Starcodes July 11 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I am traveling until July 18th, Starcodes may be posted at odd times- may your summer unfold with joy)

Attitude, don’t leave home without it. As this weekend begins a difficult Full Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus and Mars, and can bring out the chips on our shoulder and difficult vein of our personality. But once we get this pugnaciousness out of our system and work through any existential crises it may stir, the rest of the week flows cleanly.

This tricky Full Moon can loan us seriousness, competence, and durability but increases any charming tendency we may have to be controlling, and this can spark interpersonal or international friction. The Capricorn Moon can nudge us to be powerfully goal-oriented, and we can get difficult if the goals are not clearly defined. We may be tempted to argue about what’s important or how to achieve those goals. So do not micro-manage under stress or try to do another person’s work for them.

Everything may be fine on the outside, and we can still act out this pattern entirely within our own psyche. This Capricorn Moon asks us to look at our aspirations, look at the quality and quantity of our work, and assess our progress. Capricorn’s gift in a deeply honorable, reliable, leadership, its shadow is either a ruthless –any means to an end- attitude, or depression if we feel we aren’t getting anywhere. We may be harder on ourselves than anyone else, but to use this Moon well, let’s celebrate past victories and invigorate our journey with clear, fresh goals.

Remember the symbol of Capricorn is a mer-goat, a creature that can dive to the bottom of the collective ocean to gather up a dream or vision and then walk it, like a mountain goat, up the highest range. It just doesn’t do so well on flat terrain. Neither do we right now. But give us a mountain to climb, and a team to climb with, and all unfolds with power.

Capricornian issues demand attention this week, so work through conflicts around work teams, employment, money, the economy, structural issues, bones and teeth. If this is vacation time, it may be easier to relax while learning, hiking, finishing that novel, and exploring that place.

A sociable, flirtatious, passionate spark engendered as Venus trines Mars early next week can help us move through this difficult Moon. Venus in Gemini trines Mars in Libra, both sociable and outgoing air signs, encourage us to connect and talk, they charisma and charm to help with the considerable challenges this Capricorn Full Moon can cook up.

The Moon enters more communal, collaborative Aquarius Saturday night just as thoughtful Mercury returns to introspective, moody Cancer. Even with this general sociability, watch a tendency to review past wrongs or hurts and use that as an excuse to be depressed or defensive, the shadow side of Mercury in Cancer. Instead, let the Cancer love of the human story help nurture and fertilizes interactions.

Midweek the Moon enters Pisces and brings our most tender material forward. We need to catch up with ourselves, process recent experience and remember who we are, and what helps us feel safe enough to grow.

Our fire and feistiness returns towards the end of the week as the Moon enters abrupt, brave Aries. Jupiter enters Leo to encourage us all to live life on a bigger scale in the year ahead.

Friday, July 11: We’re in deep waters today, feelings swirl and our control issues grumble as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Unexpected event can test us. We could get a chance to face our limitations and choose when it’s wise to push through, and when it is wise to drop our goal and go another way. But underneath this rocky surface is an opportunity to create a real shift and make a difference. Later, our words and feels may run on skew lines: use the heart, not the words to communicate. Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold.

Saturday, July 12: This morning’s Full Moon, square Mars, brings decisions and denouements. Deadwood is pruned, and foundations begin, but let’s are careful what we plant, as it can have powerful consequences. Do not cut off more than necessary. A difficult mood itches between the generally cooperative flow, each person’s will power leans in and patience is thin even where goodwill abounds. Evening softens and exacts, a spark of humor returns as the Moon enters friendlier Aquarius.

Sunday, July 13: Our hearts soften after a tough few days, and as Venus trines Mars. We care; maybe we care too darned much. But we’re seriously not interested in what we don’t care about. So let the heart open and engage collaborative action, feel a deepening connection to all sentient beings and maybe a few specific ones in particular. Passionate care can go in any direction, and this trine can provoke possessiveness, heartbreak, and longing, all the ragged edges of the heart as well as a flowing appreciation. It helps to make life a metta mediation; engage the heart with loving philosophy and give it a good place to go. A burst of activity as Mars conjuncts the North Node midday can leave us tired or thoughtful tonight as the Moon squares Saturn.

Monday, July 14: Yes, the answer is probably yes today as the Moon, Venus, and Mars form a grand trine early in the day. So ask the important questions and say yes whenever possible. Meetings and teamwork flows more smoothly than usual though people can be passionately attached to their opinions. They may be openhearted, but less forthcoming with their own stories with Mercury now in introverted Cancer. Don’t overload on the crowd, we need time enough to come back to ourselves and integrate as the Moon enters Pisces tonight.

Tuesday, July 15: We may be feeling peeled and delicate. Do not push and demand, do not force people to get their defenses up; it will take a lot of effort and come with fortifications. Do give people room to feel sensitive and vulnerable, to wonder and wander as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and trines Saturn. Forgive easy tears. Explore the gifts of sensitivity, refinement in taste and sensibilities.

Wednesday, July 16: The mood is more durable and resilient, though still sensitive and dreamy. Keep the schedule light and let intuition or inspiration set the pace and direction. The scope of plans changes, we may start looking at farther horizons or with a bigger scope as Jupiter enters Leo. Be surprised by the possibilities but wary of a renewed pugnaciousness as the Moon enters sparky Aries tonight.

Thursday, July 17: We can be just plain difficult; conflicting feelings and opinions can start the arguments within us and carry it outwards. Difficult people can be thorns in our side if we let them, and so many things demand our attention in opposite directions that we waste time, which we probably don’t have, running between. If so, chill, prioritize, and don’t difficult people set the paradigm. Juggle with grace and rhythm. Work with allies and set the agenda with kindness.


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    • – while I was travelling- I posted a bit ahead of schedule. the July 4th week was below, scroll down for archives.

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