Starcodes Oct 4, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

That’s not fair! That is the Libra battle cry—and today’s New Moon in Libra calls us see where we need to shout this from the rafters. But saying it is not enough, we need to tackle the problem.

An awkward quincunx between Saturn and Uranus ask us to discard old patterns of behavior that once worked, but are not working now. It may be scary to do so- and we have months to make adjustments, but it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway. It also brings a subtle shift in the foundations of or work, or foundations of how we structure our organizations, and potentially, quite literally the foundations of a building or mountain.

It’s time to work hard, work in depth. It may also be time to work this hard on something important to us but that got stuck in the past. Like the national budget. Mental Mercury is now in Scorpio, which asks our thinking to work like a well, with deep, still waters reaching into the earth towards our resources, but doesn’t encourage a broad or flexible point of view. With Mercury in Scorpio we can think deep, think compassionately, but lash out quickly of we’re irritated or interrupted, and we’ll be so easily irritated.

Got a book to write? The next few months are the time to get to it. Mercury is usually in a sign for only three weeks, but will be here in Scorpio through December 6th, so we need to learn to work with this Scorpionic focus and keep it out of trouble. Mercury conjuncts hardworking, serious Saturn this week and brings our mind to a sharp focus, then retrogrades Oct 22 and conjuncts Saturn again, and turns direct Nov. 11 to conjunct Saturn yet a third time. We’re going to catch its lessons coming and going. Mercury is already in its shadow, the part of the sign it covers again when it retrogrades, so we may feel our minds begin to slow down and grow deeper, and may be already called to go back and work on uncompleted things.  

With Mercury and Saturn conjunct three times in fixed sign Scorpio, we’ve got work to do. Our minds want to chew; if we don’t give them something worthy to chew upon, we’ll tend to chew on ourselves or one another. While this Mercury-Saturn dance can loan our thinking focus and a sense of responsibility, it can also narrow and calcify our vision. We can get so discouraged. We may be called to “face reality” and feel our options are limited. But we can reach into our inner resources and sing sweetly to Neptune (Venus squares Neptune later this week and helps us connect) and find the imagination, hope, and scope to bring this hard-working aspect to its productive fruition.

Venus and Mars are still square in stubborn fixed signs as the weekend begins, and we’ll still tend to square off, and will hold our position firmly once we do. But Venus soon moves forward into more flexible and positive Sagittarius and can help us discover an honest way around those blockades, if we choose to look.

Our minds are sharpening, but our hearts are getting fuzzy. As Venus squares inspiring and escapist Neptune on Thursday, they ask us to balance this ongoing saturnine gritty realism with a lyrical escapism to create one healthy life. Let’s just not get lost in the escape as a way out of the funk. Watch a tendency to imagine pastures are greener elsewhere, because wherever we go, there we are; our problems come with us and the work has to be done. But we can find a way to enjoy the process.

Every New Moon offers us a chance to start over. It does not insisted, but does open a door. As the weekend begins, this New Moon in Libra wants to know what we care about, what we think is fair, balanced and beautiful, and what we need to do to get there. Consider the Navajo concept of Hohhot, the Beauty Way, the concept that beauty, harmony, balance, and health are inextricably interwoven, life-long, and world encompassing. Meditate on that. Let’s try to wrap our mind around that this week and let it be a guiding principle.

The mood becomes more moody, broody and thoughtful on Sunday and early in the week as the Moon joins Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Dive into it constructively, let’s not irritate or interrupt, or get righteous when we snap; watch the sharp-tongued impatience.

Friday, Oct 4: To bring relationships back into balance we need to walk a few steps in the others shoes, empathize, and find common ground, without giving up what is import at to us. Expect a flash of emotional excess this morning. Loneliness midday can trigger a desire to acquire stuff, but that’s not the real issue. Instead, ask what one small change needs to be made right now to improve the situation as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Create beauty in the surroundings as a reminder to create harmony in the larger world. Expend an olive branch and engage the healing power of friendly company this evening under the Libra New Moon.

Saturday, Oct 5: New beginnings; look at one another with both fresh eyes and the sum total of the shared experience, and let go of the hold of recently-held problems. Ask what needs to be brought into balance and make it so. Grow gentleness between one another. Today, the mind is opinionated but the heart softens, so speak froth hearts. Evening is sociable, energized if opinionated: gather and share as the Moon sextiles Mars.

Sunday, Oct 6: A darker, deeper – get at the roots- sort of day as the Moon enters Scorpio. Honor an urge to contact people from the past, but about the future as Mercury conjuncts the north lunar node and sextiles Pluto. We see the evidence of our well-carved psyche, our old mental sludge stirs in the depths, but we can control our behavior as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. A dark sense of humor and honest hope can help us look for solutions tonight as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Monday, Oct 7: Lighten up; there’s no fear that a little levity will make us shallow these days. Venus enters Sagittarius and helps us let go (not easy with Mercury and the Moon in Scorpio) to create room between us and what we focus upon, for healing or distraction. International issues begin to replace our domestic obsession. A crack in a wall suggests now possibilities. A new honesty may ask us to speak up to talk over worries and clear the air, but it may only set off another’s defenses as the Moon squares Mars tonight. Wait another day or two.

Tuesday, Oct 8: Make hay while the Sun shines; conditions can loosen up, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to kick back. The Moon joins Venus in Sagittarius and can help us find the space to become more open, appreciative, and make progress wherever we can. Take advantage of any openings and work it as Mercury perfects its conjunction with Saturn; meetings, documents signed serious communications. If the world feels crowded, take a moment in delicious solitude or out on a walk to refocus.

Wednesday, Oct 9: Follow-through, don’t drop the ball, even though there may be too many things in the air right now, and one thinker be taking up all the attention, let’s scan our whole life for what needs attention and follow-through in our spare moment. Get perspective, this is a fertile time but we are easily side tracked or over-focused. Help others stay on track, but remind them kindly and reel in that pointed impatience.

Thursday, Oct 10: Our hearts may both be determined and heart-sore as Venus squares Neptune. Whatever we feel is probably not quite accurate; watch a tendency to want to dream the day away about love or winning the lottery, but do look for unusual magical answers. Diving into a right-brain creative effort helps unlock our imagination to use elsewhere. If we can ground our unusual strong imagination with practical efforts (instead of setting them up as polar opposites), magic can happen under this Capricorn Moon.



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