Starcodes June 14, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

The most efficient thing we can do this week is fill up our wells, inside and out. If we can’t fill up the water table, we can notice where we feel parched within and take care of it. Water, too much here and too little there, remains a problem in the headlines all summer as constrictive, focusing Saturn trines watery Neptune.

The stars call for rest, regeneration, and a chance to catch up and heal from an abundance of recent emotional events. We may need extra sleep, extra time to dream and let our unconscious process, more time on the meditation cushion, walking the land, or reading a good book that takes us far away as thoughtful Mercury and heartfelt Venus challenge dreamy Neptune.

Because this need for interior time can knock so loudly at our psyche, fuzzy-minded daydreams can make it harder to focus efficiently at work if we haven’t taken enough down time. But if we rest well and spend that needed time with our interior ocean of the soul, our work will fall into place more easily.

The work won’t wait, and neither will our inspiration or ambition as active Mars quincunx powerful Pluto, sextiles Uranus and irritates us with what is left undone. But we can work with this active subconscious; we can give it a problem to solve or a process to create, and then go about our daily puttering and trust the psyche on these bigger pieces in the spacious back rooms of the soul.

Relationships may need to deal with a sweet, but touchy quality. Mars in Gemini helps us talk with one another, but can nudge us to say too much or say tactless things that were not meant to be hurtful in any way, witty but disconnected from our empathy. And if we really do get mad, we can say so in no uncertain terms. All while Venus and Mercury in Cancer brings out our kind but touchy, easily hurt, self-conscious streak that can default to our insecurities under stress or in response to those tactless moments, and withdraw a hair’s breath just when it would be more productive to lean forward with cheerful confidence and find out what’s really going on.

So let’s get our heart engaged before we open our mouth. Also catch ourselves if we feel that urge to jump back from our beloveds; find out what is really going on and what would actually help the situation first. And keep our sense of humor nearby.

The weekend forecasts to be industrious if disjointed, with our busy mind competing with our need for rest as the Moon works its way through responsible Virgo. People may feel unsettled, uncertain, with a cerebral, critical edge. Watch the self-critical tape, and soften around that habit. Analysis with compassion helps. So does a project that takes attention to detail. It’s a great time to weed the garden, or clear up clutter of mind, soul, country or closet and tend to whatever needs healing.

We’ll want to lighten our load and expand our world as the Sun conjuncts expansive Jupiter on Sunday. Things magnify. This call for freedom can help us let go of some burden we carry and offer it to the clouds.

The week starts under a sociable, aesthetic, egalitarian Libra Moon. Romance and defense dance, we’ll take one step closer, one step back. Midweek sings the blues under a broody Scorpio Moon, moods roll with the clouds but we can get down to business and deal more directly with the challenges at hand.

But through it all, rest whenever possible, soften the internal tape that demands productivity, and listen to the subtle quiet voice within.

Friday, June 14: Check in with one another and coordinate this social morning while the mood is warm, if opinionated Leo. Pay attention to what’s working and repair what broken, or repair a frayed relationship, as Venus trines Chiron. Organize this afternoon; direct any nervous buzz into constructive channels but watch the cranky thoughts as the Moon enters Virgo. Tonight, look for the magic but confirm facts as the Moon opposes confusing Neptune.

Saturday, June 15: Curious minds want to know; learn, investigate, try something new, just watch the gossip as the Moon trines Pluto. A warmhearted morning may bring a cranky spell midday but evolve back into an open-hearted evening. Layers of deeper feelings and musky undertones, and unspoken ambitions weave competence and complications as Mars quincunx Pluto. Let’s check our motivation and watch our willfulness, and avoid accidents with sharp objects. If anger that comes from frustrated longing; don’t give up, redirect instead.

Sunday, June16: Our contradictions are exposed, our moods can work at cross-purposes without any ill will intended, and can help us see the glitches. We need acceptance of different priorities, healthy communications, and a willingness to drop righteousness to make the most of the busy if disjointed morning and aimless, puttering afternoon. Important conversations are begun will stay a work in progress. Loose ends need gathering up this evening.

Monday, June 17: Change of scene and pace this morning as Mars sextiles Uranus under a friendly Libra Moon. Positive legal actions, problem solving, technical creativity help us make changes; let’s just make sure they’re fair and good. Be careful of water damage around electrics. Later on we can try to over simplify a complex situation, or find our imagination gets carried away as Mercury sesqui-squares Neptune and the Moon opposes Uranus. Some people tell stories which are factually wrong but speak of an emotional truth; look underneath the smoke screen.

Tuesday, June 18: An inner push-pull can leave us emotionally at odds with our self or others this morning as the Moon square Venus and Mercury. Midday settles our feathers and helps find more common ground and a lighter heart as the Moon trines the Sun and Jupiter, though evening may sharpen the edges again as the Moon approaches Scorpio; curtail the quick come back and deflect conflict for a few days.

Wednesday, June 19: Promote, advertise, share opinions; make the public side more public but respect personal privacy. Feel the ambient attitude, attraction, and complicated paradox as we get down to some core work. Solve a mystery. The cynical Scorpio Moon resists an optimistic expansiveness as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter; this can bring a witty, no-nonsense approach to free a stuck situation or support a revolutionary urge for freedom, or can leave us sarcastic and self-indulgent. It’s our call.

Thursday, June 20: Expect challenges as to how to handle one’s temper; process old memories or fallout from a previous event but don’t get stuck in the past; set clean boundaries in the present instead. Notice tension around schedules or groups, respect concerns but don’t feed them. Close-knit teams or groups may need to be both supported and reorganized, but with loving honesty rather than confrontation. Evening calls for a poet’s soul as Mercury conjuncts Venus. Go on, speak those feelings.


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