Starcodes April 12, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

This week we can build momentum. What is in motion will stay in motion and gain torque, what is at rest may be ignored for now. Trouble deepens, fights get down to the nitty- gritty, new connections grow roots, new businesses take form, and the spring cleaning urge engages.

This urge is wonderful if we know where we’re going and we look forward to the end of that road. But if we don’t have a good place to direct this momentum, it can spin around in us as anxiety, itchiness, or depression; discontent with no place to go. The general mood is still Aries restive and generally positive but abrupt. We wind out easily once we engage an argument.

This urge to set plans into motion inspires a bout of spring cleaning across board, so let’s take advantage of it. The mood is out with the old, in with the fresh and new as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in audacious, assertive Aries and Saturn (tradition) forms a challenging quincunx with Uranus (change). The Sun itself is flaring, pulsing solar flares in our direction, and this usually turns up the volume on all we do down here. So speak up with clear ideas, invent, be part of the fresh energy. Choose. It helps to be proactive with this, because we’ll hate to have anyone else tell us where to clean or how to do it.

This spring cleaning can also go on deep within us. We may either feel old habits triggered and choose to discard them, or may need to leave behind structures that once supported us so we can venture forward on a new and healthier road propelled by this restless Aries line-up. Some of us will find this exhilarating, others may feel the like the rug has been pulled out. But the Aries lineup offers us the energy to the feel the fear and do it anyway.

If we don’t like what’s happening we need to make a considered effort to change it now, because Venus enters earthier Taurus on Monday and adds a fixed-sign base note, strengthening the momentum behind whatever is already in motion. Over the next month or two most of the planets now in Aries will head into Taurus, helping us root and grow the crop we’re planting now. Let’s make it a good one.

If we pull our lens out and look at the bigger picture, we can see a pattern that demands reorganization around structures of authority and security, triggered as Saturn (structure, authority) quincunx Uranus (chaos, metamorphosis, urgency) Saturn is now in Scorpio, and Scorpio signifies, among many other things, sexuality, the pelvis, and, revenge. With Saturn in Scorpio quincunx Uranus (an aspect of many month, peaking now), we see the structures of authority being challenged by the families of people who have been sexually abused with cases pending from India, Brazil, Ohio, California and Nova Scotia.

When a theme shows up in the planets and percolates in the headlines, we often feel an echo of the work show up in our own lives. Look for homework that needs to be done about how we wield and respond to primordial power, and how we challenge authority constructively, if they’re not doing their job. There’s always room for evolution, and tough aspects bring an opportunity to grow up and evolve one more notch

Not everything now in motion now will take flight right away; some transformation or changes in power dynamics may stand down this week as Pluto retrogrades for the summer. But do not give up hope if a long-awaited change is delayed, (or get too hopeful if some awful situation calms down), we may need to go back and fishing either emotional processing, or need to reorganize how the power and resources are distributed before we launch forward.

The weekend begins with fresh honesty as Mercury enters fresh, brash, basically positive Aries and stimulates us to speak our truth, but we have to add gentleness and tactfulness to the mix. Important new connections are shimmering just around the corner, so let’s stay open and in the flow, and notice who we encounter. Venus enters Taurus on Monday to ground our work and add a more romantic if territorial note. Venus approaches an idealistic, creative, peace-loving sextile to Neptune over the week, which helps balance a concurrent militaristic, urgent, accident-prone (particularly accidents caused by impatience, by sparks hitting loose fuel, or by carelessness from an overdose of attitude) Sun-Mars conjunction. The sparks fly in new relationships or international politics, and there is plenty of fuel around to combust. Let’s vote for good outcomes with our prayers, imagination and our actions.

Friday, April 12: The mood is determined strong, with a few lurking insecurities. Old issues can trip us this morning; invest time and energy into who and what matters, and don’t feed the weeds. Connect with important contacts, further mutual projects, and follow through on an important piece of unfinished business. People need something substantial to work with, not a lot of words. Midafternoon our hearts can feel tweaked in some familiar way as Venus challenges Chiron, but we can change our response before it snowballs. Extend comfort and connection tonight.

Saturday, April 13: The mood is speedy, funny, with easy repartee but many interruptions. Work with the staccato energy; get a lot done in little chunks, makes sound bites and banter with neighbors. Some fancy rhetoric may be needed on the bigger issues as Mercury heads into Aries, watch the spiky edges that come up in conversation, and keep the mind in the present rather than run off after ghosts. Tonight, if sleep is fugitive, engage inspired spontaneity.

Sunday, April 14: Our verbal filter is off, our need to be real is on. Intuitive flashes may become sudden impulses, but check the logical facts first for a missing piece. Speak up with great ideas- just make is an invitation, not an order. Express expansively this afternoon, offer good-hearted truths and cut through some recent clutter, but control impulse buys and other overly-optimistic hare-brained moves the Moon and Jupiter conjuncts. Tonight as Venus semi-squares Jupiter, let the burble of words flow and look for the deeper meaning below apparently superficial comments.

Monday, April 15: Venus enters settled, earthy, sensual Taurus and offers more emotional ballast. Make connections early, the outgoing mood grows more private later on. We can start a lot, but unless we’re emotionally engaged, may have trouble following through as attention is easily fractured. Watch the witty comebacks; people run a defensive edge later as the Moon enters Cancer this afternoon. We need to feel heart-to heart honesty, in gesture if not words, tonight.

Tuesday, April 16: If we engage it, our empathy can replace scarce diplomacy. Momentum still pushes us forward, but a lack of people skills could trip us up; we can speak more sharply than intended and respond more defensively as Mars semi-squares Chiron. Pulled between work and personal issues, we can feel disconnected or dissatisfied with both; honesty and empathy can open the log jam. Evening can bring a whiff of sadness of wistfulness over choices made or dreams released as the Moon opposes Pluto.

Wednesday, April 17: Set boundaries; invoke courage for some private challenge. The mood calls for bravery, accomplishment, initiation, a problem to solve, and not just rowdy pugnaciousness, though it will settle for that. As the Sun conjuncts action-packed Mars we get the urge to take action and make things happen, but let’s be picky about where we put that urge. Some people will just poke and prod their world to get a reaction. Offer the restless a good challenge, a healthy dare. Let’s get physical and work this impulse out, but watch where we’re going and avoid a tendency to bump the head.

Thursday, April 18: Play it safe and stay out of the path of cranky people this impatient morning. Don’t look for someone to vent upon as the Moon squares Mars and then enters Leo. Renewed generosity can simplify our mood midday, but feelings overflow, and we need to find something wonderful to feel with our sensitivities as Venus sextiles Neptune. Engage romantic gestures but reel in expectations. Turn this sensitive impulse into aesthetic appreciation; notice the brave crocus, and be inspired.


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