Starcodes Sept 28, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell 

Take a positive step forward this week as the Sun opposes Uranus and squares Pluto and activates the ongoing 2012-2015 era-changing Uranus-Pluto square, all under a fiery Aries Moon. If we believe change is possible, if we can see the future waiting for us, we can worth with others and tap into the energy to guide the changes. Otherwise, adjustments may just be forced on us, instead of coming from us.

We may be restless, unsettled, maybe feeling a little fried because too much has happened lately, as we are confronted with unexpected information or an experience that challenges us, and have to adapt. But let’s check that influx of information carefully, as well as our own reaction to that information, as it’s tempting for some to tweak the data, and others to overreact. The more triggered we may feel, the more we need to check the facts and get an objective view.

Many people’s subconscious material will be up and running, so watch their behavior for signs of brooding or clues as to hidden or unconscious motivations. For some, this can get really messy. But if they are uninvolved or detached, it may be because they are feeling that over-extended, stretch-thin feeling and need some time within, rather than they just don’t care.

The energy can be wild this weekend, whether wild in a good way or otherwise is up to us. As the Sun opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, it doesn’t cause wackiness, but it does provide it fuel. It is a great time to gather with others who are working towards similar goals and use this energy to make progress, but communication can be tricky, as we may be running too much voltage or tend to talk at cross purposes. Since we tend to identify as being different or eccentric, it may not occur to us that others might agree with us, even though they’re stating the same thing in a different way.

Our emotions calm down but stay complex for the rest of the week, first stabilized by a friendly, practical Venus-Saturn sextile, then softened and sent into the outer stratosphere as Venus enters Virgo and opposes intuitive, creative, escapist Neptune.

As Venus leaves Leo and enters more dutiful Virgo, we may leave a certain self-centered if expressive extroversion that brought out the adolescent in us all, but made it easier to meet new people as the school year began. Venus in Virgo brings out our more self-conscious nature, introspective and empathetic on a good day, but sensitive, with a tendency to be critical of the ones we love as a way of distancing ourselves when we feel overwhelmed. It works better if we just let the feelings flow, and ask for space directly rather than by becoming prickly. Venus in Virgo refines our sense of aesthetics, which can make it harder to get out of the house in the morning, as we’re less decisive and more discriminating about what we wear, paint, write or arrange, and may need to make repeated adjustments.

Venus in Virgo for the next few weeks can both make us more critical of our politicians, ready to jump on their mistakes, and also more compassionate about real needs in the world. When we let ourselves hear the cries of the world we’ll be able to imagine them more clearly, feel it in our bones, and may be moved to action.

But for a few days towards the end of next week, our emotional and aesthetic judgment can be off as Venus opposes Neptune. It will be wonderful to think outside of the box, about how we love and what we find beautiful, so let’s let the imagination roll. Just watch a tendency to feel critical of beloveds nearby and so imagine how much nicer it could be with another, our emotions can go into unrealistic and escapist places and so take us away from making the most of the true present. Let the imagination soar into possibilities, look for a positive future waiting for us, then be willing to walk towards that better place in a concrete and grounded way.

Friday, Sept 28: Morning is touchy, sensitive but opinionated as the Pisces Moon squares Jupiter. We’d rather not be rushed but probably feel a looming deadline or tight schedule. Watch a tendency to blow a concern out of proportion. Let the imagination roll, dream while walking, just keep senses aware. Give in to a generous impulse, but do not enable bad behavior, even if it is the easy route. Energy can snag on an old scar this afternoon, but don’t hang on to it. Low around dinnertime, but evening energizes in a drifting way as the Moon trines Mars.

Saturday, Sept 29: Be changed by the winds, by incoming information or surprising reversals as the sun opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, and the Moon enters feisty Aries. Sparks flare. Avoid power struggles, they stem from inner frustration and outward impatience, and are not personal. War zones of all types percolate. A nervous restlessness makes concentration airs but helps us keep moving. Feel the urge to understand a conundrum, and find fellow collaborators; just let each person wend their eccentric way to the goal.

Sunday, Sept 30: Morning is social if impatient, important if indirect. We’ve state the problem and now wonder what we need to do.  Don’t take the unsettledness personally. Share the conversation, it is easy to monologue, more useful to share deeply than to debate. Disjointed midday moves into a more peaceful, smoothly active afternoon. Rest tonight and organize for a busy week ahead.

Monday, Oct 1: The early bird gets the worm. The demand to produce is cranked up this morning, be prepared and don’t be cranky back. Back off unnecessary demands with respect for their anxiety, but focus on what’s important as the Aries Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn. It is easy to lock horns with people who think they’re authority figures, but not effective. Let’s stand in our own authority instead, and be flexible over inessentials. Late afternoon discouragements moves into resolution or comfort later as the Moon enters Taurus and sextiles Neptune tonight.

Tuesday, Oct 2: Stabilizing aspects help us get back on an even keel; get a rhythm and keep going, smooth and steady throughout the day as the Taurus Moon trine Pluto. Set the pace by example, envelope people in a positive spin and get them moving without confrontation. Loyalty, duty, diplomacy are respected, trust-building furthers, but steer clear of people with a jealous streak as Venus trines Saturn. Affection needs a tangible expression, practical efforts are romantically rewarded.

Wednesday, Oct 3: Venus had entered Virgo and encourages us to love what works. Our expectations go up, but our acceptance of one another needs to follow. Admire competence and be solutions-oriented, and cut each other a little slack. An edgy patch midday can make us cranky and defensive, so speak softly. Tonight we want to believe, we just have to be aware of the fine line between fiction and vision; tell us a story as Venus opposes Neptune.

Thursday, Oct 4: Let’s not let a shrunken sense of possibility stop us, we need to imagine the next step and then find concrete ways to get there. Watch out, blind spots can be extra wide. Vision the future, talk about the possibilities under this verbal Gemini Moon, but be realistic about the present. Avoid emotional projections in love, but bring magic to the daily life, and listen for a call to radical compassion.






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