Starcodes May 31 2013

Ask a question this week. Go on. Curiosity engages our soul and can be a real doorway to a fertile and creative world as Mercury and Venus both shift into Cancer and form a grand trine with intuitive Neptune and structural Saturn, all in sensitive, creative water signs, then oppose deep-digging Pluto. If we don’t engage our curiosity, the aspect can leave us passively and moodily paddling about.

This grand trine wants us to engage Neptune in a positive way: Mercury and Venus bring mind and heart to bear, and need Neptunian inspirations and Saturnine discipline, but we have to set the intention to use its gifts.

We can still engage the lighter social whirl of summer as Venus and Jupiter continue to tango and flirt, which causes us to want to do the same, first light-heartedly with Venus in Gemini, then on a more serious note as Venus enters Cancer on Sunday. Look to the west just after sunset to see their dance. Together they do tend to turn up the volume on our feelings, our creative output, and the voice of the feminine within the culture, but can also crank up our romantic expectations.

Back to the other major configuration; this Mercury-Saturn-Neptune grand trine can bring the minds (Mercury) and hearts (Venus) to our spiritual discipline (Neptune with Saturn) and ask us to live out our spiritual ideals. But with the increasing generalize unrest from an on-going Uranus-Pluto square, it also has a shadow side; it can increase self-protectiveness and cause fractures along religious or philosophic lines, or it can help us weave our fates together because connection truly is at the core of all religions.
As always, it is our choice how we live out the symbolic pattern.

In a practical way, water, floods, storm damage and bridges may continue to be a major concern this month; it’s time to deal with them as Mercury (transportation) trines Saturn (structure) and Neptune (water). We can expect new investigations on the conditions of our national bridges but also some great and creative brainstorming as to how to solve the problem. We can play with that metaphor in our work as well, and ask how we, too, can rebuild our infrastructure and make sure all our bridges are working.

Those bridges are essential right now. It’s time to network for healing, for work, and for the general well-being, whether therapy or therapeutic talking, connecting with other people in our field, or weaving stories by the fire side. Mars in Gemini encourages us to initiate ideas and share information. Mercury appears to move at an unusually fast rate right now, it far from retrograde, and so it is a good time to work on our website or install any program, effort, habit, or equipment that concerns our communications systems.

But keep a light touch this week. People will get irritable if they can’t have their say, but may squirm around like a worm on stick if we try to hold their feet to the fire. We can laugh about something that bothered us terribly only a few days ago, and need to travel light right now. We’ll find plenty of new things to be tweaked about next week. That does not mean forget a problem, but if we hold people accountable with more humor and understanding, less anger, we’ll be more successfully. Just keep talking.

The weekend starts out spacey but creative under a Pisces Moon; rest up, forgive all those things left undone, and make it safe to be sensitive. Sunday and into early next week is more action-packed, irritable; find short term goals and specific events to channel the energy that flashes in and out, and think twice before giving into an urge to vent. Midweek is a fertile gardening and nurturing time, slow down and follow through. Moods deepen toward the end of the week; we have important work to do soon, so take one another seriously.

With these major aspects to Mercury over the next few weeks, let’s watch the quality of our thinking and notice where our mind goes. It can be either too easily entertained or too easily worried. We are so distractible as the week begins, but may move into obsession by the week’s end. Notice the mental chatter. Let the pool of the mind begin to calm, the dust settle, and wonder what is down there in the depths

Friday, May 31: Touchy, easily tweaked feelings today can send our thoughts scrambling as the sensitive Pisces Moon conjuncts spacy Neptune and Mercury enters thoughtful Cancer. Worries flutter by. Interesting news on earlier troubles require an attitude of healing rather than discipline. Frustrations can arise midday; appeal to the heart and find shared goals this afternoon as the Moon sextiles Pluto. Evening is sensitive, introverted, home looks better than it has for a while. Tonight, help one another recover from the week and look for healing dreams as the Moon approaches Chiron.

Saturday, June 1: High strung or moody morning motivates people to express their concerns. Midday drifts and scatters, the mood is generally helpful but can leave us tweaked by the pressure of other’s personality. Let’s take care of ourselves and own our own homework as the Pisces Moon squares Jupiter. Tonight comes alive as the Sun sextiles Uranus; we’re open to something different and unique though we may get over-emotional later as the Moon squares Venus.

Sunday, June 2: A pushy fresh Aries Moon speeds up our day but can give people a chip on the shoulder as it squares both Mercury and Pluto. Stay in the present and solve the problems here and now, do not project worries on to the future. Our heart may grow more appreciative of family, but self- protective as Venus enters Cancer. We may be tempted to make sweeping statements that do not help; it’s much better to stay present and take action towards improvement. Tend life’s garden.

Monday, June 3: A cranky, rushed spell early this morning as the Moon semi-squares Mars dissipates after a few choice words. Though we still have little patience for people who want to sit in their problems; it’s an action-oriented day. Mercury perfects the grand trine to Saturn and Neptune, which could give us just nice dreams, or bring important information in both practical and intuitive channels. Listen. Look for solutions.

Tuesday, June 4: Act early and quickly this morning to follow up on works in progress rather than initiate new items. Then slow down; our senses need feeding, our flowers need tending as the Moon enters Taurus midday. Slow, steady, and charming win this race. Enjoy embodiment, tend health, and accept people where they are. Tonight if moods discourage as the Moon opposes Saturn, rest first and reconsider the situation in the morning.

Wednesday, June 5: The vibe is generally pleasant, stubborn, comfort-oriented on the surface, with progress moving forward with a steady pace. But the bigger issues of life swirl in the background and need ongoing attention. Enjoy the moment but don’t drop the ball. Beloveds may begin to talk about odd concerns; don’t take it personally, do give it time and comfort.

Thursday, June 6: Keep it simple, grounded, and in the present moment today. Much good can be done in simple ways, right here and now. Important hints trickle in as to how to solve those bigger issues; stay curious and aware. Let the questions be a guiding meditation behind all else. The mood brightens and speeds up this afternoon as the Moon enters Gemini, evening buzzes away. Engage the conversation.


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