Starcodes April 5, 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

The Lord had the wonderful advantage of being able to work alone.
~ Kofi Annan

Along with the sprouting crocus and trees pulsing with sap and pollen, spring offers us an opportunity to remake ourselves. And like those trees, our new life force can be irritating to others. They may just have to deal. We can minimize how we trigger others, as expressive Mercury is still in sweet and considerate Pisces, but this week’s New Moon in Aries calls us to remember and express who we truly are.

Cooperation isn’t easy. It’s easier to work alone than to form a team, though we can cheer each other on or bounce ideas off one another across a spacious room. We have plenty of good will, once we’re moving in a good direction and genial camaraderie when we feel free and unhampered. But we need to listen to the spontaneity of our personal muse first and foremost. No one will want to take orders nor compromise on their inner direction as the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus continue their dance through independent, head-strong, direct and alive Aries.

Under this line up relationships can run hot and cold, enthusiastic and passionate in the good moments, but with a tendency to suddenly get stuck in our own viewpoint and have trouble seeing things another’s perspective. It can be all about us, at least for a few minutes. Or we can just forget to check in and collaborate.

We’ll tend to push and pull on one another as emotional arbiters Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries; we can find ourselves loving and warm one minute, and the next, while not unloving (though it can look that way) but individuated, off on our own tangent or unintentionally pushing the other away in a moment of pique or self-absorption. So let’s be patient with each other’s quirks and know our attention will blip in and out, but that is not an indicator of the quality of our love.

The weekend begins in a reactive but hopeful mood, though we may have to work to balance our needs with those of our community. We may need to chew over recent events with groups with work with. The weekend is emotional in the best and worst of ways, intuitive, possibly insecure and not very practical, a good time to get in touch with ourselves or connect on a deeper level.

Midweek a New Moon in Aries gets the party started, it’s time to conceive and act on this year’s work. Act, don’t react; own the paradigm. Some people will be cruising for a fight, so pray for peace in the world’s trouble spots, but most of us will just have a case of spring fever. Thursday the Moon enters fertile, stubborn Taurus, a wonderful time to plant seeds of all sorts. Start a business or garden, or a revolution, pick up a skill, dig a foundation or begin a romance. Events triggered now will have consequence.

Soon it will be easier to collaborate; now it is important to truly hear ourselves, hear where the inner rivers of our soul-intention call us. We can do this in a way that sets off as few histamines as possible in other people, but it may be a matter of form, not function. To ease our way with others now we need to honor this process in them as well, and not ask them to be other than they truly are. Even if it bothers us. But we can give them an honest response, a clear image of consequences of their actions, so they can best choose how to proceed.

Friday, April 5: Individual needs may be overlooked under this Aquarian Moon, group dynamics matter more than personal connections this morning. Pay attention to karmically important meetings and communications, beginnings and endings. Look for a chance to learn on the fly today as Mercury, Venus, and Mars aspects the Moon’s nodes. We shift towards the heart and notice what matters tonight, but may be restless no matter how good the circumstances.

Saturday, April 6: Intuitions and emotions puddle about; let’s just let the feelings flow and catch up with ourselves as the Moon enters Pisces and both Mars and Venus semi-square Neptune. Our situation may seem unusual complex. Self-doubts can filter in, so give people room to be touchy. Short reassurances help, though maybe people don’t want to poke about too much.

Sunday, April 7: A day to put pieces together and process, compost the past and use it to mulch the future. But we may not be so patient about others’ processing if it seems like they’re just whining. The mood is sensitive, impressionable, and alive, our blind spots show to others, and our reactions are swift if our sensitivities are tweaked. Relationships sparks, we push and pull on one another as Venus and Mars conjunct. Energy comes and goes, naps further, and daydreaming may be a necessary component to the processing.

Monday, April 8: If extra emotions wash through this morning and flood the practicalities; be patient and look for firmer ground. Some conclusion or punctuation is needed midday to complete a cycle. Complete and keep hands busy while the heart processes, this restless but disconnected afternoon. Expression clarifies, volatilizes, around dinnertime; we get sparky and reactive as the Moon enters Aries tonight.

Tuesday, April 9: We want to make a difference, but what kind? The mood is wound up, erratic; watch the mixed signals and reactive personalities as the Moon conjuncts Uranus this morning and Mercury challenges Saturn later. Authority is bucked, tempers flash, and our worries can wind us up unless we put this mood to good use.

Wednesday, April 10: Launch an adventure as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, Venus, and Mars this morning in restless, attitude-filled Aries. Move in mind, body, spirit, or politics. Some people will be cruising for a fight, so pray for peace in the world’s trouble spots, but most of us will just have a case of spring fever. Responses are lightning fast, let’s also make them appropriate. Choose fights carefully; it is a day to initiate change and conceive projects that make a difference.

Thursday, April 11: It’s time to plant those seeds in fertile soil. The waxing Taurus Moon helps ground what we’ve started, both the good and the questionable, so plant carefully. What we begin now will probably grow roots and thrive, so let’s make it something worthwhile. The mood is determined but well meaning, with a sad or frustrated point late afternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn, which can bring us back to what maters tonight as the Moon trines Pluto.


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