Starcodes June 5 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

On these lovely late spring evening we can look up at the evening sky and see the ark of our solar system. Notice Venus glowing close to the Western horizon, Jupiter a little farther north the waxing Moon with Saturn nearby glowing brightly towards the east directly opposite the Sun. Let’s take the moment to commune with our little corner of the galaxy.

For these last few weeks, all can be lovely when we hold still and have time to share our thoughts, to putter, or further our craft. Float on a hammock or by a beach. Find something to celebrate with close family. Take the time to explore an idea and chew on it, poke at it, think about the variables, run it by others and let it take shape.

But anything else might not have been so easy. Communication glitches, mood swings that can take us way inside one minute and then restlessly social the next, as both emotions and weather conditions had soggy moments. Serious concerns needed attending just as one felt least efficient as Mars, the Sun, and Mercury all opposed muscle- building Saturn and squared diffusing, confusing Neptune. Which produced the spiritual or soul longing that can itch at the soul and take the savor out of practical chores.

But this pattern begins to change. The human story picks up speed this weekend. Friendly, creative Venus enters Leo this morning, trines Saturn over the weekend (moves towards a conjunction with Jupiter and a trine with Uranus in the weeks ahead) and brings a new urge to leave our cave and socialize. It can spark romance and give us an urgent desire to be to be seen and appreciated. Our creative process and artistic expression wakes up.

Though we still need to be patient for the moment, we may think we’ve let our beloveds know what we need and either may have not got the message across clearly, or clash with their own emotional needs, and no one feels heard. So clarify the message, be patient, listen, and take turns. Ignore people (both beloveds and clients) at peril.

We get more energy and a restless urge to be proactive and get on with our work even with Mercury retrograde as active Mars sextiles Jupiter on Friday and sextiles Uranus on Monday. Watch the news for tangentially difficult military action, or cheerfully hostile statements. A sextile brings a gentle nudge, can give us a little bit more competitive edge little bit more interest in getting off out of the hammock and into the garden. These aspects can help us coordinate our efforts to rebuild after floods the natural disasters or take romance from theoretical to manifest. But we can try to push the river ahead of schedule, before they’re really ripe. So let’s get started, but go slow enough to listen and respect the needs of the project. Timing and pacing will make a world of difference.

This is this will be especially important towards the end of the week as impatience meets obstacles. The Moon enters proactive, jump-the-gun Aries, just as Mercury stations or appears to hold still, semi-square erratic Uranus, just before it turns direct late on Thursday. He we can rush and barrel straight into a wall. Feel the revving engines and watch the road. Rein in arguments, rein in anger. Next week we get a green light, though some cleanup work to do. Get ready to run with the ball in late June; Mercury has one more square to Neptune, then comes out of its shadow and helps us build momentum as the month ends.

Friday, June 5: Overnight our minds can churn over our conundrums or review worst-case scenarios which can leave us feeling restive or ticked off this morning. We may be aware how our personal needs have upstaged our professional needs, or uncover another layer of the work we have to do as the Sun quincunx Pluto. The mood lightens as Venus enters Leo midday and brings a certain excitement and emotional urgency. Which can turn into competence and good preparations as Mars sextiles Jupiter afternoon and the Moon enters social connected Aquarius this evening. It’s a great evening for community gatherings; we may want more or want to hog our moment in the spotlight, but the evening is about group dynamics.

Moon square Uranus 4:53 AM, Venus enters Leo 9:32 AM, Moon set me square Neptune 2:05 PM then VOC, Sun quincunx Pluto 5:31 PM, Mars sextiles Jupiter 5:38 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 11:01 PM,

Saturday, June 6: Look for beauty from the past: antiques, reclaimed vegetation, or a dear old friend circling back from the mists of memory as Venus trines Saturn. Otherwise, it’s all about the community and the joy and responsibilities that we’ve us into community. If we’re feeling lonely, let’s find a group to help out, mix politics, art, and sociability as Venus trines Saturn and the Moon trines Mercury. Afternoon can bring unusual quirks of conversation, apparently random meanings that may have profound effect as Mercury quintiles Jupiter. Early evening the conversation wanders, but grows more serious later on.

Moon opposed Venus 12:01 AM, Venus trine Saturn 12:23 AM, Moon trine Mercury 8:34 AM, Mercury quintile Jupiter 2:27 PM, Moon quintile Saturn tonight,

Sunday, June 7: If we can rest up and free flow today, let’s do so. The energy meanders and doesn’t coalesce easily. It’s a good day to have iced tea in the shade and ponder how to fix the world. Watch the extra advice; we can pontificate easily and insensitively. Keep expectations low and let the wells refill.

Moon trine Sun 2:57 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 5:05 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:31 AM, Moon sex tiles Uranus 8:30 AM then VOC.

Monday, June 8: The mood is sensitive, dreamy, but not particularly focused for a Monday morning as the Pisces Moon squares Saturn, and even more fuzzy as it conjuncts Neptune tonight. Divination, gardening, design, therapy, anything where we can tune into our sensitive perceptions, sort them from our imagination and use them consciously, will further. If feelings are hurt, check for misunderstandings first.

Moon enters Pisces at 2:16 AM, Moon squares Saturn 3:01 AM, Moon square Mercury at 10:40 AM, Sun sextiles Jupiter 3:55 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 6:56 PM

Tuesday, June 9: We get the gas in the breaks the same time while Mars sextiles Uranus and revs us up, gives us the desire to make things happen or force changes, just as frustratingly slow Mercury blends with a tender VOC Pisces Moon and leaves us drifting. Work around obstacles rather than try to work through them. Do not fault people (or self) for their temporary lack of ambition. Use ingenuity to solve problems already present rather than go looking for new ones.

Mars sextiles Uranus at 1:29 AM, Moon sextiles Pluto 3:36 AM, Moon square Sun 9:41 AM, Moon square Mars 12:08 PM, then VOC

Wednesday, June 10: We may feel an urgent need to do something, anything (or a boss may feel that for us) as the Moon enters Aries and trines Venus and Saturn while the Sun approaches Mars, all while Mercury appears to hold still. We have to make it a dance; with patience and attention we can harness this restlessness and do preliminary work. We can tackle a pile that’s been staring us in the face and finally deal with it. We just have to be careful not to tackle one another, as it may be tempting. This morning, breathe through interrupted communication and an urgency to say something we may regret. Our tact improves midday as Mercury sextiles Venus. We are encouraged to look for a change of scene this afternoon as the Sun sextiles Uranus.

Mercury square Uranus 12:51 AM, Moon enters Aries 5:13 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:44 AM, Mercury sex tiles Venus 6:51 AM, Moon sex tiles Mercury 1:03 PM, Moon trine Venus 1:32 PM, Sun sextile Uranus 3:30 PM,

Thursday, June 11: Morning is twitchy; others just don’t do what we want. Generous intent returns midday, but the blustery winds of the soul race and swirl in place rather than gather momentum until Mercury turns direct late this afternoon. Drive carefully and keep a weather eye out for storms or stormy people. Straighten out problems and misunderstandings on the spot, and reach out to reconnect tonight.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:13 PM, Moon set me square Mercury 2:28 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 2:44 PM, Moon sextile Sun 4:22 PM, Mercury turns direct 4:32 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 5:42 PM




Starcodes May 15, 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a good time to return, return to ones we have loved before, return to a place that holds our heart, or return to a project we once put on hold as Mercury retrogrades for the next three weeks.

The past whispers to us and it’s time to take a break. Whatever we’re in the midst of doing may either be put on hold while we deal with a sidebar, another agenda other than our usual, this week while Mercury retrogrades, Venus opposes Pluto, and Mars opposes Saturn.

Mercury retrogrades (May 18-June 11) in its own nervy sign of Gemini, which both makes this Mercury retrograde cycle easier, because we can stay more articulate and verbal, and more difficult because all things mercurial may be unusually challenging. Mercury is further energized and scrambled by a square with confusing if inspired Neptune- which perfected last week, retrogrades back to perfect again May 29th, and hits again going forward on June 23.  Our memory, practical logistics, understanding what another person really meant underneath the words, planning, methods of communication and transportation, all may take extra ingenuity and attention for the next three weeks.

But at least will be able to talk about it. We can get lost in our imaginary world, though our spiritual life and creative process can blossom as long as we take care of our practicalities safely.  Conversation can be light and easy, though our thoughts may be troubled with memories and we may have trouble speaking in order and can forget the punchline of our jokes. Transportation could get confusing but can be an interesting adventure.

Mercury retrograde is most difficult at the turning points because Mercury is the planet of movement, and seems to resist even appearing to hold still. So really watch your p’s and q’s, your emails and your keys right around May 18 and June 11 and a few days on either side. After Mercury turns direct we begin to untangle our problems and beaten build momentum for the future, but we won’t be up to full speed and tell June 27, when we leave the shadow on the others. (See for more info)

As the weekend begins, handle life one minute at a time. Mars opposes serious Saturn, so this won’t be a frivolous time; we’ve got serious concerns or memories that need work, from our own recent past or from the depths of history.

The weekend centers around an earthy, warm, steady, if territorial Taurus new Moon. Things start to get screwy on Monday as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini under a Gemini Moon and energy begins to swirl in place. It is helpful to go back and finish unfinished conversations or pursue lines of inquiry we started earlier throughout the rest of the week. Venus, now in introspective and sensitive Cancer, can leave us more self- protective and introverted than usual, even on a bright Sunny spring day.

The mood grows bittersweet as creative Venus approaches an opposition to Pluto at the end of the week. We may be tempted to wallow with our ghosts; we’re reminded that to love risks losing, we may remember a disaster or note a concern for the future. This aspect reminds us to treasure what we do have, who we do love. Much that was lost can be found, but let’s not obsess about the past; instead, honestly process, compost, and prepare to rebuild.

Friday, May 15: Just a touch of attitude; Independence, bravery, enthusiasm, rebellion, and pugnaciousness are instigated by the Aries Moon as it trines Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus, just as Mars opposes Saturn and makes us even more resistant to systems. But our willful nature may be curtailed by our responsibilities, well-earned discipline, or a need to develop relationships with people whose authority we respect. So find a balance between independence and mutual responsibility. Don’t feel like it’s such an either- or opportunity. Give an earthy wildness some room to roam tonight, magic is afoot.

Mars opposed Saturn at 12:02 AM, Moon square Pluto at 12:43 AM, and Moon conjunct Uranus at 6:03 AM, then VOC

Saturday, May 16: The waning Taurus Moon and Venus trine Neptune pluck our heartstrings and encourage us to appreciate our surroundings and take gentle pragmatic action towards making our world feel more beautiful and peaceful. Whether we are gardening, creating, tiptoeing through the tulips or working in compassionate action, it is time to carry through an idea and gentle our world. Evening is cuddly and sensual, though we may be feeling a little bit more emotionally vulnerable than we admit.

Moon enters Taurus at 1:02 AM, Venus trine Neptune 12:48 PM,

Sunday, May 17: What appears lazy may instead be slow and steady in the body, and nervously quick in the mind. A day to either lazily putter in the garden or in other ways connect with the earth. Memories of old incidents which brought out our Taurus– our fondness, our possessiveness,  territoriality, our acquisitiveness, our ability to nurture– may come up for review; are these seeds we want to nurture or experiences from the past we need to plow under an release. History sits close with us before the Taurus new Moon at tonight. So do our hungry senses.

Moon square Jupiter at 1:44 AM, Moon trine Pluto at 2:37 AM, Moon conjunct Sun at 11:13 PM, then VOC

Monday, May 18: It’s a day of paradoxes; the new Moon begins new cycles but Mercury stationary in Gemini asks us to pause, hold still, think again and look for what we are missing. We’ll need some structure to our day, but frustrations pile up if we stick to a tight schedule.  So co-create the day with fate. If communication gets really haywire, plans misdirect, or we feel like we’re running around in circles, let’s hold still a minute, and move out of frantic Gemini mind to center down in the heart to proceed. Odd wisdom is found underneath.

Moon enters Gemini at 3:27 AM, Moon opposed Saturn at 6:49 AM, Moon conjunct Mars at 11:25 AM, Mercury retrograde 7:49 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:02 PM

Tuesday, May 19: The slower we go, the more likely we are to succeed. Watch a tendency to rev up and then end up running late from missed signals and other snafus. Stay closely in touch with one another and if unexpected delays occur, look around for the silver lining; talk to strangers and look for a surprise opportunity. Return to the scene if in mind only) of early joy, and reconnect with what worked. Catch up with one another in ourselves, and engage the unexpected twists of fortune.

Moon conjunct Mars at 2:06 AM Moon square Chiron 3:52 PM, then VOC

Wednesday, May 20: We may be a little self-protective shy or risk-averse, though that may come off as prickly or diffident as the Moon enters more tenderhearted Cancer.  It would feel good to be home and safe and out of the fray. For those of us that need to engage the world, let’s stay centered and keep our heart open but not lean into or invade other people’s space. Invite them to connection, but hold our own heart. Where we connect, we can find unusual imagination tenderness as the Moon approaches are trying to Neptune. The artistic muse can speak clearly if we give her time and supplies; help other people see the vision. Tonight we may need to mull over questions of purpose and relevance.

Moon enters Cancer 7:55 AM, Moon square the nodes at 9:33 PM

Thursday, May 21: Our feelings could be all over the place. So may be the flotsam of our life; it’s so easy to drop stuff and scatter all over the floor. The mood is funny (in the morning) jumpy, disconnected, retrospective and anxious, and a bit of an emotional puddle as the Sun enters restless Gemini and the Moon conjunct Venus in emotional Cancer as both opposed Pluto. We may feel like were standing at a crossroads and need to let go of a layer of the past in order to embrace future possibilities. After deep moods midday as the Moon opposes Pluto we could feel at loose ends and be tempted to change things too fast to be productive as the Moon squares Uranus.  Stay connected to the heart to make evening a healing time as the Moon trines Chiron.

Moon trine Neptune at 1:32 AM, Sun enters Gemini 2:44 AM, Moon conjunct Venus at 11:06 AM, Moon opposes Pluto at 11:50 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:36 PM, Venus opposes Pluto at 7:56 PM, Moon trine Chiron 10:42 PM


Starcodes Oct 31 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Halloween! Whether we call this time of year time Halloween, Samhain, or the Day of the Dead this Scorpio holiday asks us to face our fears, eat candy skulls and dance with life and death before the long dark of winter. It also asks us to look at upcoming elections (even scarier) and vote, not with our fears, but with Scorpio’s curiosity and love of educated investigation.

This Halloween a communal Aquarius Moon brings us out of our individual mulling and encourages collective sociable experience. We can keep our mask on and can be sociable (Aquarius) and private (Scorpio) at the same time.

We may have moments of social friendliness at the Halloween party, touching moments of intimacy this weekend when we’re feeling more soft and vulnerable, and some interesting debate- filled engagement next week. But our real relationship this week may be with our own soul, our solitude. It is not that we don’t love the people around us, this withdrawal is more to do with some inner calling or intense personal work that now sits on our front burner. The Sun in Scorpio always calls us inside to renew in our depths. Emotional Venus now in Scorpio echoes this call to solitude, and Mars in Capricorn nudges us back to our soul work and personal ambitions.

Over the weekend a sensitive Pisces Moon thins the veil between the worlds and brings us deeper into our hearts and encourages us to take some quiet time to recover from Halloween frivolities and honor memories of our beloved dead. The past will be with us, old feelings arise, and we need to work with the watery Moon and let the feelings flow through and flow on. We may be unusually touchy and painfully aware of our vulnerabilities, easily insulted and just a little delicate on the soul.

The week begins under a more reactionary Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon (both Mars-ruled signs), a time that can be quite inflammable and willful. People can bend the truth to manipulate circumstances to fit their preconceptions as Mars approaches a conjunction with Pluto (peaking November 10). Watch for last-minute election drama/propaganda. People may vote their rebellion more than their consideration, though whether they rebel from the old guard or from recent progress will be different with each person. It is a powerful time but we can use this sparky energy for good and to motivate our own work.

It is interesting that America always votes while the Sun is in thoughtful, suspicious Scorpio. Hopefully we are encouraged by the Scorpio energy to be less gullible and more interested deeper levels of truth and competence, but voters can become susceptible to last-minute negative campaigning or vote their discontent. Let’s engage that intense Scorpio perspicacity instead.

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024 works a slow but profound revolution and all things Capricornian, like organization, structure, financial institutions, the very systems by which we govern and are governed. Pluto revolutionizes the arena of whatever sign it resides in, it brings those issues to the brink, shows us the shadow sides and asks us to evolve. No matter how strongly drawn we’re to our spiritual and creative lives right now, we cannot hide there. We need to not give up, but stay involved in the political process while Pluto is in Capricorn. If we don’t claim our personal authority, there will be others who will try to claim authority over us. This pattern intensifies when one of the personal planets resonates with Pluto, as we see these next two weeks while Mars approaches a powerful, pushy, territorial conjunction with Pluto. But we can use this era to strengthen our individual authorship instead, if we stay consciously involved.

After the adrenaline energy of Election Day under an Aries Moon, the Moon heads into more grounded and nourishing Taurus. On Thursday’s stubborn Full Moon in Taurus we may square off, our politics may entrench. Don’t ask anybody to open their minds to new potential, take them at their word and work with them exactly where they are. But it’s a good time to plant bulbs and work on what grounds us.

Friday, October 31: Pleasant if stubborn aspects bring out our sociable, political, and festive sides. Last-minute preparations fall into place. The day builds up to a funny camaraderie-filled Moon-Mercury trine around dinner time. An expressive Moon-Jupiter opposition can take us over the top tonight just as the parties start.

Saturday, November 1: Morning is grumpier, edgier as the Halloween sugar shock wears off and the Moon squares serious Saturn; let sleeping bears lie. Feelings soften as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts imaginative Neptune for a more ethereal, magical, veils-thinned day. Hard facts are not the point. Keep the agendas low and let the evening wander true to the soul.

Sunday, November 2: Puttering can be a meditation. Recent sensitivity can leave our heart a little raw, in need of healing. Spirit can feel close. Our feelings are easily manipulated, but we get ticked off if we notice someone trying to do so. Urgent decisions soon need to be made, but we need to take a balanced mind–heart approach.

Monday, November 3: We may be a little slow off the mark this morning, but let’s prioritize fixing hurt feelings or misunderstandings and get organized. Be ready to jump in mid-day as the Moon enters Aries, squares Mars and the sparks come out. Whether it ignites irascible friction or productive bonfire is up to us. Truth bends and debate intensify. Be passionately alive, not caught in other people’s passions.

Tuesday, November 4: Notice an ambient fear of loss and upheaval this morning as voting starts and the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus; these aspects imbue us with sense of urgency and intensity. But the Moon trines Jupiter tonight, peaking just after midnight and can surprise us with hope.

Wednesday, November 5: News and opinions fly fast and furious this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury. Theory rationalizes tension. Let the dust settle before responding. Experience helps us over a hump midday as the Sun trines Chiron and we settled into a more grounded and solid positions tonight as the waxing Moon enters Taurus. Tend to practical concerns, rest and eat well; recent excitement may have used up reserves.

Thursday, November 6: Cheerful but stubborn entrenchment may polarize politics, but can help us individually get into our groove and move forward on long-term practical goals. Let go of comparison, as jealousy and territoriality can be a problem; don’t go there. The Moon is full in earthy Taurus at 3:22 PM MDT and asks us what we truly want. Remember that we are responsible for our happiness and we cannot expect other people to provide it for us. Stay true to personal truth and goals. Enjoy embodiment tonight.

Starcodes, June 20, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’m travelling 6/21-7/18, I will post Starcodes but be out of office)

As summer begins the planets ask us to pare it down; keep life simple, smooth, and streamlined. We can puddle about in our inner realms and make resolutions for positive change during this rich time.

Keep it simple because complications can be usually stressful and relationships can get extraordinarily tangled otherwise. Mercury retrograde (from June 7 to July 1) convolutes communication and snags the daily tasks of life while it sends our mind back to finish unfinished business. Although Venus, now in nervy and flirtatious Gemini, makes us restless and ready to forge new connections, both this Mercury retrograde and a square between Jupiter and the lunar nodes send us back to work on old relationship patterns and old political problems and ask us to work through another layer of the karma involved. All while Mars opposes Uranus and adds extra fuel all we do, for better or worse.

So if we find ourselves back in an old loop, a been-there-done that, cul-de-sac (like looking down the barrel of another war with Iraq) we need to remember that we are not back the same place, but on another ring out on the spiral. We can take advantage of every bit of evolution we’ve earned to work towards healthier results this time. We may wonder if our relationships are really helping us achieve our purpose or are they distractions that keep us trapped in old patterns. Mercury retrograde helps to go back and look at the last time we were at this point, notice the signals missed and question the truths taken for granted last time. Look for the deeper truth. We can call our friends and allies to a healthier more dynamic relationship, and see if they want to come along.

We may feel over-committed this week, but not because our schedules are any busier (though they might be with Mars/Uranus winding us up) but because even simple things can take longer than we intended, and our sensitivity could really use some time in a protective cocoon or on a solitary journey as the Sun enters deep-feeling Cancer.

Mars opposes Uranus on Saturday, as it did at the end of last December, and through last mid-April, creating a pool of fuel just below the surface of our interactions. When we’re relaxed and calm, we’ll barely notice this pool. Whenever we engage our Mars, when we grow physically active, stormy, angry, rebellious, macho, or willful, we can tap into this fuel. The whole world is watching a common major athletic competition with explosive displays of physical prowess in Brazil’s World Cup, which is an upbeat and engaging use of this aspect. But we watch the Ukrainian and Iraqi military maneuvers with great trepidation as sparks around the fuel tank. And keep our eye on weather maps as fueled-up storm systems churn up our countryside.

On a personal level, our tempers can spike defensively often inappropriately, at a miscue, mistake or at small event that reminds us of hundred such events earlier in our life. If we do find ourselves in a conflict, again keep it clean keep it simple and to the point, and stay in the moment. Deal with the problem in front and not the historic legions of similar mistakes or imagined wrongs. There’s enough on our plates the moment.

Engage extra patience as abrupt actions can precipitate accidents. On a good day, we just have access to extra energy if we get out of the Mercury retrograde inertia and get excited. Channeled wisely this fuel can drive our engines in the best of ways.

This Friday is energized, willful, disjointed and dynamic as the Aries Moon bounces off the ongoing sparky aspects as it squares Pluto, conjuncts Uranus, and opposes Mars. Summer begins on Saturday morning at 5:51 AM CDT as the Sun enters Cancer and brings thoughts back to home, homeland, and supporting our own team. The Moon in stubborn, comfort-seeking Taurus calls us to the garden Sunday and Monday, and reminds us to rest, reconnect, and cozy up.
Monday and Tuesday Venus and then the Moon joins Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini and increases our sociability and sense of humor, but can make us more scattered, spread thin; one side of us may want to engage the world more, the other side still needs to rest and recuperate. So find a balance. And keep it simple.

Friday, June 20: Give people lots of options; we have unusual energy to do what we want, and very little energy to do what others want from us as the contrary Aries Moon squares Pluto, oppose Mars, and conjuncts Uranus. Unwise military bravado growls in the world hotspots, but we don’t need to make the same mistake at home. If someone seeks recognition and security by imposing their will on small situations, let them have little concessions, and hold ground what’s truly important. This is a good day to weed, gardens, people, and old attitudes. Confrontations are more likely right before dinner; spontaneous enthusiasm upticks tonight.

Saturday, June 21: This summer solstice is time to revel in the longest day, the strongest sunlight as the Aries Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Mercury. Drop expectations and keep timing loose. With acceptance in our hearts we can express ourselves with unusual joie de vivre. Be amused by the world and it blossoms around us. Be controlling and it all slip through our fingers. If and old rebellion and or controlling streak raises its head this afternoon, find the spacious, accepting Aries place beyond and invite others there with you. We settle into a cozier, more organic evening as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. Encourage steadiness and celebrate the senses.

Sunday, June 22: Just let it be summer as the cozy Taurus Moon makes a few pleasant, comfortable cordial aspects. We can use the seasonal lassitude to balance the growing underlying tension produced as Mars tightens its opposition with Uranus. That tension calls for change or challenge, but we can choose how we tune into it. Today we can channel into gentle improvement projects, but will need to move with grace around sharp objects, mechanics, and will need to pace ourselves so we’re not in a rush. If conflict does arise, people will tend to dig in their heels; distract, change the subject; share a pragmatic camaraderie for now, and talk it through in a few days.

Monday, June 23: Morning can start off a little slow and frustrating as the Moon opposes Saturn and requests that we be grown-up, not depressed, though our attitude may visit there, but grown-up. The pace and cooperativeness pick up as Venus enters Gemini and the Moon sextiles Jupiter later in the day. Keep it clean; choose obligations carefully, reluctantly, but honorably. Clear the schedule for unexpected demands over the next few days.

Tuesday, June 24: We spark off one another in a potentially good way. Engage summer flirtation or intense political mediation as the Moon enters communicative, flirtatious Gemini and conjuncts Venus. Strangers or visitors may be easier to talk to then familiars people with whom we have an ongoing grumble. We may honestly change our minds repeatedly, but this helps us explore our options. Physical activity furthers; take a long walk and talk. If the conditions grow more confusing and stormy this evening; stay safe and centered.

Wednesday, June 25: Something breaks open, whether it’s a moment of enlightenment or the crack of battle, or the dénouement and resolution of the problem brewing all spring as Mars opposes Uranus. Eruptions will release. But whatever happens, this isn’t the last round. Although the Moon and Venus in Gemini share a cheerful talkativeness, this aspect brings out our individualistic desire to go our own way, fight from restraint, and express ourselves impulsively no matter how inconsiderate that may appear. Technical problems, mechanical solutions, and accidental conditions abound; be safely ingenious.

Thursday, June 26: Keep the honest discussion going, stay in the moment rather than look too far ahead and re-open channels of empathy as the Moon conjuncts Mercury then enters kind but self-protective and easily-homesick Cancer. Introversion is emphasized. Some people will retreat into their corners; most will be guarded under stress and open only in safe and cozy circumstances. Conversation and energy may run on skew lines; let’s show we care rather than say it. Nurture through food, touch, acceptance, reassurance, space granted and boundaries respected.