Starcodes -on the eve of 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

2013 is right in the middle of a bridge made of metamorphic transits that transports us away from the pre-2008 Saturn-Uranus opposition era towards a new era that coalesces around 2015. It’s not time to sweat the details. Nor it is time to drift rudderless. Instead we need to build ourselves a lighthouse to guide our path through big decisions little ones, to constantly clarify our internal goals and use those as guideposts when opportunity and challenge arise. And they will. And so will hopeful new beginnings, and many opportunities to heal the past.

Uranus now in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, both cardinal signs for the next few years, want us to stay in our driver’s seat as author our own life. Individual conscience, karma and responsibly cannot be set aside; we need to stay involved and support not only our own self-determination, but self-determination around the globe; it will be tested and forged on so many levels in the next few years. Look for critical events, crisis that engage us in this debate, over and over again and in a myriad of forms.

Our deepest attachments may be challenged. We may feel vulnerable, afraid we could lose everything we’ve built up. We don’t have to lose it, but we do have to consider the possibility, decide what’s really important, and back that up with the prayer of our effort.

But all is not about struggle. Saturn is in Scorpio all year long and forms grand water trine with Neptune and Jupiter this summer. People will hunger for the mysticism, for the intuitive and spiritual realm, and those who have been working the path for a long time are called to help. People who have felt creatively dry may feel the wells fill up.

It’s important for us to stay proactive in our relationships, clearly ask for what we need, both romantically and politically, and be willing to negotiate with tenacity and compassion rather than give in to the Scorpio temptation to withdraw and withhold, isolate to prove we don’t need anyone. Independence is an important staring point, but is a step towards healthy interdependence.

This last weekend of 2012 starts out with a powerfully moody Full Moon in Cancer; any need we have sublimated or suppressed over the last few weeks of holiday festivities now come out, and may collide with other who are also feeling needy. We can also feel extra moody because we are unusually open and sensitive to the needs of the world, feel the cries and vibrations of the interwoven network of humanity and know we are all connected. But that can leave us overloaded. If so, dial it back in and take one step at a time and celebrate improvements. Find others taking steps in the right direction and join forces. This will be a year of strange, often miraculous, alliances.

It is time to take care of ourselves, and to ask in more depth what that really means. What do we need in our diet, our rest, our relationships and our ways of communicating, in our government and our international approach. How can we tend to our needs, negotiate for them, and still create the room so others can do the same. It may be hard to hear one another until we’ve spent some time hearing ourselves, though. And maybe what we need under this full Cancer Moon is comfort, coziness and very few emotional demands. Please hold hands and share.

The Sun grows closer to Pluto as the weekend progresses and intensifies our search for improvement. This search may be triggered as a Pluto- related fear, are we enough, do we have enough, and how can we be safe. We’ll see this in our personal year-end inventory, but also in the political brinksmanship (very plutonian: take it to the edge first, negotiate second) of the fiscal cliff negotiations, and in political intensity around the globe in response to some negative Pluto events, wherever power was misused. For example, expect an intensification of demonstrations in India in response to the recent death of a gang-rape victim, in Canada in response to their recently passed Bill C-45 making First Nations’ reserve land easier to be taken away and developed. Any Plutonian experience defined a problem, not so we can stay mired there, but so we can engage and evolve.

On New Year’s Day, as 2013 dawns, the Sun conjuncts transformative Pluto just as Mercury enters Capricorn, sextile idealistic Neptune and squares change-maker Uranus and sextiles, all under a Leo Moon. These aspects can make for a moody holiday as they ask us to make this year tangibly different from last. Live fully, but please be safe under these rather wild transits. Let’s make this a deep holiday, rather than wild or dangerous.

In the following next few days a Virgo Moon and Capricorn Mercury and Sun ask us to take tangible, measurable steps to improve our situation, all our situations. But we have to watch a tendency to be hard on ourselves and others; let’s not make the mistake of assuming that to list faults is the same as to fix them. Stay kind and solutions-focused. Let’s live this first week as we would like to live all of 2013, and set a map to guide ourselves in the year ahead.


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