Starcodes May 16 2014

This week marks a turning point. Mars, which has been retrograde since May 9, turns direct and gives us a new understanding of what we want, what we don’t want, what really ticks us off, and where we need to hold our boundaries.

But first, our work may feel like it’s holding still or spinning wheels, looking to the past, or finishing up projects already in the works. Mars is in Libra until the end of June, a sign where it’s not particularly strong. Sometimes it’s good that Mars- arbiter of will, anger, strength, military, and machismo- isn’t cranked full force, this can give us time to try diplomacy before military action, or try to be a lover not a fighter.

Mars retrograde in Libra (from 3/1 to 5/19) on a good day, encourages our diplomacy and peacemaking abilities and energizes our creativity. On a tough day this Mars placement can make us conflict avoidant, passive-aggressive with a tendency to project our motives on to others. It can be a great time for a relaxed vacation, but synchronous with trouble expressing our willpower, ambition, ability to set boundaries in a clean and clear way. We may be willing to fight for an abstract cause that feels unfair, but tend to avoid some complex issue laced with conflict or anxiety. Soon we can turn and face those tough issues squarely.

As Mars turns direct this week, much is revealed. Plans that have been made behind the scenes, frustrations that we’ve brooded upon, or a longing that we’ve camouflaged now come to the surface. We can clarify our situation and get on with the work at hand. But there may be some turbulence in the process. Once Mars is back on track our momentum can build in the coming weeks.

The weekend begins funny, restless and sociable under a cheerful Sagittarius Moon and settles into a competent, hard-working Capricorn Moon. Dig that garden, find that bargain. Finish projects already in the works. Early next week our attention is brought to our place in (and responsibility to) our community under collective-bargaining-prone Aquarius Moon and as Mars turns direct. Pay attention and avoid and unnecessary clash of wills or accidents of inattention. We may have to listen to a litany of old frustrations or blame in order to clear the channels and create room for new collaboration.

The Sun enters Gemini late on Tuesday for a more scattered, mobile and communicative month ahead. This Gemini mode helps us become less attached and more ready to consider summer possibilities. In the month ahead we may find it easier to adapt, easier to cross pollinate ideas, more open to making new acquaintances and ready to talk over in a potentially more lighthearted way whatever’s really been on our mind.

Friday, May 16: It’s copacetic traveling day (in mind or body) as the Sagittarius Moon trine Venus and Uranus and brings out our more gregarious streak. The natural world shines, though people may be a bit obnoxious. Share a new idea, place, or enthusiasm. Go ahead, give it a try; be open to suggestions while keeping common sense intact. Meet for lunch and talk, the mood is open to consider possibilities, but first we may need to process briefly our anxieties or concerns. Later on the mood is funny, wandering, if in decisive. Keep an eye for unexpected but fascinating events, the most interesting evening may not already be on the calendar.

Saturday, May 17: Attend to chores or business, work out, or climb mountains, just don’t make plans for others. The Capricorn Moon moves us into a more competent mindset, but can leave us thoroughly opinionated about what other people should do. Midafternoon, as Mercury squares Chiron, it’s easy to trip on each other’s scars, so speak with compassion and leave room for unexpected healing conversation. Later on, kickback and enjoy the results of one’s labor as the Moon sextiles Neptune. Be kind to tender hearts, and rein in a difficult or pushy streak tonight as the Moon squares Mars, conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus before morning. Drive safely, and don’t go toe to toe with belligerent people. If a sudden discomfort arises, back away from a fight; look for both the current trigger that needs attention and the old scar or deeper concern that need healing.

Sunday, May 18: If an unsettled night stirs dreams about feeling disempowered/ dispossessed, we need to remember we are not trapped; we can instead be inspired to find solutions. Think of positive changes, rather than escape plans. Mid-day brings a more sociable edge as Venus squares Jupiter, a desire to liberate what feels stuck or oppressive and build better structure as Venus squares Jupiter while the Moon sextiles Saturn. Tonight we see how to work together as the Moon trines the Sun, and small projects are great place to start, but bigger action may be delayed.

Monday, May 19: A slow but friendly morning; the mood is poised but waiting. Mend nets and network under friendly if disconnected Aquarius Moon. Wrestle with questions about social responsibility, weight personal life versus community life carefully, and see how balance them both productively. Check in on politics, and sort unnecessary theatrics from important clues of political direction. As Mars turns direct we can feel energy uncoil, for better or worse. Sometime over the next few days, a hidden resentments or frustration may come out and need to be dealt with. Clear the channels. We need to own what we want and don’t want in a clean and direct way. Be safe, work around any mechanical frustration. If feeling accident-prone, Move slower and with grace; dance with life.

Tuesday, May 20: Even though we may feel a lazy streak, it’s time to organize as the Moon squares Saturn this morning. Bring fresh determination and respond to recent raw edges. There may be a clash between generations (or symbolically so within us) as Youth feels its oats and Age wants to restrain and restrict, but we can redirect this clash away from an apparent power struggle and build a collaboration between inspiration and discipline. Afternoon is more sociable as the Moon sextiles Venus, trines Mercury, and offers clarity and a chance to express both kindly and honestly. Energy fizzes enthusiastically but unevenly tonight as the Sun enters Gemini tonight.

Wednesday, May 21: We begin to lose a little steam or feel diffused this morning, it’s time to take a break from pragmatic momentum and do some emotional processing under the sensitive Pisces Moon. We feel may feel permeable, drowning, put upon, spread too thin, or just a little weepy, but can use this sensitivity in a positive way, to be sensitive to the beauty of the world or the whisper of mutual support. Be sensitive to possibilities and see how to make one another feel safer and more appreciated. Some of the extra anxiety or nerves may not be our own; we may be feeling the collective energy, so look around for the source and offer comfort. Tonight, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, we need a safe way to escape harsh reality into a sense of connectedness. Like the proverbial Dalai Lama’s hot dog, let’s be one with everything.

Thursday, May 22: Mend the filaments of connection this morning with an apology here, appreciation there as the Moon conjuncts Chiron. Then take this sensitivity into a potentially dynamic collaboration as the Moon trines both expansive Jupiter and hard-working Saturn. We can find a balance between extroversion and introversion, between generosity and restraint; we just have to believe it’s possible.


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