Starcodes Sept 27, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Agree to disagree. Even though we’re in the friendly month of Libra, the personal planets, Venus, Mars, and soon Mercury, are in fixed signs, signs that tend to dig in their heels under stress, take a stand and hold it. Venus and Mars also form a square this week, making it unusually easy to lock horns.

We’ll be open-minded and friendly but tenacious at best, and when we’re feeling particularly challenged, we may cruise for a fight. Over the week the Sun squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter and suggests that long standing arguments intensify. This does not bode well for current budget negotiations going on in the federal government. Net week Mercury conjuncts Saturn, which allows us to get past bluster, get more honest, and get down to work or tangible solutions.

Because of this tendency for even our dear ones to be difficult or contrary right now, our self-opinion needs to be independent of what other people think. We can we spark off one another’s difference and find this debate entertaining, appreciate our difference, and so dive into real explorations together rather than resent or tug on each other’s heartstrings for proof we’re loved. Feelings can be so volatile, both the best and worst, that we need to take one step at a time. Do not decide about the future of a relationship this week, only work on the quality of each interaction.

Settle any disputes possible as the weekend begins; work out compromises, even temporary ones, while Mercury is still in friendly Libra. When Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday we research more and compromise less. Superficial answers simply will not do, we want to get to the core. Our communication style grows less tactful, more succinct. We may tend to worry, obsess or get sullen, but if we go past the worry and look at the root of the matter, we can reconnect with what works and why we’re here.

Friday is squishy and emotional, if a bit prickly. Over the weekend the sociable Leo Moon wants us out and about. Monday through Wednesday a Virgo Moon gets us back to work. We may have to slog through some tough karmic pattern midweek. Some mid-range problem or event may first discourage us, and then bring an ongoing problem to a head, and in the process opens the door for positive change (if we initiate the efforts) as the Sun squares Pluto and opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter. Feel the steady push pull of evolution and resistance work its way out on the personal political and evolutionary levels. Let’s not get distracted by other people’s resistance, we need to step towards that far horizon ourselves.

Friday, Sept 27: Comfort, and comfort foods, help. We get a quick review of all our issues, one of everything as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus opposes Pluto, then conjuncts Jupiter. We’re up, down, cranky, happy, homeless, lazy, busy, one of everything, and maybe even one with everything. Even though we might be tempted by that cozy Cancer Moon to say home and watch a sad movie, we need to stay engaged and stir the pots. We don’t have to settle anything, but let’s make progress. Because so much is up, our friends and family may be activated and send mixed messages. People away from home, like kids away at school, may need a home-cooked meal or other homey support. If we need comfort, we can give it; make another feel at home and we feel safer ourselves.

Saturday, Sept 28: Agree to disagree as Venus and Mars square exactly. Enjoy differences rather than feel endangered or become indignant. The Moon in Cancer brings out our cozy side when we feel accepted, but brings out prickly defenses if we feel judged. Stubbornness is normal, but meanness with be hard to repair. Argue and make up. If there is a lack of direction, don’t push; refill the wells instead. Tonight, people may want to spar protectively or engage in parallel action, like watching a movie together, rather than reveal themselves.

Sunday, Sept 29: We become even more stubborn and thoughtful as Mercury enters Scorpio and the Moon enters Leo. Our efforts may need to intensify even if our spirit wants to run and play.
Mixed messages and conflicting feelings complicate the morning, during the afternoon it’s hard to coordinate as we’re each called to go in a different direction. Tonight, don’t get discouraged under a tired spell as the Moon squares Saturn, the answer is there though it may take flexibility.

Monday, Sept 30: We can hide our private feelings with an extroverted display under a Leo Moon. Manage people; encourage with attention where people are moving in a good direction and withhold attention where they’re acting out. Make overtures and ask for feedback in a direct and clean way. Towards the evening we wonder who wrote the script and why as the Leo Moon conjuncts Mars, and remember we are the authors. Avoid blustering arguments with extra grace and diplomacy, and stay off one’s high horse. It’s going to be a long week, so let’s kept the energy flowing where we can.

Tuesday, Oct 1: Interesting cross-currents swill as the Moon shifts to thoughtful problem-solving Virgo. Sharpened critique intensifies political opposition and uncomfortable power wresting as the Sun squares Pluto. We can really dig into the nuts and bolts of a project, but let’s not dig in to one another. We can define the problem easily, but need to look beyond the quick blame to the real issues below. Strong emotions can color our thinking. If we can step beyond our hopes and fears, our intuition may be unusually strong and our imagination can carry the song, but objectivity is an illusion as Mercury trines Neptune. Work on weaving intellect and intuition for a clear answer.

Wednesday, Oct 2: Why does life have to hurt? We may ask that question, with or without an event to trigger the cause, as Venus semi-squares Pluto this morning. Kindness is there, though we may have to reach for it. Our simple kindness (to ourselves as well as others- it is so easy to be hard on ourselves today) and efforts to help one another (intention is more important than results at the moment) can ameliorate this ache and feed our hearts. Isolation is an illusion, but a powerful one, help others and feel connected, help them feel connected.

Thursday, Oct 3: Initiate good changes. We may be confronted with ideas or situations that rock the board as the Sun opposes Uranus. Question any new information, some people may play fast and loose with data and speciously rationalize their opinion. Let’s question even our own logic and keep ourselves honest. Look for surprising reversals and let nervous restlessness flow through without taking it on; work with it instead. Tonight, enjoy the funny, witty, inventive edgy reminiscing over what works and what brought joy as the Moon enters friendly Libra, Connect, but forgive us if we’re a bit distracted, the back of our minds continue to chew on serious work.


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