Starcodes April 19 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers

This is a fierce week that can test our hearts, trouble our minds, and strengthen us along the way. The mood is laced with machismo, extra testosterone in people, weather and politics as the Sun conjuncts Mars (this aspect in in force last week and this, but it peaked last night, Thursday, April 18.). Mars loans us extra bravery but we have to add the wisdom, it improves reaction time, but we have to decide how to react. It also strengthens mechanical skills, and the likelihood that we’ll need those skills.

We’ll notice a big shift in the planetary line up from fire to earth as both the Sun and Mars join Venus in earthy Taurus; this may slow us down, and defuse some of the fireworks, but adds to our determination. Taurus like to sit still and smell the roses, but once it gets going, not much stops the progress. Think of the childhood story of Ferdinand the bull, who just wanted to soak up the sunlight in in his meadow, but bucked ferociously when stung by a bee. This shift into Venus-ruled Taurus helps ground us, but that does not mean everybody will be calm cool and collected, just that they mean business.

With intellectual Mercury still in brash, Mars-ruled Aries, the symbol we get is heat on clay; the shape of the earth is crystalized into form by the heat. Now we can take our great fresh ideas (or the terrible ones), our new decisions, and give them earthy substance. But when there is too much heat on the earth it becomes lava, and shift the very ground underneath us.

This energy is generally great for manifesting, but let’s proceed with caution as there’s still a lot of personal and political fuel lying around in a year rife with change-invoking events triggered by the bigger aspects of our time. A Sun-Mars conjunction is not uncommon, happens approximately every 2 years, but this time occurred in Mars’ own sign of Aries, and against the back drop of the change-inducing Uranus-Pluto square (2012-2015). Be cautious, not suspicious; it’s all too easy react with extra adrenaline. Be kind to the nervous system, as our judgment can go out the window when we feel over-exposed.

Love can take some work this week, or we can work for what and whom we love as Venus trines Pluto and opposes Saturn. The world can test our tender emotions so let’s not test one another more than necessary. Love we’ve come to trust can be the great healing force. And if we put some love into the work of our heart, the work we really care about, it can bloom along with the bulbs this spring.

As the week progresses, people may be less hot under the collar but more determined. This is wonderful when we’re on track, but that will take attention. People can be a little crazy this week, we may be just easily distracted, prone to being adrenaline junkies, on the lookout for something more exciting and urgent than our chores, or our judgment may be tweaked, all triggered as Mercury is unsettled by an opposition to Uranus and a square to Pluto. This pattern also can put a crimp in our travel plans or our work with technology. And topped off by a tempestuous Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, which for most people will just turn up the volume on what we feel, and let us know what we want and don’t want. It can also crack opens our heart, expose the roots of a problem and ask for judicial surgery. May it be a healing step.

Friday, April 19: Emotional torque, strength, spark, bravery, and bravado when we’re engaged, and lassitude if we’re not as the Sun conjuncts Mars and Mercury quincunx Saturn. I also can call out worry, rigorous thinking, mechanical effort, slogging through detains when we don’t feel like it. Finish the work and feed the heart afterwards. A new steadiness of determination and desire for comfort and safety seeps in as the Sun and Mars enter Taurus under a melodrama-loving Leo Moon. Some may develop a chip on the shoulder and dare us to knock it down. Tonight, we need to share our dramas together.

Saturday, April 20: News may surprise or shock us. We’re responsive to new information and our minds are open to change on this inventive, experimental, expressive day with a high strung edge and a desire to fight for a good cause. Or just fight as Mars semi-squares Jupiter. It helps settle to have something practical to do, get the hands dirty in the garden. The critical mind sharpens as the Moon enters Virgo, but watch a tendency to dump blame to avoid the discomfort of confusion and ambiguity, and find somewhere to move the feet and something worthy (not someone) to critique.

Sunday, April 21: Check facts, play it cool, and watch the mental hamsters, and the gossip mills, as Mercury squares Pluto under a Virgo Moon we can move into paranoia or worry as a nervous condition, not honest reaction. But just because we’re paranoid does mean it’s not true; listen closely to information that triggers, don’t defend from it, let it deepen the thinking, but make efforts to stay balanced and clear-sighted. We feel just how tired we are. In calm waters this is a good day to catch up with ourselves and tend to health concerns, and have long, deep talks.

Monday, April 22: Oh, how easy it is to feel old on a Monday. If it’s hard to love or to be inspired as Venus opposes Saturn, lean on the habits and traditions of care; bring up the memories of success and connection, do familiar routines, be diplomatic and kind by habit, and practice craft, and then the flow returns. The form of our life needs attention, work needs a considerable effort. Our personal routines can comfort us. Elders and old friends could use respect and support. We’ll all feel younger tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 23: Tend to relationships both personal and professional; nurture those filaments of connection that might have been frayed recently as the Moon enters Libra. Romances need an attention and touch, appreciation, even if we don’t have time for more. It’s a good day to make aesthetic decisions. Moods are layered, complex, so appreciate any simple moment in the sunlight or in the warmth of good company. Technical glitches midday, evening opens up with a fresh optimism and longing for freedom or wider horizons.

Wednesday, April 24: Our hearts want to be in whatever we do as Venus trines Pluto, it could bring radical acts of compassion or great art, or a stress-provoked argument; we care too much and can lose our balance. If feeling overwhelmed, tend to the next practical thing, tune into the Taurus stability and try again. Idealism is waiting to be tapped into tonight as the Sun sextiles Neptune, but we have to reach for it.

Thursday, April 25: Deep emotions roil at the bottom of our well, it’s easy to brood over past wrongs today but that won’t further. Some surgery is necessary, a pruning of expenses and efforts, and a chance to refocus our efforts, but make it judicious and serving a good end. Big issues can shift our underlying ground. We can also just concentrate on our favorite obsession and avoid the whole emotional thing. Be very careful to stay balanced around jealousy, possessiveness, resentment, territory, or envy. These feelings are natural, but if triggered, forgive oneself and step back, get some distance and perspective. It’s an edgy day, with a Full Moon, lunar eclipse in broody, volcanic Scorpio.


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