Starcodes May 20, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

What do we really want? What are we willing to work for, reach out of our comfort zone and seduce into being? Let’s talk about it as Venus and Mars in earthy, acquisitive Taurus trine Pluto while the Sun enters chatty Gemini.

We probably don’t want the end of the world, which is good, because there’s no astrological sign the world will end this week on May 21 as some people have predicted. Recent astrological patterns can make big things feel bigger and more urgent, and smaller details seem more irrelevant; we can feel major changes rolling down the mighty rivers and into the morning news. Some people may exaggerate the circumstances to explain this underlying sense of urgency, but we already have plenty of emergencies to deal with and soul homework to get done right here and now, no extra trigger needed.

The mood does lighten up and get more grounded this week, as the Sun enters Gemini today it inaugurates a month of transition towards the summer schedule and encourages often lighthearted but pointed conversation. Our life shifts gears, the cast of characters changes; it’s time to try new things. Gemini encourages us to talk over everything, it usually disperses our focus, but once we shift gears and begin to concentrate, the Taurus line-up helps us hold a steady heartbeat at work, even if we’d rather not push the pace.

Gemini is the patron saint of Facebook, twitter and all other forms of instant communication short sound bites. We can just talk it out, be entertained, or apply some of that Gemini charm to tough situations and smooth over rough edges. But with the Gemini mood, we can also get creative with the truth these days, so don’t believe the gossip.

For those that had their lives transformed this year through cultural and personal earthquakes large and small, this fertile time doesn’t mean go back to how things were before the planetary shifts of 2010-11. We can’t. If a job isn’t coming along the same lines as the one that we let go, or let go of us, it may be time to scatter our seeds farther afield, somewhere closer to our heart rather than towards something that makes sense to our brain that makes sense, even if it means appearing to take a step backwards to find that fertile soil. Now is a good time to listen to the wires for possibilities and get the word out; promote a new personal business, send out another round of resumes in a different direction, take a temporary job in a related field, or go back for a certificate.

Because new ideas and seedling relationships scattered by this Gemini energy can take root and grow deeply with Mercury, Venus and Mars in fertile Taurus. We get a clear bead on what we want as these trine Pluto over the weekend, as well as get a good look at the whole nature of desire. We are asked to ponder the difference between benefit of cultural guts and karma of theft, between seduction and rape.

On a federal level, this Taurus line-up trine Pluto amps up the impassioned debate about the budget and long term financial stability and may make us ask the same question about our own finances.

We are encouraged reach for everything that is ours, but can also feel nudged to reach for something or someone that is not ours, and can see an increase in crimes of passion. If we’re craving what we do not have, it helps to look at the desire with fresh eyes- is really nudging us to get out of our rut and celebrate begin alive, or are we inappropriately looking for some outside food to feed our soul hunger.

Venus and Mars in Taurus do like to indulge, and wants us to explore comfort, whatever feels both good and healthy. Sleep calls us more, so does a park bench with a patch of sunshine. Spring fever kicks in, suddenly people can look delicious. The world is a sculpture garden, but we don’t need to touch all the sculpture. Art needs the tactile element. Taurus can increase the appetite for all things, but we can choose to feed with quality rather than quantity. A little dark chocolate can go a long way.

Our shoulders hold tension and need attention these days, if we want to relax a friend and keep them talking, we can start working on their shoulders. Just don’t try this at work, as our sensual antennae are vibrating, and it can be misinterpreted.

The weekend begins with an urge to change things as Venus and Mars trine Pluto and encourage us to work together to clear, clean and enjoy, as long as we do so at a reasonable pace. Because the Sun squares foggy Neptune, we may need sharp eyes to find our way through a cloud of doubts, foggy thinking or confusing conditions, and may need to deal with adverse weather or water damage. Early in the week is great to meet, greet and break into new territory. Towards the end of the week we may need to catch up with ourselves and process emotions, feel our fears and excitements but not predict the future from their stories. New friendships can feel as potential-filled and delicate as an unfolding flower.

Friday, May 20: Overnight dreams can be emotional packed, but maybe not truth filled, we need to chew over how we felt and this can distort our judgment. We may want to control the circumstances in response. Notice extra emotions, honor them and don’t attach to their stories this morning as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Turn any angst towards unfinished business; get plants in the ground, deals signs, decisions made. People want what they want when they want it; if they’re controlling, sidestep rather than confront. Tonight, share the weekly download and try to lighten up; some make a profession out of unwinding, and can get grim about their fun.

Saturday, May 21: Whether at the farmers’ market or on-line tea house, go listen to the buzz this morning. Feed the senses and enjoy pragmatic and earthy interactions; share the heart through sharing goods and experience as Venus trines Pluto. Love is not about staying safe, but it does require us to see one another clearly to make it real. Tonight, hang with a group for a good cause, dive into the heart of collective experience as the Moon enters Aquarius and trines the Sun, just be careful around intoxicants tonight.

Sunday, May 22: We just don’t know, but that can be a good thing. Drop assumptions, peer through projections and dream together as the Sun squares Neptune. Watch for romantic disconnect this afternoon as the Moon squares Venus and Mars: just because we’re right doesn’t mean they are wrong. Come back together error solid planning and bring feelings into form tonight.

Monday, May 23: Relationships can obsess us today as Venus and Mars conjunct Taurus, relationships to love, to stuff, to our bodies, and whether we want them nearer or want them to go away. Craving is an action verb; it is about the experience, not about the object of the craving. Do not look for outside fixes; do find a way for heart and body to work together instead.

Tuesday, May 24: Feelings run sensitive and nervy, emotions shimmer just under surface, we echo off one another so that it’s hard to tell what is really going on. We need a place to explore our inner worlds without taking them as solid truth; when in doubt, reach for a temporary practical solution and let feelings flow by until they coalesce into an answer as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Recent pressure relaxes tonight.

Wednesday, May 25: Walk, don’t fly in to the future, and progress is made. People are open to suggestions and ready to experiment if we don’t push too far or too fast as the Sun sextiles Uranus. They’ll be curious, but want to see how this grows organically out of where they’ve been, and want to be reassured they’ll be safe in the process. Let them touch, see, and feel the working components and use tactile descriptions.

Thursday, May 26: On this aimless odd day, keep expectations low; practice, process, exist. Mend nets; mend connections, putter and paint. Do not press for a decision. Validate people’s right to feel whatever they feel but question their right to act unless it is for the good of the whole. Energy and action picks up later as the Moon enters Aries; what we’ve been waiting for may now crystalize.


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