Starcodes Dec 12 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Take a look at your natural river. What are you? Stop playing games with yourself. Where’s your river going? Are you riding with it? Or are you rowing against it? Don’t you see that there is no effort if you are riding with your river?” Frederick Carl Frieseke

The world will probably not end, nor will we all ascend on this week on 12-12-12. We still have a lot of work to do. But it is an auspicious time to turn a corner and move into alignment with the inner rivers of our life.

The week brings steady progress where we have clear goals, strong deep feeling that need to be guided, concentration that can be come obsession unless we put it to good use, and a deep connection to our dreams and imagination, if not such a clear view of reality. Holiday parties may have less mistletoe frivolity and more moments of connection.

If we’ve got work to do, we can keep up the momentum, and just have to watch a tendency to get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Mars in very efficient Capricorn encourages our ambition and determination but can leave us overwhelmed if we look far ahead and try to do everything at once. If this happens, break it down into smaller, do-able goals. The river has a long way to go to get to its final goal, the sea, but just has to flow there one bend at a time.

But we’re not all business; Mercury, Venus and Saturn in now in Scorpio give great emotional depths with less surface chatter and less tolerance for nonessentials. Scorpio encourages us to do whatever we do to the max; it does not make it easy to switch gears but allows us to take on some deeper goal or messier task. Like a river, the current may be deepest in the quiet sections, deep with a strong undertow.  We may get angry less often but with a stronger burn, feel less surface anxiety but can worry deeply, feel less carefree laughter, but find laughter that heals with its pointed observances and authenticity. But let’s not play around with jealousy, territoriality, desire, sibling rivalry, ambition; primal feelings get serious quickly and need to be treated with respect and loving kindness.

The weekend begins with some cross currents as energizing Mars makes small rebellious aspects that make it hard to do what’s expected. But though we’d like to rebel, what we truly want for the situation may require more complex and sensitive determination.

Although the mood lightens next week as Mercury enters upbeat Sagittarius, and brightens the following week when Venus follows, some groups may choose to skip the December and celebrate the New Year instead.  The trick right now is momentum, once we get to the party, we can party seriously, but it may be a challenge to switch gears.

Mercury enters Sagittarius and squares Neptune early next week, bringing fresh irreverence, and more vociferous, if not more realistic interactions. Our dreams world is may be cooking right now, so day dream with intention and keep the dream journal nearby. This non-realistic dreaminess can help us let go of the reality police, the voice in our head that tells us what’s possible and what’s not, and has trouble imaging fresh potential.

These two planets squared off six weeks ago, Mercury then retrograded back and squared Neptune again mid-November, and now passes it once more as it pulls ahead in Sagittarius. Some question we’ve been dreaming about or mulling over now begins to clarify. Look for information about problems and projects that arose six weeks ago, and keep an eye out for bad weather or water damage.

Friday, Dec 7: We can’t just muscle through the day, our craft needs finesse as well as force, our interactions need diplomacy. If confronted by an obstacle, human or otherwise, respond intelligently and work around rather than power through; adjust but don’t stop. A moment’s indecisions may actually help us take in new information as Mars semi-squares Neptune; don’t try to make it happen, look for a less-used path that opens up later on. Social life moves to the forefront this afternoon, with an urgent need to connect this evening as Venus sesqui-squares Uranus. Engage, but be careful the messages sent are the ones intended.

Saturday, Dec 8: After a moody morning where dreams linger and inadequacies feel all too apparent as the Moon squares Pluto, the day become mellow, sociable. We can get a lot done if we do not wait around for others. Keep the warmth flowing, but follow the inner agenda. Do not try to control others’ behavior unnecessarily midafternoon as the Libra Moon squares Mars, no matter how tempting. Be direct about needs but keep their choice intact. Let go of the agenda and put human relations first tonight as the Moon sextiles the Sun.

Sunday, Dec 9: The day is dreamy with snarky undertones. Listen to the deeper river, to what the soul really wants to do, communicate clearly, and claim the space needed to follow those inner callings. Do not try to dissuade others from following theirs; we’ll be open hearted when we have room for this inner calling, and really edgy if crowded off of it. Good and powerful introspection possible, but watch out for powerful territorial behavior and unconscious action. If we don’t communicate what we’re doing, it may be because we don’t know what we’re doing either, until we get there.

Monday, Dec 10: The mood shifts, the world begins to speed up, but we may not feel quite ready as Mercury enters more cheerful, celebratory Sagittarius and squares Neptune. We may be suddenly more restless. Look for progress around negotiations or the acceptance of new ideas as the mood becomes more flexible, if still wary. Proceed carefully for the next few days. Watch for misunderstandings, forgotten or lost items, and a tendency to space out on important information.

Tuesday Dec 11: A busy if confusing and day, check to see who is on first and what happens next; the agenda is changing today and it will hard to keep on track. Watch the weather and water damage and information about old problems and projects that arose six weeks ago. After a sometimes mobile, other times turbulent day, evening mellows with inspiration.

Wednesday, Dec 12: Let’s speak our truth and keep our eyes on the long road today with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Sagittarius. Tomorrow morning’s New Moon launches a journey,  let us feel the river of our purpose and fate and move into alignment. Keep it short, sweet, honest and open-hearted today.

Thursday, Dec 13: The New Moon in Sagittarius tells us to get on with it. New information and fresh humor ease the way, though peoples’ patience are easily tried, it gets easier to multi-task. We’ll need it. Some old problem or leftover issues, some task left undone may come back to haunt us midday, but can be worked through with honesty instead of defense. Tonight the Capricorn Moon calls us back to our soul work.



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