Starcodes Aug 23, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

We’ve just entered Virgo season. As the Sun entered thoughtful, analytical Virgo yesterday and Mercury joins it there tomorrow, school supplies look more intriguing and political critique sharpens. Mercury (Virgo’s analytical ruler) appears to move fast right now, encouraging the word to get out fast and make things happen quickly once a decision is made. All while the summer’s ongoing Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto square minimizes impulse control (notice strange recent crimes where someone just suddenly thinks it’s a good idea to go kill, and new romances where they suddenly think it’s a good idea to kiss) and magnifies discontent, brilliance, electrical snafus, and inspired change.

Our stress level can rise as we start to look ahead at the autumn’s work, but let’s not jump the gun. This weekend is impatient and emotionally stimulated but too confusing to plan far ahead. We might as well savor the lingering summer as emotional Venus squares broody, in-depth Pluto and opposes erratic Uranus this week. Virgo energy can confuse worry with competence; we need to scan ahead to plan, but trust our ability to wing it in the moment.

With the Sun now in Virgo we begin to look ahead at the fall and assess, collect, reorganize and plan. Our stress level can rise as we start to look ahead at the work that needs to be done, but let’s not jump the gun. This weekend is impatient and emotionally stimulated (as Venus squares and Mercury trines Pluto) but too confusing to plan far ahead while Mercury and the Sun opposes confusing Neptune. We might as well savor the lingering summer.

Virgo energy can confuse worry with competence, we need to scan ahead, plan, and trust our ability to wing it in the moment. Being in the true present allows us to make the most of this moment. Remember that.

We need to use our newly-honed Virgoan critical capacities for good, not evil, and be careful where we put our attention. The best of Virgo energy is that of a healer. We just have to keep our attention focused on whatever we want more than what we don’t want. The point of weeding (a Virgoan skill) is to help the plants we want to grow; if we only weed and forget to nurture and water (also a Virgoan skill, but a more subtle one), all we’ll have is an empty patch or a lonely life.

This weekend could be tough on relationships and political hotspots as an Aries Moon helps us be spontaneous, but makes us rebellious about other’s opinions just as Mercury enters Virgo and offers opinions galore. A melancholic Venus square Pluto brings our attention to what we’ve lost, to the darkening leaves and fading summer flowers. We can be sad for no particular reason, and can mistakenly project this sadness into our relationships. It also may be triggered but the loss of a public figure or the sadness of a nearby event. Just let that feeling flow for now. If we get mad, we can distance ourselves by critiquing with a fine blade. Let’s dial that righteousness down and tap into the Virgo healing mode instead. Complement people on their work and watch them melt.

It’s important to avoid that righteous edge, because not only is it non-productive, it can come around and bite us right back. Mercury opposes Neptune on Sunday which can leave us feeling mystical and creative in a good moment, but also fuzzy-headed or prone to flights of fancy and mistakes of distraction if we’re not careful. Do not give up. Know that worries are probably just our imagination running off on the wrong horse. Instead – turn those flights of fantasy to all the infinite possibilities of hope, and then use the productive determination of the Taurus Moon to kick it into gear early this coming week.

Venus in romantic Libra opposes restless Uranus all week, which will probably bring a few first days of school crushes. Look for artistic and romantic discontent as well as random acts of kindness woven throughout the rest of the challenges this week. Bring sweetness back to relationships.

Be careful what emotionally based decisions are made as the week begins; it will be tempting, to cut loose anything that hurts or feels like dead weight. By mid-week our common sense returns as Mercury moves away from confusing Neptune to form a stabilizing sextile with structural Saturn. We can begin to plan ahead, use the emotional motivation and creativity of the weekend, mix with common sense, sanity and our own energy, and improve our situation.

Friday, Aug 23: Intermittent enthusiasm brings out our immaturity for better or worse. People’s energy and obsessions seem to run on skew lines and bump into one another, groups work at cross purposes and get defensive as to who needs to change as Moon and Uranus conjuncts in Aries, opposes Venus, square Pluto and Jupiter. Chill, and let everyone’s feathers settle. Put the restlessness into autonomous short term projects. We can feel sore or uncomfortable tonight, or with an aching heart, so help one another feel accepted and give us room for our personal intensity.

Saturday, Aug 24: Notice a tugging on the heart, a longing for something missing or for what we’ve left behind as Venus squares Pluto. Don’t read too much of this into intimate relationships. Give people a moment to act out without taking it personally. Take an opportunity to understand one another through unusually direct and honest responses, though a fear of being trapped can make us look more avoidant than we really are. Conversational and debate need room and juice tonight as the Moon squares Mars, but be kind.

Sunday, Aug 25: Slow down and get healthy, embodied and organized as the Moon enters Taurus. Don’t hurry us. Let this be a day of mourning, feeling, praying, playing, renewing as yesterday’s Venus square Pluto can leave leaving us resonating, intuitive and creative, but without being able to see where we’re going clearly and with a strong tendency to splatter projections over one another. Watch the conspiracy theories as Mercury opposes Neptune. Don’t run the story into the future, do let the feelings flow and be truly present to the moment. Tonight we may feel how tired we are as the dream-world calls.

Monday, Aug 26: A steady Taurus Moon can help us stabilize even though Venus squares Uranus and leaves our heart and sense of aesthetics destabilized. The mood is grounded but rebellious and excited, a good day to meet new schoolmates, but a bad day to try and actually get to know anyone, as we’re still not seeing clearly while the Sun opposes Neptune. Notice a desire to buy things, but create something instead and avoid buyer’s remorse. Keep emotional decisions short term, leave for an hour not a lifetime.

Tuesday, Aug 27: Wake up and smell the coffee as Mercury sextiles Saturn and clears the recent fog. Calmer (or more determined) heads prevail. Whether that whiff of rational thinking makes the world look better or worse will depend on where we drifted over the weekend. But don’t let the beauty slip away, we need to be fed by Venus as she squares Jupiter today; kind social graces can heal more than we think. The conversation picks up and the energy shifts as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and Mars enters expressive Leo tonight.

Wednesday, Aug 28: Nervy energy with enthusiasm can help us multi-task and work our connections if we stay present but can wind into anxiety or over-acting of we let our imagination get carried away as Mercury trines Pluto. Some difficult information about work can benefit if we learn rather than defend. Tonight, step back in the heart and speak from there.

Thursday, Aug 29: Look for technological quirks and flashes of brilliance along with some wacky thinking as Mercury quincunx Uranus. Let’s keep ears open and the conversation flowing, and notice our own flashes of brilliance. Look for important communications about legal matters and about the structure of authority; watch the control issues at home and remember to work in an egalitarian way.


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