Starcodes May 30, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Like a tender snail in the spring garden, we may need some time in our shell this weekend as the Moon joins Mercury in domestic, tender, and crabbily self-protective Cancer. The world slows down and it can feel good to turn within. If we have work to do to get ourselves our house and gardens ready for the summer, now is the time to do it.

People are feeling a little touchy and may react to one another filtered through memories and concerns of the past. That’s all well and good, if were clearing the past, but we need to remember these people the people around us have changed since the last time we looked. Mercury in Cancer can also bring up our self-doubts, a low-level moodiness or concerned that we are inadequate to handle some ongoing, low-level challenge.

Mercury turns retrograde the following weekend, let’s do some chores therapy and use this week to get ready. It’s a good idea to sketch out our plans or make travel arrangements for the next month, and begin to pad our schedule with a little extra time to handle the odd delays. We also need to take extra responsibility for our communication by speaking succinctly and making sure others heard what we meant. If any tension comes up, we can assume it’s a misunderstanding, and investigate further.

Mercury retrograde (June 7-July 2) is a great time for a holiday, for kicking back and renewing, sleeping in the hammock and sipping an iced tea. Review our life. Connect with people with old friends we’ve been out of touch with. As Mercury slows down in this interior sign of Cancer, we need to connect most with our own soul, and listen to our own story. Review our narratives and choose how we want to write the next chapter.

This next month is time to finish unfinished business. Like the Veteran’s Administration, if we honestly we review our past, we may find some major repair work needs to be done. Termites may have chewed our foundations. The trick will be to not just look at the old muck in dismay, but actually take steps to compost and repair the situation.

Early next week the Leo Moon fans the coals of our social skills. Venus sextiles Neptune and brings out a creative and idealistic streak. It’s a perfect time to start a summer romance or let the flowering world bring a poetic edge back to our daily life. Midweek the Moon enters industrious Virgo and helps us batten down the hatches and follow through on unfinished paperwork before Mercury retrogrades.

In this time of review, notice an authentic and truly critical social commentary thread running through the news. We can employ any healthy opportunity to get a message across about what really bothers us in the world around us, or engage an opportunity to clean up some nearby situation. Look for others who are willing to work on the problem and collaborate.

Friday, May 30: We’re ready to turn inwards and go home as the Moon enters Cancer this morning, and will be irritable with anybody who gets in our way, or anyone who makes home territory feels less than safe and comfortable. Critical feedback is not well received, but suggestions for future improvement are appreciated. Tonight, comfort food brings out our best, comfortable circumstances open our intuitive connections as the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. We’ll appreciate the beauty of the natural world and people we know well, ones that travel with on the long haul.

Saturday, May 31: Morning broods as the Cancer Moon conjunct Mars opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and brings up unfinished family business, domestic chores. These aspects can lean in on our sense that we’re not enough or that we don’t have enough, and this can either make us want to crawl back under the covers, activate our defense system, or better yet, do something that gives us a sense of satisfaction. It helps to work on the house or on issues of home, homelessness, and home territory. We may eat emotionally, but let’s make it good food. After an unsettled or discontented patch midafternoon, people relax when they feel comfortable and cozy. Generosity and hopefulness grows as the evening wears on and the Moon conjunct liberating Jupiter, beautifully visible in the evening sky. We may find ourselves unexpectedly free of an old thought-form or situation.

Sunday, June 1: This is an emotional catch-up day; let go of the schedule or specific chores to really be present; just enjoy the day and try to make one another feel more at home. It’s good to reach out to people who have felt shut in or shut way, check on people who have a lot of emotional processing to do. Drifting and wandering can take us to interesting things, we can find missing items as we putter around the room. Our tender feelings can be unintentionally hurt by other people that are drifting in their own world, so let’s not take their inattention personally. Acceptance furthers. The energy and extroversion picks up tonight as the Moon enters Leo, late-night spontaneous gatherings can be a blast.

Monday, June 2: Relationships take heat and give off heat today as the Leo Moon squares Venus in Taurus, and sextiles Mars and the Sun. Opposites attract, or people who are attracted notice their differences in oppositions. Social, flirtatious, we may want a break from our interior process and tend to focus on others, to act out without exposing ourselves personally. But it can all be delicious if we celebrate our differences and use them as a point of fascination rather than a reason to control. People tend to take things personally, but are easily soothed and relatively generous if they feel appreciated.

Tuesday, June 3: A restless, energized morning with ideas of how to do things differently as the Leo Moon trines Uranus. Take notes on those ideas and be patient when things slow down midafternoon as the Moon squares Saturn; we may have a lot of ground work to do before we realize those ideas. But don’t give up, it’s all preparation. Other people’s stubbornness can itch at us like a too tight shirt, or a responsibility weigh on us and cramp our style. See it through, and know that the hard work creates a good vessel for the more lighthearted spark of life.

Wednesday, June 4: We can make great aesthetic decisions, but maybe not such great emotional decisions. Work with extra sensitivity and taste in all around issues of love and creative choices as artistic Venus sextiles imaginative Neptune. Imagine at a more ideal form and put the Moon in competent, careful Virgo to work to follow through on the details necessary to make it so. If nervous energy or disappointed optimism sets off a critical or snappish edge, consider ignoring the story and addressing the worry. Find something positive to say. Weed the garden, not one another. We may tend to be harder on ourselves than on others, but the others don’t know that.

Thursday, June 5: Get past some misunderstanding or illusion this morning, dream of an escape but follow through on the chore at hand as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Do not borrow trouble from the future; stay present. We can see what’s missing more than what we have, or be bittersweet sweetly reminded of what we could lose; consciously remember gratitude and make it a meditation as the Moon trines Venus and Pluto. Edgy tensions midafternoon; if we rub each other the wrong way or get accident prone, let’s take a break, get out of the head and into the body, find one thing to be grateful about, and try again.


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