Starcodes, Sept 21 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

With beauty before me may I walk, with beauty behind me may I walk, with beauty above me may I walk, with beauty all around me may I walk. In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty may I walk. ~from the Navajo Beauty Way Ceremony.

As leaves begin to and float on the cooling winds, a few doors are closing, doors which were once significant to us, and our melancholia can drift into the wind along with the first crisping leaves. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn, the first day if the Sun’s passage through Libra, the moment when days and night equalize, light and dark balance, and new energetic doors begin to open. It’s harvest time.

We harvest karma along with the apples and chiles as a strange nexus of fate mirrors the results of our actions, for better or worse. We also plant a new crop; what we say or do now may have extra import, it can stick in the minds of others or set up a resonance that grows, so let’s choose wisely and play for the long haul.

This week we can look forward to interesting meeting that feel strangely familiar or ripe with possibility (though it’s important not jump to conclusions about how) as Saturn aspects the Moon’s nodes. Work can seem restricted or restrictive this week, where we have work it can call for extra concentrative effort, but this restriction is probably temporary. Attend the work that is on the table and look for those doors just beginning to open. Do not hold on to a former modus operandi; we can no more turn back to how things were than we can glue those leaves back on the tree. But a new crop is already gestating.

The weekend begins up-beat and restless, both magical but also with an air of confusion as the Sun quincunx Neptune, then moves into a more dynamic, if laced with control issues as the Moon enters Capricorn on Sunday. Instead of insisting on our views, it works better to share an idea as if we’re feeding a wild animal; offer it, make it look good, and patiently let them come towards us.

The weekend begins up beat and restless, both magical but also with an air of confusion as the Sun quincunx Neptune. It moves into a more dynamic, if laced with control issues, Capricorn Moon on Sunday and into next week. Where we had too much reaction and too few original ideas last week, now there may be an excess. Instead of insisting on our views, it may work better to share an idea as if we’re feeding a wild animal; offer it, make it look good, and patiently let them come towards us. We might even leave our ideas on the table and walk away, and hope they come explore it once we’re gone.

The energetic spotlight then focuses on a streak of emotional stubbornness and how it is affected, for good or ill, by how we communicate. Midweek the focus is more on the big picture, on the political stages and all our group interactions, under an Aquarian Moon. Both countries and couples can square off easily as Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, both fixed signs, move into a stubborn and paradoxical square.

Giving us energy to make things happen is friction-producing sesqui-square between macho, easily-angered Mars and activating Uranus. It energizes both our wonderful new efforts, and also feeds tension into places of long-held resentment; Mars is in Scorpio, a sign with an elephantine memory. People react out of proportion to the present if an event triggers an old simmering sore point. Once they are triggered they will need an outlet, they need to be heard, not agreed with necessarily, but heard, before we can all return to the present and move on from here.

By the end of the week that spotlight shifts towards how we communicate in our more intimate relationships. We’ll need both social excitement and moments of deep retreat; romance and mystery hover around the edges but can be easily frustrated by incongruous timing or out of synch moods. When a relationship is good, it now feels feel sparky and solid, but our differences can spike quickly and leave us with locked horns, with no winners and therefore both losers. Pride and privacy are both important; when friction builds, it pays to retreat into respectful action or neutral corners, and then take turns. Don’t try to control others, watch in the headlines as people try to do just that; notice how well that turns out, and take the hint. Feed the good sparks, and take fuel away from the dangerous ones.

If life gets rocky, it will help to tune into the equinoctial energy, and work on reestablishing a personal beauty way, a way in balance. Restore equilibrium. Nurture a right relationship of the soul to the surroundings. Then nurture a balanced way between one another

Now if we can only get countries to try the same approach.

Friday, Sept 21: Let’s look around for what needs to be finished, savored or harvested this last day of summer, even though we may be restless and philosophical with the Moon in Sagittarius. The political winds may blow on international transitions, but here we get a chance to collaborate on a goal and help our teams adjust it changed circumstances. Lead constructively. Evenings is alive and fervent, with possibilities whispering as the Moon trines Venus; let mind and body dance the night away.

Saturday, Sept 22: The Sun enters Libra at 8:49 am MDT; let’s find our own moment of centering beauty. Duty, structure and workload await as the Moon shifts to Capricorn midday, it’s time to organize. Manage a strange controlling streak, be firm not reactive with pushy people. Share leadership tactfully. Pleasant dinner can devolve into debate or shift into healthy action tonight as the Moon semi-squares Mars.

Sunday, Sept 23: Morning is potentially tough; spirituality and religion help if we choose to reach for it when our hearts are sore, but hurt if we use it as a weapon, as the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto while the Sun quincunx Neptune and the Moon squares Uranus and Mercury. Stay grounded. Check for misunderstanding or misdirection. Some plot twist this afternoon can lead to a tired but thoughtfully responsive evening.

Monday, Sept 24: Let’s smell the coffee before engaging the world; our words and actions will resonate so let’s make it count as Mercury engages the Moon’s Nodes and the Moon enters Aquarius. Tend to essentials this morning. Negotiate midday while we feel creaky and serious as the Moon squares Saturn. Save new propositions until later.

Tuesday, Sept 25: Rebellious, eccentric and creative vibe needs healthy and clear outlets. Channel, don’t suppress. A challenging sesqui-square between aggressive Mars and unexpected Uranus can build friction; put sparks to good purpose and keep them away from flammable material. Sparks also start our engines. Impulse control is low; jump over hurdles, just look before leaping. Be safe and enthusiastic.

Wednesday, Sept 26: Relationship and communication are on the front burner this complicated day. Ordinary interactions can suffer from adolescent overtones and adolescents can be off the hook as Venus semi-squares Pluto and squares Mars while Mercury trines Jupiter and sesqui-squares Neptune. Subtle perceptions mix with hormones, intuition clash with a desire for self-promotion. Create and breathe; Look for a few quiet moments of objectivity to provide guidance. Increase gentleness tonight, feeling heighten as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces.

Thursday, Sept 27: Go gently and carefully; we’re feeling sensitive, communication is challenging and feelings are cranked up. We could misunderstand one another, get all huffy and teary about it, and stomp off in stubborn denial. Or we can pour this into great art or an act of exquisite compassion. Let’s choose carefully.


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