Starcodes Oct 24, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”
― Anaïs Nin

It’s a week of mystery and mysterious solutions. Yesterday the Sun, Moon and Venus joined Saturn in curious, brooding, enigma-loving Scorpio. Tomorrow Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde and lost items begin to be found, clues and hidden information begin to surface. But we may experience a little turbulence along the way.

Last night (10/23) a New Moon eclipse at 0° of Scorpio started a new cycle of transformation last night. Like golden aspen tree releasing last year’s leaves we have the chance to let go and compost something no longer alive or working and step into a new transformative cycle.

This Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn in Scorpio line-up initiates a more specific, laser like focus in the weeks ahead, which is great for meditation and research. This focus can help stabilize us as the Scorpio lineup also unearths strong contradictory emotions. It stimulates both our romance with solitude and any fear we have of being alone, often simultaneously. It’s a good time to step back and re-center in ourselves, work towards contentment with our own company, but let’s not isolate. It’s no coincidence that the Scorpio holiday of Halloween allows us to don masks and costumes so we can be both sociable and private at the same time.

We have to watch where we put this Scorpionic focus, because we can obsess on something that grosses us out, scares us, or ticks us off. Just in time for the fresh Ebola scares in New York City. Keep an eye on the difference between healthy focus and unhealthy obsession; are we digging for necessary information, or are we just wiggling a sore tooth for the emotional charge. Scorpio does like intensity, and isn’t always so particular about what kind of intensity.

This lineup also packs a Scorpionic sting; when we do get irritated at somebody else’s small mind, mistake, or interruption, we’re likely to snap back with an unusually irascible edge. So let’s take a deep breath when we feel that desire to lash out welling up within and make one more effort to understand the other person’s perspective. With Mercury retrograde and slowly turning direct this weekend, we’re probably wrong about our conclusions anyway.

Scorpio encourages our curiosity, we need a healthy way to honor our hunger for mystery rather than fixate upon cessation sensationalistic headlines. We may want to disappear from the tattered mundane world into a place of magic, a place where paranormal phenomenon could be real and potential is not weighed by the thimbleful.

And some people may choose to step out of reality entirely. Personal obsessions or conspiracy theories, harebrained schemes and revenge fantasies can eat away at the edge of frayed psyches.

This longing for magic grows through the weekend and as the Sun and Venus conjunct in Scorpio and trine intuitive Neptune early next week. We may feel more intuitive and perceptive, permeable as these aspects soften the boundaries and thin the veil between the worlds. But it can also blur the boundary between our imagination and our sense of reality.

Keep an eye on that boundary between imagination and reality particularly around relationships. It’s an easy time to make mistakes about other people’s motives and think that they are more into us than they are or assume the worst when they seem withdrawn. Ask questions; open investigation and friendly exploration helps keep us centered in the here and now even as we welcome in the future possibility.

As the weekend begins under the New Moon in Scorpio, respect boundaries and explore mysteries. Listen to what the heart longs for. Since Mercury is stationary it’s hard to get anything done or agreed upon, so use the deep to explore renewal in the quiet.

Over the weekend Mercury turns direct, the Moon enters more cheerful, traveling Sagittarius, and truth comes out. We find missing things and missing facts. We just have to make sure that were seeing the whole picture before we jump to conclusions. It pays to wander, meander, travel and let the soul do the same.

Mars enters Capricorn and sharpens our competence and determination at the beginning of the week. Watch political machinations ramp up for the midterm election and strategic business and political moves hit the headlines. Mars likes being in Capricorn, but a happy Mars can be a dangerous thing; competence, pushiness, strategy, and endurance need to be directed carefully.

On Tuesday the Moon enters Capricorn and joins Mars, a powerful time to refine our ambition and take a step towards our personal goals. Or watch someone else get in there and do it first.
Throughout the middle of the week we can step on each other’s toes as we gear up, like horses colliding as they head out the barn door. A little extra patience we allow us to support one another rather than collide. New momentum builds by the end of the week.

Friday, October 24: Take a step back towards the center, let go of extraneous commitments to tend to top priorities and tend the soul. So much more is communicated through action, and unspoken cues than through words. Deal with feel the potential freedom if some worst fear is dealt with. Notice the sparks of primal emotion. Don’t look for an excuse to alienate others and spend a moment alone, or get caught in emotional melodrama, seek the depths in the quiet instead.

Saturday, October 25: We know what we love and we know what we don’t as the Sun conjunct Venus this morning. Watch for extremes of emotional response in towards around problems of where we miss each other signals or weird feelings do not mesh. Reach for a personal definition of beauty. If we come back to our own heart, take care of our own heart and love ourselves, promise ourselves we’ve will be there for ourselves, then the vagaries of relationship are easier to deal with. Mercury stations and turns direct this afternoon, over the next few days understanding grows, but today we can trip over the turbulence. Moon enters Sagittarius and we may want to walk on the wild side tonight.

Sunday, October 26: A new seriousness arises as Mars enters Capricorn and feeds our ambition. Our hearts open to new longing. The Sagittarius Moon encourages us to get on with things, but events are still moving slowly; it may help to wander aimlessly but curiously. Consider reorganizing and clearing flotsam. Later, deal with unexpected events and take a moment to reassess priorities for the weeks ahead.

Monday, October 27: This is a wonderful day to straighten out problems and clarify goals if we pace ourselves, let the day progress organically rather than try to push the river. As the day progresses knots untie, blockades soften, and river begins to flow as the cheerful but impatient Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter. Awkward half-truths can make diplomacy difficult particularly between differing countries or nationalities. Be patient and wait for the whole story to unfold. Expect fierce honesty to a point, but respect that Scorpio reserve; let people share what they want, and honor the psychic “do not enter” signs.

Tuesday, October 28: Patience, even though many threads are straightening out, we can be forgiven frustration and confusion as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Mars and Pluto, we may want to push just to make things happen, just to feel we have an effect on the world, but need to be careful of the consequences. It helps to have projects to work upon, so we can do what we can while we’re waiting to do what we want.

Wednesday, October 29: People change their minds. Be ready to adapt to new information or circumstances as the landscape changes this morning as the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus and Mercury. Keep lines of communication open even, or especially, when annoyed. Check in on ongoing projects to see what’s changed and what needs to be done about it. What looks like a problem could be an improvement, once the kinks are ironed out.

Thursday, October 30: Expect contradictions; the mood is cheerfully stubborn and strangely socially oblivious while still being relationship-obsessed. Interpersonal grit needs to be cleared to allow progress. Stop and do the work. Our theory about what’s right can differ from our honest feelings and as the sociable Aquarius Moon squares Sun and Venus in Scorpio. But which needs to change?


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