Starcodes Sept 14 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

‎”Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.”~Kahlil Gibran

Uranus and Pluto form the second of seven era-changing squares on Wednesday, stirring up the big issues of our time and feeding the call for change in how we use personal, political and electrical power. The Sun has been unusually active and so the mood of crowds is reactive; the Sun appears to act like a volume control on historical events and so when it inflames, so too does the mood easily inflame, for better or worse, here on earth. Some personal emotional attachment may be challenged and we can feel vulnerable, afraid we’ll lose something in the transition unless we begin to invest in the new era coming in.

We may try to think through the problem, think too much as the Moon joins the Sun and Mercury in Mercury-ruled, hyper-aware Virgo this weekend. Our emotions ripple through our body; whether joy or anxiety, we’ll tend to have a gut reaction as Virgo leads us to physicalize our feelings. This Virgo line-up also sharpens our intellect and offers critical thinking at its worst and best; we have to make the effort to keep it connected with the compassion also inherent in Virgo.

The symbol for Virgo is a woman holding a wheat sheaf—the secret in the wheat sheaf is the image of a pre-GMO, healthy life sustaining grain, that was the staff of life but only after we separated it from the chaff. This art of discernment is echoed by our guts, the part of the body associated with Virgo, whose job it is to separate the nutrients from the waste, digest and absorb the nutrients and expel the waste. So we’ll be working that metaphor this week, able to look at our life, our friends, our habits-and sort out waste from chaff and make decisions.

But this Virgoan critical energy is easily turned inwards; we can obsess about what we did wrong, what our faults are, what is wrong with our life, and so give our power away to problems. Ill health may be a sign that the body is tired of doing the work for the soul, that we need to hear the messages of the body when it whispers and honor its needs.

Some people can be so uncomfortable with this personal inventory over what’s wrong with themselves or their own country that they look for an outsides source of the problem. It is easy to gang up on an “other”, a person, group or government that we can blame all our problems on, and turn all this critical angst outwards. Watch it happen on all sides. It may be necessary to shield ourselves from projected bile, but let’s not become deaf in the process. Many people become hair-trigger defensive, hyper-sensitized to any critique, and may not be able to hear the thread of truth buried in the projected angst. So if we have a real and substantive critique to make, let’s consider waiting a while until people are more able to hear.

To access the beautiful gift-aspect of Virgo we need focus on the nutrients, on what really feeds us, and dispose of the waste, not obsess on it. Virgo energy goes haywire when we obsess on the chaff. Yes this can be a time of scintillating commentary and sarcastic wit, and we desperately need that Virgoan propensity for critical thinking. But let’s not obsess or worry about what is crap, or crappy people, or crappy politics, let it go. Look to what nurtures, what heals. Ripen the grain, reap good harvests. Refine abilities. Appreciate the late summer rhythms of nature.

In Virgo’s symbol, that wheat is held by a woman; our discriminating ability needs to be help by our heart, our anima-soul. On Sunday the Moon and Mercury enter Libra and increases the call for fairness and the need for the beauty way, for a life in balance.

Rest up early in the week and mend nets. Tuesday the Moon heads into Scorpio as Pluto turns direct after a long retrograde (since April 11). Hidden problems and some nefarious plots can be revealed. Look for the problem in the plan or crack in the foundation. While this plays out more in the news than in our personal lives, let’s keep our eyes open and expect the unexpected. Luckily this round passes quickly, and may serve us well if it helps us get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Over the next few weeks we get a chance to resolve some issues that arose in early 2011 (when Pluto was first at this degree) needed work again in the fall of 2012, and now conclude a cycle. But we’re just getting going on the over-arching, era-defining concerns. May we bring in wisdom that cries and philosophy that laughs and bows down before all tender beings.

Friday, Sept. 14: Notice a thoughtful, worried if confused vibe this morning as the Moon enters Virgo and opposes Neptune. Don’t shadowbox with fears, listen and get more facts. Many details need attention to bring recent plans to fruition; don’t panic, just follow through one foot after the other. Be kind to the body, eat delicious and easily-digestible foods and work hard but don’t overextend. Short breaks further. Pressure releases late afternoon as the Moon trines Pluto, reminds us of our priorities and offers a chance to build trust.

Saturday, Sept. 15: It’s time to purge and sort during this peak of energy right before tonight’s New Moon. Inventory closets, psyches, garages but don’t inventory one another, trust each person to do their own work. And because other people are doing so, it’s also a great day to hit the yard sales, just make sure an item actually feeds life before purchasing. Evening is high-strung with musky emotional undertones; walk carefully around sensitive issues or a saga unfolds in this New Moon in Virgo. Opt out of drama and don’t take edginess personally. Do make personal decisions to improve life.

Sunday, Sept. 16: Is it fair? Enquiring minds want to know as the Moon and Mercury enter Libra and square Jupiter. We can back up from our issues and take a broader, more balanced view today, socialize with less nerves and with more equanimity, and be a more receptive audience. We may want to contact or communicate others and share ideas as Mercury aspects the lunar nodes, but may be less interested in debate.

Monday, Sept 17: Some fuzziness, delay or confusion in the morning can make for anger or difficulties this afternoon as Mercury challenges first Neptune and then Mars. So get centered in before launching this morning even if it takes a minute longer. Enjoy an expansive generous midday, but watch from minor technical snafus or irritated asides this afternoon. Ease rather than feed tension, as they mount easily.

Tuesday, Sept 18: The weather changes as the Moon enters Scorpio and Pluto turns direct and demand that we deal with unfinished business. Big changes loom in the wings, but daily life may just develop attitude. We have access to serious strength as the Moon conjuncts Saturn early on, though our sense of humor can be bone dry. Flashes of resentment can surprise even the most pacifistic person, but we don’t have to react to it. Tonight echoes with change, let’s make sure any decisions we make are our own and not reaction.

Wednesday, Sept 19: The energy is ripe for turning a corner as Uranus squares Pluto exactly; it is a good day to what change we want to make, whether personal or political, and take a step in that direction. Kindly breathe through fears that may arise. Midday bravery helps us move forward, break from some uncomfortable behavior. Evening can be unsettled and idea-filled, let’s keep the eye on the prize.

Thursday, Sept 20: A roadblock is lifted; look around to see where a new avenue opens. Take an opportunity to let tough feelings go and find words for reconciliation and collaboration as Mercury quincunx the healing asteroid Chiron and opposes Uranus. Be changed by shocking news or exciting opportunities, just stay grounded in the process while the Moon enters Sagittarius. This afternoon our world speeds up, travel, and connections improve. We need to get someplace (physically or mentally) and just need to keep our eyes open in the process. Laughter and an adventurous attitude relax anxiety and help us build momentum.



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