Starcodes Jan 4 2013 Heather Roan Robbins

Like horses stomping at the gates waiting for a race, we’re getting ready for a green light and maybe stepping on one another’s toes in the process as a Mars-Jupiter trine brings up our entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to jump in the game or get back to our goals.

This post-holiday work binge can be hard on our relationships; we have to watch whose toes we step upon. Our connections need, not a lot of time or obligation, but a little extra sensitivity and love as Venus semi-squares Saturn. The busier we get, the more our near and dear ones (young and old, two or four footed) need an occasional moment at the center of our attention to unpack thoughts and get some support as Venus semi-squares Saturn.

So let’s enjoy one another’s company as the weekend begins under a sociable Libra Moon. On Sunday the Moon enters introspective and sometimes misanthropic Scorpio and calls us inside ourselves for a moment of solitude and to contemplate our priorities. Even so, let’s check in with beloveds and communicate our needs rather than expect them to guess what happened. Notice body language; connect with a touch and waft of the heart. We’re unusually intuitively receptive now as the Sun semi-squares Neptune, so we don’t want to overwhelm with too much (they’ll just get grumpy) but can pick up subtle signals when the message is clear.

Also, check in on those who tend to brood or whose inner world is rocky, as it’s possible to get lost in the soul’s rumble room if we disconnect those filaments of connection. Don’t drift too far away, as we may need to help one another with some pragmatic challenge or support one another through a low-energy time when Mars squares Saturn. Notice certain tightness, both muscular and political, as forces push off on once another, redirect any “us against them” or “age versus youth” oppositional illusions and invite help to solve the problems. Diversity is vigorous; we’re much more dynamic together than we are in conflict.

Go soft on Monday, push as little as possible and tend to the work which may suddenly appear, just do what needs to be done, Wait until Tuesday to push the pawn forward and begin a new chapter. On Wednesday Venus enters Capricorn and sextiles Neptune, offering a pragmatically intuitive and creative approach, but we have to tap into its subtle inspiration.

Friday, Jan 4: The mood is tactful and determined; use a little honey to soothe the way today as determined Mars trines Jupiter spurs the urge to accomplish under an egalitarian, peace loving Libra Moon. Assertiveness works; aggressiveness backfires. We’re open to positive leadership this morning, but nothing will tick people off like being forced to be around other people’s tension or in a situation that feels blatantly unfair as the Moon squares Pluto. We want to be real with one another this afternoon, though may feel a bit sore around the edges. Tonight brings a desire to connect but work or low energy challenges our plans as Venus semi-squares Saturn. Hang in there.

Saturday, Jan 5: A wandering day where different needs pull our attention and some wrestle with confusion. Each person may have a different internal agenda, not be able to find the words for it, and so rub against one another. Enjoy the wander, but don’t get caught into the cross winds. Talk out odds and ends and tend to relationships this afternoon; evening grows muskier and tauter as the Moon enters Scorpio. Engage curiosity tonight.

Sunday, Jan 6: Navigate this internal, intense, uncertain day with care. Most of the action happens under the surface and behind the scenes. A Mercury–Pluto conjunction brings our mind deep, either to investigate, find our power, mourn, or just stare in the mud, it’s our choice. Problems with feeling unheard before can make us long to be understood, but make it hard for us to believe it’s possible. All while a Sun-Neptune challenge tempts us to escape. We can choose to harness its imagination in our search instead. Our souls may feel tired tonight as the Moon conjuncts Saturn, but we can feel strength underneath if we reach for it.

Monday, Jan 7: If people are in a mood, keep conversation to the point and give them a wide berth. Restraint is needed; a wrestling between opposite elements can produce good results, the total more than the sum of the parts, if we believe it’s possible. Don’t bother complaining; just do the work, slow and steadily. Breath through frustration, tend health, send love where possible.

Tuesday, Jan 8: Moods lift, people become more transparent and flexible; an adventurous spirit encourages progress as the Moon enters Sagittarius. If a new honesty brings up fresh issues, respond with equal honesty rather than defense. Keep opinions private, as they will probably change soon. People resist feeling constrained and may push away, but only need a little guilt-free breathing room. A good brisk walk helps if the office walls feel too close. Speed up unfinished work and ease into the next chapter.

Wednesday, Jan 9: The day holds a paradox- easy with lumps of trouble; use the smoother places to build momentum enough to take on the challenges, and build camaraderie along the way as the Sagittarius Moon forms a series of minor but tough aspects. A gentle creativity and intuitive sensitivity become more evident as the day progresses, drop below the business to feel it. Just do not make emotional assumptions.

Thursday, Jan 10: Review last year’s work and make decisions about the year ahead under this Capricorn dark of the Moon. A lingering discouragement improves as we organize and break things down into manageable chunks as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, though we may also need to feed our spirit. Implement a creative approach. Be interested one another’s work.


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