Starcodes May 9, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(To my new international readers, Welcome!)

Last week the stars asked us to work hard; this week they call us to explore. And fiery The volume cranks up on our creativity, compassion, independence, desire, and our desire to protect women, love, and art as Venus in fierce Aries sets off this spring’s ongoing grand square as it conjuncts electrifying, eccentric Uranus, opposes macho if complexed Mars in Libra, and squares transformative Pluto and liberating Jupiter. Venus in Aries wants things direct and authentic, but the grand square reminds us that nothing is simple these days. Every actions sets off complex resonances throughout our world.

Under these Venus aspects we may feel fed up with an old situation or mindset that left us stuck and now become ready to do something about it. Our emotions can be intense, responsive, all over the place really, but let’s not jump to conclusions or change the course of our life’s plans based only on this week’s emotional reaction. We can get the gears going on some really wonderful changes this week, can switch gears on old habits and break out of a well-worn rut, but won’t be able to see whether we really need a temporary or permanent change until the dust settles.

Because we’re in this emotionally restless energy field, it’s good to take care of our primary relationships and not take them for granted. Take care of the home front. It furthers to explore fresh territory or build a creation together, change the world together rather than try to change one another. If we’re single, it may be the relationship that needs most attention is the one we have with our personal creative muse.

If we’re in a difficult relationship, or we’ve carried the torch too long for a moribund relationship, we can now shift gears and move on. Just do it cleanly and watch out for the backlash under next week’s full Moon in Scorpio. But let’s not let go of what we really value, because what we release this week will be hard to reclaim.

We’ll tend to take things seriously as the weekend begins and can feel pressured by a deadline, responsibility, limit or the sense of time passing as the Sun opposes focused, structural Saturn under an improvement-oriented Virgo Moon. Just reel in a cranky streak. We can utilize this extra resource to structure our work, to analyze what needs to be done and do it. Or we can just worry a lot and feel old or burdened. We’ll probably feel younger next week.

The mood is warmer and fuzzier late Saturday and Sunday under a friendly Libra Moon. Our idealism is stoked but our thinking can get a little fuzzy or confused as Mercury squares Neptune; our imagination can be overstimulated and small items easily lost. Mother’s Day will be generally warm and friendly with a stormy patch midday, it’s a great day for telling stories, just don’t try to correct each other’s memory of the past as it will be hard to ascertain the facts.

A broody, tempestuous Scorpio Moon brings storm clouds midweek, let’s be honest but say nothing unforgivable. Sure we can try to improve the world, it helps to have some place to put this focus, but let’s make no long-term personal decisions from this reactive place. It’s really easy to want to run away and join the circus when the Moon then enters Sagittarius, or, if our feelings were hurt under that tempestuous Scorpio Moon, to do something to lash out and prove our independence as Venus perfects its conjunction with Uranus towards the end of the week.

This conjunction can stimulate a powerful change, a change in vision, aesthetics, and appearance, a change in where we put our heart or what we value. May this dynamic Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus stimulate fierce support for the lost girls of Nigeria, for ameliorating women’s condition worldwide. May it electrify and energize the Anima within us all.

Friday, May 9: A rather magical chain of events can occur if we do our due diligence. Fortune supports thoughtful, consistent effort as the Virgo Moon trines the Sun and Pluto. Feelings run deep and earthy underneath an intelligent if critical voice; choose to heal by not breaking unspoken trust. Speak up, speak clearly, do not attack, but do not be cowed. Be specific and let people resonate with the information rather than asked them to respond now; a defensive vibe makes dialogue more difficult. Tonight it helps to share information and laugh with sympathy.

Saturday, May 10: Sleep in deeply, take care of health, putter productively, but if we push too hard this morning our efforts take longer and are less productive as the sun opposes Saturn. I heaviness or thoughtfulness encourages us to do the bigger projects and the deeper work, but can leave us oddly depressed on a sunny spring day. Honor one another’s concerns, avoid but avoid becoming controlling work rim in response to that inner voice, offer one another security and respect instead, and feel the love.

Sunday, May 11: Although the mood is generally warm under a friendly Libra Moon, we can expect a range of emotions and memories to be triggered as the Moon conjuncts Mars, opposes Uranus, and squares Pluto and Jupiter. Morning brings fuzzy thinking and impatience. A midday Venus-Mars opposition engages contrariness and calls us back to our peer group or ongoing emotional dramas. The aspects are great for a political protest but tricky for family events. Expect one of every emotion to roll through. Watch a tendency to polarize genders, to see men and women as diametrically opposed. Notice an emotional or melodramatic moment midafternoon; we may need to remember missing family members, or project discontent upon one another as the Moon challenges Pluto and Uranus. The mood softens and offers fresh gratitude tonight.

Monday, May 12: Spring fever, the heart’s longing and call of adventure, picks up as the week begins and makes it a challenge to stay with our nose to the grindstone. But let’s not drop the ball because we are distracted, so many projects are in the final stages. So keep eyes open for new connections but finish the term paper in any case as Mercury trines Mars. A fresh honesty may help us individuate or outline our free will. Broodiness and stubbornness grow, as does a musky intensity, but cooperation becomes scarce tonight at the Moon enters Scorpio.

Tuesday, May 13: It’s a dramatic day, but we don’t need to create anymore drama than necessary; let’s make life a meditation and look deep look deeper underneath all the rocks into the bottom of the soul as the waxing Scorpio Moon trines Neptune. Subtle, accurate perceptions, intuitive magic proliferates where we’re not particularly attached to the outcome, though possessiveness, desire and territorial edges can spice up our life, but distort our judgment. Feel the pulse of primal energy, but let the wise self choose the actions.

Wednesday, May 14: An intense, primal, nearly-obsessive streak can rake up the coals of our heart. Make the most of any opportunities to lie to rest haunting painful memories and open the heart’s aperture as the Scorpio Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron form a healing grand trine while emotional Venus squares Pluto, planet of loss and transformation. We may get a chance to either open up with compassion and learn a new emotional pattern, or close down in reaction under tonight’s Full Moon; choose wisely. A moment of solitude helps us explore the depths without reaction, so let’s pull within if we need to take a break from others, but if we have to stomp off, let’s not stomp far.

Thursday, May 15: We have more room to breathe and laugh as the Moon enters cheerful Sagittarius. We may need to wander and talk to strangers after an intense couple of days; under stress we’ll have an instinctive urge to travel and explore, so meander away but question any desire to run away from home. Uncertainty or sleepiness in the afternoon as the Moon squares Neptune can help us release recent resentment and find the right words to make a difference tonight as verbal Mercury sextiles the Venus-Uranus conjunction.


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