Starcodes July 8 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Let this quote from the Dalai Lama be the key to the week, which starts off rough and ends in calmer waters as Venus, the planet that talk about what we love, what we value and what we find beautiful sets off this year’s biggest astrological configuration.

The general mood for the week is a real mixed bag but we can choose which thread of the astrological tapestry we tune into. Mercury in outgoing Leo sextiles energizing Mars and keeps our mind active; we tell stories and socialize, reach out to new people and grasp new information quickly, though we tend to express in hyperbole and can get huffy if ignore. While this loans us a quick, if not always accurate, response, watch for mistakes made when hurrying. On the other side, Venus and the Sun in Cancer keep our hearts tender with an introverted streak, emotionally connected when we let ourselves go there, but lends us a tendency to get defensive and self-protective under stress.

Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are dancing around in three corners of a square around the earth all year long, breaking down old structures and habits and challenging us to live with less certainty while we experiment to find a better way. We generally feel this through the big global and cultural changes, but since mid-June, the inner personal planets (Mercury, Sun, and now Venus) have tagged the fourth corner of that square and brought those changes up close and personal. Forest fires and floods around the country brought climate change home, government budget cuts threaten to affect our daily lives. Many of us feel real and tangible shifts in the circumstances of our existence. So how do we respond? The planets dispose us, but we always choose our actions.

Venus squared Uranus over the last few days and may have left us feeling a little fried or tossed in a blanket while dealing with unusual circumstances, uncertain as to which way the wind blows.

It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have or what we’ve lost as the weekend begins and Venus opposes Pluto, symbolic of all things tough and mortal.

As Venus now opposes Pluto and soon squares Saturn; our heart can ache, something or someone we long for, some loss hurts, whether real, remembered or impending. If our life is just peachy, we may feel it vicariously, through the fire-toasted or flooded habitat, or through the vagaries of a beloved’s life. We can get discouraged or coldhearted and block out the compassion that springs naturally in response, or we can engage.

Compassion is a cure for the Venus-Pluto blues. It can be hard to stick our necks out about our own vulnerability, easier to mother someone than romance them or ask for help for ourselves. We need to keep it clean in relationships, be tactful but not manipulative, because trust can be a real trigger point. Hearts tend to run tender on the inside and prickly on the outside; we need to be empowering as we offer help because it’s so easy to hear helpfulness as criticism.

This weekend we go deep under a Scorpio Moon, deep into our hearts and souls, deep into our concerns and dramas. It will go more smoothly if we choose where and how we go deep, and throw ourselves into a project or take a retreat and ponder the meaning of the universe. If we start to dive deep into our woes, it helps to deal with some practical problem and find the ground underneath us, or better yet, find some practical and compassionate way to be there for others.

Later on in the week let’s look at what gets in the way of equality, love and friendship, what blocks the beauty way as Venus square Saturn. Love equals work, work equals love, and we can love our work. It furthers to put some backbone and discipline into our creative life, or learn from some tradition dear to us.  Let’s not test relationships; life will do that for us. It may be time to exercise healthy boundaries. Practice diplomacy and good relationship skills especially when triggered or insecure. Speak up if something is needed, don’t ask them to guess.

Friday, July 8: On this moody but touching day our hearts need to be used, but our love life maybe complicated or static-filled under this Libra Moon as Venus opposes Pluto. Although solitude can feel good, isolation hurts; we can feel alone even in a crowd or feel sad about a real or imagine loss. A lack in our life is not entirely due to someone else screwing up; that illusion provides only temporary relief.  Worrying about our mistakes won’t help either. We need one another. If our heart is sore or longing, it helps to reach out and help another. Art and music can soothe the savaged heart.

Saturday, July 9: Much unravels this complicated day, but mostly in a good way. If we choose to cooperate we can figure out anything we set our minds to. Early on a hopeful and generous Venus-Jupiter sextile buoys us, later our practical and logical side is supported as Mercury sextiles Saturn but the Scorpio Moon wants us to do things on our own terms. Emotions swim deep; if people get self-conscious or odd, be warm but reserved and let them acclimatize.

Sunday, July 10: We may be cozy and profound in our comforts zones but opinionated and defensive if tested. Explore the interior world and don’t push others. Back away from, rather than engage, anger; people get mean if pushed. If we’re around suspicious people, it pays to be patient, solid, quiet. Keep it fair and respectful.

Monday, July 11: This eccentric and self-directed morning brings a more positive and friendly outlook; forget sticking to schedule as the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune. Putter, recount, dream, wander, and imagine possibilities. Get others to dream along but don’t push for a decision yet. Later, it furthers to connect with the natural world as an ally, both for our peace of mind and because the environment needs attention. Encourage a gentle breakthrough tonight as the Moon trines Uranus.

Tuesday, July 12: Put impatience to good use but don’t skip a step or get careless. Notice the monkey brain that argues or chatters within, and turn that inner motor onto anything that needs honesty, decisiveness or practical solutions while Mercury sextiles Mars. More clear information comes in through the body- which way does it want to move? Watch where the feet want to go. Proceed, but avoid careless rush. Learn something new and implement percolating ingenuity.

Wednesday, July 13: The day starts out sunnier, hits some unexpected snags and then tests us and our relationships as the Moon enters determined Capricorn, squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto. We may doubt some desired goal will ever be attained, but that’s because we reach for it with our soul and feel the lack. Some get difficult and look for outsiders to blame, other reach in and do the work. It furthers to follow tradition, kindness and a disciplined approach as Venus squares Saturn. Tonight, appreciate what worked.

Thursday, July 14: Call upon endurance as the Moon squares Saturn and oppose Venus. If dealing with something truly toxic, walk away. But otherwise, it furthers to hang in there and reap the rewards; love when they’re not very lovable, care even when it is boring, working where it’s not interesting but needs to be done. After weeding the garden, enjoy the fruits. Poking and analyzing won’t get as far as patience and compassion; look for the gift within.




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