Starcodes June 6, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Mercury, the planet that symbolizes movement, gets ready to bunny hop back against the zodiacal belt as it retrogrades June 7-July 1. Of course the planet doesn’t back up, this is an illusion created by our perspective by the difference between our earthly orbit and the planet’s orbit. But it symbolically coincides with a time when all things mercurial can hold still.

Anything we do that allows us to hold still will go smoothly. Anything we do to retrospect and remember will be successful. But it can be too easy for us to get lost in the past, in our memories, in what we haven’t achieved, or what hasn’t been successful. And we need to do that review to remember parts of our soul tangled in an old story, or scoop out old splinters, flush them through, and let the scars heal.

But anything we do to hurry up or get our point across can be laced with difficulty. Mars is moving to oppose Uranus and square Pluto, and can increase our impulsiveness, but it’s hard to bolt out the door spontaneously when the car keys disappear and the camper’s signal lights don’t work.

Mercury retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year, and is one of nature’s way of sending us back and making sure we haven’t forgot our toothbrush, a chapter review and time to finish unfinished business, contemplate, rest, retreat. But our modern world often doesn’t give us room to do this guilt free. It’s hard to let ourselves retreat and renew in the quiet unless our phone’s lost, our car doesn’t work, the train crashed, the reservations mixed up, and the Internet is down.

This Mercury retrograde may get more technically, mechanically, and neurologically challenging over the next few weeks as Mars perfects that opposition with Uranus, but, no matter when, let’s enjoy the adventure but put safety first this whole Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde also can challenge our communication skills, and life can feel like and old farce based on improbable misunderstanding. But this can help us become more conscious listeners; listen for clues of understanding, listen for the meaning behind the words, and check when words and actions don’t seem to match, or when people respond what feels like inappropriately to our words. Gently probe until a deeper understanding occurs.

Venus is now in earthy sensual Taurus, and moving into an opposition with Saturn. Misunderstandings are miscommunications can begin to build up accretions between even dear friends unless we keep the flow going. If distractions or misunderstandings begin to pile up, we can hold hands for a minute or share the beauty of a flower together and so work through the Mercury retrograde mental clutter.

Look for those silver lining moments of serendipity when everything seems to go wrong but creates an opportunity for an unexpected gift. If we’re stuck waiting in line because the ferry is late, let’s strike up a conversation with the people nearby or look for an alternative route and notice the new landscape along the way. We are often directed to golden opportunities through the glitches.

Mercury retrogrades in introspective, self-protective Cancer, and can leave us unusually sensitive and uncomfortable with taking any emotional risk. We may play our cards close to our chest and can feel occasionally overwhelmed by slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or feel inadequate and when we need time off, but the world knocks on our door.

After and industrious Friday under a nervy, busy Virgo Moon (though we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels or have to do a task twice to make it stick), the Moon enters more sociable, interactive, but laced with emotional expectations, Libra. The evening can be pleasant as long as we keep our schedule loose. Though people may need to download their week and feel that someone cares.

The weekend is generally positive, sociable, and sedentary if we can let go of our agenda and just be. Venus trines Pluto and brings a bittersweet, aching quality to the heart. We feel the woes of the world can let that drifting sadness sharpen our appreciation of the world’s beauty and the dear people nearby. Though we may need the serenity prayer, need help sorting out what we need to accept and what we need to change.

Monday can get gnarly the Scorpio Moon takes us deep and can make us impatient and pointed just as Mercury retrograde really slows things down. Forgiveness is essential, we need to forgive ourselves and others for the small snafus, let go of what we thought we had to do, and focus on the essentials early in the week.

The mood shifts midweek as the Moon enters peripatetic Sagittarius and waxes full. The mood may improve but do keep a weather eye out for transportation accidents on foot or in vehicle; just play it extra safe and enjoy the travel. Our attention is brought to the big screen and our responsibilities as a global citizen.

Friday, June 6: Morning is nervy, quirky, critical under and industrious Virgo Moon.
We need to edit and do our chores, but are easily distracted and would much prefer to creatively innovate as the Sun sextiles Uranus. Technical difficulties begin to pile up as Mercury stations. Don’t take the glitches out on one another; we’re all in this together. Collective encouragement helps. A break in routine this afternoon furthers, give everyone a chance to bitch, we need to unload, laugh about it, and feel the support as the Moon enters sociable Libra tonight.

Saturday, June 7: The hammock looks good, and an afternoon by the lake sounds beautiful, as long as we don’t have to get through traffic to get there. Avoid high-traffic places as Mercury stations, or expect to spend time waiting in line. Give us meandering time and we can accomplish small projects in our own rhythm. If we are waiting, let’s strike up a conversation with the people nearby and see what serendipity provides. The mood is generally helpful and friendly; we rely on the kindness of strangers under the Libra Moon, but watch a cranky and accident-prone spell tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars and squares Pluto. Go carefully and speak kindly, and don’t read too much about the future from the feelings of the present.

Sunday, June 8: This friendly, generally sunny day has bittersweet undertones, haunted with a review of the past as Venus trines Pluto under a kindly Libra Moon. Some aching response to relationship peculiarities or world events can break our interest in details and call us to our heart, to what matters. It can do wonders to immerse ourselves in beauty, beauty of the natural world and the sound of bird song, beauty in one another’s eyes, or in eye of the beholder. Honor what’s missing, but let it encourage appreciation for what we do have, rather than let it blind us to the gifts around us.

Monday, June 9: We can get serious this morning as the Scorpio Moon trines Mercury. Some voice from the depths of us needs expression, let’s make sure it is our deeper creative Muse, and not our strange suspicions as imaginative Neptune stations and leaves our intuition and imagination swirling in place. Solve a mystery, pose a problem, and take charge of the mood by directing focus proactively. Watch a suspicious edge around who is got what and whether one has enough; this is old stuff and won’t further. If depression seeps in, notice it, treat it like a weather system passing through and don’t take it on as identity. Superficial banter can be pointedly funny, and covers a multitude of personal sins and need for privacy. Don’t poke at others, pay attention to the no trespassing signs behind the eyes.

Tuesday, June 10: Our seriousness takes on a more focused or discipline response as the Moon conjunct Saturn. We’re not feeling lighthearted, and can feel discontent without a sense of meaning and purpose to sink our teeth into. But we can move into our zone if we have worthy work where we can blend some form of creative process with our discipline or learned skills. Make work a meditation and be rewarded by the results. We can work upon ourselves, but need to back off good advice for others unless asked for specific instruction, or our motives will be questioned. This evening the mood relaxes and expands, and calls for creative appreciation as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Wednesday, June 11: Relax, release, and take a short vacation. Give into the wanderlust as the Moon in Sagittarius widens our horizons, but don’t think that a geographical cure, a sudden trip to a faraway place, will solve any problems at home. It can feel great to move the body. The natural world is deep medicine and our animals feed our souls. Our minds and souls want to roam far, explore uncharted territory and be free of some burden we’ve been carrying. We don’t need to push others away to have our freedom (but we will if we have to), we can go exploring together. Make sure signals are clear tonight as the Moon squares Neptune, or people can feel rejected when we’re just feeling restless.

Thursday, June 12: The day of brings challenges and joy. A Full Moon in Sagittarius can make us want to be footloose and fancy free, just as Venus opposes Saturn and seems to make our ongoing relationships and responsibilities feel unusually burdensome. This is an illusion. We don’t have to put it into a dichotomy. Let’s explore how those commitments actually bring freedom to our lives. Take short breaks from one another. Stay in the present rather than run away from home. Drive and move with care if emotionally in another world. Stay safe and enjoy the Full Moon’s buzz. Dance the night away.


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