Starcodes September 20, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Autumn begins as the Sun enters Libra at 2:43 pm MDT this Sunday.  Libra loans us an open mind, melodious words, and a desire to make one another happy. We’ll need every ounce of the Libran smooth talk as the emotional arbiters, Venus and Mars square off in strong, obstinate fixed signs, peaking next Friday.

Venus, now in Scorpio, imbues us with a rich curiosity as it brings up our most secretive and primal feelings (they can seep into our dreams) along with a great need for discretion and privacy. Libra wants to share, but Venus in Scorpio would rather we didn’t. Mars, now in Leo, encourages our big-heartedness and any tendency to make great sweeping statements when we’re challenged or feeling ignored. Both can make us stubborn as a mule when pushed, but let us stay open minded and connected when we’re given room to do so in our own way.

The weekend begins with a feeling of urgency or excitement under an Aries Moon. The Moon enters more solid, practical and romantic Taurus and the Sun enters egalitarian and also romantic Libra on Saturday. We can help one another, neighbor to neighbor. New connections form and old ones strengthen as we help one another. Cuddle kids, dogs and beloveds.

All week we need to direct our imagination with care, and work around some confusion caused by misunderstandings, laziness (or a certain lassitude which can make it hard to get going, though the fixed-sign Venus and Mars will help us build momentum once we do), weather, or water damage as Mercury (over the weekend) and the Sun (towards the end of the week) challenge intuitive but foggy, soggy Neptune. The flow of information picks up during a scattered, nervy, sometimes ungrounded midweek under a Gemini Moon and as the Sun challenges confusing Neptune.

Over this week we may also get new evidence about our next evolutionary assignment as Pluto turns direct today and sextiles hardworking Saturn.

To know how this will affect our lives, we can think back and review what was happening as Pluto cycled. Remember a challenging issue or initiative that first stirred in the spring of 2012 as Pluto hit 9 degrees of Capricorn, but soon slowed down for some foundational work or to finish a previous chapter as Pluto retrograded. That potential raised its head around last winter’s holidays as Pluto hit that 9 degrees again, and may have had a potentially defining moment this last April, when our momentum was again questioned. It was time to dig deeper, reorganize and investigate our motivation when Pluto retrograded. And now, this week, the momentum has an opportunity to return, though we may find our course has been adjusted.

We won’t be the only ones to see this pattern, so let’s keep our eyes out for all kinds of odd revelations as we see what’s really been going on behind the scenes or finally hear what people have been planning or brooding on all along. Once the dust settles, the Saturn-Pluto sextile is subtle but stabilizing, and really helpful after a politically volatile last month. Over the next few weeks ahead we may be able to tap into our wisdom and approach our work with more maturity, discipline and healthy compromise.

Friday, Sept 20: We’re easily excited, hate to wait, and stress can make us cranky. Don’t take it personally, observe and look for what’s really bothering people. There’s a chance to pivot the situation, but which way is up to us. Unexpected or urgent events need attention early as the Moon conjuncts, and Venus quincunx, Uranus in Aries, but don’t make it more urgent or difficult than it really is, just to keep life exciting. Respond to urgencies, but delay unnecessary sudden decisions: take notes and check back later to see everyone still feels the same way. It’s natural to be decisive, but do not over-correct or over react to the plot twists; keep an eye on long term goals instead. Unfettered spontaneity will feel best, but if we have to work, we’ll need patience and must confirm easily-obscured details as Mercury challenges Neptune. Make sure people mean what they say; it’s easy to obfuscate either accidentally, or to manipulate the situation. Impatience only tightens the knot of misunderstanding. Relax and improvise instead.


Saturday, Sept 21: Exploration and invention nourishes the soul this morning. People are still willful but more playful; keep the agenda loose. The Moon enters more stubborn, sensual and possessive Taurus and brings in a musky note this afternoon; get in the body, in the garden, and earthy needs. Notice body language, complement beauty, and do not play with jealousy.


Sunday, Sept 22: The Sun enters Libra at 2:43 pm MDT and autumn begins. As if the doors open on a river’s lock, information flows. We may feel old or creaky this morning, and need to balance our responsibilities (and that can make us cranky) as the Moon opposes Saturn. But joints loosen up by midday and gratitude comes easier. Expect some interpersonal awkwardness midday as the Moon opposes Venus; read the heart underneath. Stay flexible tonight as the Moon squares Mars and avoid squaring off even if it’s tempting to dig in one’s heels; accept the difference instead.


Monday, Sept 23: Slow, steady, stubborn, inexorable; linger over coffee and then plant the fall crop of ideas and contacts under this fertile Taurus Moon. Start long term projects, nurture lasting connections. The mood is more unsettled later; we’d like nice stable times but intimations of necessary changes can make us uncomfortable. Don’t borrow trouble, deal with just this moment. If the mind wanders forwards, make the pragmatic chores a meditation in intention and attention.


Tuesday, Sept 24: The mood is talkative, flirtatious and curious but with a short attention span under a nervy Gemini Moon; some deep inner working percolate but don’t want to be discussed, which may leave people with a sparkling but distracted air. Quips may carry more sting than we mean; just because it’s entertaining doesn’t mean we have to share it. Suggests ideas, make offers, and pop in and check on people; anything where short and focused communication will further long-term goals. Think overview versus detail, dialogue versus lecture. Much truth comes out sideways; hard things need to be spoken about in lighter terms. Some people just need a break from heaviness.


Wednesday, Sept 25: The mood is simple but still confusing as the Sun semi-sextiles Neptune. Our energy level may be low or scattered, though our emotional expectations can be cranked high as Venus approaches a trine with Jupiter. A desire to acquire beautiful things can lead one to spend too much. Let’s give as much as we want to received, but not try to control how it’s returned. Some relationships resonated with sweet connection, others are tested by fear which stimulates a desire to clamp down, but that will back fire. Opt for nurturing instead.


Thursday, Sept 26: We need to do something with our hearts; the mood is unsettled, sensitive but generous. We may need unusual amounts of reassurance about our security as the Moon in self-protective Cancer forms a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune and Venus trines bountiful Jupiter. Random acts of kindness help. People may act out in strange ways to protect the heart to because they long, but the real answer may be to love more. Tend to the nest, to issues of home and homelessness.




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