Starcodes, April 26 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Hold this metaphor close, let the troubles of April water the land and cultivate the fields this hard-working week to encourage all plants and plans to bloom in the weeks ahead.

It’s a week to heal, grow, or entrench; it’s our call what we do with a new earthiness, and some tough if strengthening and educating Saturn aspects. Energizing Sun and Mars run close together, as they have for the last few weeks, but now are in stubborn, territorial, productive Taurus rather than explosive Aries. Although these two keep the mood marital (energized, edgy, brave, decisive, macho, impatient) now that they are in an earth sign we’re less likely to spark a fire (though that is always possible where Mars is involved) and more likely to dig in our heels and push the mountain. Literally, we can look for snow and earth slides, foundation cracks, organizational shifts, as well as put in some solid, concrete work towards our goals.

The danger will be found in laziness. While it’s good to laze our bodies around in the sunshine, Taurus likes a bit of creature comfort and the last few weeks have left some of us exhausted, it will be dangerous to be lazy in the mind. Our work takes real investigation and effort this week and will be short –circuited by shallow thinking, easy answers, or a retrenchment to old patterns. Saturn opposes the Sun and Mars this weekend, and Mercury in the weeks ahead, and wants us to grow up and work hard. We need to use our noggin.

As the weekend begins, we may notice tension between a need for comfort and predictable security (woven by the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Venus-Ruled Taurus, and the busy Saturn) and a call for independent freedom (sung to us by Mercury and Uranus in Aries). Strong moods, resentments, and concerns can swim up from the subconscious as murky as snow-melt. Suspiciousness or defensiveness can blind us to our personal responsibilities, both in how we hold ourselves in relationship, and in our national politics, as thoughtful Mercury semi-squares creative Neptune and over-stimulates our imagination. Let’s solve mysteries without, but also do our own homework and turn some of that investigative energy within.

Investigations of all types made during the week can prompt surprising revelations over the weekend as the moon enters Sagittarius. Pardon the tactlessness, and don’t bother getting offended; look for the useful information underneath. Take any opportunity to let go of old resentments and appreciate what’s here. It’s time to work constructively with the limits and restraints and put a little sweat in on projects dear to our hearts as the Sun and Mars oppose taskmaster Saturn. But watch a tendency to crack down or tighten up on kids, girlfriends or constituents; it won’t be well received.

We may feel older or creaky around the edges over the weekend and early next week, or feel our style is cramped by the weight of our responsibilities. Keep the muscles loose, and work constructively within the limits and restraints; use the work as a strength-building exercise as the Sun and Mars opposes taskmaster Saturn. Tap into historic ways of knowing, a spiritual tradition or the stories of an elder. But watch a tendency to crack down or tighten up on kids, girlfriends or constituents, as it won’t be well received. We’ll feel younger soon.

We do have an opportunity to let go of some old resentments and appreciate what we have as Mars sextiles Neptune at the same time, a positive aspect that helps us kick back and be healed by a little escapist behavior and fine ideals. Though some may use this as fuel for ideological anger, we don’t have to go there.

We may also be questioned about our group affiliations this week, and not just by a worried government, as Jupiter aspects the Moon’s nodes. Some experience can trigger our reassessment of the groups and communities we’re involved with, and ask us if we want to step in closer and take on more responsibility with a worthy group, or step back because that group doesn’t contribute to our life purpose.

Friday, April 26: Recent events resonate and we’ll tend to either drift around or process them from a defensive place, wrestling with parts of ourselves we’re not so fond of this stubborn, broody morning. Some pieces of emotional shrapnel may be working their way out. It’s peaceful where our work is clear and our feelings are not engaged, but emotions can really tweak our thinking as mental Mercury semi-squares illusionary Neptune. Bring feelings to light and integrate them honestly, just don’t let them run the show as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts dour Saturn and opposes sensitive Venus. We get more clarity this afternoon, but storm clouds still circle. People can ask for the opposite of what they need and push away when they need a hug, so look under the surface request. Later, we are called to apply sensitive discernment and drop assumptions.

Saturday, April 27: Unwind; enjoy the morning’s aimless quality as the playful Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune. Keep the mind open, expectations, low and adventurous spirit nearby. Don’t take any static personally; some people are working out recent events and need to process or act out. Listen for a call to help the neighbors or offer other pragmatic muscular assistance. Engage spirit and magic tonight, a walk under the stars or good movie, a dance for a good cause, just watch the alcohol intake as active Mars sextiles imaginative Neptune.

Sunday, April 28: Learn through work on a project dear to the heart. Although we may long to play hooky or take a true day of rest, chances are some restraint holds us or conflicting responsibilities tug at us. If a serious mood whispers, we can concentrate on what and who we love, and focus on one improvement at a time. Kind humor helps smooth cooperation, but don’t tease. Elders and animals need tending, muscles need stretching, and conflicting needs need balancing as the Sun opposes serious Saturn. Communication opens up tonight; let the stories flow and plans form as the Moon trines talkative Mercury.

Monday, April 29: Depression hovers, but we’ll feel better after we’ve made a real effort and furthered our work (personal or professional) as the Moon enters Capricorn. Let’s not push faster or farther than people can produce; all-around success is the goal, not an achievement that alienates. Check in with bosses, report before asked and let them know the work is in good hands. Hold oneself to higher standards than others, and cut everyone some slack; don’t worry about distractions, just come back to the table quickly. Organize in the morning, make connections in the afternoon under some minor beneficent Moon aspects, and initiate the next step as the Moon trines Sun and Mars just before dinner.

Tuesday, April 30: Our aches and pains twinge, annoying people bug us, what we want may not be what we get, but let’s not whine; we know what we need to do so let’s just get it done as Mars opposes Saturn. The resistance smoothest out in a day or two, and this ground work is necessary. Notice the family training kicking in, for better or worse, and make conscious choices. Awkward news or touchy conversations can bring a new opportunity for healing if we stay clear and un-triggered as Mercury semi-squares Chiron. Look to old friends, traditions and familiar contacts for logistical support

Wednesday, May 1: Happy Mayday, it’s time to bring in the flowers and celebrate the people as an Aquarius Moon brings out friendliness and appreciation of our teams and community. Our mind turns away from reaction and more toward nurturing our more important crops (however we live out that symbol) as Mercury leaves feisty Aries and enters healthy, solid Taurus while the Sun trines Pluto. Midday flows collectively, evening brings out our crankier side as the Moon squares Mars and Saturn; don’t take complaints too seriously, nor impose philosophy upon others.

Thursday, May 2: We may feel better if we can plod, just put one foot after the other and move in a solid, personal rhythm on this friendly, stubborn, uncomfortable day, but that may not be easy. Staccato distractions, multi–tasking needs or conflicting information can take us off-center as busy Mercury semi-squares generous Jupiter. Watch the gossip; misinformation flies. Appreciate distractions but choose which rabbit to follow carefully, and do not hurry a decision. See what sits best in the body; tension in the neck can be used as a Geiger counter, so notice what brings the most relaxation.


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