Starcodes Dec 14 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week we may indeed find the miraculous in our everyday life. Let’s look for it. Although we may notice a low level anxiety, we can flirt with possibilities and explore our options as mental Mercury forms a supporting trine to ingenious Uranus. We’ll have more emotional room to move as Venus leaves Scorpio on Saturday and joins the Sun and Mercury in more cheerful if distracted Sagittarius, the general mood becomes less broody and more flexible, spacious, and direct.

This weekend the vibe from the Mercury/Uranus trine is brilliant, funny, scattered, enlivening but not the least sequentially logical and with poor impulse control. Sleep may be fugitive as our minds activate. While we need to keep common sense nearby and safety firmly in mind, it’s time to open the portals; play, go where our mind have not gone before and synthesize disparate information into a more integrated whole. But we may not always make sense to one another in the process, and a few people whose minds are loosely tethered may loose their grounding.

With this line up in truth-speaking Sagittarius we may have to say something we’ve been holding back, but we have the opportunity to do it without a negative charge, and just simply state our truth. We may need to speak up even if it impractical or impolitic at the moment, but we can choose to do so productively and with a clear goal in mind. Mars in Capricorn can then help us follow through on what we begin. Just remember we need to take as good as we give, so let’s not take it wrong if a relative asks difficult questions or announces our hair looks like a rats nest.

In this lovely hubbub the details can get lost, so track carefully anything that absolutely needs to be accomplished. We can accidentally hurt feelings with our frankness or when our attention suddenly turns from our intimates to our community. Holiday parties take on a new festivity, community action and change-oriented groups have a fresh influx of energy, but let’s not forget the needs of those nearest and dearest in the process. And if a dear one seems inattentive, please don’t take it personally.

The mood is romantic, in the most poetic sense of the word, as Venus squares Neptune on Sunday then trines Uranus as the week progresses. We are healed by beauty and may long for emotional content, want to see the light on windblown snow or offer kindness to strangers. These Venus aspects can make shake up friendships in a good way and speed up our social life and encourage creativity, but no one wants to be taken for granted.

This wonderfully ingenious, romantic, creative energy can brew up some wonderful home projects and spark a few new dalliances under the mistletoe. We just need to make sure those dalliances are wise ones. Even though ice glints outside, some emotional blocks could thaw around negotiations at work or old family dynamics. This energy also helps us remember our ideals and notice how painfully far we may be from them, and that can hurt. But it can also spur good action to take us closer.

Stay alert to those possibilities and look for common miracles. When the opening occurs, make the best of it with the ambient Capricorn determination and Sagittarius enthusiasm.

Friday, Dec 14: It’s a competent, can-do day, with big ideas and murky undertones, and mind-changing possibilities. Some ache or longing pushes this morning and we look to old connections for comfort. Our minds open and we want something completely different, something that answers a deeper need as the Moon conjuncts while Mercury trines Uranus midday: adjust rather than resist. Tonight, Take a different perspective and watch how the pattern shifts.

Saturday, Dec 15: Overnight cranky aspects can leave ready to make a difference today, but don’t push us early on. Morning is potentially productive with a few control issues popping up midday. We may face a choice that looks paradoxical, as if we can either be efficient, or walk our talk, but really they are one and the same. Evening softens sociably and collaboratively, if not intimately, as the Moon enters Aquarius and Venus enters Sagittarius; find an excuse to gather and take the pressure off the closest relationships.

Sunday, Dec 16: The mood is optimistic, enthusiastic and collaborative, if a bit sleepy as the Moon trines Jupiter this morning; a relaxed pace is delicious luxury. The world speeds up midday as Mercury semi-squares Mars; people’s pacing differs, and we need patience. If interactions get irritable, break the cycle of reaction; breathe and prioritize before responding. Be called to the heart this afternoon, and to the right to imagine possibilities as Venus squares Neptune. Enjoy a sympathetic aura, but watch for a tendency to project expectations upon one another. Be careful not to spill liquids around an art project.

Monday, Dec 17: We’ll tend to push the limits today, and overdo, over speak, and over share our opinions as Mercury opposes Jupiter. Remember to listen with the heart as well as head midday, and then remember to listen with the head as well as the heart later when emotions rise like a tide pool as the Moon enters Pisces. Life is a dream, but we can use that to awaken, not to. Find the magic right here and now. Don’t overwhelm enthusiasm by piling up projects; take a break and adjust attitudes if the world seems too busy, it will be a more efficient approach in the long run.

Tuesday, Dec 18: The mood is touchy, sensitive but we’re willing to fight for what we believe. Unfortunately we may also be willing to fight over a misunderstanding as well. Prioritize people’s feelings and edit hasty opinions before they become a problem as Mars sequin-squares Jupiter. Watch a twitchy response, and ask what furthers. Find a good way to be sensitive. Move the body to relieve emotional stress.

Wednesday, Dec 19: Although we bore easily and may have a hard time following through, it’s great day to express, decorate, or talk about how to improve relationships as Venus trines Uranus. We know we don’t want things to stay the same, and today we’re willing to experiment with improvements. New connections spark. Our familiar relationships can feel strained unless we pour on appreciation and warm the glow. Holiday excitement and humorous responses help us let go the inner scrooge and enjoy one another. Enticement gets us farther than guilt or weight. Scattered energies need a bit of focus, a list to check off, to harness to task.

Thursday, Dec 20. Don’t try their patience; the mood is upbeat and proactive, ready to shift gears but quite short tempered as the Moon enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus. This is a dynamic day until we hit a snag, and when we do, we need to remember people matter more than any other outcome. A lot can be accomplished quickly if we just pace ourselves. Politics can get volatile. Kids (and overworked adults) need safe places to act out.


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