Starcodes Nov 18, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

This is politically challenging, personally busy, tactless and potential-filled week, with probably way too much on our plates, and in confusing or ever-changing circumstances.

It’s easy to say way too many these days, but some of it just needs to be said. Tact can get stuffed in a shoebox when Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius and this will intensify through the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day just as Mercury retrogrades. We can keep it funny, like renowned political comedian Jon Stewart or as confrontational as conservative commentator Ann Coulter, both Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, or stuff it, and wonder why we can’t sit still. In most circumstances it’s best to let our truth flow, but call up our inner diplomat to speak it for us.

Even when the conversation gets tense, let’s keep listening; what we hear is probably not anger, though it may be charged, it’s just way too direct to be comfortable. It may be only a partial truth that surfaces as old layers activate, or it may be a distorted version of the truth that says more about the speaker than our reality, but it will give us a bigger, more dimensional picture of what is going on. It may also be sprinkled with a Mercury-retrograde moment of brain-freeze, like those that have recently infected political debates and can affect any of us under stress this week.

The outpouring probably won’t be mean diatribe (though it may be angry), and is more likely honest feeling; it is a sign that someone respects us enough to believe we’re ready and able to hear. So hang in there and think about what they say, whether about politics, race and gender issues, or some far more personal or mundane issues on the home front. On the other hand, if we have something to say but feel a charge behind it, let’s see if we can let off a little steam first so we can speak our truth cleanly and clearly, and with the intention of actually making a difference. Our truth may be that we love wildly all the people around us and it’s about time we let them know.

Sagittarius is freedom loving (though we may differ about what freedom means to us) both in the all-important big politics and in our personal freedoms. This issues is Keep this week as Jupiter, Pluto and Mars for a strong grand trine in earthy signs, we want to see a tangible difference in our lives, and want to see it now.  This is a week for transitions, turning points, a step over the line.

On a more personal level we’re probably happy to visit and see family, we may feel resentful of any obligation that curtails our spontaneity or self-direction, feel a little guilty about that, and overcompensate. Let’s see if we can honestly negotiate between everyone’s needs instead.

With this speedy Sagittarius energy it is easy to feel rushed right now. Slow down, the more that needs doing, the more stately needs to be our pace; accidents increase anytime we’re in a hurry, form little domestic spillages to an increase in fender benders, as the Sun squares Neptune and makes conditions confusing or sloppy this week while Mercury prepares to retrograde right on Thanksgiving Day. Sagittarius is the sign of the impatient traveler and normally promotes great driving, but we can expect the unexpected, like last-minute changes or delays, missing addresses and bad weather conditions that along with that occasional brain-freeze will make transportation interesting. Laugh off misunderstandings or missed cues and confirm the details. Make holiday travels a dance of attention and awareness; enjoy the journey and keep it safe.

As the weekend begins we may feel over extended and busy. It will be easy to feel like we’re juggling too much, feel frazzled and so it will help to pace ourselves and priorities taking care of our immune system. Let’s take the time to heal this weekend, tend to stress and find healthy alternatives. Diagnose but don’t complain, the difference is subtle but real. Notice a turning point as some minor cycles come to conclusion and fresh seeds are planted for the next cycle.

Let’s pull out our diplomatic chops early in the week as Venus forms a sweet sextile to Saturn under a sociable Libra Moon. This aspect brings our attention to old friends and familiar places just in time for the holiday, helps us finish up what needs to be done before the holidays.

The Moon enters Scorpio midweek which helps us get work finished before the holidays, but we may get a bit grim about it unless we keep our compassion flowing. Some people will be processing recent changes and just opt out of all holiday preparations, give them room but keep the warmth flowing their way. Plan extra time for travel and bring a good book.

Thanksgiving morning is focused and edgy, so arriving late may not be such a bad thing. That afternoon expands and relaxed, evening is funny and alive under a New Moon in Sagittarius. Let’s not try and make the kids behave, nor the grandmothers, because they won’t; let’s find the humor in what they have to say instead. This Sagittarius line up offers a moment to be grateful for every one of our precious freedoms, to nurture our joy of life and whatever widens our horizons.

Friday, Nov 18: Ego issues confuse the situation, so get out of the center and get a clearer picture as the Leo Moon opposes Neptune.  Let the heart shine. Later on it is time to analyze what works and what doesn’t. A sharp mental edge can get nasty if we’re self-absorbed, but can also be insightful or make important editing, budgetary or surgical decisions as the Moon enters Virgo. Stay cool through a cranky spell, and don’t cut more than needed. We have more room tonight as the Moon tines Jupiter; community heals and our world expands as we connect with one another. Opinions grate and accidents increase late tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars, so know when to rest.

Saturday, Nov 19: Share deeply this morning as the Moon trines Pluto, build trust with kind honesty. Some tension can be productive, listen for growth in the differences. Use the Virgo mood to heal, even if it brings up tough questions. Have patience when talking it out, it does not need to be said all at once. Focus on small successes and leave the mistake-list alone. People are scattered and may not cooperate with our great ideas, but those that show up can do great things. To move past socially-awkward moments this evening, share memories as the Moon squares Mercury.

Sunday, Nov 20: Keep the morning low-key, low demand and it goes smoother. Watch unintentionally critical comments, they’ll stick like burrs. Things may not be like we’d want them to, and unknown factors can challenge our judgment, but we can use our heart and make the best of it. Confrontations can be transformed. Healthy activities lower stress and help us connect; lead by example. Good changes open up one-on-one communications later as the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus.

Monday, Nov 21: The mood is sweet but out of whack; some situation just doesn’t feel fair as the Moon squares Pluto. So as not to project this haunted feeling inappropriately, process dreams and the morning news before launching into the day. Existential homesickness calls to us. Later on, tactful honesty clears the air, balance the workload and it moves more smoothly. Trust deepens later if we build on what we know.

Tuesday, Nov 22: Follow-through is the name of the game. Don’t get stuck in the past, but use it to strengthen the moment; familiar routines or personal rituals help, so do old friends and familiar contacts as Venus sextiles, and the Moon conjuncts, Saturn. Seal as many deals as possible now while the mood is equitable. The Sun enters Sagittarius and brings a fresh breeze to the soul this afternoon, then evening sharpens with impatience as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Wednesday, Nov 23: Stay out of the way of the cook or anyone else who’s concentrating. We’re so ready to switch gears and let go as the Scorpio Moon sharpens our focus while the Sun trines Uranus to bring innovation and a craving to break routine. The mood is impatient, focused, sometimes grim, unless we consciously look for the brighter side. We may feel the urge to change it up, but it might be better to leave traditional recipes alone; people need their comfort foods under times of stress. Look for last-minute changes in travel plans. Honor a desire to clean and clear the decks, just don’t fray relationships or safety in the process, as they really are most important. Find creative ways to enjoy the journey and keep it safe.

Thursday, Nov 24: We might as well kick back, loosen expectations and not try to make everything perfect, because it just won’t happen that way as Mercury retrogrades today. We may have an ideal in mind as Venus sextiles Neptune warms our heart and makes us nostalgic, but let’s not let it take us away from what we do have. Delays may prove beneficial as the morning is moodier and more problematic with complicated communications. Emotional conditions improve towards the evening, but watch the weather conditions. Don’t press guests to connect as soon as they arrive, let them settle in and warm up. Set dinner time later and give room for delays and snafus. The mood shift around 6 pm MST as the Moon enters Sagittarius and conjuncts the Sun for a fun, funny and frank evening.


3 thoughts on “Starcodes Nov 18, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Thank you once again for this tireless work. Have a Beautiful, Kind &
    gentle Thanksgiving, Heather (& Wren, too). Love & Chesed to all. <3

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