Starcodes Aug 9, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

This week is the height of Leo Season. Hot August days along with Sun and Mercury in generous, expressive Leo call us out to the arts festivals and farmer’s markets to engage the heights of human creativity and out to the gardens and mountains to engage the heights of nature’s creativity.

But through this summer lusciousness we may feel a bit more subdued and thoughtful than usual for August, looking for deeper connections than a quick summer romance and feeling a bit more demanding of the quality of our own work as the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, work their way through introspective, industrious, and self-protective Virgo and Cancer.

Mars in Cancer from July 14 through August 29 brings out our caring but touchy side as it helps us share and appreciate tenderness. It encourages us to stick closer to home this summer and tend our domestic work, whether we define that as home or home country.

But Mars can also leave us feeling as prickly as porcupine if we feel criticized or feel our defenses triggered. Giving and receiving constructive criticism, even gentle teasing, may take unusual diplomacy. Our defensive quills can spike up at the least provocation, we’ll see this pattern occur between countries as much as between family members. Once the spikes are up, it will take time, safety and privacy to get them down again.

If we’ve set off another’s quills, making a simple apology (do not wait for one it may be a long time coming, no matter what they feel), and a bit of time will do wonders, whereas trying to prove our point will not. De-escalate the situation and it will stay manageable. And hope the global governments will do the same.

As the weekend begins under a lovely but edgy Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo, our attitude will be a deciding factor. If we choose to focus on what could’ve been done better, the world feels gritty, sandy, and off. But if we look to the growing crops, the ripening heart inside us foible-filled humans, we see the beauty and can help it grow.

The Libra Moon brings us back to the sociable gatherings of summer and puts a shine on artistic endeavors over the weekend. Early in the week the mood is stormy and stubborn, it encourages us to dig in our heels to resist one another or to dig in and really get some work done. Just keep on track with a broader blueprint and don’t get lost in the details. Thursday, look for a shift in foreign policy on the big stags, and feel a lust to wander or let the mind meander.

Friday, Aug 9: We’re up, we’re down; happy but unsatisfied, running hot, cold, and nervy today as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Virgo. Drop beneath the surface static and tune into the creative, productive vibe underneath, a place where our craftsmanship can flow with our reactive ideas. Rein in the critical edge under stress and the tendency to be hard on oneself; instead, bring attention to what we’ve all done right. Tonight the Moon-Venus conjuncts beautifully in the night sky; let it in and count blessings.

Saturday, Aug 10: Don’t ask us to be practical, on this rather idyllic, spacey summer day. People are careful or guarded with deep feelings, but generally open and amiable, idealistic and impractical as Mercury challenges Neptune under a sociable Libra Moon. People negotiate fairly when others seem to be honest, but unfairness and unnecessary ugliness or harshness will set out our quills. Alcohol may flow too freely in public situations, watch the driving. Enjoy a magical evening, but watch misunderstandings or problems created by alcohol, water, zealotry or wishful thinking as Mercury quincunx Neptune.

Sunday, Aug 11: We mean well. Probably. On the surface people want to get along and not rock the boat, but watch their chin. Morning flows smoothly, though our energy may be lower than our enthusiasm. Midday on a deeper level of will and stubbornness seeps up and asks us to hold our ground, though we may take a stance on the strangest things. Look for the real issues way below the words as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune. Deal evenly with competitive actions, hidden motives, transportation delays, minor technical difficulties, Tackle serious issues or firm up plans tonight as Mercury squares Saturn.

Monday, Aug 12: Get on it. This impatient morning is good for getting to the bottom of a problem as long as we’re working alone. Intuition is strong underneath our emotional bias, but sarcastic comments, impatience and a critical edge make interpersonal work challenging under a Scorpio Moon. Notice approach–avoidance feeling about being seen and come here-go away messages in love; they are honest. Hang in there and get less personal work done for the moment.

Tuesday, Aug 13: Tough dreams or early morning concerns let us know what we’re worried about as the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Mercury quincunx Pluto. We wonder if there is enough to go around. It is easy to be suspicious, but not all covert actions are wrong; some are just working internally and not ready to talk. Some responsibilities may be breathing down our neck; do not avoid waiting deadlines; let everyone know what’s going on. Uncertainty makes people worry, and worry makes people mad. Evening softens; we know what we feel in our deeper recesses.

Wednesday, Aug 14: An energized Moon-Mars trine propels us this morning, but we choose the direction. After a gratuitously stubborn streak this morning, midday requires we shake off a mood, however inconvenient, and communicate about ongoing plans with an eye to the future as Mercury squares the Moon’s nodes. Pay attention to unexpected meetings. The mood expands and we put on our travelling shoes or think of faraway places and ideas as the Moon enters Sagittarius and Mercury trines Uranus. It’s a night to consider possibilities or meet strangers. Look for a shift in foreign policy.

Thursday, Aug 15: Explore possibilities. We begin to shift gears out of the summer and peer into the active autumn ahead. Open minds and get a fresh perspective as thoughtful Mercury, emotional Moon, and catalyst Uranus form a grand trine. Treat problems lightly but with radical honesty. Eccentricity is appreciated. Look ahead at coming possibilities and notice exchanges that change minds. Just expect a short attention span; this isn’t time to pursue in depth, but is time open options.


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