Starcodes July 4 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I am traveling until July 18th, Starcodes may be posted at odd times-may your summer unfold with joy)

What does it mean to be an American? On this Fourth of July the planets ask this and other deep philosophical questions as the fireworks ignite and picnics abound. Along with the friendly buzz from a lighthearted Libra Moon, the Sun opposes Pluto, the planet that symbolizes life, death, loss, power, abuse of power, empowerment, as well as riches brought from digging deep in the earth, mining-both symbolic and concrete.

So let’s not be surprised if in the middle of the long weekend festivities and underneath the generally sociable, cooperative, flirtatious mood provided by emotional arbiters Venus in Gemini trine Mars in Libra (both sociable air signs), we have a moment feeling alone in the universe, or need to stand back from the bustling crowd and take a moment to ourselves to contemplate. Let’s notice, but not take personally, strange power struggles or competitive undertones and find a way to work around them. Be careful with the power of explosives, and chew on those big existential questions along with great food off the grill. Seize an opportunity to build trust with one another by working together over simple feats.

This Sun–Pluto opposition has extra power because bisects a beautiful grand trine in intuitive and sympathetic water signs involving the Sun, Mars and Neptune, an aspect that can open up our empathy. This grand water trine tends to keep energy low but flowing, and encourages us to take concrete steps based on our religious or emotional belief system or based on our intuitive understanding of the world. While this can be a gentle, integrating aspect, and can be lovely at a sun dance or church picnic, it can mean something very different to the religious extremists now mowing through Iraq or our local homegrown variation. This grand trine can build up momentum based on a belief, and direct it out through that Sun-Pluto opposition with powerful results. But we can personally use this astrological nudge to make sure we’re walking our talk, even if our walk is tested.

This weekend the Libra Moon encourages sociability and camaraderie and encourages pleasantries at public fireworks. Sunday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio; we may need to pull within and go on a more solitary or intimate journey, but need to leave a breath of room for serendipitous interactions and make our own fireworks as Venus sextiles Uranus.

Early next week we get a glimpse of long range work that needs to be done as the Sun trine Saturn and squares Uranus but may see it out of proportion; the situation may have surprising redeeming qualities. The mood bounces back mid-week as the Moon enters Sagittarius. We’re ready to travel and reweave our connection to the natural world.

Friday, July 4: A haunting morning can leave us feeling underprepared, feeling like we’re not sure we have enough or can do enough as the Sun opposes Pluto. Some haunting image from the news or our past can help us remember that life is precious, and the freedom to live our life is precious and should not be taken for granted. The Moon enters Libra early and the day unfolds with more relaxed friendliness and camaraderie, if we can relax and let the details go. Prioritize making one another feel welcome.

Saturday, July 5: Dreams the night before can leave us haunted this morning, but the mood is generally warm-hearted and connected this morning as the sociable Libra Moon trines Venus. Stay flexible midday and adjust plans as needed around unexpected opinions or necessities as the Moon opposes Uranus. Compromise on the easy stuff for the sake of collaboration but don’t give away something truly important. We can channel an extra edginess into collaborative work tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Libra. If people get a little tense, their insecurities may be showing. Validate their need to accomplish, reassure them that their efforts are appreciated, and watch them calm down.

Sunday, July 6: Friendly camaraderie wafts about this morning. Make plans early on, and then give people room to work on their own or follow their own light as the Moon enters more serious and introverted Scorpio this afternoon. Our deeds are reflected back to us; if we’ve been helpful we receive help, if we’ve been difficult, we may just have to suck it up for now and invite our respondents to a different attitude in the future as the Moon aspects the lunar nodes and trines Mercury. Mid-day, invest in good conversation that tags the past and brings old information into the present. If tales twitch tonight, give others a wide berth.

Monday, July 7: Even though the Scorpio Moon brings focused introspection and self-protection, after a somewhat sullen morning, we can get excited about our creative process and unique brainstorming ideas as long as we feel accepted for our creative process. Honor that spark while artistic, affectionate Venus sextiles iconoclastic Uranus. Tonight, as the Moon conjunct Saturn and we consider responsibility, duty, and our work in progress. A broody, itchy seriousness can twitch in the corners of the psyche.

Tuesday, July 8: Be careful and expect the unexpected as the Sun squares Uranus. The mood is both private and anxious about what’s been left undone. People get more eccentric under stress and need acceptance to find their resources. We can’t really control the situation this morning, but roll with the situation easily if we deal openly with ideas and information that may challenge our plans, and verify our measurements and technical data. Work gets done, if not on the timetable we’d hoped for. Pieces begin to fall into place this afternoon as the Sun trine Saturn, the mood enlivens tonight as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius.

Wednesday, July 9: Early morning can feels slow and disorienting as the Moon squares Neptune, signals can get blurred. But the day picks up and these little glitches can offer opportunity for healing interactions as the Sun trines Chiron. If we look, we can frame a problem in an inclusive expansive way that leaves us feeling, instead of restricted, freer and more spacious. This evening the Moon trines Uranus brings a touch of spice and salsa to our life; wandering is good for the soul.

Thursday, July 10: Relationships can feel the friction this morning as the Moon opposes Venus, our timing is just a little off and people are cheerful but impatient. Midday we see the consequences of earlier actions, whether that be gratitude, friendliness, or faulty engineering. We’re also painfully aware that we’re planting the seeds for future harvest. A new seriousness tonight can leave us so distracted that we step on one another’s toes as the Moon opposes Mercury and then enters Capricorn. Let go of being right and deal with tender hearts.


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