Starcodes June 27 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’m travelling 6/21-7/18, I will post Starcodes but be out of office)

It’s a good week to sit in our hammock or enjoy arts festivals and engage the hazy summery mentality as the Sun and Venus interact with intuitive, impressionistic, vague, and watery Neptune. This combination can feed our summer daydreams, but brings a layer of emotional fog as Mercury finishes its retrograde cycle (June 7- July 1).

This encroachment of our imagination is more problematic once it’s out of our creative life. We can also become over impressionable and get lost in our imaginary world. It’s all too easy to get lost either in our worst-case scenarios or false grandiosity, or give the into the Neptunian lassitude. For example, the recent tensions in Iraq bring up all the old political fantasies that proved so deadly in our last round. It can be quite healing when old illusions and dreams come up to be cleared; we just have to watch the tendency to project them on the present.

We can also be flooded; watch for water damage, floods, liquids that don’t stay in within their bounds. These Neptune transits can leave us feeling unusually permeable, more affected by allergens and invasive habits. But we can also make ourselves permeable to beauty, to a sound that pierces our heart, a sight that breaks our heart open.

Friday morning the New Moon in Cancer calls us back to our emotional roots to understand what we need, empathize with others, and then begin a new cycle from there. We could all use a little nurturing, the last few weeks have brought some rocky tension and tendency to guard and conflagration has Mars bounced its energy off Pluto and Uranus. That low-lying tension and impulsiveness continues under the surface.

Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde July 1 and begins to clear the air in time for July 4 festivities.

Friday, June 27: The New Moon at 2:08 AM MDT brings us back to our tender self and can make us want to go swimming. The mood drifts, the past sits with us, and people resist demands defensively as the Moon opposes Pluto. Let’s not rock the boat any more than we have to. Tonight, familiar people help us unload and unwind around dinner time, but we may get crabby as the evening progresses.

Saturday, June 28: Things take longer than we intend, so keep the schedule easy, open, and know people will be friendlier on their home territory. A sense of adventure and openness picks up tonight as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, though people want to be accepted even with their eccentricities. Gather with friends over a delicious picnic; appetites can be unusually voracious.

Sunday, June 29: Sentimental, sensitive, intuitive, and effusive; life can feel like performance art under the Leo Moon. Let it be beautiful, symbolic, appreciative; don’t buy into melodrama but do enjoy the comedy. Dream together and be intoxicated with possibility. Just watch the other intoxications and water damage at Venus squares soggy Neptune.

Monday, June 30: The Leo Moon trines Uranus and excites us with a gentle sense of adventure. Graciousness helps us make the best out of any situation, which we’ll need. Detours weave through our day, and melancholic, discontented undertones seep in as the Sun begins to oppose Pluto. Put one foot in front of the other.

Tuesday, July 1: After a slow start as Mercury leaves retrograde, problems begin to unwind. Don’t push the river. Mistakes continue if we hurry, but we get a chance to make up lost time and get back on track in a practical way. Tonight, it’s productive to talk things out as the Moon enters Virgo as long as we don’t hold each other responsible for recent snafus. We’re all in this together.

Wednesday, July 2: Fix it; fix mistaken orders, measurement problems, and forgotten details, just don’t project blame upon one another. Important critiques need to be made, and yes, some people need to be told off. But many of us beating ourselves up already; we don’t need help and want others to know it’s not all our fault. The lighter our touch, the more specific our complaint, the more likely we are to be heard. If big issues percolate, remember the deepest priorities.

Thursday, July 3: Use this day to prepare for the holiday as well as the next phase of life; the Virgo Moon wants us to stay busy in a constructive way so we don’t stay busy worrying or critiquing. Do not be sidetracked by some small bother. Stay on track, keep priorities clear, and investigate the gift of the moment; some lessons will be difficult, but if we take it in an educational light, will still feel constructive. It’s a good day to chew over our experience to process and analyze. A few people will lash out over historic inadequacies, and they may have a point. We don’t have to be one of them, but if confronted by this attitude, we need to really hear it out before responding. Watch for communication glitches early this evening as the Moon squares Mercury; cut each other a little extra slack, and don’t retort automatically. 88


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