Starcodes May 13 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

By the end of this week we can begin to slow down and enjoy the season, maybe catch a dose of spring fever. The mood will really shift as Mercury and Venus leave sparky, emergency-prone Aries and join Mars in earthy Taurus on Sunday night. All three run together as a pack this week, still close to Jupiter in late Aries. We can see them in the eastern sky just before sunrise; they are a glorious sight and well worth a bit of sleepiness to see their glorious line up and let their strength pour into our hearts.

But before we can rest we have a sparky weekend to get through and a fertile but fervent Scorpio Full Moon earlier in the week to weather. Jupiter and Uranus will still be in Aries for a while, so it’s not as if life gets boring anytime soon; our world stays in active metamorphosis for the next few years. There’s no astrological sign of bad luck on Friday the thirteenth or of the world’s end on May 21 as some people have predicted, but the recent Aries energy can make big things feel bigger and more urgent, and smaller details seem more irrelevant. It encourages us to be part of something big and important; we can feel major changes rolling down the mighty rivers and into the morning news. Some people may exaggerate their circumstances to explain this underlying sense of urgency, but we already have plenty of soul homework to do right here and right now.

We still have a strong line up in Aries as the weekend begins, and it can light a fire under us to get on with a project or overture we’ve been meaning to make, if we can avoid getting hooked on some dangling emotional issue. Moods brood stormily early in the week under a Scorpio Full Moon, love can cause as much turmoil as resentment unless we drop into a deeper, less conditional love.

By the end of the week we can catch our breath and begin to integrate. We also can enjoy the birdsong and squish our toes in the mud. Taurus is an earth sign, so literal earth issues, like mud, mudslides, mud left by floods as well as earth moved or enriched need our attention this week, along with more ordinary material concerns.

Taurus is a fixed sign and so it will help us follow through on what we’ve already begun and to celebrate the fruits along the way. It helps us get in a groove and keep going; the recent Aries energy starts the plow in a rush, but Taurus pulls it through to completion at a slower but steadier pace.

Soon we’ll have the potential to snap less and cuddle more. Taurus has an acquisitive side so this line-up can stir up a longing for love, or stuff, or something we didn’t know we wanted, and this can hurt or tempt us to cross ethical boundaries to reach that object just beyond. We may get new lessons in detachment and the transcendental nature of existence as we want somebody or something, but it will feel better if we turn out attention to what we have already and revel in it instead. Or best of all, if we can find healthy ways to share what we have so all our lives are fertilized.

Whatever we’re doing can then take root, so we need to be doing something we like and want to continue. Let’s let go of any unnecessary fights we sparked over the last few months, because if we hold onto them now, they will tend to entrench. Pick up the tools of a trade we’d like to learn. Make an overture in a friendship or push forward a business we’d like to grow. We can also notice what hot topics consume the press and what ideas and problems stalk the dinner table, because those issues will also take root and grow for better or for worse.

Friday, May 13: The Libra Moon calls for beauty, peace and harmony, if that feels like it comes at a price we are hesitant to pay, it may settle for laziness instead. Stay cool and patient when dealing with a shock or reassessment midday as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus squares Pluto and conjuncts Saturn. One person needs to go slow while another hurries; both are right. Be creative about balancing needs tonight; softer words carry assertiveness farther.

Saturday, May 1: Ingrained patterns need to be addressed to ensure fairness, and fairness warms our hearts as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Thoughtful, gracious morning brings nostalgia for someone or some passing era, we have to activate our more mature self and follow through on obligations or some important personal discipline. It’s a day to just be with one another and know our full presence can work magic. Kindness and sociability now will help strengthen friendships for a few moody days ahead.

Sunday, May 15: Contrary crosscurrent can set off our defenses early this morning as the Moon opposes Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus and then enters hungry Scorpio. A magical undertow can haul us into a world of our own creating, we can do this productively, but we may get twitchy when we have to try and coordinate with others. Old resentments can trip us up, we’re challenged to let them go rather than reengage; better to cheer each other on while we putter and ponder. The mood settles or entrenches this evening; deep unspoken rivers of feeling flood through as Mercury and Venus enter Taurus.

Monday, May 16: Take gentle, practical steps to manifest the plan. Stay far away for pushing peoples’ buttons; we know where they are, but we make more progress if we nurture rather than discipline. Our more primal instincts are up and running, but we don’t have to let them run the show. Revenge is tempting. Envy or greed for something we haven’t admitted we want can haunt us; but we can listen to the desires without acting just yet, to see if it hides a deeper longing.  Poetic, romantic and legalistic fields sprout seedlings and we need to cultivate them, and to do so we need to drop our attitude and soften.

Tuesday, May 17: Our guts can feel wrenched by conflicting desires over night and early this morning under the Full Scorpio Moon unless we open our heart and reach for the calm reservoirs beneath of spirit. But the day lightens quickly as the Moon enters Sagittarius and brings a more positive and dispersed focus. We become more distractible and can find something funny that recently hurt like hell. We have less fire and more curiosity.

Wednesday, May 18: Get work done this cheerful and practical day, we’ll get more cooperation if we keep the spirit light: think steady progress, not speed or seriousness. Unusual international honesty may bring a few surprises, and all of us have a chance to learn something unexpected. Spring fever can spark lovely flirting, but know the body may be more engaged than the heart.

Thursday, May 19: The day begins positive and helpful, but more scattered an unfocused, we concentrate better after movement and laughter, so run the kids around the yard, crack jokes and get to work as the Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter. Conversation about what brings us true freedom builds support for freedom movements everywhere. The day knuckles down and feels more controlled and controlling as the Moon enters Capricorn during the late afternoon; avoid willful wrestling and keep people focused on the goal. Control issues soften if safety is addressed.  This evening, our minds want to roam. Talk over fresh opportunities and share encouragement.


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