Codes enable communications where ordinary language is not enough

STARCODES is an astrological map that helps you navigate your week. The movement of the planets acts as energetic weather system. A storm affects us all differently (one person may be pouring concrete while another plants a forest), but the rain or sunshine falls on all of us, and it helps to know what’s coming.

Starcodes looks at the major patterns of the week and then zeros in on the mood and theme of each day. It is written to be accessible to all levels; the casual reader can skip the technical bits and get valuable information as to how to make the most of the moment whereas a student or fellow astrologer will appreciate the dance of the planets, aspects and signs.

Starcodes is published weekly in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Pasatiempo and several other websites. Starcodes runs Friday to Friday, all times listed are Mountain Time. For Pacific time, subtract 1 hour, add one hour for Central, two for Eastern, and 6 for London.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for about a month, and I would really like a reading on my current circumstance.. How can this be done?

  2. Discovered you through a friend on FB…my mentor is an astrologer so I am a life time follower. Your presentation is very even handed and grounded…thank you! I am now checking in each week!

  3. Hi Roan, I love your blog and read it almost every day. I’m writing today because in the most recent posting (3/13/15), you say that two police officers were “killed” in Ferguson. But they were not killed, and I think it makes an already difficult situation worse unnecessarily to say that. Can you please change that in the most recent blog? My understanding is that they were shot (which is bad enough), but both have already been released from the hospital, and right now we don’t know if the shooter had anything to do with the protests or was just taking advantage of the confusion and tension.

    Thanks so much for all you do. Peace and blessings, blaze

    • you are right- I have been travelling and wrote that without confirming my news source– not something I usually do. Thank you for pointing out– I will correct.

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