Starcodes Aug 16, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Fruit ripens on the branch and the fruits of our labor ripen in our lives this last week of Leo season. Next week the Sun enters Virgo, school supplies proliferate, and the first orange tints may grace a treetop. This week we’ll see early hints of the crops to come, the result of what we’ve planted in our garden of love or work. Let’s assess what’s needed to bring that crop in if it looks like a good one, or ask how we can adjust or weed the rest. Next week we’ll begin that process.

So let’s get the most out of this week. The general mood is full and magical with occasional wafts of excess as both Sun and Mercury in Leo, along with a Full Moon in sociable Aquarius, help us gather to appreciate the fruits of our labor. Venus and Mars in the more introverted signs of Cancer and Virgo add introspection and more interest in quality than quantity. And the summer-long trine between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter all in intuitive, emotional water signs continues to tempt us to drift away in fantasy; instead, we can see our whole life as a creative spiritual practice.

But an aspect of discontent creeps as the week goes by and helps us prepare for the turning of the season. Expansive Jupiter squares Uranus, lowers our impulse control and sharpens our thirst for what is new, fresh, and curious. It helps us meet strangers even if we’re feeling shy.

Friday dawns cheerful and efficient, great for getting places or extending ourselves socially. People are lousy with details but can see the global picture. Venus then enters its own sign of Libra late Friday and encourages us to value one another’s company.

The weekend is strategic and oddly competitive under a waxing Capricorn Moon, it helps to have healthy short term-goals to achieve, though we may need to work to stay in our hearts when others jostle for position.

Early next week the Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to shine with all our gifts and potential, and do it for the benefit of all sentient beings. Find a balance between the Leo theme song “This Little (or not so little) Light of Mine”, and the Aquarius awareness that life needs to be win-win; the community’s good is our good. This Full Moon precipitates some great theoretical brainstorming if we don’t get caught in political wrangling, though it can bring up any tension between our need for self-expression, and the needs of our family, company, town, or any other group we exist within.

As the week progresses that restless streak grows as the Sun challenges Pluto and asks us if we’re doing enough. Jupiter squares Uranus and brings up our rebellious, irritable response to anything that feels like it’s in our way. These restless, irritating aspects give us the gumption to make our way in a new town or school, or tackle any hurdle, if we direct the discontent well.

It’s a good week to remember the summer, savor what worked, and let those memories sink in. Because the Sun enters Virgo on Thursday and the season of work will soon be upon us.

Friday, Aug 16: Interrupt us, please. People want to explore, look over the next shoulder for the next thing down the road, and have a short attention span. Our minds may have trouble alighting anywhere for long and can appear superficial as Mercury and Venus semi-square under a restless Sagittarius Moon. We may need to review what we feel and why as Venus leaves analytical Virgo. Rumblings and competitive social jockeying pick up tonight as the Moon enters Capricorn and the Sun sesqui-squares Pluto, but we can turn it to mutually supportive challenges instead.

Saturday, Aug 17: If we get past a slow start, the morning is productive and competent. Afternoon is moody, more difficult; step around the ego issues and strangely competitive undertones, and deal with real and heartfelt feelings just below the surface, affecting us even if we’d rather not talk about it as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Jupiter. Tonight is fortuitous if serious, if we can just leave the strategizing behind and be present with one another. Take a chance to improve relations and make important new connections. Recognize opportunities and do not pass them up as Jupiter trines the North Node.

Sunday, Aug 18: Morning is determined, a little creaky, and brings out our control issues. Everyone tends to have a different view of the schedule and assumes they’re right; this peaks early afternoon as the Capricorn Moon opposes Mars, so keep a sense of humor nearby. The mood grows more cooperative and collective as the Moon waxes towards Aquarius tonight; forget the intimate moments of connection and work the room. Don’t hog the limelight, the conversations scintillate where we can give and take.

Monday, Aug 19: Practice loving kindness in the morning and evening, and work around a rough patch midday, when we’re urged to do too much, to over-love, over-work, or over-argue the point as the Moon squares Saturn. Be respectful with delays and formalities and with elders and teachers. Confront facts, ask for the truth, but be respectful of people. Drop the judgment habit. Tonight’s interactions are interesting, unsettling, and wordy; explore rather than debate.

Tuesday, Aug 20: Let the inner light shine, and respect the light within others. All gatherings further if they let us be ourselves in the process; party, meet, enjoy a conversation with strangers. Help one another with some worry or concern midday, do not use it as an excuse to manipulate as Mercury challenges Pluto. Make the effort to understand the other and experience a breakthrough during tonight’s full Aquarius Moon.

Wednesday, Aug 21: Our personal sensitivities return with a bang, but don’t expect other people to notice or to meet needs, as they will be swamped themselves. Self-care and kindness are essential; we’re all feeling a little peeled under today’s Pisces Moon. Jupiter squares Uranus and pushes forward changes, demanding we adjust and respond just when we’d rather stay in and tend our sensitivities. Some painful memories may come up to be laid to rest.

Thursday, Aug 22: Interruptions, tensions, our nervous and electrical systems can feel overloaded today as Mercury challenges Uranus and Jupiter. Introduce new information but give people a while to react. We tend to respond emotionally, to over or under shoot, have too much or too little confidence; it’s hard to see clearly and objectively until this evening when the Sun enters Virgo. Tonight, notice and savor life, reflect on the summer’s past and let the good memories sink in. Tomorrow the fall season beckons.


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