Starcodes Oct 5, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

This week, as night creeps in earlier, shadows lengthen and autumn really digs in, the astrological mood shifts as several planets change signs.  The mood shifts, mystery grows, our attention sharpens and our minds grow more serious this week as both thoughtful Mercury and serious Saturn join Mars in Scorpio. We’ll be more willing to go deep, less willing to waste time, develop more attitude but may become less willing to hear alternate viewpoints.

Scorpio plays hardball. It encourages us to delve into the core of matters but can lead us to perseverate or obsess on one subject and attack it like we’re drilling for oil. While this is great if we’re fact-checking or honing our meditative mind, it’s tough if we’re obsessing on the upcoming election or the origins of a suspicious thread on our mate’s lapel. We need to use this ability focus with care.

Use the image of sanding a floor; if we let the machinery stay in one place too long, it destroys more than it fixes and can harm the underlying substance. We need to keep an eye on the whole picture, both what we’re thinking about, and how we think. If we don’t like where our mind perseverates, we can use our curiosity and mental muscles to focus on a more productive conundrum. It can be great fun to obsess on a new idea, or throw oneself into a creative project with one’s whole being.

Interactions can be tricky; our stingers are out and primed and all the world can test our trust. With both Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, our communications style intensifies; Scorpio‘s gift of getting to the point, becomes just that, pointed. Our defensiveness is just as thick this weekend under a well-protected Cancer Moon. We can go head to head with our dueling defenses once an argument begins. Be careful about those stinging retorts hovering on the tongue; laugh about them internally, but remember to ask if it is true, necessary and kind before speaking.

But this new and more rigorous thinking may bring about a clear decision; it may be time to draw a line in the sand and move on. If we do so now, the decisions will stick, so let’s be sure we mean it.

Saturn will be in Scorpio for the next few years—and will help us roll up our sleeves and get to work, so let’s make sure it’s good work, Saturn was in Scorpio in 1924-27, 1954-56, 1983-85, all times when our economy worked hard, strengthen worker’s unions, and dug itself out of an economic downturn. A good, clear work goal can help keep its darker sides under control, so what shall we work upon?

Because the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, are running at a challenging right angle to one another for a few weeks, this patterned of sharp edges and quick defenses can be romantically problematic. Revenge and anger, or just a moment of emotional shut-down, can become an easy defense, one that keeps us from looking inwards, Suspicion can be an easier way of avoid our responsibility in the work of maintain and nurturing love. If these demons bother us, it can help to look at the tender feeling we’re protecting here, and see how else we can honor that tenderness. With all this musky Scorpio energy, kissing and making up may be a lot more productive (and fun) than talking about the problem, at least until Tuesday, when Mars moves out of Scorpio and into more friendly and honest Sagittarius.

This weekend begins relatively sociable if guarded under an erudite and witty Gemini Moon, but we need to keep compassion connected to the wit. Over the weekend the energy turns inwards under a domestic Cancer Moon. Our tender spots are well-guarded and need nurturance. Our energy level may be variable and our immune system in need of fortifying as Mars squares Neptune, but this aspect can also help us let go of residual resentments. Our feelings bounce off one another and amplify, so let’s notice what we exude, and send out love and optimism while we take care of our home base.

Early next week our public self-grows more public and our private side more private as a Leo Moon provides counterpoint to the Scorpio planets. Deal with what people put on the table; do not ask directly invasive questions. Romantic escapades can develop a smoky, sparky flavor; love will need attention, reassurance, and room to breathe.

Midweek we put on our travelling shoes, and travel in mind or body as Mars leaves snarky Scorpio, where it’s been since August 24 (and fueling the international furor over a recently-released anti-Islamic movie)  and enters more internationally-oriented, restless, forgiving but not forgetting Sagittarius. Revel in global citizenry and move the body. Mars in Sagittarius brings a new honesty and encourages us to walk, run, drive or dance for the good of our soul.

Friday, Oct 5: We may notice tension between a busy schedule and a new longing to settle in and focus, and so will mind interruptions more than usual. Make the cold calls or outreach early, and calm the mind later on. Conflicting feelings of both confidence and suspicion arise this afternoon as the Gemini Moon conjuncts Jupiter as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Words flow but take on an edge; please say nothing unforgivable. Our view may become unusually self or single-focused, limited; our hearts understand more than our heads if we can empathize with others. Enjoy a more upbeat dinnertime with a desire for magic tonight as Mercury trines Neptune. Feed the imagination.

Saturday, Oct 6: Share dreams this morning; something may have come unstuck overnight, so listen for clues. Wander and putter; although nothing finishes easily, we can find our way to solutions by following the clues. We may over simplify or underestimate midday; if the shoe doesn’t fit now, don’t buy it, because it won’t fit better later. By evening we may want to ditch plans and stay home, or somehow honor a need to take care of our inner wolrds.Watch a cranky, crabby streak; share freely and direct imagination carefully as the Moon enters Cancer and trines Neptune, Mercury and Saturn.

Sunday, Oct 7: Ask what inspires and excites this morning, let nature be the teacher, the spiritual guide as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. A stuck place shifts and fresh challenges enter as Mars enters Sagittarius. We’re ready to let go of something that no longer works and try a new approach, but need to be sure it is the right time and not just our escape as Mars squares Neptune. Take some down time and strengthen the body.

Monday, Oct 8: Energy is low, so let’s pace ourselves this morning and deal with the most important issues first. Notice a desire to not cope, to just pull the covers over the head or play hooky and kick the gathering leaves, and balance this desire with a pressing workload. The looming deadlines are real. Take a moment of prayer or contemplation, or with a good escapist novel, and return to the work at hand. If we get discouraged, it may mean we’re looking too far ahead and imagining the worst; instead, let’s stay creatively present as the Sun sesqui-squares Neptune.

Tuesday, Oct 9: Open the mind and see what’s just outside of the box; let’s expand our world, not our waistline, as the Sun trines Jupiter, a planet that likes more of everything. We may feel hungry today, but need to look for our real hunger, not the quick and easy answer that will not satisfy. Later, our emotions can overflow under the Leo Moon, helping remember what matters as Venus trines Pluto, maybe just in time to invest our heart where it counts. Follow up on positive changes later afternoon and coast through some nervous static around dinnertime.

Wednesday, Oct 10: While we’re out and about on this both outwardly sociable and inwardly private day, we may have a mystery to solve which questions or engages our deepest beliefs as Saturn trines Neptune and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Let the mystery do its work; engage the process. Persuasive speech, puffy egos, powerful arguments roll; just make sure all sides are heard. Romance rather than resist. The river of life is calling: dive in.

Thursday, Oct 11: On this sweet, friendly morning with curious undertones, in-depth conversation can chew on the roots of a problem as long as we exchange thoughts rather than monologue. Later, let’s pace energies as the Moon enters Virgo and opposes Neptune, rest now to save health if tired from recent overextension or emotional swings. Stem irritation at someone who has not produced or kept the desired pace, find a safe place to vent, then let it go; trust the timing and take care of our own end as the Moon squares Mars. Take a healing approach and don’t let it distract.


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