Starcodes Dec 21 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“If you are feeling helpless, help someone.” Aung San Suu Kyi.

Today brings the shortest day, longest night, Welcome the winter solstice, the first day of Sun in Capricorn, a time when we return to our roots, reorganize ourselves, and in a few weeks, begin a new layer of our work. Three days after the solstice we can visibly see the Sun returning from its nadir, rising earlier and climbing higher each day forward, promising us the return of warmth, light, life through the winter’s chill. It’s the season to celebrate the return of hope.

Hope is precious right now. I underestimated last week’s aspects, the Mercury/Uranus, Mercury/Chiron square trine brought a return of energy and a willingness to communicate, but also brought shocking (Uranus) news (Mercury). As the Moon conjunct Pluto, squared Uranus, and headed towards Mars, a gunman entered a school in Connecticut and shook the soul of our country. This shocking news may trigger a change (Uranus) in mind (Mercury), certainly triggered a debate, concerning mental health issues and gun control in America.

Uranus and Pluto are ninety degrees from one another for the next three years, an aspect that triggers change through challenge. Every week the Moon will resonate with this aspect by conjunction, square or opposition, and will trigger off events that can ease or push us farther along the era-changing process. Most of the time these will be little events or mere moody recollections. When other planets are also involved, like this time with influence from Mars (action, violence, energy) and Chiron (wounding, healing, inner training), along with an unusual Yod formed by Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, the events can resonate with their larger, more demanding energies. But we can choose to respond to these triggers with choice and growth.

America may go through a healing growth spurt in response to last week’s events. And we individually can hold our hearth-kin a little closer, and with more honesty, in this holiday season ahead. We can make a miracle out of a crisis. If we feel helpless in the face of larger issues, we can help someone close to home.

Another, large background aspect may ask us to let go of an obstacle that stands between us and our goals, and make a compromise to get where we truly want to be, as Jupiter quincunx Pluto and Saturn all week. Our inflexibility might be the first thing we need to let go (and may our Senate get the message), or we may need to let go of people or activities that drain us, or release an unfertile mindset or a situation whose time has come. The process may be hard, but we can feel the relief afterwards.

This weekend begins in a higher energy whirl under an Aries Moon and as Venus opposes Jupiter. Emotions are bountiful, sociable, and busy; we just have to keep them well-directed. Mid Saturday the Moon enters more stable, hungry, but just as creative Taurus and whets our appetite for seasonal foods, comforting traditions, and good works, and this resonates through Christmas Eve.

A funny, lighter hearted bubbly mood floats Christmas Day as Mars enters sociable, group-oriented Aquarius and the Moon enters verbal Gemini. We’re invited into the collective conversation. Mars in Aquarius can encourage us to argue for a cause we believe in, and will sharpen our national debates in the weeks to come as we stretch our souls around new information and think about what changes we may need to make in our life or in our world. But this we it brings our attention to that fact that we’re part of a clan, for better or worse, whether we consider that clan a family, a chosen group, or all sentient beings.

The week ends on a more private note, our introversion resurfaces, and everyone may need time with their most intimates or in a most familiar place as the Moon enters Cancer and Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Some major life decision or turning points may hover on the horizon. Life’s work beckons next week as the Sun approaches Pluto. Argument may be a sign that we’re just over extended and need time to ourselves or time working towards something that soothes our soul. May we remember our recent lessons in priorities and remember what truly matters.

Friday, Dec 21: This dynamic, action oriented day can help us change our situation if we keep the ideal in mind and move in that direction. The morning starts out in an efficient flow as the Moon trines Mercury, Just have patience and track ne3cessary details with care midday as some minor cross-currents flow through. Patience is short, so if travelling with kids let them run around before they have to sit still. If impatient, find something else to do. Evening glows as the Sun sextiles Neptune and brings the mind to a good place if we look for it.

Saturday, Dec 22: Early morning impatience can sharpen tongues, so sleep through it. The day may require us to let go of something, some person, idea, or habit which either the time has come, or we realize is now in the way. For some this brings sadness, others as great relief, or both. Later the Taurus

Moon calls for indulgence; feed the heart, the soul and the neighbors. After some minor potential glitches in travel or conversation, the evening calls for a party or other emotional expressions as Venus opposes Jupiter. It also calls us to over-indulge, but we don’t have to listen.

Sunday, Dec. 23: If we over-indulged last night, we’ll feel it this morning as the Moon opposes Saturn and trines Pluto. We notice who is missing, what is unfinished, what aches; the world faults can feel too much with us. We could all use a little extra patience’s and consideration. Don’t over schedule or overstress; prioritize the comfort of loved ones, and appreciate coziness.

Monday, Dec 24: Energy wanders, so go with the flow of the moment rather than keep to schedule. Work with the mood, and the weather. Listen to the call of unfinished projects and see what can be done comfortably. If we have a nagging feeling that not enough has been done, or as if there is not enough resources to work with, let’s relax and turn our thoughts to gratitude for what we have instead.

Tuesday, Dec 25: The kids are up early as the Moon enters talkative Gemini, conjuncts Jupiter, and lightens the mood. Enjoy the nervous buzz and generous spirit early on. The morning is generous, spontaneous, and experimental. Later on electrical things can malfunction, as the Sun squares Uranus, so have patience s if assembling a new train. If family gathers, relax and prioritize humor. Conversation expands later as Mars enters Aquarius, generally positive, but with a certain belligerence round our personal philosophies.

Wednesday, Dec 26: Relationships need a little personal attention today as the Moon opposes Venus early on. Bring attention back to those closest, and work out from there. Don’t read too much in the little unsettled moments.  If feeling resentful about being overextended this morning, dial it back and take care of oneself first, then return to the world refreshed. Deeper, more thoughtful conversation more in-depth work later as Saturn sextiles Pluto,

Thursday, Dec 27: It may is a good day to get away from relatives, avoid sales and go home or go work on one’s own project as the Moon enters domestic Cancer. Transportation can glitch and some people get persnickety as Mercury semi-squares Saturn, or we may be aware of the weights that settle upon our shoulders. A nap or escapist moment helps midday as the Moon trines Neptune. Fill the wells of the soul tonight.



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