Starcodes, June 20, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’m travelling 6/21-7/18, I will post Starcodes but be out of office)

As summer begins the planets ask us to pare it down; keep life simple, smooth, and streamlined. We can puddle about in our inner realms and make resolutions for positive change during this rich time.

Keep it simple because complications can be usually stressful and relationships can get extraordinarily tangled otherwise. Mercury retrograde (from June 7 to July 1) convolutes communication and snags the daily tasks of life while it sends our mind back to finish unfinished business. Although Venus, now in nervy and flirtatious Gemini, makes us restless and ready to forge new connections, both this Mercury retrograde and a square between Jupiter and the lunar nodes send us back to work on old relationship patterns and old political problems and ask us to work through another layer of the karma involved. All while Mars opposes Uranus and adds extra fuel all we do, for better or worse.

So if we find ourselves back in an old loop, a been-there-done that, cul-de-sac (like looking down the barrel of another war with Iraq) we need to remember that we are not back the same place, but on another ring out on the spiral. We can take advantage of every bit of evolution we’ve earned to work towards healthier results this time. We may wonder if our relationships are really helping us achieve our purpose or are they distractions that keep us trapped in old patterns. Mercury retrograde helps to go back and look at the last time we were at this point, notice the signals missed and question the truths taken for granted last time. Look for the deeper truth. We can call our friends and allies to a healthier more dynamic relationship, and see if they want to come along.

We may feel over-committed this week, but not because our schedules are any busier (though they might be with Mars/Uranus winding us up) but because even simple things can take longer than we intended, and our sensitivity could really use some time in a protective cocoon or on a solitary journey as the Sun enters deep-feeling Cancer.

Mars opposes Uranus on Saturday, as it did at the end of last December, and through last mid-April, creating a pool of fuel just below the surface of our interactions. When we’re relaxed and calm, we’ll barely notice this pool. Whenever we engage our Mars, when we grow physically active, stormy, angry, rebellious, macho, or willful, we can tap into this fuel. The whole world is watching a common major athletic competition with explosive displays of physical prowess in Brazil’s World Cup, which is an upbeat and engaging use of this aspect. But we watch the Ukrainian and Iraqi military maneuvers with great trepidation as sparks around the fuel tank. And keep our eye on weather maps as fueled-up storm systems churn up our countryside.

On a personal level, our tempers can spike defensively often inappropriately, at a miscue, mistake or at small event that reminds us of hundred such events earlier in our life. If we do find ourselves in a conflict, again keep it clean keep it simple and to the point, and stay in the moment. Deal with the problem in front and not the historic legions of similar mistakes or imagined wrongs. There’s enough on our plates the moment.

Engage extra patience as abrupt actions can precipitate accidents. On a good day, we just have access to extra energy if we get out of the Mercury retrograde inertia and get excited. Channeled wisely this fuel can drive our engines in the best of ways.

This Friday is energized, willful, disjointed and dynamic as the Aries Moon bounces off the ongoing sparky aspects as it squares Pluto, conjuncts Uranus, and opposes Mars. Summer begins on Saturday morning at 5:51 AM CDT as the Sun enters Cancer and brings thoughts back to home, homeland, and supporting our own team. The Moon in stubborn, comfort-seeking Taurus calls us to the garden Sunday and Monday, and reminds us to rest, reconnect, and cozy up.
Monday and Tuesday Venus and then the Moon joins Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini and increases our sociability and sense of humor, but can make us more scattered, spread thin; one side of us may want to engage the world more, the other side still needs to rest and recuperate. So find a balance. And keep it simple.

Friday, June 20: Give people lots of options; we have unusual energy to do what we want, and very little energy to do what others want from us as the contrary Aries Moon squares Pluto, oppose Mars, and conjuncts Uranus. Unwise military bravado growls in the world hotspots, but we don’t need to make the same mistake at home. If someone seeks recognition and security by imposing their will on small situations, let them have little concessions, and hold ground what’s truly important. This is a good day to weed, gardens, people, and old attitudes. Confrontations are more likely right before dinner; spontaneous enthusiasm upticks tonight.

Saturday, June 21: This summer solstice is time to revel in the longest day, the strongest sunlight as the Aries Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Mercury. Drop expectations and keep timing loose. With acceptance in our hearts we can express ourselves with unusual joie de vivre. Be amused by the world and it blossoms around us. Be controlling and it all slip through our fingers. If and old rebellion and or controlling streak raises its head this afternoon, find the spacious, accepting Aries place beyond and invite others there with you. We settle into a cozier, more organic evening as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. Encourage steadiness and celebrate the senses.

Sunday, June 22: Just let it be summer as the cozy Taurus Moon makes a few pleasant, comfortable cordial aspects. We can use the seasonal lassitude to balance the growing underlying tension produced as Mars tightens its opposition with Uranus. That tension calls for change or challenge, but we can choose how we tune into it. Today we can channel into gentle improvement projects, but will need to move with grace around sharp objects, mechanics, and will need to pace ourselves so we’re not in a rush. If conflict does arise, people will tend to dig in their heels; distract, change the subject; share a pragmatic camaraderie for now, and talk it through in a few days.

Monday, June 23: Morning can start off a little slow and frustrating as the Moon opposes Saturn and requests that we be grown-up, not depressed, though our attitude may visit there, but grown-up. The pace and cooperativeness pick up as Venus enters Gemini and the Moon sextiles Jupiter later in the day. Keep it clean; choose obligations carefully, reluctantly, but honorably. Clear the schedule for unexpected demands over the next few days.

Tuesday, June 24: We spark off one another in a potentially good way. Engage summer flirtation or intense political mediation as the Moon enters communicative, flirtatious Gemini and conjuncts Venus. Strangers or visitors may be easier to talk to then familiars people with whom we have an ongoing grumble. We may honestly change our minds repeatedly, but this helps us explore our options. Physical activity furthers; take a long walk and talk. If the conditions grow more confusing and stormy this evening; stay safe and centered.

Wednesday, June 25: Something breaks open, whether it’s a moment of enlightenment or the crack of battle, or the dénouement and resolution of the problem brewing all spring as Mars opposes Uranus. Eruptions will release. But whatever happens, this isn’t the last round. Although the Moon and Venus in Gemini share a cheerful talkativeness, this aspect brings out our individualistic desire to go our own way, fight from restraint, and express ourselves impulsively no matter how inconsiderate that may appear. Technical problems, mechanical solutions, and accidental conditions abound; be safely ingenious.

Thursday, June 26: Keep the honest discussion going, stay in the moment rather than look too far ahead and re-open channels of empathy as the Moon conjuncts Mercury then enters kind but self-protective and easily-homesick Cancer. Introversion is emphasized. Some people will retreat into their corners; most will be guarded under stress and open only in safe and cozy circumstances. Conversation and energy may run on skew lines; let’s show we care rather than say it. Nurture through food, touch, acceptance, reassurance, space granted and boundaries respected.


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