Starcodes Nov 4 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Before you speak, think: Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it improve on the silence? Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Feel the shift from last week’s inward-turning, deeply-introspective Scorpio towards this restless and irreverent, multi-tasking and nervy mood.

Truth shall set us free- but what is the truth? It may seem simple and clear, but actually flickers as a multifaceted and many layered thing this week. What is true will be hotly contested and we need to be willing to look deeply in the search for truth rather than look to justify our own opinion as Venus and Mercury conjunct in tactlessly honest Sagittarius and trine radical Uranus in Aries.

We want more information. This is not a week to obfuscate or duck around tough questions, better to meet the questions head on with either a firm boundary or more information than they ask for, as a relentless curiosity for the truth will ferret out whatever feels hidden.

This is a funny, outspoken, curious, and action-oriented planetary line-up. These three planets dancing together in fire signs (along with an active, solar-flare-producing Sun) get the party started as the week progresses. People are ready to experiment and will express their ideas in no uncertain terms, but won’t always think before they speak. Elders can be painfully honest, but probably have a point; listen. Speaking frankly can be used as a bludgeon for our more unconscious emotions, so let’s check ourselves before we spout and keep is simple and humble, not get too flowery or philosophical. Let’s just speak for ourselves and say it like it is.

If we feel an urgent need to change, whether to move the sofa, or get out in the streets to move political mountains, let’s run with it but let it be a work in progress: keep minds open and dialogue flowing. While this planetary combination loans us a quick mind and easy communications, we’ll need to supply the depth, kindness, concentration to make something of it.

As the weekend begins, we’re feeling tender and probably over-extended under a Pisces Moon, may feel spacy and have trouble keeping to schedule. Memories bubble up and some old anger or motivation has a chance to dissolve, and this may cause us to reconsider our plans as Mars opposes Neptune. It’s time to catch up on emotional homework and nurture friendships.

We may feel in a hurry, but still uncertain as to where we’re going, temporarily, as Mars in Leo opposes Neptune and dissolves some old goal or anger, helps us dream of new ones, but can leave us with temporarily lower energy. It’s a good time to catch up with ourselves and reevaluate our position, Talk over our conflicting feelings and handle our life sensitively. We have some emotional homework to catch up upon, friendships to nurture.

On Sunday and early in the week an Aries Moon brings a combustible, action-oriented mood. We can get stuff done, if only we can agree on what needs doing. If we find ourselves running around without focus, looking efficient but getting tired unnecessarily, it’s time to stop and prioritize. Conflicts conflagrate easily, so let’s be careful what sparks we let fly.

Thursday’s Full Moon shows us something about the tension between our desires to transform (Scorpio Sun) and our need for secure comfort (Taurus Moon). It challenges us to work though this paradox and find a way through. We notice our jealousies and attachments to people, things, or ideals, we feel our connections to the past which fertilize us on a good day but hold us back on a bad day. The Full Moon actives our attachments and makes us crave security just as them but Mercury and Venus trine Uranus calls us to greener pastures, and we have to mediate between.

Dreams are stirring in the psyche this week as Neptune turns direct after many months retrograde. Listen both for what’s really bothering us and needs to be addressed, for hopes and fear, and for visions of potential waiting for us if we can stretch far enough.

Friday, Nov 4: We may feel tender and worn thin as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Chiron this morning, so let people set their own limits and boundaries and be quietly appreciative wherever possible. Midday, our feelings may be at odds with what we think, but it’s hard to admit it; catch the rationalizing mind, but be forgiving. If confusion causes tension midafternoon, breathe through it. Give room for emotional discharge tonight, we need to unpack our heart and unwind; keep expectations low and consider a gentle gathering or good movie to cry or laugh with.

Saturday, Nov 5: Gentleness helps us be more open. So much is percolating now we need to stay open to possibilities and process feelings but not slip into disempowered-victim-mind. There is too much to do for that, and too much possibility in the shifts. If we’re honest with ourselves, and responsive to our surroundings, we can find a new harmony with our situation. Process this afternoon, refill tonight. Rest now, because tomorrow is wild.

Sunday, Nov 6: We are not convenient as the Moon enters feisty Aries, conjuncts Uranus and trines Venus and Mercury. We have to follow our inner calling, and it will only cause problems trying to make us behave. Good changes in the air this afternoon, if we don’t ignite one another as our realities clash. Tonight, some regrets can haunt but can also get us back on track as the Moon squares Pluto. Other people are not responsible for our moods, they spring from within.

Monday, Nov 7: Overnight magical aspects stimulate our dreams as the Moon trines Uranus and Venus. The Aries Moon pushes us forward; Mars opposes Neptune and makes it hard to see where we’re going. Coyote irreverence accomplishes more that direct attack. Take any opportunity to drop an argument or question an outdated goal or motivation, and begin again.

Tuesday, Nov 8: Caution, combustible materials within and complications without. This fire can fuel our creative endeavors or lead to collisions; move smoothly, with focus but without sparks. Calm down and clear the waters, get perspective before leaping as the Sun forms an irritating aspect to Uranus midday. We can feel pressured by time and space, by material reality. If we’re confronted by information that challenges our comfort zone, let’s make sure we really understand the situation. A frustrating patch around dinner needs patience and durability as Venus and Mercury semi-square Saturn, watch for suddenly limited thinking or resources, then notice more room to breath after dinner as the Aries Moon sextiles Neptune. A walk helps.

Wednesday, Nov 9: Desires is the cause of suffering: this 2nd noble truth of Buddhism is illustrated under the Taurus Full Moon. The morning is slow, stubborn, and sensual as the Taurus Moon exposes our attachments. We may feel pulled between what we want in a visceral way and what we want philosophically, or between what we want and what we have, but we can be honest about the difference. Trust may be tested but deepens with simple openness. We may need tactile comfort to soothe the nerves; a hug helps.

Thursday, Nov 10: The Moon peaks Full at 11:16 AM MST, feel the tension and the laziness; take the path of least resistance that has the farthest horizon. Do not get caught in resistance, redirect any tension towards creation. Don’t play with people’s possessive feelings; explore possibilities but reassure those who care along the way. Mars enters Virgo tonight and brings a new focus to our critique.




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