Starcodes May 27 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

This holiday weekend is melancholic and windy with good neighborliness and an occasionally funny moments and a tendency to trip over our own feet. Melancholia does waft through an otherwise spontaneous and fun Memorial Day weekend; we remember who is gone, what has been lost as the Sun quincunx Pluto, but can let this become a meditation in gratitude and a reminder to be more fully alive, as well as spur us to be helpful to one another.

Memorial Day is the Gemini holiday, brining deep memories flecked with frivolous fun and a chance strengthen our non-work relationships. We need a break in this pivot point between seasons, although it feels important to remember people and moments of the past, our minds may need a break from hard work and concentration. Blathering is a Gemini way to process; it is mental unwinding not disrespect.

Melancholia can be a reasonable response to Memorial Day, and to our respect for those who died in our wars, regardless of our attitude towards those wars themselves. Melancholia may also be a natural response to recent events; if we’ve been in the path of a tornado, we may miss a home or loved one, or feel the tenuousness of peace and safety. But we may also feel this bittersweet quality without a specific personal trigger. Instead of letting the mood distract us from the beauty of the burgeoning spring, we can honor the missing, celebrate what we have, and then make tangible improvements for the future.

Even if the Sun is quick-thinking, neighborly if sometime frivolous air-sign Gemini this week, Venus, Mars and Mercury in earthy Taurus will keep us grounded. Taurus is all about the material, a word which comes from matter, mater, the mother, the stuff and substance of the world. This line-up in Taurus asks us to feel the life force pulsing in the burgeoning earth around us and let it feed our joy and our health, it sings to us to use our senses in all sorts of delightful ways. But it can also tweak our tails and encourage us to want things or people– whether or not it would be productive to have them– and to feel unusually territorial about what and who we do have. The cure for the Taurus acquisitiveness and jealousy, which can be intense, is to see the sacredness of the growing trees, baby birds and young love, and tune into the abundance and generosity of the flowering world. It also feels good to pick up a tool and build, so help a neighbor.

To use a garden metaphor, we may be happy the sunlight and rain and reach soil feed the beans and pansies, but then notice that ragweed is also flourishing. This planetary line-up calms nerves but can also feed a bull-like determination behind arguments, the deep rooting, growing energy is lovely where we are already content, it can help us continue on our path when we’re tired or weary, but discontent can also take root and stubbornness can nourish ongoing conflicts. Our weather systems can have the same pattern, lovely and sunny until a storm kicks up, but then the clouds mean business. It’s not an easy time to change minds, we can seduce people to a new idea, we can set firm boundaries, but we cannot push people where they do not want to go.

The Moon is in self-determined, inventive Aries as this holiday weekend begins; we’re so ready to let go of other people’s expectations and wander to our own rhythms but it may have to finish business or deal with unexpected responsibilities first. Saturday is a great day to wander, the more spontaneous it is, and the more it rests our soul. Sunday and Monday we slow down and get into an earthier renewing mode. On Wednesday a partial solar eclipse/ New Moon in nervy, funny Gemini can highlight were our ideas are having trouble manifesting, or where we need to let go of a word out approach and try a new idea.

Generally the New Moon in Gemini may be hard to sleep through but alight with social buzz, great for the sound bites of speed-dating and social networking. But this eclipse could also trigger a replacement or loss of face of prominent people, or make and break treaties. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in Taurus and conjuncts the fixed star Algol who has a tough reputation for those in leadership positions but not for the rest of the folk. We can use this eclipse mood constructively, if we have a bad habit, idea, or old concept passed down in the family that runs us even when we know better, we can depose it this week and find a fresh mindset.

Friday, May 27: Keep an open experimental attitude and don’t get too attached to the plans, an early morning Moon-Uranus conjunction in Aries can make it easy to get going but hard to stay focused; if circumstances change, look for opportunity rather than resist. Watch for those who flare up as they try to control an unexpected situation; control won’t work, respectful expression will. We’re all goal focused, but may disagree on the goal. Afternoon power trips, pressures and strange feelings need attention and can slow us down as the Aries Moon square Saturn and Pluto; prioritize camaraderie over efficiency this afternoon and renewal over rush this tired but restless night.

Saturday, May 28: Turn an escapist urge to good use. Morning is slow but drifting and wandering may be the point; feel the need to unwind from other’s expectations and come home to the self. Intuition and magic are close at hand if we open to it. Midday drifts. While the mood is generally optimistic and enthusiastic tonight as the Moon approaches Jupiter, all feelings are cranked up. We’ll hate to feel trapped, so open the doors to the heart and to the world.

Sunday, May 29: It’s worth waking up for a beautiful Moon–Jupiter conjunction in the early morning sky; let its optimism infuse life. But if we miss that window, the Moon soon enters Taurus and encourages us to go back to bed, have a nice lie in and good breakfast. Call a truce; do not expect arguments to be productive. The day calls for heartfelt expression, depth, and gentle nourishment from the roots of our soul, upwards.

Monday, May 30: It’s a fitting day to honor the offerings of Mars and to talk about what is the right use of Mars energy, our warrior spirit, as the Moon conjuncts Venus and Mars in Taurus. Melancholia feeds respect for courage, bravery, warmth for families and familiar comfortable traditions. Stay open to cuddly, romantic moments, work safely around flashes of territorial and protective spirit. Honor the deeper questions hovering underneath the rituals and habits that ask us how we use our human and material resources in a good way.

Tuesday, May 31: The morning is tactless, if people say strangely edgy or abrasive comments look for the unsettled feelings that cause the tactlessness. Old jealousies or emotional entitlements tug on us and judgmental moods can limit our perspective. Midday it is easy to lose our focus, but the conversation picks up in the afternoon and bounces off the wall tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and enters Gemini.

Wednesday, June 1: Buzzy but collaborative energy swirls this morning, lots of ideas can find form if only we can concentrate as the Sun and Moon trine Saturn. Look for ingenious ways around obstacles. A partial Solar eclipse, seen only in the north but felt everywhere at 3:02 pm may precipitates a new understanding; let go of an outmoded idea and enter into a new understanding. Old equipment may interfere with communications or travel.

Thursday, June 2: Our minds can run nervously over something that obsesses us as Venus challenges Pluto. If we just obsess, we can think ourselves in circles, but if we lead with our hearts and a creative approach, we can reset the situation. Groups hum, gossip flies; nerves can make people really funny. If it’s hard to concentrate on any one thing, keep circling back to work that needs completion.


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