at the headlines, friends or family for the source. Question sudden strange flights of fantasy or fear, work them into a short story but don’t draw conclusions about beloveds based on these. Consider divination, meditation, or creative process to feel that connection with something larger than ourselves. Let’s make that connection with the planet or all sentient beings, rather than just the nerves of the other people on the bus. Tonight, our sensitivity can stir up some old pain and we can choose to make this a healing moment. 

Moon conjunct Neptune at 4:51 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 10:07 PM

Thursday, April 16: This morning we may feel a little out of sync, raw. Let everybody bump along at their own rhythm. Work on ideas rather than details and listen to the subtle messages churning in the subconscious. It helps to be very respectful of boundaries and protocol, not for formality sake, because good relationship habits really help when we’re feeling tested and easily overwhelmed. It’s easy to get discouraged about delays in work or about some project that brought us hope, but it will further to be steadily persistent instead. If our feelings got hurt this morning, we get ticked off this afternoon as the Moon enters Aries and trine Saturn; we switch into higher gear but may disagree about priorities.

Moon the void of course until Moon enters Aries 2:59 PM, Moon trine Saturn at 9:29 PM, Pluto retrogrades 9:54 PM



Starcodes April 3 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

(all times MDT)

The green world resurrects and our souls revive after a long winter. The first full Moon after the spring equinox heralds Easter and resurrection holidays of all types. As bunnies hop and birds nest, we can feel both wildly alive and spring-like, and shiver with memories of the long winter passed with this week’s mixed bag of aspects.

Resurrection does imply a time when we felt dead, still, fallow like a seed in the waiting ground, a condition many of us experienced this last winter. That feeling can haunt us again this weekend, the headlines and our own experience can remind us of those buried moments, let’s remember what we learned there but keep the emphasis on revivification.

But first a friendly waxing Libra Moon can put us in a good mood as the weekend begins, the vibe is energized, sociable with a lazy streak, friendly but resistant to being coerced or pushed into anything we don’t want to do. Our attitude sharpens on Saturday morning with a lunar eclipse, then deepens on Sunday as the Moon enters broody Scorpio, and spurs us to wander  and make a difference next week.

Every lunar eclipse shines a light on tension set up by an apparent dichotomy as the Sun and Moon oppose with Earth caught smack dab in the middle. This time it describes the tension between individuals and collaborations. With the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus now in Aries, we want do what we want to do; we need to honor our individual rights and inner callings, what makes us come alive, what we love, what brings angst, what excites us. Whereas this Libra full Moon highlights our need for connection, love, partnership, and community allies. The Lunar eclipse on Saturday morning (with the Sun conjunct Uranus, and both Sun and Moon square Pluto) can point out where we feel torn between the two. A few people who feel really trapped by this dynamic can try to fight their way out. Most of us will just need some time to ourselves or will work to find a healthy resolution.

Eclipses are such intense phenomenon, that we often feel them coming for weeks ahead of time and resonating for months afterwards.

An interesting political version of this dynamic unfolded in Indiana recently and we can look at the implications for clues to balance our own lives. Recent legislation in Indiana set up a fight between store owners that chose to not serve the GLBT population under the name of individual religious freedom (Aries), and the huge cultural and financial backlash from a public community that no longer supports prejudice (Libra). Those store owners have the option to withdraw from the public fray and live a life closer to their personal religious ideals, or create the private life they want, and make compromises to also support the rights of all their patrons when they open their doors to the public. They do not have to become gay themselves, but they do have to respect the rights of any person that walk in their doors. They have to find a healthy balance between their personal path and the needs of the community in which they live.

We can feel this same tension, between our personal desires and needs as an individual, and the compromises we need to make for our marriage, friendships and collaborations. Notice this tension between countries, where the needs of an individual country seem to clash with the needs of the global community. Any of our collaborations can feel tested, but this gives us an excuse to work on that balance of needs until we make it sing.

After a sociable, ambiguous and possibly eventful Saturday, Easter Sunday calls for dynamic solitude under a willful and broody Scorpio Moon. This can make a family dinner a little tricky. Aunt Edna may be in a rippingly sarcastic mood. Fred and Ginger may show up to dinner having obviously just had a fight in the car on the way there. Teenagers could brood in the corner wondering why we all bother. If we’re lucky and give each other a little room for the moods that rumbled just offstage, we can enjoy each other’s company with leeway and forgiveness. But let’s respect each other’s psychic boundaries.

It won’t be productive to argue on Sunday. But it will be a good time to contemplate our personal responsibility and what we can do to improve our own situation rather than find someone to blame. Tempting as that may be. What we really need instead is deep conversation about where we’ve been and where were going as Mercury conjuncts the South node in Aries and opposes the North node.

If any relative tries to get out of the holiday dinner, let them and ask no questions. But do keep an eye for people who are struggling with intense depression, as our impulse control is down and these mood swings can run deep. Don’t go poking in their psyches, but do let them feel the protective wings of community support.

In response to our intriguing intense weekend we may be ready to make some healthy changes early next week as the Sun conjuncts restless Uranus and squares Pluto. Our luck may improve as Jupiter turns direct. It may be tempting to run away or toss our books so we have extra time but that may not bring the long-term freedom that we really crave.

Think it through. We want to make a liberating decision as Mercury trines Jupiter and squares Pluto, but let’s not define freedom as nothing more than nothing left to lose. Let’s make new plans, resurrect gardens and revive souls instead.

Friday, April 3: We crave freedom today as the Sun trines Jupiter and approaches Uranus. Unfinished work can press on us and a few low-level emergencies churn around the edges and require us to not drop everything and run away to frolic, but the breath of spontaneity around the edges will really feed the soul. Encourage moments of spontaneous camaraderie throughout the work. In the late afternoon, our heart and mind can disagree and last-minute work can keep us focused when we’d rather not as the Moon opposes Mercury. Evening floods us with possibilities as the full Moon floods the night (the full Moon/eclipse is exact Saturday morning).

Moon enters Libra 1:07 AM, Moon oppose Mercury 3:56 PM, Moon conjunct North node 9:16 PM

Saturday, April 4: Morning begins with full Moon/lunar eclipse at 6:05 AM, square Pluto. Roiling emotions can roll us through the landscape of our heart or just make our feet itchy to wander towards fresh horizons. Put that restlessness to good use to stay out of trouble. We conclude what we need to cut out, clear out, compost, but let’s just make sure we jump to the right conclusions. Transportation can get odd midday, be reasonably cautious. Tonight, some of us may want to act out and howl at the Moon, but if we’re ready to talk the conversation can be rich; we wake up to some of our culpability and can make interesting proclamations about what we’re going to do and where we’re going from here.

Full Moon lunar eclipse 6:05 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:17 AM Moon opposed Uranus 9:58 AM, Mercury conjunct South node 11:35 PM

Sunday, April 5: this will not be a convenient day, somehow what we want to do may be at odds with what our family or community wants from us. Some haunting issue of the past or some fear of inadequacy can whisper to us. Resentment swirls of the culture. But we don’t have to bite. Storm clouds swirl as the Sun squares Pluto and Moon heads into Scorpio midday, Jupiter turns direct and our luck may turn if we don’t reengage old karmic loops and step into the future instead. It’s an important time to face our own issues and not project them on other people, places, or countries. This gives us the power to fix the problems. Alternately, let’s not take responsibility for other people’s crap if they try to load it upon us. Compassion, personal responsibility, and healthy compromise are needed.

Sun square Pluto 9:07 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 1:04 PM, Moon opposed Mars 8:58 PM

Monday, April 6: Don’t bother us with details this morning as the Sun conjunct’s Uranus under a Scorpio Moon. Unexpected decisions and declarations are possible. Sudden decision may be in our favor, but take at least one deep breath before saying yes as Mercury trines Jupiter this morning. Afternoon can bring excitement or desire to dive into what interests us, but we’re totally uninterested in priorities that we do not share.

Moon trine Neptune 6:04 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter at 7:25 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 8:07 AM, Moon squared Jupiter 1:42 PM

Tuesday, April 7: Use this dynamic, struggle which leads to freedom, wisely. It may be wise to spend the day away from any rocky relationships. It is easy to hurt one another’s feelings this morning as the Moon opposes Venus, then get depressed about it this afternoon as Mercury squares profound Pluto, want to bite, and decide to move to Timbuktu tonight as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius. But we can use this pattern  more benignly to work through some complicated stuff this afternoon and be able to kick back tonight.

Moon trine Chiron at 2:15 AM, Moon opposed Venus 2:41 PM, Mercury square Pluto 6:06 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:08 PM

Wednesday, April 8: Look for shocking news or fresh revelations as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Be careful around transportation questions or electrical conditions this morning. Our impulse control is down, our electrical wiring can feel overloaded, but excitement whispers in the air. Consider buying new equipment or trying on a new skill. We may be unusually ingenious, but let’s not trust sudden decisions until we think them through carefully. It may be the perfect time to finally let go of an old past and step down a fresh road.

Mercury conjunct Uranus at 6:19 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn at 7:29 AM, Jupiter stationary direct 10:56 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:37 PM Moon trine Jupiter 10:48 PM

Thursday, April 9: Think mobile, verbal, with effective coordination; we think fast on our feet and have got room to move today as the Moon trines Uranus and Mercury and the Sun. Certainly won’t feel like sitting still or being stuck in stultified air. We want to feel others’ willingness to change difficult situations or will get fed up. We may say just what we’re thinking, we may speak truth to power, or may just say too much, but the truth can break a logjam and set action in motion as the Sun conjuncts Mercury tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 6:17 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:40 AM, Moon square Chiron 11:04 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:41 AM, Mercury cazimi, Sun conjunct Mercury at 10:06 PM

Starcodes March 27, 2015   Heather Roan Robbins (all times MDT)

The weather and our moods will be seasonably changeable and unpredictable as the week begins. These moods can leave us acting out with a bad case of spring fever midweek but level towards a steadier more productive flow by the end of the week.

Today, Friday, watch the mood swings as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. Don’t believe a feeling of hopelessness or inevitability that may waft through an otherwise cozy spring day, this Moon can crank up our sense of urgency so we do something about an issue in our life rather than give up. And that issue may be a small (but intense) matter at home or some big social-political matter that sticks in our craw.

Wherever calls us, we feel it personally; the message that something needs to change can dance through the soul. Our sense of home, our home ecosystem, our home family may feel somehow challenged or lonely and not just to react with anxiety or discomfort, but to move and become even more healthy and inclusive. Take this discomfort as a planetary nudge to step farther and put in another layer of effort.

While we’re worrying about all this on Friday and Saturday our digestive systems may react sensitively; it may help to stick to our bodies’ comfort foods. We move into a more enthusiastic, sybaritic, and heart-centered approach by Saturday night and in through the first few days of the week. The Leo Moon adds a soupçon of drama and cranks up the fire on any emotion, so let’s choose carefully what we put on the front burner.

We want to feel the love throughout this week. Venus, the planet we associate with our hearts, our sense of aesthetics and ability to be affectionate takes some astrological heat and stirs the coals of our heart. Venus is in a sign it loves, its own tactile and earthy sign of Taurus which can increase our affection and cuddliness on a good day, and increase our desire for tangible experience of appreciation and affection. A hug or a present, or help in the garden, will do.

As Venus aspects expansive Jupiter and in-depth Pluto through early next week, it open our heart with particular compassion and ask us to make a tangible show of love for person, place, or planet Earth in response to the ephemeral reality of life and love.

While these Venus aspects can inspire our work and encourage us to savor the sensuality of a sweet moment in the sunshine or great music on the radio, they can make us feel a little needy and stress our relationships unless we expect less and show more. It also tends to crank up possessiveness and the fear of female energy in the social-political arena.

Sometimes we see an increase in crimes against women and the GLBT community when Venus is intensely aspected, as if it becomes scary that women and those not born within the normal gender polarity have freedom, beauty, and self-control. Venus calls for support of women’s rights and the right to love whomever we love in response to recent confrontations. Let’s honor Venusian spirit within one another and within the earth itself, and enjoy a healthy dose of spring fever.

Friday, March 27: This thoughtful, moody day is full of paradox; we need to both take care of our personal work and our social professional demands. We can feel both the beauty of the moment and feel the conflicts or problems around us, and conflicting needs within. As the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, know something needs to change, and bond best over brainstorming how to do that together. The mood grows more sociable and romantically restless, but we may find glitches in our plans for a candlelit dinner as Venus squares Jupiter later on; consider indulging in the arts and be good to the ones you love.

Moon square Sun 1:42 AM, Moon trine Neptune 5:33 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:13 PM, Moon square Uranus at 8:08 PM, Venus square Jupiter 8:10 PM

Saturday, March 28: This morning gives us a chance to rest up, recuperate, repair, or work together to improve our situation as the Moon trines Chiron and Mercury. We learn quickly, just don’t make as defensive or push our inadequacy buttons. Defenses sharpen later in the afternoon and can get positively cranky around dinner as the Moon squares Mars. Food is important, we want to feel nurtured and safe early in the evening but the energy picks up and calls us out to dance under the stars towards midnight as the Moon enters Leo.

Moon trine Chiron 1:10 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:54 PM, Moon square Mars 7:58 PM then VOC, Moon enters Leo 11:47 PM

Sunday, March 29: Go with the flow today and it could be a pretty nice day as the Moon, Sun and Saturn form a grand trine in fire signs. Swing willpower around, and things get problematic. A lazy streak competes with the desire to live larger than life, to express ourselves fully if hyperbolically, and to start bigger plans then we can finish. Emotions expand to fill the space overnight as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, so beautiful in the night sky, then forms a trine to Pluto.

Moon trine Saturn 9:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:40 PM

Monday, March 30: Dreams and events may leave us tired or in the midst of drama this Monday morning. Make adjustments early, get oriented to the week ahead. Check the headlines (because there may be glitches to attend to) and keep things in proportion. Because the Moon makes no aspects after 8 AM, we can get organized, but may not be able to close the deal or get agreement today. Express, process, follow through instead. It’s too easy to jump to conclusions tonight as Mercury enters Aries; reconsider any sudden rash decision for at least a few minutes.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:14 AM, Venus trine Pluto 1:47 AM, Moon square Venus 7:18 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:56 AM then Moon VOC, Mercury enters Aries at 7:43 PM

Tuesday, March 31: Morning waffles and meanders, spring fever can make it hard to knuckle down until midday when the Moon enters Virgo and our work ethic improves. Just don’t set off anybody’s defenses this afternoon because, because they will be spectacular. The details of work and new agreements begin to fall into place this afternoon, so follow up on any opportunity to nail down specifics and get the ball rolling.

Mars enters Taurus at 10:26 AM, Moon enters Virgo at 12:12 PM, Moon trine Mars 12:19 PM Moon square Saturn 9:42 PM

Wednesday, April 1: Happy April Fools’ Day. It’s funny to begin a New Year by playing tricks on one another, the comedy comes from an old tradition of teasing the pagans that celebrated New Year’s now, but we can use our sense of humor to deal with an otherwise grim and work focused day. Mercury just entered Aries, we may speak before we think, with less patience and with unusual frankness. Let’s get stuff off our chest, but see if we can be diplomatic in the process, because it will probably be more effective if we do. We’re freshly aware of how much work needs to be done, know the early bird gets the worm and all that, but (to mangle metaphors) must remember that the turtle wins the race, not the hare; speak up but keep work steady and celebrate minor victories along the way.

Moon oppose Neptune 5:30 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:41 PM

Thursday, April 2: Watch a cranky, self-critical edge this morning; sidestep any inner voice that lists a litany of familiar mistakes and focus on what would actually help the situation on this potentially very constructive, productive day. The Virgo Moon trines Venus early on, Mercury trines Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter midday. This is a good afternoon for spreading the word or getting the message across if we focus on the message and don’t respond to dueling egos. We have an urge to be bigger than we really are, to offer more, do more speculate and take a risk.

Moon oppose Chiron at 2:25 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:00 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 6:20 AM, the Sun trine Jupiter 11:20 AM




Starcodes March 20, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Happy astrological New Year’s Day. Fresh energy will infuse our landscape as spring begins, though patience may be hard to find. Early this morning the Sun and Moon conjunct in subdued Pisces for a solar eclipse at 3:36 AM MDT. The Moon then entered brash, fresh Aries and the Sun follows into Aries this afternoon at 4:45 PM, the moment of the vernal equinox.

Eclipses can act as astrological acupuncture and shift the energy where ever it is stuck, precipitating action and revealing hidden consequences. We can expect week of endings and beginnings with an eclipse at the very last degree of the zodiac, followed by spring launching on a new Moon in Aries. Like getting our closet getting ready for the spring wardrobe, we may need to shed people, events, or work that are not bearing fruit and create room in our garden for new growth. Play with that metaphor. Sometimes the shedding can feel ruthless; we didn’t know we needed to let that go, but further on down the line we’ll be able to turn back and see why that extra room was needed.

The effects of this solar eclipse and all the other aspects this week are strengthened by unusually strong solar flares that peaked on St. Patrick’s Day and which set off aurora borealis which Bill shimmer in the northern night skies. Solar flares turn up the volume on all other aspects in play and can leave us strangely tired and wired.

This particular total eclipse was visible in the North Sea, through northern Europe Greenland and the Arctic Circle and may highlight over the next few months more information about climate change and the political dynamics of the North Sea. Other ongoing long-term aspects suggest that this may be a geologically as well as politically active spring. So let’s hold hands and do our best to steer that action in good directions.

With the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus all now in sparky fire sign Aries, we understand our own needs and position so much clearer this week, but those of others can drift away in the morning mist. We can get stuck in our own perspective. This Aries lineup infuses us with energy that is more positive, hopeful, and ready to be inspired, simple and brave. It can just be pleasantly energizing when we have clear objectives and clean interactions.


We may need this energy to wrestle with unusual emergencies. The energy of this stellium in Aries only gets complicated when a situation sparks off intense feelings, or when a strange impulse hits. It can increase inflammations of the body or of temperament. Although the mood is generally more cheerful and less explosive than it’s been for the last few weeks, once a fight begins it can spike quickly. Dumb conflicts and confrontations begun now will resonate for a long time, so know when to walk away, know when to fold.


We’re not thinking that logically at the moment, and may find our dreams aren’t that restful, though we may be unusually inspired or intuitive. Mercury in sensitive Pisces, recently conjunct Neptune, infuses us with poetic thinking and opens portals to the oceanic collective unconscious, which energized by the solar flares, can inject our sleep with long surrealistic sagas.


We may need extra naps in the sunshine between our industrious bouts, a chance for our subconscious to churn and our bodies to refresh. Venus now in Taurus won’t let us let go of beautiful things unnecessarily though, it’s cozy and territorial. We can feel that resistance between Venus that wants us to hold on and savor life versus Mars in Aries which prompts us to divest and conquer.


It may be the perfect time for some radical change, if we have one to make. We just won’t put up with dysfunction anymore. The planets tell us to strip down, clean out and start anew, if we can only concentrate long enough to do so.


Friday, March 20: The energy is extra emotional this morning, then wild and willful, sweet and direct as spring is sprung. Evaluate the situation afresh; the early morning eclipse may change the scene. Let’s notice first what we need and how we feel, because that may have shifted. Take advantage of a practical streak midday, then look around for fires that need to be put out or opportunities that need to be grasped. Get out of people’s way, and appreciate the first moments of spring this afternoon. Expect the energy to bounce off the walls tonight, though we still need extra sleep.


Moon conjuncts Sun 3:36 AM, Moon enters Aries 4:27AM, Moon trine Saturn at 12:14 PM, the Sun enters Aries 4:45 PM


Saturday, March 21: Act out, but don’t walk out. We want to leave behind an old problem and be free, wild, alive, doing exactly what we want to do as the Moon conjuncts Uranus midday, a good time for a spring ceremony where we honor constructive change. Tonight we may want to take action. But we need to be specific about that action and not walk out on a good thing. Sparks can fly as the Moon conjuncts Mars.


Moon trine Jupiter 1:20 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:13 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 4:50 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.


Sunday, March 22: The day is flirtatious and sensual as the Moon enters Taurus and conjunct Venus. We grow earthier; it’s a great day to start seedlings or plant seeds of all types. Plant seeds the garden, in the heart, in the mind; let’s plant anything we want to grow. It’s a good day to make concrete decisions about where we live and how we embody on this earth. Conversely, anything we plant today will grow, so let’s be careful what we start. Rein in a territorial or possessive streak, and use this energy to reconnect and get grounded. Many of us have been running on fumes and have stretched ourselves then energetically, and now we need to replenish.


Moon enters Taurus at 4:40 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:31 PM


Monday, March 23: We resist working on anybody else’s schedule this morning as the Moon squares Jupiter, we can feel the sap rising and the animal nature of our bodies, and want to listen to our inner callings. This is another fertile day for planting, but because the Moon makes no aspects (VOC) most of the day, while the conversation is important, and we can organize our resources and begin to turn the soil, it can be challenging to coalesce our efforts or actually get the garden (or project) planted.


Moon square Jupiter at 2:15 AM, Moon trine Pluto at 6:16 AM, Moon VOC afterwards


Tuesday, March 24: We may remember an old sore point that taught us a lesson relevant to today’s challenge. The conversation bubbles, people are tension span shortens but our communication skills improve as the Moon enters Gemini this morning. Serious thoughts churn midafternoon, and shift into an unrealistic phase tonight as the Moon squares Neptune.


Mercury conjunct Chiron at 7:07 AM, Moon enters Gemini 7:22 AM, Moon opposed Saturn at 3:52 PM, Moon square Neptune, 9:57 PM


Wednesday, March 25: This is an architectural day, as the Sun trines Saturn it infuses us with more organizational and structural understanding, helps us accomplish steadily and gain control over a patch of chaos or confusion. But let’s not try to control one another, that will only backfire. We like a challenge in Aries season, but will rebel as easily as breathe.

Sun trine Saturn 1:24 PM, Moon square Chiron 4:11 PM, Moon Sq., Mercury 9:05 PM, Moon VOC afterwards.

Thursday, March 26: The mood is open-minded but wandering this morning. Make phone calls, memos, and reach out this morning while people are feeling communicative. Midday we may need time to think, take a step back from busyness, grow more sensitive and feel a challenge between our needs for security and our desire to jump into the heart of things. We may think we’re sensitive to others’ needs, but may have trouble letting go of our own agenda. People are allergic to manipulation right now, so be direct.

Moon VOC until enters Cancer at 1:45 PM