Starcodes June 3 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Just for a few days, it’s time to step inwards and take care of some personal business; come home, do some family karma slogging and remember our roots, whether that family is four-footed, chosen, or biological under a watery Cancer Moon and with Venus and Mars in comfort-seeking Taurus. Maybe we do some chores around the house and garden and make life cozier for the summer. Or connect with and cozy up the neighborhood, however we define that. If our doubts and concerns rumble, they need both attention and to be seen for what they are, worries, and not necessarily harbingers of the future.

We want to get comfortable with Venus and Mars in Taurus, this urge will inspire some to action and others to just get lazy. We each may need a different medicine to feel better, so let’s cut some slack and not judge one another about the process. We’re still not allowed to grab that which is not ours, which seems to be a problem for a few high-profile men these last few weeks since Mars has been Taurus. While we’re in this comfort mode, most people will prefer to talk with those who already agree with them, which can make politics just a matter of preaching to the support base rather than actually talking with one another. If we do hit upon a hot topic, watch people entrench fast, heels dig in , chin juts out, if more stubborn than aggressive. But we can choose to be more flexible and make it comfortable to talk over differences slowly and organically.

This longing for a cozier home can be hard for those who recently lost their homes to tornadoes, floods or economic upheaval. It helps us to help them; good works of all types are good for our own aches and are an easy way to meet people, because otherwise people are not so outgoing or willing to take emotional risks at the moment.

By Sunday the mood is more outgoing, though a short-lived irritable semi-square between Mars and Uranus can leave us twitchy or makes conditions unstable; watch the weather reports and think through impulsive actions early in the week. Deep impatience about some delayed decision or event can push us to jump the gun and make a false start; the more important the issue, the more we need patience now.

We won’t feel domestic or defensive for long, Mercury has already entered its home sign of Gemini and the conversation picks up as the week progresses. Opportunities begin to bubble up around us, they may be temporary but could be valuable steeping stones. As Venus enters Gemini at the end of week, sociability picks up and we are off for the summer, out and about and curious if with short attention spans and a limited interest in diving deep, which is perfect for the sound bites of summer, like quick novels and early campaign rhetoric, but tricky for getting anyone to think through consequences.

Neptune turns retrograde for the summer and sextiles expansive Jupiter this week, so dreams abound and water flows. This can exacerbate flood conditions and make our dreams a little strange. Stay hydrated, keep that dream journal and find healthy ways to escape the tough sandpaper reality and find inner resources.

In a more practical vein, Jupiter, the plentiful planet, enters earthy and abundant Taurus over this weekend. We have so many large-scale, era-changing aspects this year it may be generally too subtle to feel this time around, but Jupiter in Taurus is propitious, it wants us to build our resources, our gardens and our economy, slowly and organically, but bountifully, like a pumpkin vine stretching across the lawn.  And like that pumpkin vine, we won’t really be able to see its results until the fall, but the seedling still needs tending now. If our personal economy has an opportunity to begin to turn around, let’s lay out the plans in a steady, gardening sort of way, using no-nonsense practicality to tend inspirational seeds.

As the crops come in and investments of time and energy begin to bear fruit, the challenge will be to not spend more than comes in, as Taurus does love the stuff and can urge us to collect. We can look back to the last few times Jupiter went through Taurus, in March 1999-April 2000 and roughly the same time frame of 1988-89 to get a feel for how this may play our in our own chart.  Let’s tend the crops.

Friday, June 3: Although the day starts out upbeat, clouds may thicken. Work-therapy helps the moodiness, the existential ennui as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto this afternoon. Do not try to push people out of their comfort zone, work with them where they are. Deal with some uncomfortable revelation this afternoon and unsettled feelings around dinner. Come home to someplace familiar tonight and refill.

Saturday, June 4: Domesticate this self-conscious, interior morning, make the world a cozier place and get grounded. The best socializing comes as we work with others to improve the neighborhood or answer a problem. Avoid the temptation to engage in shopping therapy, make sure any purchase improves rather than worsens the situation. This evening we bond well over food or the arts but get defensive easily, so keep the heart connected to the wit.

Sunday, June 5: It’s tempting to act out, whether to dramatize something that was recently hard to talk about or just for fun. The more consciously and ceremonially we act out the more productive the effect as the Leo Moon squares Jupiter. Distance or seriousness may be triggered by tiredness, distraction, or both around dinner time as Venus sesqui-squares Saturn. Strategize the week ahead; make sure the plan works now, make it pretty later. Keep eyes out for technical glitches, safety hazards or twitching tails tonight and tomorrow as Mars semi-squares Uranus.

Monday, June 6: Reach out this morning, people may not want to get deep, and may still spark easily (so make sure they’ve had their coffee before approaching) but will appreciate initiative. Give lots of room for pride and for differing opinions. Extend, but don’t over extend, take on work, but don’t overload; think easy and steady. If some conundrum challenges our morals or judgment this afternoon, shortcuts will actually be the long way around.

Tuesday, June 7: The day starts a bit off-centered and nervy; allergies need attention so let’s breathe like we mean it. The good news is we can figure out what the problem is and find a way to fix it; the problem is people are looking for the problem as the Virgo Moon squares Mars. Helpfulness is appreciated, but any suggestion for improvement will be heard as a criticism. Later in the day signals cross easily, so look for the truth underneath the fog and confirm before reacting as the Moon opposes Neptune. Step back from the details and realign with heart and soul to stay on track.

Wednesday, June 8: The day brings an opportunity for healing and building trust, if we can find a way to open to multiple paths rather than find others wrong. If we’re around judgmental people, rather than bristle we need to lead from the side and open their perspective to include ours. If instincts and mind are at odds, work on a synthesis and hold the action until it is found. An intuitive, even magical evening is possible, feelings flow. Make the most of opportunities and walk on the artistic and spiritual side as Jupiter sextiles Neptune.

Thursday, June 9: The day may be difficult but the struggles can be productive as Mars challenges Pluto. Obsess productively. Strategize, but avoid power struggles; let everyone have a place to lead. Notice a strong desire to cut something or someone out; weed away, but don’t perform unnecessary surgery. This evening we can laugh where before we growled as Venus entered Gemini. Lighten up but don’t disconnect.




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