Starcodes July 15 2011

“In summer, the song sings itself. “ ~William Carlos Williams. This week our job is to sing along. And in doing so, we can rest, renew, replenish and rejoice.

Life has not been business as usual these last few weeks; we’ve had many astrological challenges and much life karma-slogging to go through. We may have been doing some great soul but it’s been hard to kick back and enjoy the summer. We get a break in the wild transits this week and it will feel good.

Even with the recent firestorms, floods and our personal versions of such rough weather, Mars in Gemini has helped us grab a moment of sweetness and let go of our concerns long enough to laugh with a comrade or watch a smoky sunset and appreciate the wild beauty of an incoming storm.

But before this rest we need to stay alert and involved all Friday, as an early-morning decisive Full Moon in Capricorn reveals a new landscape. We get evidence of the motivation and method being used to leverage certain strategies and notice who is pulling the strings. This is an important time, we need to stay involved in any decision making process that affects our life. Email politicians, speak up in the neighborhood. Don’t get side-tracked into an argument; do encourage movement in a good direction.

It is also a good time to get organized towards a direction we’d like to move in the future, it will help us relax in the fallow days, and help keep our spirits up. We can get discouraged if we can’t see movement towards our goals but will be ready to rest if we feel the momentum or have a plan to get it going,

Then let’s take a deep breath, return to the wellsprings of our life and renew. We may still need to deal with the fallout of recent events and process what‘s already in motion, but may have less fresh challenges coming down the pike.

Water will be important alter in the week. Stay hydrated. Dance the rain when it pour dance for the rain in the droughts. Swim where possible. Look at how water flow and usage is changing around the world and wonder what happens next and what we need to do about it.

It’s time to savor any restful moment and refill the tanks. Even in mourning the loss of forest to a fire we can find a seedling to feel grateful for, and in doing so, have more energy to proceed with the healing work needed in the future.

Friday, July 15: Restless dreams dance on our doubts and ambitions as last night’s Full Moon in Capricorn vibrates today. It can leave us restless and tired this morning but work helps, let’s just do what we have to do. We need to stay involved and watch what moves are made this strategic day. Some challenge to the chains of command is natural, but let’s make sure it’s a real problem and not just a snarky mood. Cooperation improves as the day wears on, look for a good shift in social dynamics as the Moon enters Aquarius and sextiles Uranus.

Saturday, July 16: Balance the surplus of good ideas and helpful suggestions this morning, people are sociable and generous but opinionated and independent as the Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter and trines Saturn. Groups further: it’s a good day to wander up a lazy river with friends or wander around a flea market with sociable strangers. We can call people to their gentleness for the common good. Afternoon and evening have an aimless quality, work with it rather than push the river.

Sunday, July 17: We somehow feel connected to our community and are willing to act on this feeling, let’s see if we can make that community one of all living beings. This afternoon the mood gets disjointed and people’s needs run in skew lines; discordant edges need room so they do not grate. The mood is one of dispersal and diffusion with a lazy streak. Feelings well up quietly tonight.

Monday, July 18: Go gently; be soft with the soul this morning as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Jupiter and Pluto. We resonate below the verbal level. Save initiation of any major activity for later in the week. Sensitive feelings and free-floating emotions along with a spacy sensitivity and high pollen and particulate count leave us squishy, dreamy and self-protective. Make it safe for others to trust, be kindly honest and low key. The creative process seeps up and overflows later; we might as well leave the logic alone and work with our muse.

Tuesday, July 19: Funny, nervy energy leads people away if we get heavy or confrontational, they will pay attention if we keep it light and keep it moving. Notice a mood of active indecision; we move objects, futz with calendars and experiment. People may appear more agreeable than they really are, so assume “yes” is really “maybe” and “maybe is probably “no”. Tonight we could use a moment out of time, stargaze or find a drive-in movie.

Wednesday, July 20: Gears shift and opportunities open. Don’t let the boat sail without jumping aboard. Watch for literal and figurative sparks as the Moon enters Aries and conjunct Uranus midday. We have to be ourselves no matter how inconvenient that may be to others, but we can be kind about it. Political dialogue grows confrontational especially where someone’s played the guilt card.  Don’t take the bait; instead, create an auspicious change in plans this afternoon. We can get difficult if we worry and cannot do anything about the problem as the Moon squares Pluto. Tonight it feels good to feel physically tired instead of emotionally so.

Thursday, July 21: Discontent can be useful on this moodily energized day; make an action plan but make sure it’s real as the Moon opposes Saturn, and be proactively patient around the timing. If we decide to wait, it feels better than being stuck. Children may need a teaching moment about timing and pacing. Afternoon and evening feel more uncertain or out of rhyme, but can still glow if we let ourselves truly be present to the moment instead of wishing we were someplace else. Feed the soul with spontaneity tonight.




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