Starcodes Sept 7 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

This week is all about communication. If we’re lucky, we’ll meet new connections or our ideas will meet at the crossroads and create new paths. If we lose focus, or forgot to find one to begin with, we can just feel the Mercurial nervous energy buzzing, giving us more mental energy than physical, sometimes making it hard to sleep as our thoughts run circles like hamsters on their wheels in our brain while Mercury and the Sun conjunct in Mercury-ruled Virgo and square excessive, expansive Jupiter.

We get the word out, so the gossip circuits will buzz and it will be a tough week to make a celebrity–sized mistake. And for the same reason, it’s a good week to self-promote or get our message out if we can keep it interesting. Let’s talk ourselves up, submit proposals and applications, listen to the messages broadcast, but sort the incoming information carefully. Keep the fact-checkers close by.

Along with this Mercurial energy, Venus is now in vibrant Leo brings out our more extroverted side and a flare for the dramatic. Melodramatic even, people will tend to overstate their case and look for the limelight. Venus in Leo also brings out our authentically generous and loving heart. But it is also now in tension with Mars in snarky, private and determined Scorpio. So our public self will be very public, but don’t mess with our private side.

This Virgoan intelligence mixed with Mars in Scorpio’s detective abilities can bring out some great investigative journalism. But it can also bring out suspicious half –truths that justify our predetermined position with both Venus and Mars in stubborn fixed signs. One problem with both Venus and Mars in fixed signs is that we can grow more uncomfortable with uncertainty and so form a firm opinion about how things are and how they will turn out. But this opinion is based on assumptions, and can blind us to the subtle possibilities available only in the moment and only with open eyes and an open heart. We have to want to see the truth and not just have our positions justified.

This goes for politics as well as more domestic squabbles. People can enjoy their emotional drama of an argument without the scariness of real intimacy. When we square off somewhere we’re emotionally attached, no amount of dynamite or logical can budge us, and it will only make us bloody to keep hammering away. So if we hit one of those emotional stalemates, it is best to stand back, give the other person’s pride some soothing balm, and pique their curiosity instead if arguing. Then let it go and come back to the subject later.

The weekend is mentally active with a low attention span; cross-pollinate, share ideas, visit, putter about, just don’t expect anyone to stay focused. If sleep is fugitive, get up and put the mental buzz to good use rather than toss and turn. Early in the week we have more access to our heart, but can be all the more self-protective and guarded; the landscape is changing and some people resist the change. No one will like to be pushed, so let the situation unfold steadily and without exerting more will than necessary. Steer with finesse, not force. Towards the middle of next week our flare and expressiveness are underlined; meet, greet promote and connect. But tone down the drama at home; understatement will get us farther.

Friday, Sep 7: Disjointed conversation can point out our strongest and weakest points. It’s a good day to multi-task, but watch a tendency to get scattered or overextended; if even the small successes leave us feeling spread too thin, close eyes and sort priorities. Some element of the future may feel uncertain, don’t try to nail it down, just notice that the skills needed to deal are already there. An opinionated midday softens into an emotionally mobile afternoon rife with possibilities and a talkative evening.

Saturday, Sep 8: Enjoy a generous, diverse and dispersed day as the Gemini Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Jupiter. Flashes of optimism may not be realistic, but can open the horizon; look far afield and then work on the practicalities of getting there. Midday tension as the Sun squares Moon; if our instincts and consciousness are at odds, let them talk it out. If people begin to act this out, don’t push back immediately, either walk away, or let them feel heard to melt the tension. Curiosity shortens our attention span and makes us restless tonight, so let the mind roam over the whole world.

Sunday, Sep 9: A cranky flash this morning can require us to control our impulses midday. Overextended nerves need rest and resist expectations fiercely. Feed the nerves and rest the spirit. Do not ask for favors. Later on, honor an urge to domesticate, make the home front cozy and organize the soul as the Moon enters Cancer and trines spiritual Neptune.

Monday, Sept 10: Drop assumptions about the schedule and reassess what needs to be done this morning; the situation may have changed overnight as the Moon opposed Pluto and squared Uranus. Communication flows easily to help make adjustment midday, but people will tend to act as soon as they think, and may jump the gun as Mercury conjuncts the Sun. We have access to our deeper resources later as the Moon trines Mars and loans us durability, if not energy. Decisions clarify; authentic plans of action can be made.

Tuesday, Sept 11: Strong feelings are expressed honestly, but we hate to have our feelings manipulated or our heartstrings jerked. If tension or a disjointed feeling arises, become quieter rather than justify; let the dust settle and the heart reconnect with the mind before resuming talking. A tired or depressed spell this afternoon gets worse if we perseverate over what could have, should have happened, but dissipates quickly with quiet respect and acceptance. Evening energizes as the Moon enters Leo.

Wednesday, Sept 12: Our emotions grow more volatile and can easily take off on a wrong tangent. Stay in the present with one another and question all assumptions as Venus trines Uranus. We want a surprise, and can be drawn to drama when what we really want is to feel fully alive. Explore creative experimentation, flirtatiously wandering eyes, spontaneous parties. Work around melodramatic snit-fits. It helps to be demonstrative and effusively appreciative. It is dangerous to take someone for granted, or to provoke jealousy.

Thursday, Sept 13: Work on getting things back on an even keel. Reach out and make contacts for a new wave of work and tend the human resources. Extend overtures during an optimistic moment this morning as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Be protective and wary around moody people this afternoon, as storm clouds gather when the Moon challenges Uranus and Pluto. Do not underestimate the problems that now come up, but don’t blow them out of proportion either. They may be passing, but hint at deeper issues. Listen to one another from the heart tonight.



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