Starcodes July 22 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

We head into high summer as the Sun joins Mercury in Leo today and Venus enters Leo on Thursday. Leo, at its best, encourages us to be a campfire, imbuing us with generosity and warmth so we can gather people together. It encourages us to let our light shine and add bravado and dramatic flair to everything from political wrangling to arts festivals, from summer romances to summer storms. If it also encourages shallow self-indulgence, maybe that’s just natural in the summer heat.

Leo is a fixed sign, it likes to stay centered and shine from there, like the campfire, so the rate of change slows down around us even as the pressure to change ramps up inside us. The Sun in Leo brings our attention back to ourselves, and as it trines transformative Uranus this week, we can get antsy and ripen for change within. Over the next month let’s let old assumptions about what we can and cannot do fall away, melt away in the blazing heat, melt away as we stop and take stock of ourselves.

Leo rules the heart. While the Leo Sun trines changeable Uranus, If we’re willing to let go of some personal illusions we can open to the idea that no matter what our age, we’re still malleable and can grow into a new and better version of ourselves, more alive, more authentic, more creative than we’ve ever been,  just by  paying attention to who we truly are and opening our hearts. Our creative nature, backed by hard work (Virgo is next), has a better chance to solve the world’s dire problems than does our grim self. More of the same is not what is called for in the year ahead.

From poet Mahmoud Darwish:

As you prepare your breakfast, think of others,
Don’t forget to feed the pigeons..
As you conduct your wars, think of others,
Don’t forget those who want peace..
As you pay your water bill, think of others,
Think of those who only have clouds to drink from..
As you go home, your own home, think of others,
Don’t forget those who live in tents..
As you sleep and count the planets, think of others,
There are people who have no place to sleep..
As you liberate yourself with metaphors, think of others..
Those who have lost their right to speak..
And as you think of distant others, think of yourself,
And say: I wish I were a candle in the darkness..

This week the general mood will be sociable but touchy. Mars in Gemini supports a light, teasing or flirtatious approach but may feed into the political war of words, so be careful where the words fall. To counterpoint, Venus in Cancer can leave us feeling unusually touchy, thin-skinned.  It is easy to misconstrue casual comments and feel slighted or hurt, or to feel a bit vulnerable, unusually self- critical and aware of other people’s opinions. All while our thinking gets a bit hazy as Mercury appears to slow down to retrograde on August 2.

If we feel our hackles go up or if our friend suddenly looks like a hurt puppy in response to some apparently off-hand remark, it’s good to stop and clarify what was actually intended. And to hold our own heart gently when the world feels gritty, let the little flotsam fly over our heads and know we are there for ourselves.

Friday is sparky and touchy; fires start easily and we hurry up to wait. As the Sun enters Leo and the Moon enters Taurus over the weekend, we tend to stop where we are for a moment. A Mercury-Saturn semi-square can limit our thinking or put a weight on our soul; options feel limited and we may have to let go of a long-held object or idea. It is a good time to check in with elders, they may have a story to tell or need company.

Our positions tend to entrench under all this fixed sign energy, while it’s lovely to entrench in a hammock or puttering in a garden, it is a pain if we entrench in an argument or while we’re trying to motivate a difference. Although options open up later in the week as the Sun pleasantly trines Uranus, this next month calls for us to stop and let ourselves ripen along with the fruit; work with what’s already on the table and wait until the end of August to start new work projects.

Friday, July 22: The day starts off touchy, easily triggered; we may feel a need to accomplish but fight a lazy streak that leaves our energy in a syncopated rhythm. Social awkwardness this morning shifts if we can let go of the words and spare a moment to connect with eyes and heart. The mood smoothes out, slows down and asks us to savor the moment as the Sun enters Leo and Moon enters Taurus tonight.

Saturday, July 23: The morning fuzzes as the Sun quincunx Neptune; water, meditation or a few extra dreams are in order. No rushing please. Watch a narrowing of mind later afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Saturn; remember the endless possibilities. People really resist being pushed.  Some confusing circumstances can work to our advantage midday. Act on a wave of generosity this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and feel a tide of emotion wash away; what we give returns many-fold in different forms. Feed the senses and be comfortable tonight.

Sunday, July 24: Willfulness needs skillful handling. Note their chins, notice a strangely competitive pugnacious streak and don’t be caught by it as Mars semi-squares Jupiter. Leave contentious topics alone    with beloveds, choose not to fight and channel that tension into a positive challenge. If someone fans the flames, unhook from them and step away. Moods are sunnier later in the day; we feel the heart more easily as the Moon sextiles Venus and can respond well to overtures.

Monday, July 25: Funny, nervy day, anxiety can be just underused nervous system, so redirect the energy towards a creative outlet as the Moon enters Gemini and squares Neptune. It helps to process out loud, but be considerate of the audience. For wind or words, too much or too little can be a problem. Wittiness can be delightful until it abrades our insulation, figure out their intentions before for reacting. Travel can be relatively easy if we make frequent short stops. It’s a good day to search for new resources as people are generous with what information they have.

Tuesday, July 26: Keep talking; dialogue is productive though the important threads may be buried under staccato verbiage as the Gemini Moon trines Saturn.  A humorous touch helps equalize and create a fairer environment.  Let people have their pride as they bend towards compromise. Quick responses, quick short range decisions this afternoon meetings can move swiftly as the Moon conjuncts Mars. Just move with attention and avoid unproductively pointed comments later in the day.  Soothe nerves naturally.

Wednesday, July 27: Change begins within as the Sun trines Uranus. But keep the emphasis on positive, restlessness is healthy if it inspires improvement or give us a break from routine, but not if we just duck out without trying. Conversation satisfies towards the end of the day. Keep the emphasis on kindness tonight as the Moon enters Cancer; we all need to feel safer. Dream big dreams tonight as the Moon trines Neptune.

Thursday, July 28: The winds shift direction often this rather tricky day, stop often to get bearings as the Moon opposes Pluto, Venus enters big-hearted, creative but often self-involved Leo as thoughtful Mercury enters Virgo and opposes confusing Neptune. Our personal issues can flare up and our imagination and intuition overflow, but it is hard to tell the difference between. Confusing, changeable circumstances can tug at our heartstrings but wake up our soul as Venus quincunx Neptune as the Sun quincunx Pluto tonight.


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