Starcodes Nov 11 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

“It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it.” Science historian Jacob Bronkowski, 1908-74.

This is an irreverent week. Irreverence implies a questioning sense of humor which allows penetrating curiosity; it does not require mean disrespect. Shift happens, or so believes Mercury and Venus conjunct with the North Node in restless Sagittarius the mood is basically curious, creative, we want to learn how to learn, and we have little reverence for how things stand now unless we can see the reason why.

Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius pull us in the direction of curiosity and movement and lower our impulse control. Suddenly thing may bother us that have been going on for a long time, and we can get really depressed if we don’t see change happening fast enough, but can take solace in the celebration of every move towards understanding and improvement, whether it is with our spouse or with our country.

But we can expect some real resistant to change also tugging at us; for the next few weeks Mars forms a determined grand trine (three corners of an equilateral trine) with Jupiter and Pluto, all in earth signs. This grand trine both brings resistance to change from the outside, and can bring the changes home; we want to initiate our own versions, and see concrete and physical change, not just words.

This, along with Neptune, traditional ruler of earthquakes (where the earth moves like waves) which turns direct this week after many months retrograde, will probably keep the tectonic plates shifting and shimmying. Deep, physical change can literalize into earth tremors or shifts in the foundations, whether breaking down old foundational blocks or building new ones. We may need or want to make a shift in how we handle money or how we handle our health. Look for cracks or be ready to begin a build.

Friday begins slow and deep but picks up with an interesting shift in perspective by the evening. Our physical energy may start low as the weekend begins, Mars opposes Neptune and enter Virgo last week, and although we may be in a more forgiving mood, our physical reserves may be low and our immune systems need a little extra attention. Though we may not feel like sleeping as the weekend progresses under a nervy, verbal Gemini Moon.

Sun and and Monday are moodier, we brush on the deeper issues of our life as the Sun challenges Pluto. Notice the self-protective undercurrents, and soothe the worries rather than argue with them. Concerns around homes, housing, and occupation will need our attention but not our knee-jerk reaction. Towards the middle of the week we’re ready to reach out and make a bigger deal of it all, which is great for self-promotion and a little hard on the small symbolic fights of everyday life. We can bring some of that irreverence back home and use our sense of humor, especially towards ourselves, to keep the flow going

Although we may have a lot of distractions this week, it is not time to drop the ball. With all this present-moment activity, it can be easy to drop the ball on our life’s bigger efforts. We may space out on the details as the Sun approaches a square to confusing Neptune, and we can already feel a low-level confusion waft in as Mercury prepares to retrograde Nov 25 – Dec 15.We need to follow through carefully whatever needs attention and persistence; get reports and orders in, get packages shipped, and move through the world with attention in the weeks ahead.

Friday, Nov11: The day starts out cranky and slow, good for dreaming, bad for agreeing. Material or practical concerns may bring a point of contention. Speak less and organize more while the Moon is still in Taurus. The pace picks up, we find a missing sense of humor, and ideas begin to ignite this afternoon. Track the details now and let them drop after dinner. After a late-afternoon rush, the evening sparkles with connection and curiosity, if not depth, as the Moon sextiles Uranus.

Saturday, Nov 12: The mood is funny, potentially scattered and off-centered as the Gemini Moon opposes Venus and Mercury; it’s great for cross-pollinating ideas or scrounging for bargains but tough to follow any one conversation to conclusion. Connections are easily missed unless we track carefully. Ideas clash but we can keep the conversation going and get something from it all. Most people will enjoy a debate but are not interested in really clashing energies, so respond accordingly. Evening simmers in a good way; look for great conversation with real gems hidden in the flow.

Sunday, Nov 13: We see the problems this morning, and may take an irreverent approach but are serious about dealing with them as the Sun semi-squares Pluto. People will be suddenly possessive of their territory. While the mood is generally positive, notice flashes of depression; care for the feeling but question its instructions. Be honest yet tactful about power dynamics; consider challenging information but respecting personhood. Some people who feel challenged may act wildly inappropriately, so be careful out there on the front lines.

Monday, Nov 14: We may have more mental energy than physical, and may need to pace ourselves; deep tiredness needs to be addressed first. A paradoxical, outspoken yet territorial mood makes it a lot easier to dish it out that takes it as the Cancer Moon opposes dark Pluto and squares unsettled Uranus. Look for some real problem that needs attention, but be careful not to read the strange, strong feelings into relationship and distort what’s going on. Stay in the present moment instead. Deal with concerns around relocation. Get grounded in some practical steps towards a short-term goal.

Tuesday, Nov 15: The mood is busy but self-protective, we’re brave if cornered but may prefer not to extend ourselves Use gesture and body language to reassure and strengthen connections this afternoon as the Moon trines Sun in deep-feeling water signs. Emotions may need to slosh around, feelings need more attention than the story that produces them. Nurture chosen families and give the soul some cozy time, comfort food. More gets more accomplished if we let people set their own limits of involvement.

Wednesday, Nov 16: Take the discontent and use it creatively as the Leo Moon trines Uranus, Mercury and Venus. We care, and will adjust to make others happy, but won’t budge if pushed directly. Use lots of positive reinforcement, let us know what works. Expression needs an outlet, don’t stifle; give it room to roar and play out, but watch for blowing hyperbole as we overstate the case to match our inner imperatives. Proportion is hard to remember.

Thursday, Nov 17: Strong energy currents run, use them to empower good things rather than let the torque twist into power struggles as Mars trines Jupiter. Competitive attitude can bring out our personal best or just tick us off; we choose. Fight a good fight. Communications flow more smoothly later when Mercury trines the Moon. Don’t read too much into evening mood swings, deal with the facts at hand and let that wind blow through and out the door.




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