Starcodes June 7 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Savor any fleeting moments of perfect weather and minutes of kindness, the social flow, silly moments and generalized nervy busyness of this Gemini season. The stars offer such a mix this week, it will be really important to bring our minds to the world’s often heartbreaking beauty and let our soul reside there. The weather may say summertime, but the living might not be easy.

This is a moody week, but one where we can really make a difference if we watch the quality of our thinking and don’t get stuck in the muck. Several major planetary configurations give us a lot to work with, but also a lot to metabolize. If we get depressed, it is important to know it is not just us, just our lives, and wait awhile to make any drastic decision; we may feel unusually emotional permeable as mental Mercury opposes transformative Pluto and squares change-inducing Uranus and easily feel the world’s sorrows. If we read this global, environmental heaviness into our personal situation, our life can look worse or more urgent than it is. But this sensitivity can help us prioritize and add a certain poignant beauty if we don’t take it all on ourselves.

Our minds may be drawn to what we’ve lost, what we long for. Our mind resonates with old memories that support the feelings, and can bring us back to old thought patterns we thought we’d out grown.

But as always, forewarned is forearmed, we can notice the patterns, take personal responsibility and make different, even revolutionary, choices. Art makes a difference. Women, and the feminine within each of us, our compassion and creative out of the box approach, can lead the difference as Venus forms a grand trine with structural, restrictive Saturn and intuitive Neptune. Because of this same aspect, our spirituality or intuition may be hard to reach unless we use traditional or familiar ways to reach it, but if we engage these ways, the soul’s ocean opens easily.

In the pragmatic, political dimension we may bear witness to the best and worst of power dynamic, or see some real transportation or communication problems that stem from Neptune and Pluto issues, such as water (too much here, too little there) damage, electrical glitches, or philosophical differences (such as the debate spawned when the press noticed that the U.S. government accesses phone records) but these problems can stimulate improved long-term solutions.

The weekend begins alive, spontaneous and glitch-filled; forget the schedule and be alert for sudden changes. Experiments, explore; but avoid sudden reactive shifts. Be open to wonder. Sunday and early into the week, we need to come back to ourselves and take care of selves and our home front.

Midweek can bring success, as long as we live out our ideals with integrity and don’t take any moral short cuts as Saturn perfects a trine to Neptune. Add discipline to vision, listen to old wisdom mingling with a fresh approach, and get it done. Feed the social buzz, though we’ll all have feelings too complex to share lightly, we’ll appreciate the company.

Friday, June 7: Beauty feeds our soul, but disappointed idealism can make us cranky as Venus trines Neptune and Saturn while the Moon conjuncts Mars. Low-level discouragement eats at us unless we can find a way to exercise our Venus through compassionate or creative acts, or a good long hug. Observe depression or suspicion but do not identify with. Don’t ask others to fill an existential void that calls for spiritual food. Afternoon asks for sanity and a good long talk with trusted people to help us handle the complex, multilayered feelings. Big- picture problems help us put our smaller ones in perspective as Mercury opposes Pluto; be compassionate and learn vicariously. Watch for wind damage. Talk it out early this evening, as energy dissipates or gets edgy later on.

Saturday, June 8: Things may not go as planned. Look for a fresh start or unique point of view, notice challenging news or surprising experiences that shift reality. Work around technical and electrical problems, and make the best of it. Keep the mind busy, or it will tend to rev up and worry unnecessarily. Use the day to consider possibilities rather than react. Allow new beginnings as thoughtful Mercury squares change-inducing Uranus. Think fast this afternoon; enjoy a disjointed, witty, stimulating early evening, and don’t be surprised if the energy runs out later.

Sunday, June 9: It’s time to go home and nest as the Moon enters domestic, introverted Cancer and conjuncts Jupiter. We’ll feel so much better if we do. Avoid emotionally responsive eating and step away from the cookies; give and receive nurturing in a healthier way. Enter the debate about the very nature of security, and notice conflicting forms of patriotism. Tonight, the Moon calls us to drift between the realms, processing overflows.

Monday, June 10: We may feel a compulsion to fix things this morning, let’s just make sure it’s the right thing as Mercury trines Chiron. Let’s fix ourselves, fix the world, but avoid fixing those near and dear unless asked, as the effort will be seen as a criticism. If friction builds between defenses midday, speak simply, directly, and in “I” statements as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Cancer. Nurture goodness. Tonight, watch for mishandled control issues within the family or country. Trust will get us farther.

Tuesday, June 11: Feelings roil deeply, hauntingly; our attention is brought to what we’ve lost or what we long for as Venus opposes Pluto. We can project these strong emotional waves onto the stories of our life and become territorial or possessive, or poke one another for reactions that tell us we’re alive, but don’t believe the mind’s own hype. The true story is deeper. We’re feeling for the whole planet. Let it flow through rather than exacerbate the melodrama as the Moon enters Leo late tonight. We all need love, love and more love.

Wednesday, June 12: Social restlessness and a witty streak are ways of dealing with unspoken tender feelings. It’s tempting to ditch people or situations that are too much work as Venus squares Uranus, but let’s get more specific and ask what we’d really like to change. Creative experimentation furthers, personal expression can be over the top; honey works better than force.

Thursday, June 13: Sentimental, sociable, a little self-conscious, with approach–avoidance attitude about being seen or exploring beyond our comfort zone as Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer. Interpersonal or aesthetic accomplishments accumulate, but not much gets done practically; people are repairing from and processing recent events, and don’t want to be pushed. We all could use some extra attention to keep insecurities away, but bloom forth with surprising talents if believed in. be in the present with one another, and pay great attention to what works, what makes each day, each minute, grow.


2 thoughts on “Starcodes June 7 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Thank you for this as always. You really help me keep an even keel. “Heather said it would be like this.”

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